Great Coffee, Burgers & Texas BBQ!

Present Day: Hey all- wow, I cannot thank you all for your love and support in the last post. It was comforting and healing for me to talk with you all and read your comments – I am just always in awe of how genuine and supportive this community is <3

Currently…I just have a million things running through my head that I’m incredibly eager to get out on paper (electronic paper). I originally wrote an intro for this to give a little update on what’s going on right now, but it ended up being soooo long, I’ll just make a whole other post for it. Life has been quite the rollercoaster- but, gosh, I’ve learned SO much this last couple months.. in all transparency- it’s been challenging and painful in some respects, but also so much growth has taken place. I look forward to articulating all that soon.

Anywayyy. Here is another post I wrote back in August. Who knows what I said, lol:


I’ll just jump right in. July 31st I went on an evening walk before dinner after studying all day and saw the city in all its glory.


August 1st and 2nd were also huge study days. A friend I met through blogging reached out when she knew I was going to be moving to Austin and sent me the most wonderful list of places to check out! One of the spots on her list was Bennu 24-7 coffee (yes, you read that right- twentay, fourrr, sevennnn!). I had a long day of studying ahead, so where better to camp out for the day (or night need be)?


I had such a delicious cafe au lait with oat milk, and it fueled me to be extra productive that day. This will be a go-to spot once I begin my next semester. It was pretty busy though, should I need to make a note to go early before it fills up! Thank you so much for the awesome rec, Taylor!


Around 6 pm I called it quits, went home, made dinner and ate dinner with DJ and then took a nice walk out on the trails.


On August 3rd I went for an afternoon run (yeahhh, probably should try to stick to morning runs in this heat, lol).. but I saw this Brixton hat on a corn stalk. One of DJ’s favorite brands is Brixton so I had to take a pic and send it to him. It just seemed all very “Texas”.


I decided to explore the city a bit more on foot. On my way I saw a group of kayakers- probably one of the city’s favorite past times, especially on Ladybird Lake. They are everywhere there is water! One of these days DJ and I said we have to wake up early and get out there to rent a kayak.


In the evening for a date night we went to hopdoddy burger bar. I was having a MAJOR burger/fry/milkshake hankerin’ & this is one of the highest and most frequently reviewed spots on Yelp. We walked to the main one on South Congress ready for a long wait.


After about 35 minutes we made it in! The vibe inside was upbeat, but laid back.


We started off by sharing their Oreo milkshake. It was an one-of-a-kind delicious milkshake. Maybe my favorite ever… big statement… the only issue is the waitress brought it about over thirty minutes before our food & we like to dip fries in our shake. The second half we saved for that purpose was pretty much melted by the time the food came.. womp womp.


When we finally did get our food, it was well worth the wait. DJ enjoyed their classic burger.


I had their “impossible” vegan philly cheesesteak burger with sweet potato fries to share with DJ. I took one bite and died & went straight to heaven. I told DJ I haven’t experienced that flavor in so long- it tasted just, and I mean, just like a regular burger. (Burgers were one of the few actual meat items I genuinely enjoyed when I ate still ate meat). We were also raving about the sweet potato fries- I mean, just all the flavor was wow oh wow. Service was terrible- but would I go back and wait and endure the awful service for this all over again? You betchya!!!!


On August 4th I don’t have many pics.. hmm I studied a ton I’m sure. I made us cauliflower gnocchi for dinner.. mmmm mmm !


On August 5th I had this scrumptious toast with blackberries, almonds, Fage, stevia, and a dash of PB powder. I love the blend of different textures.


I was going to go to Bennu to study, but I couldn’t find a spot. So I whipped my car around to go to a different coffee shop.. I ended up going to three different places before I found one that served decaf. How wild is that? (I had already hit my caffeine quota for the morning).

