Kaya Toast & Angel Island!

**I wrote this last Thursday and forgot to publish it- so here it is now!**

Hey friends! I am writing this post from about a million miles in the air. I’m not going to try to estimate exactly how many miles…I have a weirdly comical inability to estimate distance/measurement of any kind. One time I ordered wedding portraits our first year of marriage for a Christmas gift for my in-laws and accidentally ordered a portrait the size of a fireplace. Not. Exaggerating. It was the same size as the fireplace. I cannot be trusted when it comes to numbers.

So, yeah, I’m in an airplane and on Cloud 9- quite literally! I have everything checked off my what seemed endless “to-do” list leading up to this weekend & just caught up on reading posts! A little behind the scenes: I opened up all the new posts to read while I had WIFI on the ground and then am writing my comments in a Word document. When I land & have WIFI again I’ll just copy and paste um’ to the comment section. My favorite way to pass the time on flights 🙂

I downloaded episodes of The OA to get started on, but am in the mood to write at the moment. Traveling makes me extremely productive. I love that there is nothing else vying for your attention- especially when you’re in the air and disconnected from the world- you literally cannot do anything else except what you have right in front of you! And on this flight where I’m squeezed in the middle of two strangers I literally hope I don’t sneeze because I will elbow the person next to me on accident. Also, I hope they aren’t reading this because that’d be awkward?! Oh well!

So after our wonderful Easter (the last one in SF- hard to believe!), the following Monday April 22nd I reset for the week. Since my semester was officially done I had to get to those “back burner” items … you know, the ones that can wait but need to be done at some point: I called our prospective apartment complex to get on a wait-list, worked on stuff for the shower, made lists of what we need to do before moving, cleaned out my car, tried to sign up for the Boston Marathon (I’m having such an issue figuring out the application process- if someone has done it please let me know! It’s so confusing & I can’t seem to actually find a formal registration place or someone I can get in touch with—their customer service line doesn’t lead anywhere and I only get automated e-mails back)… anyways you get the picture.

In the afternoon of the 22nd I went on a little walk (my favorite way to just clear my head as of late- maybe even more than running *gasps from the crowd in the back*). I just loved these beautiful truly vibrant blooms!


These ones are practically neon!


Let’s see.. On Tuesday April 23rd, I made DJ some pepper jack stuffed chicken with jasmine rice and corn. I made some vegetarian Indian for myself with jasmine rice and tandoori naan from TJs. DJ had some, but said he preferred his chicken (fine– more veggie curry for me 🙂 ). He also is used to my chicken curry I make for him, so I promised I’d make it sometime soon!


Wednesday April 24th …. well, I have no pictures, so either I was busy with hum- drum things or I disappeared into a black hole. Who knows.

Thursday April 25th was eventful though!! I woke up around 8, ran outside (it was a glorious morning). Then around 10:30 am my friend Alexandra from my nursing cohort met at our apartment. We took my car into the City (ya know I love driving into the City like a real weirdo)… First stop was BreadBelly. They have a few menu items I discovered through the ol’ I-G that I was itchin’ to try.


We walked in and to our surprise there was no line, even though it was close to lunch time when we arrived. The place was immaculate. I’m trying to get that YELP elite status, so I wrote a review and will just share it here to give ya the low down. Definitely am going back ASAP!



I couldn’t finish all the Kaya Toast so I saved it to have again in the morning (and had a cooler with me like I do every time I do when I go into the city so nothing goes to waste)!

We took the Ferry over on the Blue & Gold Fleet located at Pier 41. It was easy-peasy lemon squeezy finding it all. Important note: they do have a specific departure schedule, so it’s important to plan out your day rather than try to catch a Ferry last minute. I was glad we did a bit of research before rather than just winging it.


The ride over was a bit bumpy, but the views were sooo incredible along the way. We saw some huge homes perched onto an Island in the distance and tried to figure out how they would get their groceries there or what they would do if they ran out of toilet paper.


When we arrived we could not stop talking about how absolutely gorgeous this island was!! I honestly had no idea what to expect with it; I only knew it was a place on the bucket list I made months ago that we decided would be a fun spot to cross out for the day. Mainly this island is known for its nod to history & awesome hiking.


Being a couple of nurses, something we both found incredibly fascinating was the fact that it was used to quarantine those with contagious diseases like smallpox, plague, and cholera.


