Friday Favorites #22!

It’s Friday!!! Woohooo!!! I am gonna whip this post up realz quick before trudging through school assignments to *hopefully* find some free time this weekend 🙂

  1. SomiSomi Ice Cream. This stuff is next level delicious soft serve. They just opened a location within walking distance of us! Might be a good thing we are moving because we probably definitely would consume more than is healthy over time. I tried the Ube soft serve (purple yam) & Oreo and DJ tried all Oreo. We both liked the Oreo flavor the most. Purple yam was just kinda vanilla (quite literally tasted like vanilla). You have the option for a macaron or a strawberry and what you want your cone stuffed with. I had nutella stuffed & DJ did custard stuffed! The Taiyaki cone is the best doggone ice cream cone of all time! We. are. obsessed.


2. Mornings spent outside on the balcony! It’s finally warm enough to enjoy breakfast outside on the balcony again. I’m loving my avocado smoothies with protein cookies or oatmeal and chocolate chips to start the day. It’s so dern relaxing.


3. Spring has sprung!!! I’m beginning to see flowers pop up everywhere!


This flower below in particular has a special meaning for me when I see it bloom. You can read about that here.


4. Wedding Planning!! I am honored to be my sista’s Matron of Honor, and while she really is taking care of most everything, I’m having a blast with my responsibilities. Over the weekend I ordered her bridal shower invites from Etsy & had them send on a PDF file. I then just downloaded the PDF onto cardstock through Staples and picked them up the same day- easy peasy! I highly recommend doing it this way, especially if you want to save money or are on a time crunch! Since I blurred out the details you can find the original template here 🙂


5. This commercial. Bahahahaha.

6.  Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. I am only about halfway through this book, but I’m loving every second of it. I always highlight significant quotes or elements that resonate with me through my Kindle app, and I feel like I’m highlighting every five seconds. I also grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, where this story takes place, so seeing familiar names and locations makes me nostalgic and feel a kindred tie to the book. It’s a fantastic read so far! If you want to read a synopsis click here. Thanks for the recommendation, Maureen!

little fires everywhere.jpg

7. Zoya’s August Nail Polish. I saw this color on Hunida and had to have it!!! It is sooo beautiful! Even DJ complimented my nails, and he doesn’t usually notice things like that haha. I was introduced to Zoya by my Aunt a couple years back, and truly no other nail polish lives up to it! I just adore this color.


I’m reallly not great at doing my own nails (so I’ll spare you a subpar picture of my own nails), but I do talk with my hands so no one can focus on them for too long anyways. Hahah.

8. This video had me cracking up. DJ showed me this over the weekend and we went down a video hole of “I think my dog is broken” vids. Definitely watch if you need a little laugh 🙂

9. Roasted Gorgonzola Crackers from Trader Joe’s. I couldn’t do Friday Faves without a specific TJ mention, now could I?! Oh man, do I love this find! This has a very strong gorgonzola flavor (a little blue cheese too), so if you love those types of cheeses I recommend trying these out! YUM!


10.  American Gospel: Christ Alone. Today I truly saved the best for last. This documentary has been out since October, and I don’t know why we’re just hearing about it. I could discuss this for hours upon hours, but I will just say I urge everyone and anyone to watch it. It addresses the “Word of Faith” movement, which we have been exposed to since living in California. This documentary debunks the false Gospel that is preached as well as presents the true Gospel in one of the most true, honest, raw, beautiful ways we have ever heard. I watched it twice in two days it was so good. Right now I could only find it on Amazon, but I really hope it releases to Netflix or Hulu soon too. It’s so important- the most important.

amerian gospel

Question for you:

  • What’s a favorite of yours this week?!

xo <3

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117 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #22!

      1. Same to you, .thanks for the link, I have a dog loving family. The only one I saw I died laughing about was the guy telling his dog what he had in the fridge…

      2. Sorry it wasn’t as funny as expected! I watched it on very little sleep so maybe that’s why I found it so funny. Definitely some clips could have been left out.

