SF Staycation Part 3: La Taqueria & Urban Putt!

Heyyy ya! How are you? I’m quickly going to wrap up our second half of our big San Francisco day, mostly through pictures.

If you missed our first half of the weekend you can check it out here:

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After Strawberry Hill, DJ and I went to check out the rest of the park. We just strolled around and passed some notable museums like the de Young Museum, the California Academy of Sciences, Spreckels Lake, and random little monuments.


On our drive out we drove passed the Bison Paddock, a little fenced area that houses real Bison. We were skeptical that actual Bison existed in the middle of San Francisco, but they doooo!


We then met up with Amy and all decided to grab some lunch together. I just love that she lives here. We went to  La Taqueria, one of the most popular Mexican spots in town.


The line was out the door–it always is every time I pass it- a sign of great food! We waited about 45 minutes and finally got to the front.


I ordered their veggie burrito. It was very good… but I wouldn’t say it was the best I’ve ever had. I love when tortillas are kind of crispy, and this was a bit doughy. But the fixin’s & added house hot sauce was a terrific combo. Not worth the wait I’d say, but still a really solid burrito.


We drove a little way down the road and walked around the Clarion Alley Mural Project. The history behind this is really fascinating- it is a grassroots movement of art that began in 1992 and promotes culture, dignity, and empowerment of the marginalized.


^^ Despite the fact that I have trypophobia and this picture really freaks me out, I still thought it was too cool not to share.

We then went to another place on the BL- Anchor Brewing SF.


This is a great place to just hangout on a Saturday afternoon. I had their unfiltered anchor steam, a brew you can only get in their brick and mortar brewery- I really enjoyed it….I even got it in a Merry Christmas glass- so bonus points!


Also, I captured my matte nails that in the natural lighting. I haven’t done these in a while, and I was pretty pleased how they turned out, although I messed up the thumb a bit, oh welllls!


We then went to the close by Urban Putt– an indoor mini golf course & restaurant.


We said we would have some “light” appetizers since we had our burritos barely a couple hours before. L to the O to the L. This is what we ended up ordering…

Empanadas with roasted pumpkin, queso fresco and pasilla pepper filling with creamy chipotle pepper sauce on a masa crust…


Chicken and waffle skewers with vermont maple syrup…


A side of broccolini….


The Fairway Deep Dish Pizza with mozzarella, parmesan, provolone, white cheddar, tomato sauce and basil….


& UP Poutine with Kannebec Fries, beef short rib gravy, garlic, and herb marinated cheese curds.


“Light appetizers”…😆

Our review? The fries were our favorite across the board. I love cheese curds- mmm mmmm. The broccolini was my second favorite- the flavor was spot on. The empanadas were yummy too. We surprisingly thought the pizza was a bit subpar- disappointing because it looks like cheesy gooodness, it was just lacking some kinda flavor kick.

Now- time to golf! The downstairs of the building turns into a giant mini golf course.


The wait was insane- at least an hour- but we finally got up to the front.


Each course was so unique with tons of odes to the city & interesting themes. It was a lot of fun, but we had a realllllly obnoxious family right ahead of us that were actually pretty disrespectful to everyone else- that was the only downside.


In the hole below, the ball actually hit the drums and comes down the ingeniously designed contraption? So interesting!


I definitely recommend this if you do visit SF- just try to go in “off” hours (Not on a weekend or try to go super late at night when there are fewer people!).

Question for You:

  • Do you like poutine?

xo <3


79 thoughts on “SF Staycation Part 3: La Taqueria & Urban Putt!

    1. Thanks for stopping in Sascha! Probably not the best pizza in the city, but it’s rare to find deep dish!

    1. Hi , Sophia! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 it was a blast- I really hope you get to visit this beautiful city soon 🤗

    1. It was so much fun!!! Putt-putt stands the test of time for any age- Thanks for stopping in!!

    1. It actually photographed better than it tasted ;), but definitely was worth trying! Thanks for stopping in, Kathy!

  1. Lots of eats and treats at the Urban Putt … sorry that pizza was disappointing. Everything else looked good. I loved the murals. Very nice and colorful.