We went inside the tourist area and read up on some more history. All so interesante!


Then we took off for our hike! It’s so nice because the hiking begins as soon as you step foot off the Ferry. You don’t have to take a cab or taxi to any spots- you just choose your path and get going!


The views, the views, the views! This might be one of the most beautiful places you could go in the Bay. We couldn’t stop talking about how breathtaking it was at every turn. Of course, the pictures cannot do justice.


As we walked along we noticed a little path that lead to some homes. We took it down and realized they were the homes we saw from the Ferry!! They were actually not homes at all, but abandoned barracks. So I guess no one was too concerned how they were gonna get that roll of Cottonelle. There was a baking house too that had literal smoke coming from the chimney! We stepped inside to check it out and walked right into a guided tour- WHOOPS! They were nice about it though and let us snoop around, haha.

01db42f5-b241-4eb8-bf74-537c43dac766dccdf2dc-535d-4e45-8dfb-f0264a37f62cc96d77b3-b1cb-4dda-9d34-3fb8728bcc12d605a650-ce1b-4c63-987f-5eca24c6c3e2We had about two hours total before the Ferry went back to SF (If you don’t catch the Ferry you are stuck with the ghosts or have to pay a hefty fee to get transported back). We played it safe and hiked back earlier than required. There was a cute little porched café we were gonna try, but it was closed when we got to it. No worries though- we had a great dinner lined up.


The Ferry ride back was much more smooth, but took longer since we stopped to drop people off at Sausalito and Tiburon.


Peek of Alcatraz on the way back!


We had SUCH a blast exploring Angel Island. It’s easily one of my favorite things I have ever done in the city. It’s a cheap activity too- all you have to do is pay for the Ferry. It’d be fun to pack a lunch and take the earlier Ferry out to make a day out of it! But the time we spent there for our festivities was just perfect–We got our history and our hike!


So you know I don’t do a trip to the city without a food stop 😉 We were going to go to Cotogna, one of Alexandra’s favorites and a place I’ve been dyin’ to try (they have a famous giant ravioli). When we walked in they said the wait was at least 1.5 hours to sit at the bar or would be over three for a table. Thank you, next. We walked along Little Italy and Alexandra got a front row to my indecisiveness in full force, lol. There are SO many good restaurants in Little Italy. We finally settled on Tony’s Pizza… a place some consider the best pizza joint in the City.


We told our hubs that we’d bring them home dinner, so we ordered three pies that we knew they’d enjoy too! The first was a marg, the second a New Yorker, and the third the Diavola. First up, the Margherita.. this is not just any marg… it  is a world-renowned, award-winning margarita pizza. I gotta say, we were both incredibly underwhelmed. It was extremely doughy and kinda luke-warm (we were sitting out in the freezing cold – the temp dropped quickly, so that may have been part of it!). I asked the waiter if that was normal for it to be like that… he explained the “soupy” doughy nature is a sign of a very authentic marg. Interesting. I absolutely prefer Pizza Antica’s  marg over this ANY day. But different strokes for different folks!


The second famous one I saw all over the place was their New Yorker. This is one I knew DJ would love cause he loves a meat lovers pizza. I tried one bite with the meat so I could give an objective review before taking the rest of the meat off.. it was great! The crust was nice and crispy on this one. Still don’t prefer meat on my ‘za, but this was DJ’s favorite when I took it home for him.


Last up was the Diavola. Both Alexandra and I agreed this was the best one of the three!! I tried a bite, and it was tremendous. Their hot sauce is already added to the Diavola, which I think is the main reason it’s such a winner in our books. I’m surprised it didn’t win any actual awards though. After our three slices a piece we tapped out and took the rest to go for our guys.


And that wraps up one of my favorite days ever in the city. It was soo much fun hanging with Alexandra- we get each other on a kindred level. We’ve been through a lot of similar challenges in life & that first year of nursing bonded us in such a way where she feels like a sister to me. I’m gonna miss this one something fierce. Trying to convince her to move to Austin too 😉

I know this one was wordy,  but I just don’t wanna forget these special details. Thanks for reading!!

Question for you:

  • Do you prefer your pizza crust crispy or doughy?

xo <3

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87 thoughts on “Kaya Toast & Angel Island!

