A Couple High Notes

Hi, everyone- Wow, a lot has changed since my last post, published only about ten days ago. It feels a bit odd to even be blogging right now, but I know we have to also hold onto the things that bring joy and normalcy in the midst of so much uncertainty. I’m thankful for this platform of connection in a time when most of us probably feel somewhat isolated. I won’t say too much more about everything going on with the virus right now- you all are inundated with it, but I will say I pray you are all safe and healthy. I also implore you to stay home if you aren’t already. Last, if you are feeling anxious during this weird time, I do want to share a verse that always encourages and comforts me in any difficult season:

Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (Isaiah: 41:10)

Writing these posts is therapeutic for me, and it helps me find the beauty in the most stressful of days. I hope it provides you a fun little escape too or provides some distraction.

In the BEST of news and the absolute highlight of our week, month, year, etc…. My sister-in-law had her baby last weekend! We have a new healthy, beautiful baby boy in the fam <3 We’re sad, of course, that we can’t just jump on a flight to meet him, but that will be priority #1 when it’s safe again.

Now, continuing this recap from the last post…

January 12th we went to Church and then after went to a restaurant called High Note for a little birthday brunch! P.S. We’ll be on that church streaming train tomorrow. I’m so thankful we live in a day of technology where that is possible!

Walking in the door of the restaurant, I immediately was drawn to their fun palm-themed wallpaper.


But everywhere you turned it seemed the decor took a different direction- yet, it all worked together in a fun and mesmerizing way. I was trying to absorb every detail!

197ab86b-786b-4557-b771-3c648e86b9e4After being seated at one of their gorgeous deep blue booths with a marble table, we scanned the mouth-watering menu. First, we ordered their dip trio with fire roasted salsa, edamame, and cashew queso. It was good, but we probably wouldn’t order again. The “queso” wasn’t so much of a queso, but rather more of a savory vegan dip (in queso you were wondering).


Now onto the stuff we loved! DJ ordered their breakfast sandwich with soft boiled eggs, seasonal greens, tomato confit, herbed hot sauce, cashew aioli and ciabatta bread. I loved this!! I actually preferred DJ’s to my own choice, so he didn’t have a choice kindly shared.

9740dad3-7594-4123-a026-37e5e286f1d1I ordered their vegan cuban panini with braised tofu, peppered beet, whole grain mustard, charred pickled vegetable, cashew aioli and grilled sourdough.  This was great, don’t get me wrong- but compared to that breakfast sammy there was no competition! Still a great option for those that are strictly vegan.


I took a quick shot of their patio as we were walking out, but it was closed since it was pretty chilly that day. It’d be fun to come back in nicer weather and sit out there one day.


On Monday the 13th, my actual birthday, I went to Starbucks and plopped down to get my studying done while enjoying a cafe au lait. The sweet barista wrote happy birthday on my cup!


I also enjoyed the sweetest gift of Baked By Melissa treats! These are my favorite little cupcakes in the world!


These macarons were also ohhhh sooo tasty.  I actually didn’t think I liked macarons all that much because the ones I’ve had in the past were a little dry- but these redeemed macarons for me. Talk about a great treat with coffee or tea!! I dare say I liked them as much as the cupcakes themselves!


January 14th was more of a study day too. Jan 15th more of the same, but I did see this  natural marvel as I was on my walk on Ladybird Trail! Have you ever seen so many turtles in one place?! The cranes were somewhat majestic too with the way they were glowing in the sun.


The same walk I spotted this white squirrel- a rare sighting fur-sure, hehe!


Questions for you:

  • What is one highlight/good thing from this week in spite of all that’s happening?
  • What’s the most interesting creature you have spotted in its natural habitat?

xo <3


46 thoughts on “A Couple High Notes

  1. Happy belated birthday from a fellow Capricorn! Honestly despite all of the bad news we are hearing life is good here. I have nothing to complain about and much to be grateful for. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Ruth!! Happy belated Birthday to you too 🙂 I am so glad to hear all is well with you!! Praying that continues. Thank you for stopping in, always appreciate your comments!

