Last Day in Texas- Part 3!

And sadly, we have arrived to our last day in Texas. We absolutely soaked up every second of it though! In the morning my mom took me on a little mom-daughter date to Summer Moon while DJ did his training run. This is a lovely little coffee shop that recently opened in Keller.


Everything in this coffee shop is so cute.


They have tons of vegan and gluten free options too!


Whatever they put in “moon milk” is soooo darn delicious. One of the best lattes I have ever had! We only ordered the 1/4 moon, and it was plenty sweet. Their beans are wood-fired too, and you can definitely taste the difference.


My mom and I split the vegan almond croissant (perfection) & the vegan pumpkin muffin. Their pastries are spectacular. We agreed we even liked this almond croissant more than Tartine’s (one that is hard to beat!).


The coffee with the treats was absolutely wonderful. The pumpkin muffin was dense and yummmyyy. I loved having that time with my momma to catch up one-on-one too.


Jadie lounging around..


After DJ got back from his run, Pete cooked up Five Star hot dogs for the guys! These hot dogs are famous back from Cleveland. In fact, my mom and Pete have them shipped down to Texas from CLE… yes, that good!


Our flight wasn’t until the evening, so we decided to make the most of the afternoon as possible! We went to downtown Roanoke, a brand new little area that sprung up within the last year. It is truly the definition of quaint and the boutiques are adorable!


And anytime there is a candy shop, gotta pop in!


This place was adorable.


We even found some Harry Potter frogs & wands!!


Since we still had some time before we had to leave for the airport we decided to try out Craft & Vine. This is a fun little taproom where you can find the most original craft beers and wines.


You can walk by and see everything that is on tap and read all the info about each selection.


We all opted to try their beer. They were all great flavors- they actually tasted like their descriptions (which I feel like is hard to come by in beer haha).


And one last hurrah, gotta try Andy’s Frozen Custard before we leave!


Pete had the Ozark turtle


& DJ tried the triple chocolate concrete that I had a few big bites of. I forgot how amazing custard is. Wowwwza. Tast-eeee!


Once we got home I had a hankerin’ for some real food, so I enjoyed some leftovers.

We made it to the airport on time, but then our flight got delayed about two hours. BUT we were stranded in the best terminal in all of DFW. We had plentiful restaurant options and plenty of room to set up shop (aka blog). By the time 9 rolled around we were hungry again (imagine!). Since we knew it would be a long night we decided to go to Reata in the airport. You may remember when we first went to Reata with my mom and Pete from this post from a few years ago. When we saw it, we just could not pass it up.


DJ had their country fried steak


& I had the veggie platter with rice- it was perfect for what I was craving.


The flight back was great- easy peasy!

Questions for you:

  • This is an odd one- but do you have a favorite airport? I think DFW terminal D is now my favorite, hehe. DJ’s favorite airport is Indianapolis because it’s super easy and straight forward.
  • One thing you are excited for this coming week?

xo <3


74 thoughts on “Last Day in Texas- Part 3!

  1. It feels good to wander through your enchanting world again…I’m going to pop into the next candy store I come across to look for those Harry Potter treats…we’ve been watching the Harry Potter films over the holidays and I always love the scenes where they’re indulging in candy in all those colours and flavours, yum!

    1. Aww, Kimberlee!!! It just made my whole dayyy to see this comment from you <3 How are you dear friend? I have missed you!

      I hope they have the HP treats for youuu! We recently went to Harry Potter world which was just incredible!! I think you may like a peek at it considering you are in the HP vortex too 😉 I am currently reading the fifth book and flew through the first four movies before we went to HP world. And like you said- they make everything look sooo appetizing!! We had to try the butter beer & chocolate frog while we were there of course ! Thank you so much for stopping by.

  2. sounds like a great end to your trip. I love that you went and popped into so many different little places. The coffee shop looks like a great place to sit and enjoy some joe and conversation.

    1. It was such a nice day 🙂 It was fun because we didn’t have anything officially planned, but ended up doing a lot. The coffee shop was just wonderful to catch up like that. thankful for that time!