  1. ok the comment “:soupy” doughy nature is a sign of a very authentic marg” sounds so wrong!. I have had many margarita pizzas and wouldn’t call the crust soupy. Oh and I prefer a crispy crust!

    the island looks like a fun place to explore.

    1. I knowww- I thought the same thing! I was doing some research on it though, and that’s actually accurate?! I will take mine crispy over that any day! I usually prefer “authentic” anything, but not this time!

      It was a tremendous day of exploration for sure- I was blown away by the beauty on Angel Island! Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  2. I like a crusty, pizza dough… with a bit of chewiness. But I’m not a fan of doughy!
    Those views on the island!!! That is REALLY interesting that they had an island to set people apart with contagious diseases. I never knew there were places like that. And the scenery is just breathtaking!
    Loved this post, per usual. 🙂 Kids slept in, so I’m enjoying a bit of travel (via your blog) while sipping on my coffee. Have a WONDERFUL day, my friend.
    (And I have no advice about the Boston Marathon, except to say that I hope it all works out for you. That sounds frustrating)!

    1. Hi, Nicole!! I am exactly with youuu! I know what you mean about the crispy with a chewiness!! There is a place here that has the BEST crust just like that!

      right?! I was mind boggled about the entire island for disease separation- reminded me of people exiled for Leprosy, something I associate with biblical/ancient times- not in the somewhat recent last couple hundred years!

      Aw so glad you enjoyed this!!! <3 Hope you have had a wonderful week yourself !!! Thank you so much for stopping in & sharing your precious coffee time with me :)

  3. So fun! I love your story about the photo the size of a fireplace. 🙂 The photos of the flowers are beautiful. Breadbelly is a place I would visit and revisit! What a beautiful day to go to the island! It has an interesting history. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I prefer doughy pizza.

    1. Hehe- it was definitely comical!!! My sister in law has her wedding portrait in the same place so the way it looked in comparison was just hilarious- we ended up replacing it with one the same size thank goodness hahah. we weren’t all super comfortable with a near life size photo hahah.

      You would have loved this pizza!! Thanks so much for stopping in, Kathy!!

  4. You are too cute writing comments in a word doc while on a flight and post later when you have wifi!

    So obviously I don’t have a BQ but I know via IG that registration doesn’t happen until September. Then you submit all the info. Again I could be wrong since that’s what I know from good ol’ Instagram.

    I love hiking with history! The two times we’ve taken Bailey on hikes, we’ve gone to National and State Parks which is awesome. You get a little history but exercise and nature so it’s fascinating.

    That’s so weird the margherita pizza was doughy. You need the dough to be crispy but also soft. If it’s too crispy then it’s like you’re just munching on overcooked bread but if it’s doughy then it feels undercooked.

    1. Hehe, it’s my favorite way to pass the time on flights !!

      Oh my gosh!! That is SOOO helpful. Thank you so much for sharing that with me! When it said it starts in September I thought they meant 2018, but they probably were referring to 2019!! I just checked again — and you are SO right. Ok I feel relieved haha. Now I feel like I can take deep breaths haha. Thank you thank you thank you!

      Exactly! The nature + history makes you feel like you are just immersed in a different time or something! It’s so cool & grounding too- I feel like it makes me just slowww down.

      YES! I am 1000% with you- crispy but with a chewy texture at the same time. This was severely undercooked in my opinion- like it tasted like just straight uncooked dough at the middle. But apparently that’s “normal” for a true margherita?! Guess I just need to go to Italy and find out! haha.

      Thanks for your comment, Maureen!!!

      1. Ah I’m so glad my Insta Boston knowledge helped!! I was like maybe there’s preregistration or something I don’t know about since I’m not cool enough for a BQ.

        Maybe doughy is a true margherita pizza but that seems weird. Doughy is typically a bad thing!

      2. yes! I can’t tell you what a relief that is- I had it in my planner “Figure Boston out” and it felt SO good to cross that off haha.

        I totalllly agree!!

  5. So many beautiful, interesting, and delicious pictures in this post and all I can think about is that CORN ON THE COB. It’s time! 🙂

    1. LOL!! hope you get some good corn soon. I will say they don’t make it out here like they do in the good ol’ midwest though!

  6. I seriously doubt any pizza is supposed to be soupy or doughy. I am #TeamThinandCrispyCrust Oh look!!!! They have that pepperoni that curls up and makes a little cup shape! Yum. I want to try their sausage & stout!!!