    1. Thank you, Linda!! It was a wonderful time 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the murals! I have wanted to check them out for so long- all very interesting with a fascinating history too!

  2. Great post! Your nails look great, I can’t wait til I can get my nails done again. I haven’t had them done since I had Cillian. I’m waiting til Felix is out of diapers.

    1. Thank you tons, Cadie 🙂 I hope you can treat yourself to a little spa day soon (makes sense to wait until Felix is out of diapers though!)…. Throw in a pedicure too 😉

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with restaurants that have a long line all the time. Obviously it means the food is good but then I don’t want to wait.

    The picture of the mural that says “We’re all in this together” reminded me of High School Musical for some reason lol. They are all so nicely done.

    Love the light appetizers. I’m convinced whenever you say you’re going to have light apps, it turns into anything but that. It’s a cool concept that have a restaurant and mini golf course in the same building. That’s beyond annoying about the family in front of you. It really bothers me when people are disrespectful to others around them in such a public setting.

    Totally going to look at Target for those nails! It would be perfect for a last minute event when you don’t have time for an actual manicure.

    Alex and I ordered it at a bar in Princeton and it was so good we could’ve licked the plate.

    1. Agreeeeeddd! It’s usually a “one and done” type of deal… gotta see what the hype is about but then probably won’t justify that wait again.

      Lol!!! I thought the same thing 😂 maybe high school musical got their inspo from Clarion 😆

      Yesss cause usually soo many appetizers look great that it just ends up being a feast! It was such a fun concept- the whole place was annoyed with this family. They’d take ages to go to the next hole, the parents seemed somewhat drunk, and the kids were sooo obnoxious with zero control.. and why were they there at 9 pm?! Isn’t that past their bedtime?! Haha.

      Exactly!! I didn’t even have time to really let my nails dry that day so just whipping those on with a little glue worked really well.

      Right?! Poutine is one of the greatest food combos ever created 🤤 thanks for stopping in, Maureen !! 🤗

      1. Yep exactly! Although there is one place in Chicago I will always always always wait in the long line for. No joke the line is out the door even in winter. It’s so tasty!

        It would be so interesting to see if that mural or HSM came first. Obviously HSM didn’t come up with the saying but it’s a catchy song lol.

        That stinks the family was basically ruining the environment for everyone else. If the parents wanted to take the kids then do it on an off hour not 9pm on a Saturday night when the kids should probably be in bed!

        It seriously is so good. But then again gravy is good on it’s own and so are fries so put them together and it’s amazing.

      2. What is the name of the place in Chicago ?!? I have got to try it one day!!!

        Yess haha HSM is one of those “soundtracks” of middle school. Takes me back!

        Agreeeeedddd !!! Thanks for letting me vent 😆

        Yes yes yessss! Really hard to beat. Now I’m craving it again 😋 have a great weekend!! 🤗

      3. It’s called Johnnys Italian Beef! It’s not technically in the city but right on the outskirts. If you go, you have to get a large Italian ice with no lid. The best Italian ice you will ever have.

        Happy Friday 🙂

      4. Ohhhh ok gonna have to write this down! Plus I have some family there that are total foodies- I’ll have to see if they’ve tried it yet! & that Italian ice sounds incredible 😋

  4. I have never played golf but love a game of putt putt.
    There is a bar less than a mile from where we live that is called Emil’s Buffalo Tavern – they are closed down now but for as long as I can remember they kept buffalo in an enclosure behind the bar. That was something to see – buffalo in Michigan.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip Mackenzie I really enjoyed it.

    1. Same with me!! I have never played golf either- only putt putt!

      Okay that is too funny! Not only buffalo in Michigan, but buffalo indoor in Michigan?! Definitely a sight to see!!

      Thanks for sharing in our trip with us 🙂 Have a great rest of the week, Ruth!

      1. Sorry for the misunderstanding. The enclosure was actually an outdoor, fenced area I believe it had some kind of shelter though.
        I hope you have a great week as well.