      3. Thanks for sharing- I’ve actually seen this one before and it cracks me up every time!!! hahah

  1. Okay, so first of all, that icecream (and the cones) look amazing!! I am trying to cut back on icecream (serious icecream addiction over here), so it’s a good thing that I don’t live just up the street from one of those. HA!!
    All those flower pics made me so happy! Weather here in New England? Currently snowing… UGH!!! Ha, ha.
    That nail color is perfect!
    And I’ve never even heard of the “Word of Faith” movement, but the documentary sounds great!!

    1. Girl, I am literally eating a cone as we speak. I cannot give it up hahah, easily one of the best things everrr. What’s your flavor?! i feel like you may have told me before- do you like mint? Hmm.

      Snowing again?! Oh sheesh. Hope you get some nice weather soon! It’s time.

      So the Word of Faith is the equivalent to the prosperity gospel. It’s crazy… I literally have talked about it to anyone that will listen since. Highly recommend watching this … it’s a great presentation of the Gospel too! Thanks for stopping in, Nicole! Hope you have a beautiful weekend dear friend 🙂

  2. All those spring flowers are gorgeous!! Your pictures are stunning. <3 Also, I'm so jealous you have such a great balcony for enjoying the fresh air!
    Love those dog videos! So many of them remind me of Kona (our dog) because she is just the quirkiest and weirdest thing.
    I will have to check out that documentary. I don't think I've heard of the "Word of Faith" movement! Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m really glad you enjoy these pics, Courtney 🙂 Pets are the BEST. I’m hoping I can convince DJ to let us get a dog when we finish up our move! so the Word of Faith movement is basically the prosperity Gospel.. it’s crazy because we have heard the teachings and seen some crazy things that align with that … I highly recommend checking out the documentary– the way it presents the gospel is just absolutely incredible. Hope you have the best weekend too, girl! thanks for stopping in 🙂

  3. Your spring post has brightened my day…what’s my favourite today…enjoying the warmer temperatures, getting excited about eating breakfast on my balcony (soon!) and feeling lighter (spring and summer make me feel like I’m on holiday!)!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Aw Kimberlee, I am so so glad you enjoyed this and it brightened your day <3

      So happy for you to enjoy breakfast on the balcony soon too with this nicer weather 🙂 I feel like I'm a different person during warmer weather seasons! It makes all the difference! thanks for stopping in, and I hope you have the best weekend !!

  4. Oh my God, Mack that ice cream looks delicious!! What an incredible thing—to stuff the cone. And your purple flower photos touched me. Thank you for such a fun and uplifting post. I hope you and DJ have an amazing weekend.

    And, I read your post that you’re moving to Austin. Congratulations! I know a lot of people in Austin, as a # of my spiritual community is there. If you want me to connect you, let me know. <3

    1. It was so delicious! Hard to beat soft serve for sure!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the flower photos too <3 Spring has a new meaning for me living in CA.

      Thank you for your sweet words! We are so excited & it warms my heart to know we have connections there through you (even if indirect!). Thank you for letting me know <3 Have the most wonderful rest of your weekend, Debbie :) Your comments always are an absolute joy.

  5. As for my Friday favorite, well I am glad it is nearing the end of a long workweek. I have to tell you that I’ve seen other animal videos but that has to be the funniest I’ve seen in a long time – thank you for sharing that Mackenzie. Now you’ve finished school (and hopefully studying), done a Friday Favorites post – now hopefully you’ll get some down time for you and DJ and get thee to the ice cream place because you: Must. Try. All. Flavors. Before. Departing. California. 🙂

    1. Aww I am so glad you enjoyed it, Linda! That just made my night because another blogger basically told me it wasn’t so funny 🙁 So thank you for letting me know you enjoyed it!

      LOL! You totally get me!!! Must try it ALL! DJ and I just had a convo about how we have so much to do before we leave… I’ll have to show him your comment because you literally sound just like me. It will be easy to try all the flavors since the SomiSomi is really close. Stay tuned! 🙂 Have a great rest of your weekend, Linda. Hope the weather is as nice as you anticipated!