    Angel Island looks amazing! So beautiful! And I really like that picture you took from the ferry on the way back with the fog and the sailboat.

    My jaw is on the floor that you not only volunteer to drive into the City but ENJOY it. Ohmygosh even with all the hills???? I would be terrified my car wouldn’t make it up the hills. And the parking would cause me a major panic attack. What exactly do you like about it?

    Very clever way of doing your blog reading/commenting/replying on the plane!!!! If I was your seatmate I would totally be reading over your shoulder, out of the corner of my eye. Ha ha! Oh!!! Once a young man…college age maybe? High school?…was watching some kind of Asian film on his laptop. Hospital…murder…lots of blood. I couldn’t tear my eyes away. LOL

    1. Right?!? I am on that same team with you! But I guess that’s what it is supposed to be like back in Italy—I was shocked too!

      The pepperoni was pretty picture perfect!! A great meat lovers pizza for sure!

      Hehe- at the beginning it was really stressful, but I just love being in the city so much that I don’t mind the aggressive driving that comes with it- I think I have a sense of pride at being kinda good at it! I don’t know if it’s so much that I like the driving itself (except the drive up 280 because it is beautiful!!), but just being in the city makes me so happy no matter what!

      LOL!! That’s too funny. I have peeked at my neighbors’ screens before too out of curiosity- I mean the spaces are so tiny it really is hard not to! That’s crazy that he was watching that on a plane- but I guess you never know what turn a movie might take- hahah!

      Thanks for stopping in, Jinjer!

    1. Definitely a fair response!!

      It makes traveling that much more exciting at least! I used to live somewhere with bare minimum restaurants so I totally understand!

  7. Oh those photos of the pizza’s are making me sooo hungry!! I must say I am the proud owner of the fireplace sized photo that I still love seeing all your beautiful; happy faces! And I would love to see Angel Island, the views are spectacular! Keep enjoying these last experiences in SF for awhile, can always return!

    1. Hehe- what a riot that whole situation was !! *face palm!*

      I was soo pleasantly surprised by Angel Island- it’s such a gem that I feel like many people might not even know about ?! It’s super easy to get to too!

      Aww so so true! Thanks for reading and commenting <3 <3

  8. I just love when you “take us on your adventures”!!! You write so well, capture beautiful photos, and even though I can’t be there, I feel I experienced a little bit of your fun. <3 The cafe sounds utterly incredible, and you wrote a fantastic review! Seriously, when you said you bring a cooler, I added that to our growing list of similarities! I always want to bring one in case I have leftovers. The hike and time spent on Angle Island looks magical!! The purple flowers are beautiful, and the blues of the sky and water are breathtaking. I'm so sorry you all couldn't enjoy the ravioli, but pizza does sound like an awesome meal too! I honestly feel like I'm really about the doughy crust, *but* not soggy. There's a distinct difference. I love when the crust develops the crispy bubbles so you can get the best of both worlds. Mmmm. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    1. Aww thank you tons, Kori!!! <3 <3 I'm glad you feel like it was a little virtual fun experience too!

      Yesss! I love that you do that too- A cooler is a must!! There is so much good food in the city, but it is kinda pricy-- so I will not even let a crumb of that go to waste!

      I was so amazed by Angel Island. I feel like it's not something discussed much by locals, but I personally feel it is a must to see in the Bay if you live there! It's sooo stunning and easy to get to.

      Good news!! We just went for the ravioli last night- and it was totally worth the wait!! And I agree- totallly a difference. This felt sooo underbaked and watery. Not about it!

      And YES the crispy bubbles are my favorite part of the crust! So dang delicious. Aw of course! Thanks for reading and your sweet comment!

  9. I definitely prefer my pizza crispy! Thin crust all the way. Doughy is so weird to me. I kind of feel like that waiter was pulling your leg about it being doughy, but maybe not, I don’t know haha.
    I love that you two were able to explore Angel Island like that! What a great part of history and so intriguing that there’s old barracks there and everything. I also love that you only had to pay the ferry!

    1. I am thin crust allll the way too. They have a place where they have “cracker thin” crust in SF and I definitely want to try it before we leave. Yeah, he wasn’t kidding at all unfortunately! I looked it up after and I guess it really is “authentic” like that- WILD! Not about it!!