Anyways- the place I did find was actually located inside a book shop. It’s called Coffee People and is located within Book People. I had to walk about 1.5 miles from my car to get there, but I had already paid for a couple hours of parking, so I wasn’t going to throw that away for nothing. Smalls pretty much threw my back out carrying that thing around, especially in the heat- lol! I probably should make suuuuure I want to stay before paying for parking… lessons learned.


The coffee was really tasty, and it was a productive few hours hanging out there.


in the evening I went on a walk and saw these turtles swimmin’ around. So cute. I’ve seen quite a few turtles around here.. something else that reminds me of the Towpath.


For dinner I made “chik’n fried rice” …. one of the tastiest darn concoctions we’ve had from leftovers!!! I had some brown rice, vegan chicken, eggs, and tons of veggies and stir-fried some minced garlic and soy sauce in there. DJ and I gobbled it up like it was our last supper. It’s definitely making its way into the rotation as a staple.


On August 6th I decided to just study in the lobby of our apartment for a change of scenery.


And once again, a walk to clear the ol’ noggin. So my allergies were pretty rough when I first moved here. I couldn’t figure out why, because I usually don’t get allergies. Welllllll below is all the pollen that lined the trail. Makes sense now! Apparently Austin is pretty notorious for bad allergies. They have calmed down since that first couple weeks once my body adjusted, but still act up on occasion.


August 7th I walked to Starbucks to study and then on the way home enjoyed some of the Austin art. I thought you would all enjoy to see it too 🙂


Love these messages.


After dropping my books off at home I went out to the trail and saw this beautiful swan.


On August 8th it was our anniversary!! DJ had wanted to try Super Coffee since we moved here, but we have been out of luck whenever we have looked for it. I made it my mission to find some on our anniversary for him. I stocked up on a couple different flavors so that they were there when he returned from orientation. He ended up liking it, but it really just takes like a protein shake. I think I ended up liking them more than he did, lol!


For dinner I made us brown rice, asparagus, vegan chicken for DJ (per his request) and salmon for myself. I also made us a caprese to share.


Aaaand he brought me home these absolutely stunning flowers <3 <3 He’s been the greatest husband I could ever imagine over these last four years. I am so immensely thankful for him and don’t know how I’m so blessed. It’s hard to put into words how much I admire and adore him.


On Friday August 9th, I took my final exam first thing in the AM. I was planning on taking it Sunday, but I didn’t want it hanging over my head, and I felt prepared. In the afternoon I made a massive to-do list of everything I had put on the back-burner from the summer/this semester. DJ laughed at how I wrote out my list by hand on notebook paper. Does anyone else still write out their to-do lists by hand instead of on their phones? I just love how satisfying it is to cross it out by hand- I will write things down even after I’ve done them to cross them off sometimes 😆 At this point, I have knocked pretty much everything on it out, and it feels gooood! In the evening we had a spousal/partner banquet for everyone in DJ’s program. It was so much fun to meet some of DJ’s colleagues and put faces with names! I was itching to take a picture of the food because it was absolutely delicious and plated so pretty, but I restrained. I had a chile relleno that was very yummy- I think I’m gonna have to start making them at home, although it probably won’t be even close to as good as that one I had!


When the banquet wrapped up we still had a ton of energy and the two us decided to go out on the town. We walked to Rainey street from our apartment and headed to Bangers. DJ had been here once before with some colleagues and wanted to take me back. I totally saw why- it was a happenin’ place!!


The vibe was utterly relaxed and it was perfectly warm outside. We sat under the stringed lights enjoying a couple sours at a picnic table and watched the live band play.


On Sunday we decided to watch an online sermon since DJ had quite a bit of school work to get done and family was coming later that day. Once all the fam arrived (My mom in law & Gordie and DJ’s twin sister, Amy!) we showed them our apartment and then set out to get some good BBQ. We had been told Terry Black’s BBQ is some of the best around so we gave it a go since it was within walking distance.


Here’s the roundup!