  3. Hey Mack! I haven’t spoken to you in foreverrr, I’ve got a lot of reading to do 😍😍 however i did think of you the other day when I was out for dinner and they had souflé on the menu, (because of your blog post where you visited the souflé place haha), I didn’t try it in the end because I was so full but NEXT time!! I was so excited though. Anyway, mama daughter dates are the best ❤️ One on one time is so important in any relationship, I think. And that candy shop is too cute, and anywhere that sells HP merch / sweets is a win right? Can’t wait to read part one and two (of course I’m going backwards, haha) hope you have a great week Mack! Xxx

    1. Hey girlie!!! hope you are so well, m’dear!! I just popped over to your blog and realize you’ve been publishing posts that don’t pop up my reader— I haven’t seen any of these! I’m excited to catch up though!!

      I am so honored you thought of me when you saw a souffle!!! What a compliment!! I do hope you can try next time 🙂 Do you remember if it was savory or dessert?

      Aw I so agree- I treasured that time with her because we don’t get it often! <3

      lol yesss agreed- anywhere that sells HP anything has my support 😉 Thanks for stopping by, love! xoxo

      1. Thanks hun! Ooh that’s strange, well, I haven’t published too many so maybe you just missed them? Who knows! But thank you for popping by!
        I did and I told my mum I wanted to try because of you! It was a dessert soufle (that’s why i didn’t get it because I’d already had the main meal), it was chocolate. Now I know they do that, next time I go I will save room especially!
        Yes! It makes it more special even though it’s a shame it’s not too often, it does make you appreciate it more.
        Haha totally, HP for life! xxx

      2. Yesss I say chocolate is the way to start with souffles 🙂 It will blow your mind! They are just TOO darn good!

        aw absolutely <3

        hehe! Always love our convos. Have a great week, Jennie!!! xo

      3. Oh my goodness I’m so excited to try now, I’ll have to see if there’s anywhere local to me that does them because my brother is two hours away. I’m going next week maybe I can convince my parents to come with me to the restaurant! You too Mack (even though it’s almost the weekend now), thanks for always spreading so much positivity! xxx

  4. Great to read all of your Texas blogs! Oh the food is simply amazing, don’t even know where to begin to comment but could look at all the pictures forever! And my favorite airport is of course Cleveland, because it rocks, but actually I do love Charlotte with all the rocking chairs and amazing southern food! Thanks again for all the great blogs, love your Ohio Mom. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mom! 🙂 lol Cleveland airport definitely does rock! (And they have Cinnabon!) . Oohhh I bet Charlotte’s is amazing- we need to make a trip to the carolinas one day. It’s an area we haven’t explored much together. Thank you for reading and stopping in! Everyone is “oooing and ahhing” over your pumpkin pie 😉 If only I could share the flavor on here too! <3

  5. Mack, this is such a great post. Wow, you and DJ really did a lot that day. 😊 And the coffee place you went to with your mom looks amazing. I agree, I like dense muffins. (& pumpkin is my favorite.)

    Sorry that your flight was delayed, though it sounds like you both enjoyed yourself.

    I like Newark airport – it’s so modern and clean, and it means I’m visiting NYC. As far as the week ahead, I’m looking forward to a new blog series that I’m starting tomorrow called Monday Mondays! Please put your positive energy on it. 💜

    Love you Mack. Welcome home, and give DJ a hug for me.

    1. Hi, Debbie! Thank you so much for stopping in and sharing in our adventures with us 🙂

      Yess- there is something so good about those dense delicious muffins- mmm mmm!

      We definitely made the most of being stranded in there, I actually really like being in airports. I feel like I’m productive when I’m in them hahah.

      Ohhhhh I have never been to Newark, but now I want to!! Thank you for sharing. I will absolutely check out your Monday Mondays!! and thank youuu for sharing such a positive energy here 🙂

      Blessings to you, my friend! <3

      1. Isn’t that funny, Mack – I love being in airports too!! It’s so energizing, and I get a lot done. I can see how you’d feel so productive in them. Blessings to you and DJ.

      2. Yes exactly!! Thank you so much, Debbie <3 Have the most wonderful week, my dear friend!

  6. I missed the first two posts about your time in Texas but based on this one it sounds like a great time! The shops you went into are so darn cute! Gotta love a good downtown area with local stores.