      2. Ohhhhhh I see hehe. That makes sense – more room to wonder I’m sure!!

        Thank you tons, Ruth ❤️

  5. What an incredible day!! It’s so funny to see bison just chilling in the middle of the city. Like don’t mind us, we totally fit in here. 😉 I hate to hear that the burrito wasn’t all it was hyped up to be! That’s the thing with having to wait – it really forces the food to be that much more incredible in my opinion. Those murals are really neat! I love quirky, fun city art like that. It provides so much personality. One of my patients was wearing those exact nails, and I have wanted to try them!! I need to clean up my cuticles something awful – they are horrendous – but I planned to wear them to my best friend’s wedding next month. 🙂 Love yours! “Just getting some light appetizers” Hahahaha that’s like me and Matt! What a bummer that the pizza photographed so well but didn’t wow! Those chicken and waffle skewers – ohmygahhh my mouth is watering. Great choices! Putt-putt down below the restaurant is genius! It’s too bad when some people just suck. How hard is it to be cordial and polite in public? Sheesh. Thank you for sharing! I do enjoy putt-putt at times! I am unsure if I’ve ever had actual poutine. Putting it on my bucket list of things to definitely try!

    1. Right? Haha. They seem so chill.

      Totallllly agree- like if you are gonna wait in practically an hour line then it better be one of the greatest thing e’er! But still worth the try. Like if I had that burrito anywhere else without waiting I probably would have been like, “This was sooo good!” with no ifs-ands-or-buts, but definitely the wait makes ya hyper critical!

      Oh guuurl, I feel your pain with the cuticles. I was just looking at mine yesterday thinking how horrible they are! Eeep! Take a picture if you remember when you go to your friends wedding – would love to see how they turn out : )

      The pizza was a disappointment, but maybe that was a good thing because I think I would have had to roll myself downstairs to putt-putt if I loved it too much hahah.

      Haha- this fam was next level annoyance. I don’t usually go out of my way to complain but wowza- I was flabbergasted at their antics.

      Ohhh you would love poutine!! The savory gravy mixed with the soft cheese & crispy fries is a combo that I know you’d enjoy! It’s a very Canadian dish, but it’s making it’s way here 🙂 Have a great rest of the week, Kori!

      1. Yes, the food has to absolutely wow me after a super long wait!

        I will definitely share my mani! Hope they turn out as well. 😁 I’ll need to doctor up these cuticles beforehand, though!

        Bahahaha that would be me too! 🍕🤰🏼

        What is wrong with some people?!

        I neeeed to seek out some authentic poutine! It sounds amazing. 😋 You have an amazing rest of the week too!

  6. I cannot believe there actually were bison in San Francisco! That’s crazy to me! What an interesting attraction and so out of the blue for a big city.
    Your nails look gorgeous! I totally want to get those. Matte polish is just the prettiest. <3
    I've never tried poutine but my in-laws have talked about it a few times… I'll have to try it one of these days!
    Too bad that family was so disruptive at the mini-golf! I'm glad you guys were still able to have fun, though. I'd probably be intimidated by the crowds, but it sounds like it was worth it to wait and play anyway!

    1. hahah- right?! Too funny. When I told DJ we had to go see the Bison he goes, “No way they are real!” and sure enough.. !!

      Thank you tons!!! I was happy they turned out okay & lasted a long time!

      Definitely try poutine when you have the chance- it’s sooo scrumptious 🙂

      We had fun despite the fam ahead of us… they were just “that” family out in public with zero regard for everyone around them . Ohh welll- all types make the world go round. haha.

      Totally worth it! I would definitely recommend it to anyone that visits SF! Thanks for stopping in, Courtney 🙂

  7. I love going to parks. Now that I am living in a new area, I can’t wait for all the new parks to explore. That veggie burrito looks so good. I love all the murals. I love seeing street art. Where I was living before a lot of the buildings had murals painted on them downtown. It’s not like that in my new area, but the buildings do have banners with murals painted on them hung up on the buildings, lol. Better than nothing, I suppose. 😛 OMG THAT DEEP DISH PIZZA….just sitting at my desk being super jealous of that thing. 😛

    1. I agree!! There is something so nice & calming about them. I just could not believe this existed right in the middle of the city?!

      Aww glad you enjoyed the murals 🙂 I’d love to see the ones in your city too! People are so creative!!