To say this BBQ is good would be the understatement of the century. This was phenomenal BBQ. Easily the best we’ve ever had. We couldn’t get over the flavors. Even the green beans were insane… they don’t look like much.. but whatever the heck magic they cook them in… I want the recipe. The mac and cheese was out of this world. And the hot sauces were wildly good. Everyone that ate the meat raved about it- DJ particularly was blown away by the brisket.


I may or may not have restaged a photo shoot with the leftovers the next day… LOL. Add this to the list of “most-extra-things-I’ve-ever-done”.


I have many more adventures to share- I’ll do that in another post so I don’t crash whatever device you’re reading on with all these pics, haha.

Questions for you:

  • What’s your favorite BBQ side item?
  • Do you make your to-do lists on paper by hand or on an electronic device?

xo <3

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71 thoughts on “Great Coffee, Burgers & Texas BBQ!

  1. I just realized my comments didn’t seem to get posted in your past blogpost. ): Hope this can make it through.
    My god, finding a local haunt thats 24/7 AND MAKES DELCIOUS COFFEE!? blessings.
    That trail feels so endless and serene, I love that!
    Omg, kayaking is so fun and being surrounded by that view and that beautiful water is so therapeutic. I can’t believe such things exists for people, urgh my city is sucha dump compared.
    That oreo milkshake AHHHHH, and gosh 30 minutes is soooo long, isit always like that or did you go on a weekend? The fact that it was impossible meat and still tasted so good.
    Awww, I love finding animals in nature, they fascinate and bring me so much peace!
    Those Austin murals are beautiful and empowering, that is amazing!
    Mmm, I’d love if you cooked all my dinners seriously, you make such healthy stuff!
    I write my to-do by hand too!!! I love stationary and writing so, it gives me great pleasure to do it in paper!
    No fucking way, another restaurant that hit the ball out of the park!? Seriously!? I officially hate you. HAHAHA My god, it looks seriously like heaven.
    Yesss please please continue. Austin is such a wonderful place my god.
    Sadly, we rarely have BBQ here, but mac n cheese is a classic.

    1. Hi Cordelia!! No worries- I so appreciate you reading and wanting to comment. It means tons! Isn’t 24-7 coffee a dream?!

      I hope you can visit Austin and Kayak soon! If it makes you feel better we live right here and haven’t had time to do anyytthing the last couple months!

      We definitely went at a busy time. They were slammed !! I think it was a weekend if I remember correctly.

      Oh my gosh- your comment about my cooking is the greatest compliment!!! Thank you sooo much!!!!

      Yesss Team Paper lists all the way! 👏🏻

      Agreed – Mac and cheese is my favorite too 😋 thanks for reading! Have the best week ahead. Your comments are always so thoughtful and appreciated!

      1. HAHAHA its that weird thing where if you know its right there, so close to ya, you just keep thinking “another day, when we have the time”! I hope yall do it soon though, the scenery must be A1.

        Ahh okay, then the wait makes sense.
        I think mac n cheese is the perfect combo with bbq food because they are so drastically different in taste and texture!

        Of course! Hope you get sufficient rest and cant wait to read the next!

      2. Haha that’s totallllllly accurate 🤣

        I agree 😋

        Thank you so much, Cordelia!! 💞 have a great weekend, love!

  2. Oh Mac, I need to take notes as I read your post cause there’s so many things I want to comment on, but I won’t remember them all!
    I never thought ofAustin as a kayaking place but you guys should totally do it- one of my favourite relaxing activities!
    The flowers are gorgeous!!!
    I love those quotes! I wish more street art was that inspirational!!
    Your night out of spurs and listening to live music sounds perfect to me!
    I totally make my lists in a book so that I can continually add on to it. Makes me feel so productive when I can see all the items I’ve crossed off:)

    1. Awwww thank you, AJ! That means so much that you enjoyed this post.

      Yesss- we are hoping to go soon! School owns our lives (I’m sure you understand!), but one of these weekends we are determined to make it out! I was so surprised by the amount of beautiful nature and outdoor activities around here!

      There is so much Great Wall art around- I’ll definitely keep my eyes out to take more pics to share 🤩

      It really was such a nice evening. The weather, company and vibe was all perfect!