    I think my favorite airport is Trenton, NJ. It’s tiny with only 2 gates but you can show up and get a parking spot right by the door and you don’t have to sit around forever. Last time I flew out of it we got there about 10 minutes before boarding haha.

    1. All you missed what basically a load of food pics, lol!

      And Definitely!!! I love those locally owned shops- always find the best & cutest little gems.

      Oh my gosh, that airport sounds like an absolute dreammmm!!! Love that. Hope your trip went so well- I cannot wait to read about it. Happy Monday, Maureen!

    1. Hehe- oh I am sure they do! 🙂 I can imagine a hot chocolate made with their famous “moon milk” would just be out of this world! 😉

  7. Kaci and I have flown into and out of DFW countless times and never have experienced it like that! We need to get out (of our terminals) more. Hahaha. Mack, those boutiques in that district are ahhh-dorable!! I also am all about that coffee shop. I will have to bookmark your posts for our next TX trip! I already have looked up the Bearded Brothers Bars on Amazon. I may get them for me and Matt!

    1. Oh girl I feeel you! This is the first time we’ve gone out of this terminal, and it was like a whole new world!!

      I had a feeling you would like those boutiques- they were too stinking cute! So many adorable finds. if we didn’t have a weight limit on our suitcases it could have been dangerous!

      Don’t those bars look great?! I didn’t realize they have them on Amazon, but I may need to snag a few too! Let me know if you try them what you think 🙂 Have a great day, girl!

      1. Aww you have made mine brighter with your comments!! I so so appreciate you taking the time- I know life is crazy so it really does mean so much! you too, Kori 🙂

    1. It’s a fun place with just an endless amount to do. I hope you get to visit sometime! If you visit the San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth or Dallas area and need foodie suggestions let me know- I’ll hook ya up! <3

  8. Ahh you were so close to me! I’m about 20 minutes from Keller. I haven’t been to that coffee shop yet!!! Must go! Yes, DFW is my favorite airport and if I’m going to be stranded, that would be the place!

    1. Really?!?! Oh my gosh, I didn’t realize you lived that close!! Next time we should meet up!

      I loveeed that terminal! I told DJ I wouldn’t mind if our flight got delayed all night- it felt almost like a resort. So many fun restaurants, bars, shopping, etc!

  9. I went to an airport in Germany on the way to Greece and when you got off the plane they served hot salted soft pretzels with butter on the inside alongside beer…it was AMAZING! I still have never had a better pretzel.

    I am looking forward to MY BIRTHDAY this Thursday!! <3 I use to hate my birthday but as I get older I have learned to appreciate it more and even look forward to it!

    Have the best week!! 🙂


    1. Oh . my. goooodness, reading this is making my mouth water. YUM. Soft pretzels & beer is such an insanely good combo. AND from Germany- I bet they were simply the best you could ever have.

      AWW Happy almost birthday, girl!! We have such similar birthdays- mine is Sunday. What are your plans?!? And I agree- I particularly like them just because it’s an excuse to go out to eat and get some really great dessert, lol!

      1. Oh my goodness – Happy Birthday to you!! So funny 🙂 destined to be blogger friends!! Haha!

        All I wanted for my birthday was pizza, beer, and board games with me family! (Sometimes I wonder if I am turing 23 or 83 haha!) My sister is also making me a “healthy” carrot cake as well!

        What are your plans???

      2. Thanks girl—-I am so behind in blogging land, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope yesterday was wonderful and you had all the pizza & beer & board games to your heart’s content! Sounds like a perfeeeect birthday 🙂 And healthy carrot cake- YUM!!! Cannot wait to hear about it!

        For mine I just want a day in the city, but we won’t probably be able to do it until February. SO, I picked up a mushroom/truffle flatbread from TJ’s, some wine, and my husband and I are just gonna watch a movie Sunday evening. Have a great weekend, girl!! xo

      3. Thank you so much!!! 🙂

        And Those both sound like a wonderful way to spend your birthday!!! Can’t wait to read all about it!!