      Hahah- don’t be too jealous 😉 It wasn’t the best pizza ever- the other dishes were much better! I hope you can get some yummy pizza this weekend- maybe even deep dish!! XO

  8. I love your nail color! So pretty! That deep dish pizza looks amazing!!!! I have never had poutine but my parents have had it in Canada. Apparently the Costcos up there sell it!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Shan 🙂 !! Oooohhh girl, gotta try poutine when you get a chance- it’s a game. changer. ! Love that costcos sell it there- now we need them to bring it to the states 😉 Have a great Thursday, gf.. thanks for stoppin’ in!

  9. THE FOOD, THE BEAUTIFUL FOOD! It’s a shame that pizza was subpar because it looks amazing…also I’ve been loving mini golf recently so that place sounds freaking awesome xx

    1. Hehe- it was very photogenic food that day 😉 It was such a fun place! I would love to go back sometime. Have you been to SF? I know you’d love it, Mia! Have a great Thursday, love! Thank you for stopping in !

  10. I get so frustrated when a restaurant or food place always has a long line because I wonder if the food is actually worth the wait. Plus when I’m hungry, I am HUNGRY! haha. Those chicken & waffle skewers look DELISH! I seriously want waffles now!

    That mini golf place looks so cool! I love that it’s indoor because then you can go year round! All the mini golf places near me are outside so they’re closed this time of year.

    I’ve never tried poutine and I’m not sure I ever will. I’m not a huge fry fan and if I do have fries, I like them super crispy and poutine looks like it has gravy or something on it that would make them soggy. The stuff on top looks yummy, though!

    1. Haha girl I feeeel youu!! When the hanger has arrived everyone best watch out 😝 thankfully I was okay to wait since we’d have planned on it, but usually I would not have the patience!

      Isn’t it a fun concept ?! The whole vibe was just so great- I feel like it’d be a great business idea for people that live in cold areas especially because of that very reason (that all putt putt is outside). Maybe they’ll open one by ya one day , but hopefully it warms up before then 😉

      I totally hear ya out on that! I actually am surprised how well the fries hold up under the gravy! But the best part is the cheese curds … oh no now I’m craving it now hahah. Where is your favorite place for fries in general?! Thanks for stopping by , Em 🙂

  11. I am convinced you get to eat at the coolest places with the most yummiest looking food!!!!! That is so sad the pizza wasn’t good – it looks amazing.

    I LOVE poutine. So sinful, yet so good.

    Also – your ring is so beautiful!!

    Have the best weekend!!


    1. Awww thanks, Anastasia!!! I joke that I spend my spare time stalking my next restaurant target 😉 Right?! So unfortunate the pizza was SO photogenic, but didn’t translate to the taste buds as well… but maybe a good thing because I would have been probably stuffed beyond comfort with all the other food. Pizza is my faveee!

      Awwww thank you, love!!! Have the best weekend tooo!! xox

    1. Ohhh girl, you gotta try deep dish sometime! I personally prefer thin crust, but it’s still so tasty- the most authentic amazing deep dish is in Chicago if you ever visit there. And Thanks boo!! That means so much coming from someone as fabulous as yourself ! xoxo

  12. I always know that when I read your posts I’ll end up hungry. So much yummy goodness!! I’ve been wanting to try a matte nail. Those look gorgeous. I had to look up trypophobia since I hadn’t heard of it…I’m not sure that I was as bothered by the mural, but the lotus seedhead that it shows in the definition makes me feel nauseous.

    1. Hehe- I take that as such a compliment! I’m glad it all looks so appetizing 🙂 Our favorite past-time is trying new food haha. Hope you found some great nomz while reading this!

      Hmm I must be missing the lotus seedhead- which picture is that in?!

      Thanks for your thoughts & taking the time to stop by- I always LOVE seeing your name pop up here 🙂

      1. The lotus seedhead was actually in the wikipedia description about the definition of the word. Apparently the aversion is worse when it’s on human skin. Which explains why there’s all those random pics on the internet of the lotus seedhead on an arm. ugghhh…

        Thanks for the compliment. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy my comments. Have a great day Mackenzie!! xx

      2. Ohhhhh haha I see!!! Yeah I cannot even google search it because it makes me crawl out of my skin!! I don’t like it on plants, humans, or even in architecture! It’s pretty severe- I wonder what Freud would say about it 🤣

        Always! Have a great weekend, Amy! 🤗

  13. I feel like the bison are so random. lolz

    Your nails are really pretty!