      Yessss I am so with you!!! That’s exactly what it is- makes you feel productive when you manually scratch something off! Thanks for reading 🙂 have a great week ahead

  3. It’s ironic that I’m a plant based eater because I loooiovvve bbq. It may be my Ohio up bringing, but the smell of a bbq grill is like my favorite scent. & My favorite bbq side is definitely baked beans!

    I’m so excited (& jealous!) you live in Austin! It is definitely one of the foodie capitals of the world.

    As always, I love reading your posts. They always make me feel like I was right there in the moment with you.

    I hope all is well. Have a great week!


    1. Oh, girl, trust me- I get it—- I am the SAME way!!!! Definitely the Midwest in us!!! And good baked beans are hard to beat 🙃

      Have you been here before?! We still have quite a bit to explore, but it is such a great city from what we’ve seen!

      Awww thank you so much, Diam- that means tons. Hope you are so well, friend!! 💞

  4. Look at that BBQ! And I am sorry you are having troubles with allergies. And kayaking is my get away time to quiet my mind. It’s so relaxing!

    And I sure hope school is going well…

    1. Thank you so much, Nancy! It’s going well just very stressful!

      Can’t wait to get to Kayak soon 😍 I hope you are doing well 🙂 thanks for stopping in!

  5. While I was on my 2 month long blogging break, I thought about you & how you’ve been doing in Austin. It’s great to hear it’s been a time of growth for you.
    I have actually been kayaking with my friends on Ladybird Lake so I definitely recommend it!
    I never went to Hopdoddy when I lived in Austin b/c it was so busy no matter the day/time. I’m glad to hear the food is worth the wait & the awful service.
    All the art around Austin & the scenery is amazing. Also happy belated anniversary to you & DJ! The flowers he gave you are so beautiful!
    My favorite side for BBQ is potato salad. My mum is on a low-carb diet, and we made a cauliflower “potato” salad with spare ribs (I had a made portobellos for me) & it was delicious!

    1. Aw Karalee- that means so much you thought of me. I certainly missed you around here!

      Ahhh I love that you went kayaking there- we definitely will have to go soon!

      Hopdoddy was soooooo busy- but definitely a must try if you are ever back. It was phenomenal- I’ll wait with ya! ☺️

      Aww thanks for the anniversary wishes!! Ok that low card cauliflower potato salad is GENIUS!!!! I have to find a recipe for that! Yummmmy!

      Thanks for stopping in- can’t wait for life to slow down so I can catch up on all you’re up to 💞

      1. Aw it’s nice to know that I was missed ♥️

        I would love to visit Austin again b/c it’s such a great city. My bf tells me all the time about how he wants to visit Texas again lol

        The low carb cauliflower potato salad is actually from this book I bought for like $1 but there’s this one that’s pretty similar

        I’m looking forward to reading your next posts!

      2. Of course!! ❤️

        Yes come back!!

        Oh my gosh thank you soooo much for sharing!! I can’t wait to have time to cook again and try this out 😍

  6. I always get so giddy when I see a post by you!! No lie!

    I love these coffee shops you are finding, and Austin looks so happening! I didn’t know that about the allergies, though. TN is considered one of the allergy capitals, but thankfully, I have been spared my whole life. Fingers crossed.

    Thank you sooo much for sharing that beautiful artwork! Those messages are perfect and so true! The photo of the swan looks magazine-worthy. Like you photographing for a travel magazine. 🙂

    Give me all the food, especially that bbq! I also would love to try the veg burger, sweet potato fries, and shake. YUM. You are so creative in the kitchen – love what you’ve been whipping up.

    Happy belated anniversary! You two are the cutest!

    To answer your questions: I think I’d have to go with coleslaw as my favorite side item because its bright crunch balances the sweet tanginess of the bbq. I also am such a handwritten notes person!! I hate to waste paper, but it’s so much more satisfying to write it down. Then it truly feels like I have gotten whatever it is out of my mind. Know what I mean?