      1. I have a friend who follows the Dodo on Facebook and posts cute videos every so often, but mostly cats because she is a “cat person” – has her own cats and shelters all the ferals in the neighborhood as well. That video just tickled me – so many dogs and amazing that people caught the looks on those dogs’ faces sometimes as well as their actions.

        Yes, try everything you were meaning to try before you leave, now in an expedited manner – it is your license to return to the SomiSomi as much as possible – you both will run it off! I almost told you to go see the Flintstone House because I heard on the local news that people are protesting to have all extra items they recently added removed as they are a distraction to the neighborhood and the nearby freeway. That made the news here in Michigan:)

        It was not as sunny today, which was too bad but it got to above 50 – woo hoo for that!

        Hope you enjoyed your respite from school this weekend.

      2. Haha cat videos are great too!!! I’m glad I could refresh your palette with this one. I just think watching the videos through the lens of “I think my dog is broken” makes it just all the funnier!

        Hehe I will take your word of advice! We are actually planning on going tomorrow- lol!

        WOAH!!! That’s crazy about the Flintstone house! I’m shocked- I’m going to look into this right away– thanks for letting me know– we see it allll the time from the Freeway!

        Over 50 is really good! Hope it stays that way! Thanks, Linda 🙂

      3. Ahhh I heard all about it too! The pictures are INCREDIBLE! I heard they had to shut down the park for a couple days because it became too crowded and people were stomping on the flowers 🙁 Unfortunately this is in southern California- about 7 or 8 hours from us.. but I would love to see them in person one day! That’s WILD that they can be seen from space!!! How cool! Thanks for sharing that article- so fascinating & I loved seeing the pics too.

      4. Oh, I should have realized how far it was for you – and no chance, even if you lived closer, that you’d get in after they have publicized it so extensively. I thought it was very cool that you could see if from space – Mother Nature at her finest! P.S. – At least all that insufferable rain came to some good!

      5. No worries! CA can be a confusing state- I still don’t know where I am half the time lol.

        Totally! yay for no more drought. When we first moved to CA the drought was sooo horrible we had to ask for water at restaurants or else they would never bring it!

      6. Yes, I remember how bad it was. I used to be in a blogging group … we were all bloggers at various sites across the U.S. This one guy lives in Woodland Hills, CA. He’d tell us stories about the water shortage and rationing and it was a wicked hot summer. They should have always brought water – what if someone had a choking incident and no one was around to do the Heimlich Maneuver on them. Me: always thinking the worst case scenario!

      7. Aw haha- I agree though! Water is an essential need! They would bring it if you asked, but sometimes it’s too late. I did see some signs that summer that said, “Save Water, Drink Wine” which made me chuckle. I think I blogged about it in one of my first posts actually.. hmmm let me see if I can find it in the archives..

        It was my very first post ever actually! Have a great night, Linda 🙂

  6. This may be the long run talking, but that ice cream looks amazing and I want some immediately. I’m so glad you liked the book!! It makes me so happy to know other people enjoy books I’ve recommended. Okay so Alex and I have talked about certain aspects of wedding planning (we’re not even engaged yet but it’s going to happen) and I’ve mentioned saving money on invited by printing them ourselves. Totally going to be asking you more about this once we’re actually planning and not just dreaming about it haha.

    A favorite of mine this week is pun mix from Costco. It was an impulse buy since it was on sale but it’s been so good. I almost don’t like that I got it since I’m always grabbing handfuls of it haha. Happy Friday, Mackenzie! I hope you have a great weekend 🙂

    1. It was the best soft serve I have ever had– it would be the perfect treat after a long run! That would motivate me to run any distance haha.

      Ahh the talk of you two getting engaged makes me so stinkin’ excited!!! I’d loveee to chat when the time comes 🙂 I have a ton of money saving ideas from my own & from planning my sisters I’d be happy to share! Also dreaming about the wedding/planning… same diff 😉 When I actually got engaged I had every Pinterest board lined up & ready to go, lol. My basic is showing… whoops!

      I loveee a good pub mix.. that sounds awesome! Great salty treat mmm. I have to ask- what’s your favorite part? I love the Rye bread pieces, but I know people feel strongly about those one way or another!