      Angel Island was such a pleasant surprise!!! I didn’t know what to expect, but truly one of my favorite days yet! Thanks for reading, Courtney 🙂

      1. I don’t think any pizza should by “soupy,” so whoever decided that was a good idea and labelled it “authentic” was crazy hahaha.

  10. I LOVE those bright purple flowers! They really do look neon! Angel Island State Park looks so beautiful. I love all the pictures you took. So amazing! That pizza looks delicious! I love crispy pizza crust or stuffed crust.

    1. Thanks, Ashley! I am always amazed by the blooms here!

      It was such a beautiful day- one I’ll remember forever! Ohhhh amen to stuffed crust- gosh that is hard to beat! I am team crispy otherwise too! Thanks for reading 🙂

  11. I love your little tip for reading and responding to blogs while on a plane without WIFI. I’m gonna have to steal that idea! I love days when I cross tons of little tasks off my to do list. I hope you figure out how to sign up for Boston soon!

    That Kaya toast looks dreamy! Such a genius idea to bring a cooler with you so your leftovers don’t go bad. Another idea of yours I’ll have to steal!

    Sounds like such a fun day on the ferry and on Angel Island! What a beautiful area to hike! I need places like that near me.

    I’m weird with pizza. Sometimes I love the dough to be crispy, but then other times I prefer a more doughy crust but not too doughy. I think it depends where I’m getting it from.

    I hope you’re having a great week!!

    1. Aw yayyy! I hope it works out for you- it’s my favorite way to pass the time for sure 🙂 I also feel like I write posts better when I’m in the air too! Maureen actually helped me out! She found that application opens up in September– so I have a lot of time- PHEW!!! I thought it meant September 2018- I didn’t realize it was 2019, so I thought I was running behind (pun intended lol).

      Oh yesss! The cooler is such a great way to transport food items so they don’t go bad! I actually took a cooler across the country when we moved OH to CA and replaced it with a new ice bag whenever we stopped for gas. It helped save soo much food!

      That totally makes sense ! Toppings/sauce/cheese also can affect how much you want the dough/crispiness!

      Hope you are too, girl! Thanks for reading 🙂

      1. So glad Maureen could help you! It’s crazy how involved the Boston process is but I’m sure it’ll all be worth it 🙂

  12. Eeek all the yesses to this post Mack! I feel a long conversation coming on haha.
    First of all the print the size of the fireplace? That is amazing haha! What did your in laws end up doing with it, did they keep it? So funny!
    I love how you read all the posts and wrote comments on your note section, such a clever idea. And what you say about flying is true, you only have what is in front of you. Which makes me think what a marvelous opportunity it is for one to practice mindfulness and being in the present moment. THE OA!!!! I have been waiting to meet someone else who watches this show, I NEED someone to discuss it with. Have you started it yet? What are your thoughts!!!?
    I love walking, it’s the perfect way to clear your mind and wow those neon flowers look out of this world! Thanks for sharing the picture Mack!
    Angel Island looks incredible, what an amazing adventure! And amazing that all you have to pay for is the ferry 😍 That’s deffo going on my bucket list!!!
    I love all the pictures you shared Mack, they are so vibrant and gorgeous!!! So beautiful, it makes me want to get outside and explore! Thanks for sharing, great post lovely ❤️

    1. hahah okay so for the photo- they do still have it but in storage and we ordered a more normal sized one to actually put out. But funny story— my SILs both had their wedding photos in the same spot, and they were probably a 1/4 of the size of ours. Of course I didn’t do it on purpose to tower over theirs but it was quite the riot!! They were so confused hahah.

      Okay I haven’t started yet, but DJ and I are going to start tonight!!! We will definitely have to discuss! We will probably binge this weekend because for once we have no plans- woohoooo! hehe.

      AGREED! Walking is the BEST way to clear the mind.

      Ahhh yes add Angel Island to your list! I feel like it’s a secret hidden gem. it’s just such a lovely place. Hope you get to go someday!

      Aww I’m so glad you enjoyed these pictures and the post <3 Your comment just brightened my day! Thank you tons, love. XOXOX

      1. That is too funny Mack. I can’t believe they still have it in storage too, so hilarious. At least you were able to get a normal sized one too they could actually put up. I can imagine. They must have been so confused and thought you were after the limelight, what a funny situation!