    Hope you are well, Mackenzie! I hate to hear that things have been painful. Wishing you all the best and sending all the love!

    1. Oh my gosh- ok this just made my night- I feel the same way about your blog- I’m looking forward to binging it like a Netflix series when this semester ends 😆😍

      It is coffee shop galore around here! I can’t wait to share more! I didn’t know TN was particularly bad with allergies too- but it makes sense. So glad you don’t get them- that’s such a blessing! Mine have calmed down big time since we first moved in thankfully.

      Awww you’re seriously warming my heart with your comment more than I can say- you have the gift of affirmation and really encourage me. I am so glad you like the signs, swan and food 🙂

      Oh yessss !!! I am a sucker for good coleslaw too. I agree- it balances everything out very well. Most BBQ food is hot where it adds that cold, creamy balance 😋 the yin and yang of BBQ!

      I am with you 1000% ! I think writing out lists are one of the most therapeutic things you can do- especially when there is a lot on the mind.

      Thank you 💞 the most painful part is just the grieving of our life in Cali and trying to navigate this new normal! But things are looking up- just have to survive this crazy semester 🤪 I so appreciate youu!!! Xox

      1. You are the sweetest!!

        Give me all the fun coffee shops!

        Yes, we rock the pollen, mold, etc. here 😆 But crossing my fingers I never get bad allergies! I’m glad yours have lessened!

        I’m so glad I can be of some help!

        Exactly!! As my grandmother would say, it was the roughage. 😏 It’s so perfect at adding that cool, tangy, crunchy component to a bbq spread.

        Absolutely! It gets it out of your head & on paper where you can visualize & prioritize.

        Oh I can completely understand that!! I would have such a hard time ever moving from Knoxville even though I’ve lived here most of my life. It’s just home to me. You will do an incredible job this semester! I truly know & believe that. I appreciate you too! ❤️

      2. Yess ! I am determined to get out and try more coffee shops soon. There are just so many good ones.

        Thanks for understanding!! I’m sure this will feel like home before we know it. I think this is the toughest semester so hopefully it’ll be on the uphill from here 🤗 thank you for all your encouragement !!!

    1. Yesss I am with you! Something so satisfying about seeing it all written out. Thanks for stopping in, Ruth! I hope you are having a wonderful fall 🍁

  7. #1. Mac & cheese from Mom’s Bar-B-Q House in Van Nuys, CA is my favorite side. The lady that owns the place is Creole from Louisiana and her mac & cheese is both cheesey and has some kind of sweetness to it.

    #2. Handwritten To Do list. But my question back to you is do you tick things off with a check mark or do you scratch them off with a line drawn through?

    That photo of the city is gorgeous!!!!

    Yassssss! Kayaking is one of my favorite things in the world and it looks like Austin is full of lovely kayaking spots! You will absolutely love it. I prefer the sit-on-top kind of kayaks. I don’t want to be trapped down inside one. I once had a spider running around on my kayak and thought about how it was good that I could easily leap off the kayak and into the water if I needed to get away from it. Ha ha!

    That bun you had with all the seeds and stuff on it looks REALLY GOOD!!!!!

    Coffee People looks like my kinda place! Books, coffee and tacos!!!

    Turtles!!!!! Ohmygosh how cute! And that beautiful swan!

    That fried rice concoction you makes looks good. I need to read up on the proper technique for adding the egg to the rice. I tried it recently without doing any research and my egg just kind of disappeared into it. I didn’t have little pieces of egg like you ended up with. Like you’re supposed to.

    Ahhhh the flowers are gorgeous!!!! Happy Anniversary!!!

    I love the sign at the BBQ place. “Giddy up in line”!!!!

    Looking at the tray of food, what is in the plastic container behind the mac n cheese? Creamed corn maybe? Yum! Oh, yes, I can see it on the picture after that. Mmm!!! And that coleslaw looks so yummy with the purple cabbage and carrots!!!!