    Holy “appetizers”! haha That stinks the za wasn’t that good, but I’m glad everything else was good!

    Dang that’s such a bummer with the rude fam. 🙁

    1. Hahah right?!

      Aw thanks so much! I think I might try to do them again tonight, but them paint over the red with a different color to change it up!

      lol! It might be a good thing the pizza wasn’t that great because I don’t know that I had any more room & I cannnnot resist good pizza!

      yeahh they were something else, but we also have some funny stories from that whole fiasco. If a good story comes out of it, it’s worth it! Thanks for reading, Kaci 🙂

  14. Oh my gosh, I love your nails so much! The color is already perfect, but the matte really adds so much. Love!!!
    Your food looks sooooooo amazing, per usual! I could really go for one of those chicken and waffle skewers right now. Ha, ha! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Nicole!! 🙂 I just lovee matte nails. I’m going to try to do them again tonight I think, but do a different color over them to change things up!

      Hope you got some great nomz- aren’t the chicken and waffle skewers adorable? I feel like they’d be a fun little snack to make for company for brunch sometime or something! Thanks for reading, gf 🙂

  15. The park is so expansive . It wold be on my SF to do list. Great seeing the bison. They used to have the run of and roam the plains. or is that Buffalo? It is good you got to meet Amy. You got a good deal having your SIL living so close to you and nice for DJ having his twin close by. I love mexican food and this looks like worth the 45 min wait. Craft breweries are so fun to visit and taste their wares. Your nails look amazing! I need to check them out at target when I get time! I like your idea of light appetisers !! It looks tasty and filled a need right? Such a unique and fun putt putt course. I have not had Poutine but will look out for it. Thanks for the tour of San Francisco CA! You are the best, Terri xo.

    1. Definitely put it on your “to-do” for SF! I would recommend it to everyone! hehe- I think that’s buffalo if I’m repeating the song correctly in my head! But DJ always pokes fun at me at for messing up lyrics – I’m pretty bad at um’! And yay- glad you like the nails 🙂 I might try to do them again tonight or tomorrow, but paint over the red color to change things up !

      I think you would really enjoy poutine! It’s such a comfort dish, and sooo absolutely delicious!

      So glad you enjoyed this little tour. Thank you for stopping in, Terri 🙂

      1. I am so bad at lyrics Mackenzie myself!! Ooh it will be nice to change the nail color , Looking forward to seeing them. I will look for Poutine ! You are welcome, Happy Wednesday, Terri xo.

    1. It was so much fun!! Such a great idea- right? I think they should start making this a more common thing. Poutine is incredible- highlyy recommend ! Let me know what you think when you do get to try it !

  16. Okay… first of all, what kind of trees are those in the very first picture?! They are giving me the heebie jeebies lol.

    I love the artwork in La Taqueria & in the alley (except yeah that picture is freakin’ me out too)! The burrito looks yummy but, I am with you on wanting a more crispy tortilla. I hate waiting in line because I am always worried it won’t be worth it when I finally make it.

    Your nails are gorgeous. I love that color on you. <3 & all of that food at Urban Putt, oh my gosh!!! I want to eat it all but especially those chicken & waffles!!! & the fries since it was the table fave!!!! YUM! I've only had poutine a few times but yes, I loved it. ;D

    The golf course looks like such a ball. I hate disrespectful people though, I'm so sorry there had to be one right ahead of you.

    1. Bahahha- girl, I have no idea- aren’t they creepy though? Especially with how the day was kinda cloudy it made it all the more eerie. And they were sprawled over the entire lawn!

      I had a feeling that pic would gross ya out too- bleck! I should have given a warning- but yeah, ick!

      In this case I will say the wait was not worth it, but we had to see what the hype was about at least once!

      Thank you tons, love! I am thinking of doing them again, but painting over them with the zoya for a food event tonight since that color is now my true obsession.