  2. Happy belated birthday Angel ❤️ I simply love that verse you shared, it’s so thoughtful of you to do so, and the little photo at the end! So beautiful ❤️ Congratulations on the birth of a new baby boy in the family, I bet you are so excited to see him as soon as you can, hopefully sooner rather than later ❤️😍 sending love to all! The animals you spotted on your walk are breathtaking 😍😍 what a gorgeous trail! Look at that beautiful squirrel! So precious! Thanks for sharing the pics 😍 hope you’re staying safe Queen! Thanks for bringing your light to the world as always! And as ever your puns are brilliant!

    Lots of love to you ❤️

    1. Thank you so much, beautiful!!! Aww glad you enjoyed the pics 🙂 Thank YOU tons for stopping in and brightening my day. Sooo much love right back. XOX <3

  3. Belated happy birthday, Mackenzie! I know you’ll get through tough times. Love those cupcakes, by the way and all the food you posted ❤️

    1. AW, Meg!! It is so great to hear from you. How are you doing? Thank you for stopping in, and glad you liked the food pics 🙂

  4. I am a long time reader but have not commented before. Thank you for writing such wonderful blog posts. Yes this one did distract me from everything else. Stay safe and congrats on the new baby boy in the family.

    I didn’t know white squirrels existed ☺

    1. Hi, Christina! Your comment just made my whole day. This truly means so much to me. Thank you for your kind words, and I hope you are safe and well. I didn’t know the squirrels existed either until I saw one out there! Thank you again for stopping in! <3

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!!! 🙂 The most interesting creature we spotted on a trail was a grizzly bear! That’s right. Rick and I were hiking the highline trail at Glacier National Park and saw a grizzly! She was amazing. So BIG! Great photos. The cupcakes look yummy.

    1. Thank you, Kathy!! Ohhhh that’s incredible!! I would be so nervous to see one in the wild- but how cool, I bet that was one unforgettable experience! Thanks for stopping in 🙂 I hope you are doing well!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! Yours is Jan 13? Mine is Jan 31!

    I’m glad you decided to publish your post because frankly I’m sick to death of hearing about the virus and am much more interested in what people are doing, eating, watching, reading, etc.

    Congrats on the new baby in the family!!!! That does suck that you can’t meet him yet.

    Wow!!!! How lucky are you to get to see a white squirrel and all those turtles and the cranes???

    The most magical animal sightings in their natural habitat for me was a fox, a coyote, and an owl on my windowsill!!!!

    The highlight/good thing for me is always my neighbor’s cat who is currently sound asleep on the couch next to me. She’s pretty much abandoned them for me because they have a screaming toddler, a 1st grader, another cat and multiple dogs so she likes the peace & quiet at our house. LOL

    Hope you stay healthy and safe and find fun and interesting things to do at home.

    1. Hi, Jinjer!!! So excited to see this comment- I always love reading your thoughts 🙂 Awww happy belated bday to you too!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post as well! I agree- we all need a little break from our crazy reality too. I’m continually astounded by the wildlife around here- it’s just wild that we are right downtown and have alllll these amazing creatures scurrying around! On your windowsill?! That is truly amazing- Sounds like something from Snow White!

      Awww nothing beats cuddling up with an sweet kitten <3 And I bet she is soaking up every second too knowing what she'll go back too, hehe. Thank you for stopping in, and I hope you are safe and sound as well.

  7. I love this post!! So many beautiful photos and delicious food. That decor is so inviting and fun! I am drooling for both entrees, but Dj’s sandwich sounds spectacular. I hope you had a stellar birthday, and those treats look oh so fun and tasty!! Your puns are perfect in this post, but they always are on point. Thank you for bringing joy into my day. My highlight has been that I still have my job, that we have access to good food, I have my family, and I’ve been able to move my body in joyful ways. Spring keeps showing up, and I went on a walk today that felt really nice. I think spotting the bobcat during our July 4th hike last year was really cool!

    1. Awww thank you, Kori!! I’m bummed High Note closed because I was just craving that sammy, but they are no longer delivering during the quarantine; I may have to try to recreate it at home! And so glad you got a kick outta the puns- I’ve been off my pun-game lately, so I tried to step it up a bit a few notches (or octaves) hehe. And Aww your posts bring joy to mine- so it goes both ways 🙂 Yes yess amen to alll those blessings <3. Oh my gosh, that's right, I think I've only ever heard a bobcat snarl (or it was a mountain lion who knows)- Seeing animals like that is both that mix of amazement and fear! Hope your Monday is off to a good start!