        YES have you started it yet (The OA)? Let me know what you think please 😀

        Angel Island is going on my list and yes to it being a hidden gem, sometimes they are the best places to explore and totally exciting. It looks so beautiful. I am so grateful to you and your blog for introducing this beauty of an Island to me! If I do go, I will definitely let you know!

        You are so welcome hun! I hope you’re having the happiest week 🙂 xxx

      2. Hahah exactly! We had a serious laugh over it. It was quite the blunder 🤣

        YES! We did start- just watched the third episode last night. It’s getting so good. It’s one of those shows that I’m not even entirely sure what I’m watching, but I still can’t wait to watch the next episode !!

        Awwww I’m so glad you feel that way- this comment just put the biggest smile on my face . ❤️ same to you, love! XOXO

  13. What a great day. I don’t like doughy crust. Thick crust is ok but it needs to be cooked all the way through. I hope your plane ride was good.

  14. Beautiful blooms everywhere – so envious of all the flower colors there as well as the bright blue sky. Angel Island was scenic – thanks for taking us there and I’d have liked that ferry ride as well. Even surpassing the bread for me in this post, was that pizza which I wanted to just reach over and help myself to a piece, (or maybe the whole pie). I love crispy pizza, not so thin that you can read the newspaper through it, but thin rather than the thick and doughy pizza. We have a chain here in Detroit called Pizzapopolis and when I still worked on site, it was the go-to place for all our staff meeting luncheons. It’s Chicago-style pizza and I swear it was three inches high before you got to the toppings.

    1. Thanks, Linda! I had a feeling you would like these nature shots 🙂

      Ahh I wish so badly I could share this pizza with ya! haha I am the same with crispy too! There is a place in the city that has “cracker thin” pizza— I am curious what that is like- so hopefully we can try that out soon!

      Oohhh Pizzapopolis sounds awesome!!!! Mmm mm- I haven’t had much deep crust (I think I’ve only had it once?!) but I need to try it out sometime! Sounds so yummy.

      1. My boss went to undergrad school at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and told me he ate a lot of deep-dish pizza and preferred it over regular pizza. Before Pizzapolis, every time he’d go to Chicago, he’d bring back lots of extra Chicago-style, deep-dish pizzas to freeze for later. He was ecstatic when Pizzapolis came to town. At one time Pizza Hut did the “cracker thin” pizza. It was very thin and was prone to flopping over when you tried to pick up a piece of it.

      2. I know Chicago has some of the best!! I have got to try it again some day. And even Pizzapolis… hmmm I wonder if they have one way up north I could visit when I go to see my grandparents. I’ll have to look this up!

        Uh oh, that pizza hut cracker thin does not sound so promising! Hopefully this one holds up a bit better!

      3. I just went on Pizzapopolis’ website – they are just in the Tri-county area, not that far up North, but they have one in Toledo. Don’t know if that is close enough for you for family on Ohio?

      4. Hmmm Toledo is only a few hours away- but at times we do drive through it!!! I will definitely remember this. Thanks for checking, Linda!

      5. You’re welcome Mackenzie – now you know you’ll be stopping. When I still worked at the Firm, I worked for the H.R. Manager and my attorney, so I had to order our staff lunches. I had no idea of the prices until then, but coming from California, the prices would not surprise you: http://pizzapapalis.com/menu

      6. Yeah definitely! Any pricing is better than here. Excited to see them drop even a little going to Austin!

      7. I just checked the menu….. oh my! You weren’t kidding!!! These prices are pretty similar to the ones here!! WOW!

      8. I see your prices on the menus or at bakeries sometimes … when I was in SF, it was part of a tour group going down the Coast. Started in SF and went to LA in 10 days. Our meals were included unless we bought treats while out. I know it really is ridiculously priced, but they are really dense (for lack of a better word), about 2 inches high.

      9. That makes up for it when it’s good & actually filling (meaning leftovers 🙂 ). Definitely worth the price then!

  15. All the flowers are so pretty!
    The vegetarian curry looks delicious & it reminds me that I need to make curry soon! Also the breadbelly toast looks yummy!
    The pictures from Angel Island are amazing & it is interesting that there used to be a quarantine for contagious diseases there! That’s funny you walked in on a guided tour, but I do think it would be fun to go on a tour & learn more about the island!
    I hands down prefer crispy pizza!

