Christmas in July!! (Christmas 2020)

Before July slips away from us, I want to make sure celebrate the second most wonderful time of the year- Christmas in July!

I never shared the post from Christmas 2020 as so much time had passed since I had the time to write it, so it feels like a good time to share it now 🙂 Get your eggnog loaded up (probably iced), and let’s get started!

DJ and I drove to my mom and Pete’s late on December 23rd to join them and Halston (missed you, Kevin!!). First things first when we arrived- Pete’s famous Pumpkin Crunch. DJ will talk about how much he loves this dessert at random times throughout the year. It is that good. We loaded up on the pumpkin crunch with ice cream within 10 minutes of arriving.

Even though it was already late in the evening, we stayed up chatting for a little bit before going to sleep.

Christmas Eve, we had a lovely breakfast together.We took it overall pretty easy that day, which I think we all needed. We got our respective workouts in (Hal and I did an Insanity workout together), lounged around, watched some shows and Facetimed our Grandma & Grandpa!

For dinner, we had an amazing spread of beef tips (for the meat-eaters), seitan beef tips (for the veggie eaters), potatoes and green beans.And the rest of the evening we played What Do You Meme and other card games.

The next day, Christmas, we enjoyed the most wonderful breakfast!

And these are hands-down the best Portuguese muffins on earth!!

We opened gifts/stockings and then watched a Candlelight Church service.

My mom even made vigil candles. It was such a beautiful service, and even though we couldn’t be in person, it was a great alternative  <3

That evening we enjoyed some appetizers before the star of the show…..

SEAFOOD PAELLA. This was my mom’s first time making this- she whipped it up in a cast iron pan over the grill.

This meal was out of this world. Writing this now I can practically taste it! May need to be a new tradition.

We served it with Red Lobster biscuits. Cannot go wrong with those! It’s always the great debate- what is the best free carb indulgence from restaurants? Red Lobster biscuits vs. Texas Roadhouse Rolls vs. Olive Garden breadsticks. Oh, and then there is the Outback bread and Cheesecake factory’s too! What’s your favorite?

December 26th, we had some girl time with pedicures.

After our pedicures, we stopped into Devivo Brothers (our favvv) for a delicious lunch while the guys went to Hard Eight BBQ.

Now, this next event is something I did not know I needed in my life, but I am officially obsessed with- Axe throwing!!

I was not very good (like most things that require a modicum of athleticism), but I semi-improved by the end. Everyone else picked it up quickly.

After axe throwing, we grabbed some Andy’s. Cannot go to Keller without a stop at Andy’s!

Before calling it a night, we drove through a nearby neighborhood that does a “theme” every year with Christmas displays. This year’s theme was Charlie Brown, so cute.

On December 27th, we went to Top Golf – another new favorite pastime. Annnd another new favorite pastime that I am horrible at but will play any day of the week!

DJ won every round-he was sooo good.

Pete and Halston killed it too. (My mom sat this one out since her shoulder was recovering from an injury).

What kind of swing do I have going on? Help.

Who knew Top Golf didn’t only serve up the chance to show off a cringe-worthy golf swing, turns out it has some really decent food too. The guys were raving about the wings, but I had my eyes on that hummus!

That was just our appetizer, because that evening we enjoyed some incredible Mexican cuisine from Maria Cuca’s.

We had Baileys for dessert and played the game of Quelf until past midnight. You guys, that game is too much. I was laughing to the point of tears!

The next morning, Pete made us all frappuccinos! These are tasty as can be & bring me back to high school days when he used to make them for us.

That evening, of the 28th, we went to Sushi Sam and ordered a Sushi boat for the table. We did damage!! The sushi thooo- I mean you can have good sushi and you can have great sushi. This fell into the “great” category, no question.

And before we headed out on the 28th, we grabbed some Summer Moon followed by an Orange Theory workout all together 🙂

It was an awesome Christmas. It was tough not being able to go back to Ohio like we usually do, but I’m grateful we will be able to celebrate lots of holidays with our family there moving forward!

I’d love to know: 

  • What is your favorite complimentary bread from a restaurant?
  • Have you ever celebrated Christmas in July?

30 thoughts on “Christmas in July!! (Christmas 2020)

  1. Okay, so just seeing the title of this post pop up on my feed – along with the three teaser photos? It was enough to make me giddy… Ha, ha! I LOVE the holidays, and I don’t care if it’s summer. I’m ready for them!! So this blog post was a real treat! (Oh wait, every blog post from you is. But this one was extra sparkly and fun, because… CHRISTMAS!).
    The festive dishes, lights, foods… This all just made me SO happy!!! (And legit as I’m reading your blog, my hubby is buying tickets for a family vacation to DISNEY for next year!!! So I’m basically happy dancing over here with just pure joy, all around. Ha, ha).
    I’ve never celebrated Christmas in July, but this kind of made me want to make it a new tradition. I might have to make this happen next year!! Hmmm, time to start planning my 2022 bucket list. Disney AND a Christmas in July? Already sounds like an epic year! 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! 🎄 🤗I hear ya- I am SO ready for Christmas. It will be here before we know it at the rate this year is going but yesss Christmas in July is such a fun way to tide us over!! I’d love to do a real Christmas in July celebration next year too!! and ahhhhh oh my gosh, I am sooo excited for you all going to Disney!! I CANNOT wait to hear about it- is this going to be the Brady & Kaitlyn’s first time?! 🤩