      1. Girl I’m going to want ALL the money saving tips haha. My Pinterest boards are constantly getting updated with what I like so if that makes me basic then I don’t care 🙂

        I love the Rye bread pieces! Fun fact I used to hate those in any sort of snack mixes but now I eat everything else and save all of those for last when I get a little bowl of it.

      2. Yesss! I’ll share whatever I can!! Haha- Pinterest is SO necessary & truly one of the greatest creations (especially for brides), I’ve come to learn things are only “basic” because they are awesome and used/consumed by so many people (like starbucks haha).

        Yay! so excited you love the rye pieces too! it’s so funny how our tastes change over time. Hope your week is off to a great start!

    1. I totally agreee!! Do you have any favorites?! Thanks for stopping in, Sarah 🙂 Hope you are having a great weekend !

    1. It was soo yummy! And definitely unique- I’ve only had the taiyaki cone one other time, and it never disappoints- so yummy!

    1. Glad you enjoyed this, Nancy!! 🙂 I’m not quite on your level of capturing Nature in all its glory, but I gave it my best effort 😉 Thanks for stopping in & definitely try taiyaki soft serve if you see it!

  7. I don’t eat a whole lot of ice cream, but soft serve is definitely the best. That ice cream looks sooo good! I wish we had a place like that here.

    The flowers are so pretty! We’re starting to see a tad bit of Spring here, but it’s still feeling like Winter at times too. The weather has mostly been in the 40’s recently and a few days were in the 50’s, so that’s a sign that Spring is moving in. (Mid-Winter temps here are usually in the 30’s or below, so it’s starting to warm up now lol).

    1. AGREED! Soft serve is truly the best!!

      Glad you enjoyed the flower pics 🙂 Hopefully it will 100% transition into spring for you soon! March is usually the turning point, right?!

      1. Well, we’ve gotten snow in April before, so you never know. 😂 May is when the warm temps mostly level out (as opposed to warm one day and cold the next).

      2. That’s so true!! haha. Fingers crossed May comes early this year 😉

    1. It was soo yummmy! Highly recommend if you ever see a location that serves taiyaki 🙂 thanks so much for stopping in, SaRitzy!

    1. Haha, awww! Hope you found some yummy food after reading this! Thanks for stopping in, Mia <3

    1. Hah, glad you found it humorous!

      I need to try the custard next time, it sounded so good! And so trueee haha- y’all definitely have similar taste buds!

  8. Those sure are fancy cones!!! Now you’ve made me want to clean my balcony in the hopes of spending time out there!

    1. They were mighty tasty for sure. And yay!! I always get spring fever to clean it around this time of year. Hope you can enjoy yours soon 🙂

      1. I bet! It feels so good- we actually did a bit of spring cleaning inside today too- I swear it’s easier to breathe the air!

      2. Oh that’s great you got some done- it’s well worth the time as you’ll enjoy it in the days to come

  9. The ice creams look delicious & it’s nice Spring is starting there! It’s still a bit cold here, so I’m hoping Spring will come soon!
    I’ve also heard about Little Fires Everywhere! I’ll definitely have to check it out! 😄
    The I think my dog is broken video is hilarious haha 😂

    1. Aw I hope spring comes ASAP for you tooo!

      I just love Little Fires Everywhere- I am already excited to read it tonight. 🙂

      I’m glad you liked the video !! That makes me happy because someone basically told me it wasn’t funny hahah. We must have the same sense of humor. Thanks for stopping in, girl!

  10. That ice cream looks so interesting! Our spring is finally blooming!! I’ve seen cherry blossoms and pink magnolia blooms. Now I’m thinking I need some of those in my yard so I can really enjoy spring in the future!! I hadn’t heard about Little Fires Everywhere, but I’ll definitely be adding it to my list. I am horrid at doing my own nails, but I love hearing about good colors! I have never seen those dog vids, but that was sooo hilarious. That dog at the 58 sec mark sounds like it’s saying “I don’t know!”. When I was a teen we had a chihuahua that would “sing” along with opera on the TV and could say “mama”. Those chips sound divine. I’ll have to look for that documentary! I hope that you’re having an amazing day! xx

    1. It was so good! I didn’t really know what to expect, but easily the tastiest soft serve I’ve ever had!

      YAY! That sounds beautiful 🙂 Enjoy the blooms!