  8. Belated birthday wishes Mack! May the year ahead bring His blessings as He showers you with his tremendous love & care. And may you keep safe in these troubled times and continue to feel loved by those who love you far & wide!

    Thank you for continuing to share your love & so much beauty through your photos, sharing & well-wishes. My world is much brighter and happier as the result of you in it. Hugs!

    1. Thank you soo much, Ju Lyn! Wow, these are the kindest words and wishes, I pray the same for you and yours too <3 This comment made me a bit misty truth be told- I so appreciate you, friend. And my world is brighter with you in it as well! You have always been a source of encouragement in ways I can't even quite describe! Sending you soo much love!

  9. Happy belated birthday Mackenzie – the grilled sourdough looked awesome and surely got my attention and I loved this line about DJ: “so he didn’t have a choice (kindly shared)” (imagine the strikeouts), Congratulations on being an aunt – definite good news right now as we stew and fret and worry. Well you know I love the nature photos – a white squirrel is a first for me and the white crane and all the turtles is just an awesome shot. Never saw anything the likes of all the turtles – ours drop off the log and plop into the water when they see you. What’s your secret for them staying there?

    1. Thank you so much, Linda!! Heheh- I appreciate that you read these posts so closely to find those little “Creative flares” shall we call them? Thank you for the congrats and I was pretty excited to share the white squirrel with you in particular!! The turtles are so lazy around here lol- I have never seen one plop off in the water surprisingly. Thanks for reading 🙂 Have a good Monday!

      1. Interesting – I’ve never seen a white squirrel. We have skittish turtles I guess! There is an albino female deer at Kensington Metropark in MIlford, Michigan. She has two regular brown-colored fawns. She is quite the novelty. Take care Mackenzie and DJ and your families. Hope your sister-in-law is doing well these days.

  10. I’ve never had Baked by Melissa but sent them as a gift to my cousin who loved them! No idea they made macaroons too. Macaroons can either be really good or really bad in my experience. But I do love them! Now if I could go to Paris and get them from a small bakery on a regular basis, then it might be heaven.

    Congrats on your new nephew! I hope mom and baby are doing well and definitely better to prioritize safety in this time.

    As silly as this might sound, I’ve been living for all the memes right now. Personally I need humor/positive things in bad situations so memes are amazing. I shared my favorite so far on my post Friday but the gyst is that the CDC is going to yell “PSYCH! It’s a test” then Tom Hanks wins an Oscar for his performance.

    1. Hi Maureen! Hope you can try Baked By Melissa sometime. They are ohhh so yummy! And yesss, glad you have the same experience with macarons too. Ohhhh yes one day I want to go to Paris and have that full experience too!!!

      Aww than you <3 <3 We can't wait to meet him in a couple months!

      Oh yesss, Meme culture is thriving. And oh my gosh.... that's hilarious- I haven't seen that one yet- too funny!!! hah! Thanks for stopping in, Maureen!! Have a safe and healthy Monday 🙂

  11. Happy Belated Birthday, Mackenzie!! The positive for me during this is that I’ve had some really great conversations with my kids. They’re usually running here and there and without that as an option, there’s been more time for casual conversations. I’m not sure I’ve seen THAT many turtles in the same spot, but I have seen a good many in spots before. There is an albino deer that lives in the woods near my friend’s house and I’ve spotted it a few times.

    1. Thank you so much, Amy!! Aw I LOVE that! <3 What an awesome silver lining in all this. And an Albino deer?! To google images I go... how cool!!! Thanks for stopping in :) Hope you are still doing well, since I'm pretty delayed in responding to this!

  12. Hang in there, Mack. I think we’re going to be eating in for the next several weeks. I just ordered a milk steamer so I’m ready to buckle down at home haha.

    1. Thanks so much, Ralph! Yesss, now that is an essential of quarantine! Hope you and your family are doing well in all this craziness!

  13. Happy happy belated birthday! I hope you’re staying safe and healthy, especially if you’re working! I absolutely love that tropical wallpaper as well! Reminds me of Miami days! Like you, I was also feeling like how do we go on blogging and documenting our days with all this going on, but turns out it’s made me feel more at ease (whether that’s because it’s a distraction or not remains to be seen lol). I hope you continue to post and get through these days!