    I love that you restaged a photo with the leftovers!!!

    Hope you did great on your exam!!!!

    1. Okay- I have a theory that anything with “mom” in the title of a restaurant is always bound to be good! That sounds AMAZING! Next time I’m in CA I’m gonna have to hunt this place down 😍 savory & sweet is the best combo 😋

      Ohhh No! Not the kayak spider! 🕷 I would flip the whole thing!!

      That whole darn burger still makes my mouth water when I think about it… I talked about it with the cashier at the grocery today even 😆

      Hmmm for the egg in the fried rice, I just cook it in there like a scrambled egg! Maybe add an extra for safe measure 😋

      Yes yes creamed corn!!! I love coleslaw so very much with BBQ!

      Thanks for supporting my staged leftover food attempt hehe!

      Thanks so much! It went well. Half -way through this nutty semester🤪 have a great week, Jinjer !

  8. Hi Nazim- thank you for letting me know! It’s actually so funny because I changed it the day after I published and was modified I wrote that when I saw it! It’s definitely a bad habit I’m trying to break 😆😬 thank you for your kind words about my blog- I’m so glad you enjoy the posts.

  9. Everything you two got at that burger bar looks DELICIOUS! I’m glad your impossible burger tasted just like the real deal! I recently tried one at a local restaurant and it was eh. I’ll have to keep hunting! The roll your burger was on looks soooo tasty! Isn’t funny how some places are so good that you’d go back even with bad service?
    That art is beautiful! How lucky you are to have that nearby!

    Ahhh I didn’t realize our anniversaries are back to back! How cool is that? 🙂 You two seem so in love! Those flowers are gorgeous! 

    I still write my to-do lists by hand! I always have a list sitting on my kitchen counter. I love the feeling of crossing things off! John and I share a mutual to-do list on Wunderlist, which is a pretty cool app, but I prefer my personal list to be handwritten! 

    My favorite BBQ side item is either mac & cheese or cornbread! A place near us (which I think is a chain?), Famous Dave’s, has the most insanely good cornbread muffins!

    1. Hey Emily!! I still dream of that burger 😋 I think we’ll start seeing these impossible burgers more and more.

      Aw I love that our anniversaries are so close too!!

      Yessss for hand written to-dos!!! 🙌🏻

      Oh my gosh amen to those sides- cornbread and Mac and cheese are a must with BBQ!! I have heard of Famous Dave’s! I think we may have them here.. I’ll have to keep an eye out 😋

  10. Well “fore shur” you all got the Texas experience going with some of these food places. I wanted that burger, even your “impossible” burger with the big fat sesame seeds. The Bangers Sausage House – how fun, even their marquee out was a down home feeling. The trail is nice that you ‘ve discovered so you can run off all those treats and that BBQ. It’s a toss-up of coleslaw or mac-n-cheese for a favorite BBQ side. It’s been a while since I went to “The Boneyard” which is where I’d go for my favorite BBQ meal. By now, you’ve probably discovered a lot more places that these – so many places … so little time.

    1. Hehe yesss!!! That burger was just phenomenal- bun and all!

      I love a good coleslaw- do you prefer if more wet or dry?

      Oh my gosh!! We used to have a Boneyard in OH, and it was one of our favorite places to go!!

      Nooo truer statement ! Can’t wait to make the most of the time between semesters

      1. I used to like a creamy coleslaw, then when I found a tasty raspberry vinaigrette dressing, so then a dryer kind of coleslaw. I like coleslaw on a sandwich made of rustic bread and lunch meat. I gave up red meat about four years ago, so once a month I get roast beef lunchmeat and then I indulge.

        Yes, the Boneyard is awesome. I didn’t realize they had them out of state too. I always went to the original Boneyard in Redford, but they opened up a couple more as they were so popular.

        You’ll enjoy this time off – you already said you didn’t have to study and do the treadmill but could watch TV … you can let your mind just breathe a little.