    1. Thank you, Karalee!

      I am already craving this curry dish again. Definitely time to go back to the store to grab some ingredients.

      Isn’t that so crazy they literally quarantined people on an entire island?! So wild.

      Hahah totally!

      Me tooo ! #teamcrispyallthewayyyy! Thanks for reading 🙂 !

  16. What gorgeous color and flowers! Jasmine rice is my favorite rice your meal looked delicious! Breadbelly sounds amazing…so jealous! What a wonderful life you have!

    1. Thanks, Diane!! We are definitely on a jasmine rice kick right now! Aw thank you <3 It's made with pandan jam-- I need to figure out how to make this myself since we will be leaving soon & I know I'll be having cravings for it!

  17. So I like the crust to be crispy but I like the base to be a little doughy (if that’s possible) … Generally I have to re toast my pizza when I reheat it so that the crust can be crispy again. Now, I don’t want my pizza to have a soupy wet texture either so I guess I am a little bit more picky about pizza than I thought. Haha! But I think I would have liked the Diavola pizza the best too if I were given the option! 🙂

    What are your thoughts on Hawaiian Pizza? Do you love or hate pineapple on pizza? Also, have you ever had breakfast pizza … I know you’re from the midwest so have you ever had a Casey’s breakfast pizza? (Super cheap but pretty tasty after a long night out or when co-workers bring it in for food day! haha)

    1. I totally hear what you are saying!! I retoast mine too- it’s the one food I like to reheat in the oven rather than the microwave most times (Or I’ll just eat it cold 😉 ).

      Ahhh Hawaiian is my FAVEEEE!!!!! I love love love Hawaiian- always been my favorite ever since I was little. I haven’t had Casey’s breakfast pizza, but it sounds tremendous. I’ll have to look it up now! Do you like hawaiian too?! Thanks for stopping in, Lindsay! Hope you had a beautiful weekend 🙂

      1. I LOVE Hawaiian Pizza … But it does need to have the canadian bacon to add the salty balance for the sweet pineapple. What do you use for your salty balance??

      2. Oh totally see that!! I think for me I grew up on it just as pineapple without the ham, so it just tastes normal/right to me- as long as the sauce and cheese is nice and salty too 🙂 Always love your comments, Lindsay! Hope you’re having a good week!

  18. oh myyyy, how gorgeous are all of those blooms? I’m a big fan of walking and listening to music to clear my head and chill out… and could not agree with you more – I find myself SO productive when I’m flying, it’s a great time to really zone out xxx

    1. Yes walking really is just soo calming and therapeutic. I have my most creative ideas on walks too! And yesss – I might need to just travel more this next semester so I can be extra productive hehe 😉 Thanks for stopping in, Mia!!

    1. I didn’t even realize Kaya toast was a thing!! Is this what it usually is like? I still don’t entirely understand why Kaya is haha

    1. Thank you!!! Such yummy pizza. I have had major pizza cravings as of late. May need to get some more tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

  19. Lol! I can’t be trusted with numbers either. What ended up happening to the huge portrait you accidentally ordered? 😂 I hope you figured out how to sign up for the Boston Marathon. I feel like it shouldn’t be that difficult! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

    I was a Yelp Elite for 2 years but I actually stopped writing on there because I started my blog & couldn’t keep up with both– the community managers are hound dogs about getting reviews & photos up. 😒 I hope you make it soon though! I’ll nominate you for next year, if you want? What’s your Yelp link?!

    You are seriously the smartest, most prepared woman ever. Bringing a cooler to the city is genius!!

    The pizzas look delish. I do prefer a more doughy crust but the marg doesn’t sound pleasant at all– almost like it was undercooked?!

    I loved this more wordy post from you, Mackenzie but sorry, it forced me to write a more wordy comment!! ♡

    1. hahah so glad I’m not alone! It was quite funny- but also quite the blunder! And I think they still have it in storage- but I replaced it with a normal sized one that actually fit on the fireplace. DJ helped me with the measurements that time, lol.

      So I found out from another blogger that the marathon doesn’t open until September! I thought it opened September 2018, but it’s actually this coming one- so I am good to go for a while 🙂

      Oh my gosh- I didn’t even realize there were “community managers” or that it was that intense!! Oh boy I don’t think I could add another full blown commitment onto my plate either! haha. I need to get wayyyy more reviews up before I can even think about trying to get Elite status- but that is sooo sweet of you to offer to vote anyway! I can’t even find my link.. but there is a place to send an e-mail friend invite, so I sent you that!