      4. Thanks, girl!! It’s been so nice. About to crack open a bottle of wine now and some pizza! Woot woot!

  10. I like the idea of those wood-fired coffee beans Mackenzie … such cute little shops there, from the coffee shop to the candy shop and I love the vehicle inside the store idea. Such creative boutiques. All the food made me hungry, the chicken fried steak the most as it’s been years since I had any – maybe at Chili’s – I don’t know, but am now seriously craving some.

    1. I didn’t know if I would be able to tell a difference with wood fired beans, but you actually can! It’s just delicious.

      It was a wonderful day… and totally unplanned as well! Sometimes those are just the best for spontaneous adventures 🙂

      Hope you can hunt down some country fried steak soon 😉

      1. Your foodie posts do make me hungry … DJ’s country fried steak especially! Yes, spontaneous adventures are the best, they add something to the event, or getaway.

  11. I am so obsessed with all of your blogs; seriously, you include the best content! I’ve never been to Texas (other than a layover) but this post has solidified my desire to travel there! That candy shop looks amazing and I’m a sucker for a good veggie plate (though DJs country fried steak looked pretty divine as well)! Thanks for sharing! xo

    1. Oh my gosh girl- can I tell ya you just made my whole day?!? You have no idea how much this means to me <3 Thank you, thank youuu! And I could say the same to youuu- I always look forward to your posts!

      The fun thing about Texas is there are sooo many gems throughout the whole state. Each city is almost like a state of its own with so much to do, so many events, amazing food, etc! If you do visit and need suggestions I can help ya out with Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio 🙂

      Thanks so much for stoppin' in! Hope your year is off to a great start, Brit!

  12. Sounds like such a wonderful trip, Mackenzie! That frozen custard looks absolutely incredible…frozen custard is the best! I love how rich and creamy it is. <3 How fun that you found Harry Potter wands & chocolate frogs in that candy shop!! I wish we had something like that around here lol. Also, your dog looks so so so sweet! What a precious girl! <3

    1. Yes it is!! I guess I didn’t realize what a dream custard was until we tried it this time? Man is it goood!

      Jadey is such a good pup <3 Thanks for stopping by, girl!

    1. hey, Pamela! It was so nice 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the nomz in this post! Have a great weekend, girl!

  13. Aww the coffee shop is sooo cute & same with that little town of Roanoke. ♡ All the shops are like out of a storybook.

    I must try these Five Stat hot dogs. Is there a reason why they are so special or is it a well kept secret?

    The custard & airport dinner both look great! So happy you made it home safely with an easy flight. 🙂

    1. They really were like out of a storybook! It was such a fun little impromptu place to explore 🙂

      I think they are just local in Cleveland (where we are originally all from), and it was my mom and Pete’s favorite when they lived there, so they make sure to have them on hand by having them shipped on ice. lol!!!! DJ said it was one of the best hot dogs he has ever had too. Not sure why they are so good?! But if you are ever in CLE, check um’ out!

      Thanks so much, Hunida 🙂 We’ve had some rough flights this year so I was excited for a smooth one!

      1. hehe- I actually had another blogger that was able to hunt them down in Cleveland. Maybe we can get them big enough to expand to the west coast so you can try- lol!

    1. I agree!! I don’t think I really understood just how good it was till this time around. Thanks for stopping in, Jess! xo

    1. Hey, Chloe!! Summer Moon was wonderful. Haha- aren’t the pins too cute?!? I was definitely tempted to get a few. Thanks for stopping in, love 🙂

  14. How nice to have a Mom daughter date ! I don’t get the chance too often! Summer moon is a cute place, I have never had wood fired coffee but am intrigued. The pastries look so good. It is nice to catch up one on one with your Mom , you have to sometimes. Roanoke is a cute area , that candy shop is amazing. I love trying craft beers and I like the interior of craft and vine. I have never had Andy’s but looks so good! A flight delay can lead to going to a fave restaurant like Reata! I like the Boston airport , lots of choice. Looking forward to the weekend Mackenzie ! Take care Terri xo.