      2. Ohhhh coleslaw on a sandwich is SO good! I haven’t had it that way often- but I need to more. That roast beef/coleslaw combo sounds particularly good.

        Thank youuu! Just have to survive until December.

  11. You know you’re in the right place when there’s 24/7 coffee available that isn’t from a truck stop.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever had a hankerin’ haha.

    1. Hahah totally get that!! Coffee isn’t always the most desirable thing at 10 pm on a casual Tuesday lol

  12. I literally just got done commenting on another blogger’s post how much I love writing down to-do lists because I like crossing things off and then I read this 😂 I’m so glad you liked Terry Black’s! I remember loving the food!! I can’t wait to read about more of your adventures!

    1. Haha that’s so ironic!!! It’s the best… I just made another massive list because I was feeling overwhelmed with school and just getting everything down on paper really helps!

      YES!!! Terry Black’s is incredible!!! Thanks for reading, Jess 🙂

  13. I’m sure there’s an interesting story behind somebody leaving a Brixton hat on a corn stalk. It makes for a great photo!! I feel like my boys have had some Brixton items at some point. I love, love, love handwriting my lists. Crossing things off gives me a great sense of accomplishment. I also retain things better when they are handwritten. As always, you’ve been finding some amazing places to eat. 🙂 I probably should say my favorite BBQ side item is baked beans since that’s what my mom made for the family barbecues (and they did make amazing leftovers- cold or hot- on a slice of butter bread), but I’m torn because my grandma made amazing potato salad, my aunt a macaroni salad, and I do love some good cole slaw. lol.

    1. haha, right? I was curious too!

      I totally agree!! I think lists are one of the major tools for combating anxiety.. especially handwritten! And yesss- that muscle memory is a real thing!

      Oh my gosh, I love that you said hot OR cold for the baked beans! I love beans cold and some think it’s a bit odd, but I think they are great! My mouth is watering hearing about your mom’s recipe! And good potato salad, macaroni salad & cole slaw are all musts too- sounds like your family really knows how to have a BBQ ! Thanks for sharing, Amy 🙂

  14. Happy belated anniversary, Mackenzie!! Those flowers really are so stunning! That was so sweet of DJ. <3 Also, that BBQ looks phenomenal!!! Now I'm craving some, lol.

  15. That’s so awesome there’s a 24/7 coffee shop! How has Vegas not opened one?! & oh my gosh, that Impossible burger actually looks SO good!

    How cool that people are always kayaking! I’ve never done that before. I love that you get to see turtles & swans, too, wow! So pretty. I’m sorry you’ve been getting allergies from all that pollen though. 😭

    Happy Anniversary to you & DJ! ♡ Your relationship is just beautiful.

    I also love writing lists down on paper. I always forget about them on my phone & end up transferring it to paper. Boyfriend always makes fun of me for writing the same lists over & over again. 😂

    The BBQ place looks sooo good. I am cracking up about your staged photo but it is profesh looking, good job!!! My fave BBQ side is baked beans & cornbread. 🙂

    1. I’m so surprised Vegas doesn’t have them!!

      Thankfully the allergies have calmed down big time- so I’m thankful about that!

      Awwww thank you soo much <3

      hahah yesss. we are so the same. I always forget what I put on my phone too. I HAVE to have it on paper!

      Thanks for reading!! And oh my gosh, yes, corn bread and baked beans are a must- I really could go for those right about now on this chilly day too! Have a great rest of the week, love! xox

      1. If we do, they are probably on The Strip which I wouldn’t venture to on a daily basis for coffee, y’know? So happy to hear your allergies have calmed down. 😊 & sometimes, I find notes on my phone after writing them on paper & totally forget that I had ever made the one on my phone! & yesss to cornbread & baked beans. We’re having baked beans tonight but with turkey burgers lol.

        Hope you have a great weekend, too! Happy Halloween! 👻🎃

      2. Oh true true!

        Speaking of cornbread… I actually was just at TJs and they have these cornbread chips- I am so excited to try them out. I am waiting to eat them with some chili!