      1. YES, it will be Brady and Kaitlyn’s first time to Disney, and it’s just going to be SO special. I cannot wait!! 🙂

  2. I love Christmas (I’m one of those people who puts everything up before Thanksgiving) so remembering it in July works! Looks like you had another fun and tasty time together. As for bread… hmmm Texas Roadhouse rolls are good. the loaf from Outback is tasty too. I make my own olive garden style breadsticks, but those served with alfredo sauce… ok ok enough now I’m hungry for bread!

    1. Haha yessss I really would like to do a full out Christmas in July party next year! My stomach is growling reading about these different breads- and you make the Olive Garden breadsticks with Alfredo sauce?! That’s too awesome. Do you have a recipe by chance?

  3. I honestly HATE July … I mean I was born in July and wish I had been born in Oct, Nov, Dec. I am a fall/winter girl. I do NOT like the heat. I do NOT like the pools. I would much rather be wrapped in a blanket and a hoodie than feel like I am dripping in sweat standing outside. lol!

    I am definitely ready for Christmas. So I better get a jump start on it, right? Never too early!

    Best bread is definitely Cheesecake Factory brown bread. I literally think I could make a meal out of the bread. I don’t know how many times I have had to take my meal home because I ate too much bread to start. lol! Haha!
    Behind Cheesecake Factory, I was raised in a college town in IL and they had an “italian” restaurant chain called Avanti’s and their bread was to DIE for! I would probably have to get like 6 loaves of it if I went back to town anytime soon! lol!

    1. Hahah I hear ya, Lindsay. I HATE being so hot I feel like I could melt too- and it is so hot right now in TX 😩 I actually keep our apartment an ice box- it’s kinda a constant battle because DJ hates how cold I like to have it (63 at night, 66/67 during the day- lol). Also, happy birthday month!!!

      Cheesecake Factory bread is soooo goood. I agree!!

      I would love to try Avanti’s bread too- Italian restaurants do have some of the best bread!! I love when they incorporate different herbs and serve with oil and balsamic- okay I need to go eat lunch now haha . Thanks for stopping in- good to hear from you!!

      1. Mackenzie you totally made my day! Yes, I keep my house at 71 during the day. 68 at night. I think my bank account might kill me if I kept it any cooler. When I had an apartment it wasn’t quite so expensive by a two story house requires more electricity to cool than a two bedroom one floor apartment! lol!
        Which leads me to a cool blog post. How do you guys approach budgeting? With you traveling quite a bit for your education and then your husband moving with school how have you guys handled it all financially? Did you have to take a lot of student loans? Or had you been able to put away enough savings to handle the expenses?? Sorry if that’s too nosey??

  4. Mackenzie I say this everytime but you are SO so beautiful! Literally a dream. AND YES what do you meme, I love that game!! So so good! Also that fireplace with the Mickey and Minnie decorations and the stockings – SO cute! Okay I haven’t had any of the carb freebies except for Olive Gardens Breadsticks and I have to say – those are amazing, my mouth is just watering thinking about them… SO GOOD! What is this Quelf game?? I love a game that makes you LOL so I need to check this out asap! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous, such a fun recap! Sending lots of love xxx

    1. You are toooo sweet, Jennie! Thank you so much, and I hope you know I can say the same right back to you!

      Ahh yes isn’t what do you meme such a blast?!

      YES! Olive Garden breadsticks are just out of this world. Oh gosh now my mouth is watering too just talking about them.

      Lollll Quelf is the silliest game- I don’t even really know how to explain it . But you basically have to do the weirdest dares/have bizarre rules to follow and if you break them you don’t advance or lose spaces on the board. It’s an absurd game, but I think that’s what makes it so fun 😂

      Thank you so much for reading and brightening my day! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Merry Christmas! Wonderful post & perfect time to share your Christmas! Your Moms paella- 5 stars! Reminds me of Christmas a few years ago when we made our own version of The Feast of the Seven Fishes. FYI- we should all go to the Top Golf on Rockside Rd. See you in Ohio soon!!