      Yeah, they were so obnoxious- BUT, it did make for some hilarious stories over the course of the evening, which I think makes it worth it hahah. Thanks for stoppin’ in! xo

      1. Yess, lol they are so eerie. I showed them to boyfriend and he said “They look Harry Potter trees” hahaha.

        I know what you mean about needing to see what the hype was about! It’s probably better that you didn’t enjoy it so you don’t have the urge to go back & have to wait in line again, right? 😉

        I hope you have fun at your foodie event!!! Can’t wait to read all about it?! <3

      2. They TOTALLY do. Like a bunch of womping willows lol!

        I think you are entirely right !!! I love your way of thinking 🙌🏻🙌🏻

        Thanks girl! I will definitely share all about it soon- it was a blast!

  17. Love all the artwork and the golf course looks a lot of fun, I definitely need to go golfing at least once in a place as gorgeous as this! 😍

    1. Hi, Sophia! Girl, I hope you can experience the indoor mini golf too sometime- it is just such a blast! Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  18. Omg the bison!!! Really?? Right in the city?! Insane! I’ll have to check this place for myself too lol.
    Too bad that taqueria wasnt worth the wait. Being a latina I have to hold Mexican food to such a high standard, I have tried many places here too and some are just not as good.
    I love the murals! That’s cool to see it’s an entire alley I’d love to visit this place too. After taking an art class in college, my appreciation for street art has grown.
    The food at urban putt looks insanely good and I like that they have mini golf. We have an indoor one that’s in a basement in downtown as well lol. It’s so fun but it’s not as intricate with the details as this one. Still fun though. I haven’t been in a while. I need to go back with ciel.

    1. Haha aren’t they so funny right in the middle of the city?! We were stunned that they actually existed.

      Yeah it was a bit of a bummer about the burrito– I mean it was still SOOO tasty, but just not worth the hype.

      Aw I love that!! Art classes definitely give you a new lens to appreciate art through!

      Ahh you totally should go – Ciel would probably have a blast, especially if you haven’t been in a while he’d probably appreciate it even more than before!

      1. I’m just so glad you actually got a picture or I never would have believed it LOL. The closest thing we get to wildlife around here, that I’ve seen, are deer and their fawns eating grass in people’s yards LOL (always a nice sight) and I once saw coyote around 2am years ago when I was driving to pick up Alex from work when he worked as security in a bar. It was the craziest thing.. Actually, you know what, I saw another crazy thing I never thought I would ever see here in Oregon just yesterday. Alex was driving and I was looking out the window and as we passed by some streets in the back roads, I saw a bird just walking across the street but it looked big and it had a long tail and I was like “omg you have to turn around because I think I just saw a bird with a long tail and I don’t think it’s what I’m thinking but I want to make sure” and he was like, “you mean like a peacock?” and i’m like “yes! turn around right now!” and sure enough….not one, but four.. three males and a female hanging out in someone’s front yard. I’ve officially seen everything LMAO

      2. Oh my gosh!!! Coyotes are freaky. I saw one once when I got up to go for a run at 5 am in high school and I’m pretty sure that was the end of my early morning runs, lol.

        But that is HILARIOUS about the peacock! And just hanging out in someone’s yard?!?!? We had a similar thing happen on our way to LA. We dropped our friend off at the gas station to go to the bathroom and we saw that “long tail” and drove over to it. We didn’t tell our friend we were leaving our spot to go after it and she couldn’t find us. When she finally did we were just hanging out with a peacock. Peacock ruffling feathers all over the place 😉 hahah. I actually grabbed some pics of them here : https://mackmarie.com/2017/02/22/los-angeles-weho-part-one/

        Have a great week, Rossy!! xo

      3. That’s scary because you were actually on foot, I was in my car! LOL
        Yeah it was the weirdest thing but me saying that just tells enough about our fair city.. We really are keeping it weird XD
        OMG this one didn’t ruffle it’s feathers, it was kind of drizzling and cold so they were all just walking about and climbing atop the fence, porch and someone’s truck!
        Thanks for sending me the link! I’ll be sure to check it out in the morning. I really should go to sleep now LOL
        Hope you have an amazing week as well Mackenzie!

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