      I think you would like Little Fires Everywhere- it’s a phenomenal story so far.

      I’m glad I’m not alone in not being the best manicurist! Just gotta make sure no one looks too close 😉

      I am soo glad you enjoyed the video!! haha. That chihahua sounds like an absolute hoot!!

      Thanks for the sweet comment!

  11. That ice cream looks so tasty! I need a place like that around me! I can’t wait for the flowers to start blooming around here! They just make everything feel more bright and happy!

    You must be having a blast being your sister’s matron of honor! I was my sister’s maid of honor a couple years back and I had so much fun planning everything. I hope she is having the same experience as she plans all my bridal stuff 🙂 Those invites look amazing! I am all for going the cheap route because they still look just as nice! My brother in law ended up designing our invites and then we ordered them on Vista Print. Easy peasy!

    I need that nail polish color! Since my engagement ring is an amethyst stone, a lot of nail polish colors clash with it. I tend to choose shades of grey and this one is just perfect! I may or may not be going to pick that up soon… lol thanks for sharing all your favorites!!!

    1. Hey, Em! That soft serve was out of this world… I think Taiyaki will be all over the place within a few years (I’m pretty sure it’s a fad that’s starting here and will take over- it’s soooo goood!).

      AW it’s been so much fun. I’m sure your sister will have a blast too- and you seem like such a chill bride, that makes alll the difference!! I totally agree- no one pays close enough attention (or cares enough) to notice the difference between the expensive invites vs. not. There are so many great ways to cut corners and save money in wedding planning! That’s extra awesome that your BIL actually designed your invites too- scoree!

      Ohh yesss this would look soo beautiful with amethyst! It is only about $10 on amazon! Thanks for stopping in, girl 🙂 Hope your week is off to a great start!

      1. I’ve been finding so many good money saving tips for our wedding! It’s crazy how much money people will pay for something that you could make so much cheaper and it’s basically the same! My BIL is so good when it comes to design! I used to be but I don’t have the time or patience anymore to sit down and play with photoshop for hours haha. I just tell him what I want and he can somehow create exactly what I pictured 🙂

        Speaking of wedding things, I had my hair and make up trial last night so my week is off to an amazing start! I hope yours is, too 🙂

      2. Totally!! Glad you are having great luck with it all! 🙂

        AH that is sooo exciting!!! I bet that’s a relief- such a huge thing to have off the list ! you will be sooo beautiful!!

    1. Girl they live up to alll the hype! They are SOO good. Best soft serve ever! thanks for stopping in, Rosie 🙂

  12. That ice cream sounds so cool and fancy! I am jealous that you’re able to eat breakfast outside! I probably won’t be able to do that until July here, haha!! I keep hearing such great things about that book AND that nail polish brand!

    Love these posts of yours!

    1. It was just the most phenomenal soft serve… I think we are going to get it again tomorrow night haha. DJ will have had it 3x in 2 weeks bahah.

      Awww I hope y’all get an earlier spring and summer so you can enjoy a breakfast outside in no time!

      Thanks so much for stopping in, girl! <3

  13. So many favorites girly!!!! Ok first off, how have I never seen such a fancy ice cream creation!???? I’m all about that! I really love that nail polish color. I may have to switch from OPI!! I have seen part of that documentary through my small group and it’s been quite eye opening to me. I need to go back and finish it!

    1. I cannot stop talking about how darn GOOD that ice cream is— the taiyaki cone is next level delicious!!! We are actually going back tomorrow night to get some again haha. It’s dangerous having it so close.

      I will tell ya- OPI used to be my favorite, and I love Zoya 93285x more- it goes on so nicely, dried really fast, and stays on for a while! And it’s better for your nail health I think!