    1. Hi, Terri! Mom daughter dates are truly so special <3 I treasure them! I'm sure you will have the chance a bit more as the kids get older- we rarely had them when we were younger. I don't know why but wood fired coffee is absolutely delicious. If you like craft beers you would just love Craft and Vine! Have such a great week ahead :)

      1. I am glad you treasure the dates! I need to go on a mission to find wood fired coffee. I do like craft beers so it would be my kind of place . Happy Tuesday, Terri xo.

  15. That coffee shop looks amazing!! I had seen there was a Roanoke, Texas when I enter my city (I’m in Roanoke, Virginia) into forms. It looks super cute! I don’t know that I have a favorite airport, but when I travel the East Coast, I prefer my layover to be Charlotte (CLT) over Atlanta (ATL) because it’s much easier to manage. My international flights have been out of Miami and D.C. (but IAD, which is on the outskirts and easy to get to from Roanoke).

  16. That coffee shop and milk options is so freaking neat! I love love love trying coffee shops when traveling, and that place looks perfect.

    Those boutiques are too cute, especially the mint colored van. *swoon*

    Glad you all got to squeeze in a lot of fun places and eats on your last day!

    I have been through DFW many many times visiting family so I’d say DFW no terminal in particular is my favorite.

    The weekend! I am so ready. ha

    1. You would ADORE this coffee shop- ahh I wish I could just ship you a cup because it was truly one of the best lattes I have ever had.

      Isn’t that such a sweet idea for a shop display?!

      hahah I don’t care for DFW either, but this terminal was actually so nice with so many great options! I didn’t even know it existed until this time!

      Hope you had a great weekend, girl! 🙂

  17. Which custard did YOU get? You left that off, and we need the picture of yours! ice cream is my fave, custard is amazing… it’s even better getting in when outta town or on vacay at a special local joint❤️

    1. Hehe- I shared some of DJ’s! He got enough for the both of us! 😉

      I agreeee! Trying out ice cream out of town always tastes better for some reason.

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Lindsay!!!

  18. I’m not that into coffee but that coffee shop sounds wonderful!! A mother daughter date sounds so great! Hopefully I can travel to Utah to see my mom this year, I’ll have to do this too lol.
    Oh the pastries look like perfection too!!!
    Jadeeeeeee!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Whoa those little shops look so amazing. I’d love to walk in there just to have a look around. It looks so neat! Ah chocolate frogs and wands! I want a real wand haha. I saw them at Barnes and Noble lol.
    Oooh custard is sooo good! You’re making me want some and I’ve been doing so good with the whole no junk food thing haha
    And that sucks that your flight got delayed but I’m glad you were able go stay productive and even found a great place to dine at while you waited.
    And to answer your questions, I don’t know because I don’t travel enough lol.
    And…. for this weekend? Nothing planned. Lol

    1. We rarely can have that mother-daughter time so we certainly treasure it <3 Dawwww your excitement to see Jadey makes me so happy! bahah- Barnes and Noble for the win!! Girl, gotta get a wand- BUT one day I do believe you will get a real one from the Wizarding World when ya visit Disney/Universal ;) Ahh custard is one of the most wonderful treats on the face of this earth amen, amen. At least by not traveling as much you avoid so many crazy awful travel stories- I have a whole bunch of them, lol. Hope your weekend is going great, Rossy! Thanks for reading! xoxo

      1. Your comments disappeared from the notifications app so I had to look through your comment section of the posts I remember reading to reply to you lol
        Omg you must tell me your travel stories I want to be prepared for whatever might come to me haha

      2. Oh no!! I hate when WP does that. I can find my own site’s comments but then comments from others on their own sites will disappear all the time- it drives me nuts!! Hahah oh man, I feel like this last year it’s just been so many travel woes- late connections that cause me to be “that” crazy person sprinting through the airport, or just awful turbulence to the point where I legit thought we were going down. I’m sure I have some funny ones too – but am just blankin’ on them right now!

      3. Omg I would definitely hate missing a flight in general!!. I experienced the turbulence thing before and it was my first time flying after nearly a decade and with my baby son who was like a year and a half back then! Imagine my horror! Lol.

      4. Oh my gooodness!!! That sounds like truly worst case scenario, because I know how hard it can be to calm them down when on planes. ahh!

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