    1. Aw thank you!! I’ll let her know you said that- I agree, every bit of 5 stars! Ohhhh I have to hear more about that with the Feast or the Seven Fishes! Will definitely have to go to Top Golf!! We were so excited to find out there was one there!! Thanks for reading 😊

  6. Love anything Christmas in July! May have to look into getting Queif and your mom’s and Pete’s house is so beautifully decorated at Christmas! Loved reading all of this and I did not know DJ likes that pumpkin crunch dessert, one of my favorites and how have I never picked up one this? Can’t wait to celebrate Christmas after reading this with everyone and love love love fresh Red Lobster biscuits and the wheat bread at Outback always delicious. Love your posts always and love you my dear. Your Ohio Mom

    1. It’s the most bizarre game but so fun 😂 I think he discovered he liked pumpkin crunch just a couple years ago!! And yes those restaurants are definitely two of my favorites too. Love you and see you SO soon!!

  7. So beautiful my dear and so are you!
    What a lovely time with family.
    And pumpkin crunch… I may need the recipe. Thank you!
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Aw thank you, Nancy! 😊 I need to get the recipe from Pete, so I can post it during Christmas time! It is easily our family favorite dessert for the holidays 😋

  8. Oh my goodness this has seriously made me miss the festive holidays big time!!! I absolutely love Christmas it’s the happiest time of the year and it looks like you had so much fun. And as always the food looks incredible! Xxxx

    1. After writing this I am just so eager for Christmas to get here!! It will be before we know it 😊 🎄 thanks for reading, Chloe!!

  9. Your Christmas breakfast looks so delicious – your mom is such an awesome cook. I love the Christmas dishes too. I had to Google Portuguese muffins … never had them before. I’ve never done Christmas in July, but a neighbor of ours, (who moved years ago), used to have an annual party. He’d decorate the yard with the same ornaments/yard decor he put out at Christmas. He had the party on his deck and garage, so had the music outside and it was all Christmas tunes. The couple kind of kept to themselves, so no neighbors were invited, just their friends and oh yes, they dressed like Santa and Mrs. Claus. My favorite bread is Olive Gardens breadsticks. Yum.

    1. She really is, we are spoiled when we go there! I’ll pass on that you said that too- she’ll appreciate it 😊 ok- you would LOVEEE the Portuguese muffins!! I hope you can try them at some point.

      That is so fun your neighbor went all out with Christmas in July!! I’d love to do that some time with a real party and everything.

      Olive Garden breadsticks are definitely hard to beat!!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

      1. Thanks Mackenzie- yes, your mom has it all, style, not only for herself and home, but in all the events you’ve posted about. I don’t have many Christmas dishes, but have some pretty Lennox cardinal mugs which I should take out instead of up in a cupboard. I haven’t taken all the Christmas decorations out in a decade. It used to take an entire day as I had to find a place to squirrel everything away … in a small house, it was a real challenge!

      2. Aw I agree!! 🙂 Lenox mugs are so beautiful! Oh yes, I understand that-we had to get quite creative living in our apartments (meaning stuffing the decor into all nooks and crannies), lol.

  10. i miss reading your posts! and i’ve had this tab open for like a week and a half, hoping i will have enough time someday to read through it all 🙂

    i love the time you guys spent together, and how you facetimed your grandparents! so cute!!
    and how awesome you cook both for meat eaters and vegetarian dishes, so inclusive!

    your xmas breakfast looks so mouth-watering delicious 😀 those muffins! whooaaa!

    i’ve never had paella and have been wanting to try it as well. might have to look up a recipe to try as well because it seems like it’s a must try 🙂 your moms turned out amazing ;D

    we have topgolf here too but haven’t been, it’s not close but it’s also not ridiculously far but going out that way does take some planning lol. looks super fun though, i’ve never golfed before, just miniature golf 🙂

    as someone who doesn’t care for sushi (the raw kind) that looks soooo amazing!!!!!!!!! i’d be willing to try (as long as it’s not raw, lol)

    fave complimentary bread…great question…i feel like the red lobster biscuits beat the OG breadsticks, for sure.
    never celebrated christmas in july, honestly i never knew that was a thing? i don’t think my kid would like it, well he would, but he would expect it again in december xD

    1. Aw Hi Rossy!! That’s too sweet you even kept this post up that long, lol! OK- those Portuguese muffins are, dare I say it, life changing. They look like normal english muffins- but they are 10x better! (And I enjoy a good ol’ english muffin).

      Top Golf is a blast- it’s a great family thing to do! I bet CL would love it too!

      I just learned about Christmas-in-July a few years ago when the baseball stadium in San Jose had a Christmas in July themed night. I am going to see if I can find its origins, because now I’m curious- here’s an article I found about it!!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

      1. Ahhh i’ll probably never try Portuguese muffins here in Portland LOL

        I think so too! But he doesn’t seem to care for certain activities, so we may have to visit with other kiddos so he can enjoy it more.

        Awesome, i’ll be sure to read that article, thank you! Hope you’re having a great week and have an awesome and fun weekend!

      2. They are actually pretty inexpensive to buy online- that’s how my mom gets them for the holidays!! Sooo worth it.

        Aww thank you- you too!! 🙂

    1. Hahah we ate a lottt of good food that week! Thanks so much for stopping in on the blog- I’ve so enjoyed reading your comments!

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