        Hope you had a great Halloween <3

      3. They are SOO good!!! They aren’t the kinda thing I’d eat alone, but with soup or chili they are AMAZING. They literally taste like cornbread 😋

      1. Right?! This coming week is supposed to be nice, but of course we’ll be with the ice in OH 😆

      2. LOL I remember saying “Winter, go home! You’re drunk!” quite a bit when I lived in the Midwest! Now, I’m complaining about how hot it is all year long…the grass is always greener, I guess!

  16. I’ve missed so many of your posts as I’ve been on and off blogging since October lol. Finally catching up and I’m about to binge read whatever I missed from you.
    Here we go…..

    I love that you found a coffee place that is open 24/7, the one we had here recently closed which was such a bummer because I really liked it..
    Omg Ladybird Lake looks amazing and I love that people kayak over there. So fun!
    I know a few restaurants serve the impossible burger and I honestly cannot wait to go and try it. So far I’ve only had the impossible burger from BK and the beyond meat burger from Carl’s Jr but I wanna try it from an actual restaurant lol.
    Omg I cannot believe you actually walked a mile and a half just to get there lol. You most likely got your steps in that day right?
    I’m obviously so super late but happy anniversary!!
    I’m glad you are enjoying the sites and all the food down there! Cannot wait to see what else you’ve been up to these last three months or so lol

    1. Hey girl!!! So good to hear from you- you are so sweet to read, I never expect you to stay caught up but your comments are always a treat!

      That really is a bummer that place closed! I wonder why- the concept is great, I’m surprised they didn’t stick around!

      We still have yet to kayak but hopefully will get around to it when the weather is nicer!

      And I still have to try BKs! Did you like it? I didn’t even know Carl’s Jr. had one 😱😋

      Thank you so much 💓

      1. Awh it’s no bigger 🤗🤗
        I think the coffee shop had been in business for like 10 years so they decided it was time to close. Really bummed because we found it less than a year before it closed lol. I’m still looking for a coffee shop that serves drinks like theirs because they had this amazing lavender and rose coffee drink that was amazing!! And their drinks didnt have as much caffeine either so my body was able to tolerate them too. Lol.
        I hope this summer you get to kayak!
        I think I liked the beyond meat burger from Carl’s Jr. But the BK one wasnt bad. I think CJ was the first restaurant around here to have a meatless burger and about a year later, in August actually I think, BK released theirs. It’s a good alternative for me. Lol.

      2. Aw that makes sense. Isn’t that how it always goes? We discovered a dim sum place in CA we really wanted to try, and the weekend we were going to go it closed down (and same thing- I think they’d been around for over 10 years!).

        Lavender and rose sounds like a dream! Hopefully you can find another place just as good soon!

        So interesting!! I am going to have to taste test both this year- and I bet it’s way more cost friendly than going to a restaurant too. (And saves time since we won’t have a whole lotta that, lol!).

      3. It might be a thing then, people can’t or don’t want to keep their businesses open for more than 10 years. Lol. I get it I guess. It’s very strenuous.
        Yeah it’s very convenient. I don’t think my stomach can handle fast food anymore though lol. Whenever you try them I’d love to know what you think of them 🤗

      4. I know! The restaurant industry is no joke. I think it’s a pipe dream of mine to own a restaurant, but it really is a 24-7 job that you’ve gotta want more than anything.

        Thank you so much! I will letchya know!

      5. Alex has been talking about opening up a small restaurant or a food truck for years, but he mainly doesnt like that he would have to be there all day and that if it fails, well, that would be the worst thing because that would be all on him. I feel bad. I know he really wants to try, but like you said,.you really have to want it lol

      6. Awww I hope he takes the leap and goes for it one day if he decides we wants to do it! I know it would be a success! Did he have a type of food in mind?

      7. That’s amazing!!! Tell him he has two customers already if he ever decides to do it. It’s an awesome and unique concept- I think it’d do really well!

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