      Awww thank you, love- you know I am always prepared when there is food involved 😉

      It tasted totalllly undercooked- but they were adament it was “supposed” to be that way. We are going to their sister restaurant in a couple weeks, so we’ll see how it compares.

      Awwwwww I love wordy comments- they are my fav! Thank you soo much for taking the time & brightening my evening. It was a bit of a rough day & this made it a whole lot better 🙂

      1. In storage?! You guys should hang that up in your bedroom or something!! LOL.

        You don’t really need that many reviews. I wrote like 20 when someone unexpectedly messaged me & asked me to accept my badge! Just make sure you are answering questions & adding tips, too! You’ll be elite in no time. 😉 & I got your request, I will nominate you when the e-mail comes around towards the end of the year!!

        I still can’t get over how smart you are to bring a cooler!! LOL. I talked to an Italian man last night & he said that the margherita pizza is the most traditional & the crust is CRISPY when his mom makes it. Not undercooked & doughy! Can’t wait to hear about the sister restaurant when you go!

        <3 <3 I hope you are having a better day today, Mackenzie!! You don't deserve any rough days!!

      2. Lol! Maybe one day we’ll get it back. It’s only one side of the family, so I feel bad for the others if we displayed it somewhere huge 🤣

      3. Oops I sent my comment too soon. I’m so bad with this darn phone lol. But woah! I thought you needed like over 100 to be elite. That’s so good to know! This motivates me more to make an effort!

        I will definitely let you know how their sister restaurant is. I loveee me a crispy marg, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s better this time!

        Thank you, love!!! Today was much better!!! ❤️💕❤️

      4. I was surprised when I got the elite e-mail because I was working towards it & going to nominate myself after around 100 LOL. I was lucky they even gave me the badge for the second year too because I barely wrote any reviews but you will get it, babe!! 🙂

        Hope they have that crispy crust marg for you!!

        <3 <3

      5. Aw well I bet your writing is phenomenal!! So they spotted that quality > quantity for sure ! Thanks for the encouragement!!

        I will letchya know. That darn pizza is my motivation to get through all my school chapters this week, lol.

      6. Aww stoooop it, babe ♡ if that’s how it works, they’ll spot you in no time, too. 🙂

        Lol yesss, pizza is the motivation! You got this!!! ✊🏽

  20. Omg being on an airplane and getting work done sounds like something I would do lol. Passing the time doing things that you want yeah that or reading a book I could do both lol
    Omg your review on that bread belly place! I want to go, it looks so nice inside and that kaya toast!! So mouthwatering I havent had breakfast yet lol. Putting this down on my list for SF. I think at this point everything is going into my list lol.
    Whoa those views on angel island!! I would love to go there but will have to be very careful about those times lol. Ciel sometimes likes to whine that he doesnt want to go back haha
    The margherita pizza does look like of soupy lol. I dont think I would like that. I prefer my crust crispy.

    1. Yesss! It’s the best being productive on the go like that! Reading a book is one of my favorite things to do on the plane too. Our flights everywhere are so long to visit family so it’s nice to do a bit of both for sure 🙂

      Yes yes!!!!! Add it to the list 😍 my sister is visiting soon and I am having a hard time narrowing down what we should do. So muchhh I wanna do / eat/ show her! But mainly eat haha.

      Lol! Yeah might be smart to go earlier in the day to Angel Island just to provide some buffer time to convince Ciel to return 😆

      I am with ya 1000% … crispy crust is best!

      1. I think I told you already but I’ve already read the wife between us, if you got other good reads, please send them my way 😁

      2. Ahhh yes wasn’t it so good?! I am reading the Woman is Cabin 10 right now and loving it so far!!!

  21. I mean, I hope you still have that portrait and if you ever have any guests over, you can insert it into their room, so they’ll have a lovely surprise to wake up to. 😉 & the area you live in is so so beautiful!

    1. LOL!!!! I think they have it somewhere in storage- it’s way too large to hang up in our apartment- but maybe one day we will display it (especially for guests, bahah)!

      SF is such a stunning area. We are definitely going to miss it! <3

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