    1. Aw thanks Amanda 🙂 Aw I hope so for you too! <3 And I agree- Blogging is like therapy on a normal day, and extra therapeutic during this crazy time. Thank you tons for stopping in- stay well, gf! <3

    1. Thank you so much, Allie! <3 I hope you and your whole family is too. Thank you for stopping in! <3

  14. I’m relaxing here in bed and typing on my phone, so this is going to be a short and sweet comment… Ha, ha!! But happy belated birthday!! And thank you for spreading some joy via your blog! I always get so excited when there’s a new post up from you!! 🙂

    1. Awww I love your comments no matter what 🥰 and thank you for the belated bday wishes!! Glad this brought you some joy! Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday with the family, Nicole 💞

  15. Oh my goshhhh I missed your birthday!! I’m so sorry! Happy super belated birthday! I’m terrible & am SO behind. Anywho, I’m pretty numb to all of these drastic changes from the coronavirus. I’ve tried to just stay calm, & tbh, I haven’t really read much about it on my own but rather hear from D since he has to stay on top of it for how it will effect the financial markets. Starting this past Monday I’m working from home for the first time ever. I’m very thankful to do so(!), but it’s kind of bleck to mix work with my house (Idk how people do it regularly). My home is my “safe space” so now having to work there is kind of weird. The CEO of my company also dislikes having people work from home so we have to give daily reports of everything we worked on & exactly how much time we spent on it. Not fun. I am thankful to be with Axl Rose & get snuggles & a mid-day walk. Thank you for all you do in the medical field, & sending prayers for safety for your family. ❤️

    1. Kaci!! Thank you so much!! <3 Girl, no worries- I didn't post anything about it or anything so I didn't expect anyone to know haha.

      Thankful that you are able to still work from home!! I totally hear you about it kinda disrupting your safe place though! It is tough not being able to disconnect. Hoping you find a new groove soon and are able to compartmentalize it- these changes are all so crazy! But thank goodnessss for sweet Axl Rose!!! <3 Aw thank you, Kaci- that means so much! Hope your week is off to a great start- thank you for stopping in :) <3

  16. Happy super belated birthday!! I am so happy you have kept posting because reading blogs has definitely given me a brain break and kept me sane. Sending you love and hugs!

    1. Aw thank you, Jess!!! This is such a sweet comment 💞 sending love and hugs right back!!

  17. Happy belated birthday my lovely. Everything that is going on with the world right now is so terrifying and can be so damaging to our mental health as well as physical health. I really hope you are doing well and are staying safe during this time. All of the foodie pics makes me so hungry and miss cafes a lot!! Sending love and positive vibes your way sweetie xxxx

    1. Thank you, Chloe!! It really is so scary right now, praying you are safe and well <3

      Glad you enjoyed these pics! You are queen of finding the best cafes- I'm sure they miss you as much as you miss them! Hopefully we can all get back out there in a couple months. I'll never take going to a coffee shop for granted again! Sending so much love to you- stay safe, beautiful!

  18. Thank you for sharing the beautiful verse in the beginning. ♡ & so many congrats on your new nephew!! I can’t wait to see what he looks like. 😁

    The High Notes place really has some crazy decor lol & the brekkie sammie looks too good. Those eggs look like perfection! & my gosh, I am the worst. So sorry that I missed your birthday! Happy Belated, beautiful!!! I am SO happy you finally got some macarons that weren’t dry & have changed your mind on them now!!! That really makes all the difference when they are fresh. 🙂 plus, they were so cutely decorated!!!

    The birds look as if they are on guard for the turtles, that’s so cool!! & I think I’ve spotted quite a few white squirrels in MN. They are everywhere there lol. ♡ Thanks again for sharing with us!! ♡

    1. The High Note decor is certainly crazy, lol! But it was so fun too- It’s weird how such an eclectic mix actually worked!

      Girl, no worrries! I literally have nowhere anywhere you could have actually known it was my birthday & thank you for the sweet belated bday wishes 🙂 <3

      And yesss, fresh macarons are soo good! Mmm mm!

      Hahha that's so true- they do! Funny story- I had a friend that moved from Australia that hadn't seen many, if any, squirrels before. When we were on a walk she was SO excited about seeing them and it was the cutest thing to see just how excited she was over a squirrel (where I've seen them all over growing up).

      Thanks for stopping in, Hunida! 🙂

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