      Ohhh you’ll have to let me know what you think when you finish it up! Thanks for stopping in, Shan 🙂 Have a great rest of your week!

  14. Yummm! I’ve still never tried a Taiyaki cone but they look so darn wonderful. I love that it’s warm enough outside to enjoy time out on the balcony now, too, it’s so relaxing!! ♡

    I’ve never been in a wedding but being the matron of honor sounds so fun. What a great idea for the cards. Etsy is so awesome!

    I’m so happy you (& DJ) are loving that nail polish shade so much!!! & oh my gosh, I can watch all kinds of funny animals for hours. 😂

    1. Ahhh Taiyaki is a true DREAM. I wish they had more options in their store though… it’s pretty limited :/

      I wish I had known you back when we got married because I totally woulda invited you to ours! And Etsy is da bestttt, seriously a lifesaver.

      lol!! I’m flying through this bottle. I need to touch up my nails tonight, but I love how long this stuff lasts too! Forever grateful for that suggestion! <3

      1. I hope I can try the Taiyaki someday soon. 😀 I wish I could have been to your wedding, too!!! & I agree! The nail polish really does last long. <3

  15. That ice cream looks so so intriguing and delicious!!! Love all of the flower photos! Gosh they just make me feel so calm. Your sister’s invitations turned out beautifully! That nail color is so chic. Perfect as a neutral but still has pizazz. Thank you for this list!

    1. The soft serve is just spectacular. DJ may have gone 3 times in a week and a half, and I’ve gone twice, lol!

      Awww so glad you like these photos <3 For whipping the invites together as fast as we did I was glad with how they turned out so thank youuu!

      Exactly!! Zoya has the best nail polish- have you tried it before?

      Thanks for stopping in, Kori!! 🙂 Happy hump day!

      1. I would be visiting often too! So many flavors, so little time.

        Sometimes I find the less thought I put into something – less overthinking – the better the outcome!

        I have not! I have several nail options I want to try now, but first I need to get my nails and cuticles well. They are looking awful! Thanks, winter.

        Of course! Thanks for a bright and fun post!

      2. Totally!

        I 100% agree! I think no planning eliminates expectations, and without expectations you cannot experience frustration!

        haha, I feeel yaa on that. My cuticles are worse than ever right now! It’s to the point where I think I want to get them taken care of professionally.

        Aw thank you for taking the time to stop in 🙂 !

      3. Exactly!!

        I feel the sameeeee. But the last time I had my nails done, I exclaimed I would keep them up thereafter. Joke’s on me!

        Of course!!

    1. Yayyy! Hope beautiful flowers are surrounding you! And the ice cream is just tremendous- hope you can try sometime! Have a great week, girl- thank you tons for stopping in 🙂

  16. Love Little Fires Everywhere especially Mia, what a unique character. I hope you enjoy the rest of the book (if you haven’t finished already!). 🙂 💓

    1. Yes yes !!! I haven’t had much time to read it, but I’m dying to get back to it. hopefully tonight I can make a little dent. Mia does fascinate me, and the story takes place in the city I grew up in (or a suburb nearby), so I am loving allll the familiar references!

      1. Totally!! I was just reading last night and saw that they went to the coffee shop “Arabica” which was our favorite growing up- I had to send to my mom to show her! It definitely makes it so much more fun to read.

  17. That ice cream looks so thick and creamy!

    Oh man yes outdoor meals are always so pleasant! I’m excited to start having breakfast on our deck on the weekends now that it’s warming up!

    Such pretty flowers!!

    Those Etsy invites are perfect! Such a great idea.

    That Halo ad. Omgosh hahahaha

    I’ll have to find that book! I was doing so well reading at the start of this year then hit a dry spell. Whoops!

    That nail polish is beautiful! I love a good neutral. “I talk a lot with my hands so no one can really see them” 😂 yesss same here

    D I watched that same pup video recently…hilarious!

    Yummmm. I haven’t been to TJs in too long so I need to go and add these to my list.

    Wowzers this sounds like such a good program to watch. I’ll have to watch it soon!

    1. Ahh I get a double dose of Kaci comments! WOOHOOO!

      It really is the thiccccest & creamiest, & I am obsessed. They have a black sesame flavor in SF that I need to try before we leave too!

      Ahhh I hope it warms up for you ASAP to start enjoying your breakfast on the deck!

      I swear we have the same sense of humor- isn’t that Halo Top ad too funny? And the guy who walks up to get ice cream has been on the bachelor at least three times so the irony is too comical.

      I am the sameee. I was reading soo much in Jan/Feb and sorta slowed up in March. This book is great- but it can be a bit slow at times. Do you like Thrillers? I feel like whenever I get into a dry spell a good thriller gets me out of it!

      YESS- that’s the secret when you are not the best at your own nails- just talk a lot with your hands 😉 Glad I’m not alone on that!

      Let me know what you think if you check it out!!

      1. That sounds like such an interesting flavor!!

        Me too! It’s raining today so no deck time but maybe next weekend!

        Oh my gosh that makes it even better! Hahaha poor guy.

        I do love thrillers!!! As if I don’t make my heart race enough with anxiety I then add thriller shows and books on top. HA!

        Best secret!

      2. Hahah – yesss that’s how I am about Thrillers. Like, I know it’s probably not the besttt for the anxious side of me, but I almost feel like it directs that anxiety toward something specific which makes it feel more manageable, lol!!! Did not mean to get super arm chair just now.

        If you like Thrillers .. two I read recently I enjoyed were The Wife Between Us & Behind Closed Doors. They get NUTS, but are very unpredictable which I appreciate.

  18. Great post!

    I am so over the cold weather and so happy spring is almost here. Love all the pictures of the flowers!

    I haven’t read Little Fires Everywhere yet, but I finally picked up a copy a few months back. I prefer paperbacks over a hardcover book, but it had been over a year since that book came out and no paperback yet, so I just got a copy of a hardcover instead. I read her other book Everything I Never Told You last year, and it was such a good read. Definite recommend. Oh and Little Fires Everywhere is going to be adapted into a mini- series on Hulu with Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon!

    I saw that commercial with Nick and that ice cream company. Omg, so funny! Another month or so until The Bachelorette!

    1. Hi, Jodi! Thanks so much 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed these pics !

      OH my gosh, they are making it a series?!?!? EEK! I just got SOOO excited. Thanks for sharing that with me! Also, will have to check out her other book- she is a phenomenal author.

      TOO funny. I feel like no one understood the commercial… it has soo much more of an impact if you get Nick’s history, lol. Genius. Thanks for stopping in, love!

  19. Have you told me about somisomi ice cream before? Maybe this wasnt the place.. who cares, I’ll add it to the list lol.
    I so wish I had a balcony. spending time outside when the weather is nice is always the best!
    That’s so cool that you’re helping your sister with her wedding! How fun! And that does sound super easy to order and be done with it lol.
    Any and all animal videos are my favorite. So cuteee!! Lol

    1. YES!!! Your memory is correct- well, it wasn’t Somi Somi, but we tried Uji Time in SF, which is very similar- it’s the first time I had taiyaki which I said reminded me of you because I first heard of taiyaki from your trip to Seattle I believe!!

      I just ordered bingo bridal shower cards for $3 on Etsy too- it’s sooo fun & easy. I kinda wish I had used it more for my own wedding!

      Glad you enjoyed the animal vids 🙂 Can’t wait to have our own to watch these antics in real life haha. Thanks for commenting, Rossy! xoxo

      1. i’ll add Uji time to my list LOL.
        and the time we had taiyaki was from an asian supermarket, alex bought one with ice cream inside, or maybe it was a strawberry jelly, i don’t remember, but that was the first time we ever had something like that too,. i had some yesterday at a restaurant too. what a coincidence haha

      2. No way! That is a funny coincidence! I want to try the red bean on the inside of the cone next time- people say it’s really good. I’ve had the custard and nutella- seriously can’t even decide what I like best!

      3. right?! Oh gosh now I’m craving some. Maybe I can convince DJ to wait in line with me later today haha.

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