Soufflé Pancakes & It’s Finally Autumn!

Hey, everyone! I am trying to get us all caught up before a super busy (and fun) week ahead 🙂 This morning is a three cups of coffee type of day, but I’m resisting considering I have to get up at 4 am tomorrow morning. Wish meh luck…. sometimes I wonder how I did that on a regular basis for over a year. I think we left off right after Thanksgiving!

November 23rd was a day of utter relaxation for DJ and me. I used to love Black Friday shopping, but now that online shopping is available I would much rather do it from my home than fight the masses. I ran a few errands and then we had a Thanksgiving Round 2 with all our leftovers in the evening (you can see those in the Friday Faves post).

November 24th DJ and I woke up early, went to our local Target, and then grabbed some Starbucks. I still have to try their new holidays drinks. Anyone try the Juniper Latte yet?


After breakfast I enjoyed a nice long run on a my-kind-of-Saturday-morning grey day!! It actually finally feels like Autumn now. Leaves are falling, I repeat- the leaves are falling!


After working on some school work I was in a mood for a movie. I am never in the mood for a movie at home, but for some reason nothing sounded better that evening. I usually can’t sit still that long, but I was so exhausted after all the festivities, and with the warm Christmas tree up it all sounded perfect. We chose Manchester by the Sea. About twenty minutes into it we turned it off- it was too depressing for the mood we were in. Instead, we tried Crazy Rich Asians, which I had heard raving reviews about. It was a good movie, we enjoyed it- but were sad they portrayed Christians in a such poor light, yet again, through the Hollywood lens :/.


Sunday morning of the 25th before church we tried out Koja Kitchen. DJ and I have been drooling over pictures of these soufflé pancakes for a couple months. After our experience at Cafe Jacqueline, anything with the word “soufflé” is calling our names! Within this last couple weeks just started selling them at this particular location by our apartment… serendipitous I do say!


DJ had their mixed berries ones, and there was not a trace left within a couple minutes. Rarely does DJ rave about food in the way I do, but he couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful these were!


And I concurred. My matcha mascarpone ones were next level fluffy, yummy deliciousness!!! These are crave worthy- the texture & flavor is everything. I don’t know how soufflé pancakes aren’t a staple for all breakfast spots. They are just phenomenal.


You can see in this video just how fluffy they are when you cut into them…

After church I enjoyed a shorter run soaking up the beautiful day.


November 26th I went on a nice walk before finishing up my massive paper for the semester. Woohooo!


On Wednesday November 28th I just continued to truck along with the school work with a run squeezed in between.


In the evening I posted a whole bunch of stuff on Poshmark and sold a few items. That always feels so satisfying, especially when you sell something that has just been sitting in the closet for a while!

Thursday the 29th was the same ole’, same ole’ for us with school and work, but in the evening I made more of the mac and cheese recipe from Thanksgiving! My goal is to figure out a vegan version of this. But for now- bring on the dairy!


I classify this as “cry food”: Food so good you get emotional and may even feel the urge to cry tears of joy.

Friday November 30th I went to a new hair salon and had my roots fixed from the fiasco of the last lady now that I’ve nursed it back to health somewhat. I loveeed how it turned out, I paid about half the price as the other place, and definitely spent half the time in the chair. I am so stinkin’ excited about this… y’all know I’ve had a difficult hair journey since moving here, so I’m glad to have found somewhere affordable and high quality! I loved my stylist too- she’s so sweet, fun to chat with & knowledgable.


We decided to have a formal date night for the first time in a long time! We have been kinda all over the place with work/school/etc. this last few months, so our attempt at a weekly date has fallen to the wayside (although we could consider our weekend breakfast tour a date day I suppose!).

We received a coupon from Steins to try out their new menu. If you’ve been following along for a while this place probably looks familiar. We were excited to try it out!


I am always skeptical about a soft pretzel since trying the one at Deschutes in Portland. That one was just too good & has ruined every soft pretzel since- nothing ever comes close! However, this one was solid. Not as good still- but close, especially with the dipping sauces of caraway beer mustard, pub cheese, & tomato jam!


Gotta get those truffle fries!! The lemon aioli they are served with is the most heavenly aioli everrrr.


We tried their creamed spinach too- and was pleasantly surprised how good this was! Typically steakhouses are the ones with the best creamed spinaches, but this is up there for sure.


DJ had their chicken tenders with their super spicy hot sauces. Mmm mm! I used some of the hot sauces for dipping too. DJ said these are some top notch tenders.


I tried their vegan cauliflower & garbanzo bean vegan dish paired with a cold glass of Pinot Grigio (perfect combo). This dish is supposed to serve three people, but when in marathon training….lol.


The dish was… fine. I wouldn’t order it again, probably will go for the fish next time- but it was still satisfying & is a great vegan option for those that are strictly vegan!


We came home, watched Arrested Development, and crashed.

On the morning of Saturday December 1st (How is it December?!), we had to go back to Koja…… the cravings were REAL.


This time I tried their Tokyo caramelized banana option! It was tasty, but I still prefer the matcha mascarpone. DJ had the mixed berries again.


I had a great long run of 16.75 miles after that carb load. I studied the entire time on the treadmill because it was raining outside. I made a solid dent in the books & actually felt better than I thought after the run. In the evening we had all our leftovers, and I spent the rest of the day resting the legs and blogging.

Yesterday, December 2nd, we went to an awesomeeee church service, then I did the first 20 minutes(ish) of this Youtube HITT routine. I ran some errands and then stopped by my friend Sara’s to wish her a happy bday. I worked on school work for a few hours, spent on hour talking to SheIn customer service (do not order from them- it’s not worth it), and last, to round off a nice, lazy, yummy weekend, we watched a couple episodes of Arrested Development.

Today the 3rd, I made a bunch of returns on my Black Friday orders. I ended up keeping two shirts, but it’ll feel good to see that money come back. Right now I’m enjoying this bowl of overnight pumpkin oats with fresh cranberries, a dollop of Fage, & maple syrup. Holy smokes – I might be on a new kick!


The rest of the day is dedicated 100% to studying. Watch out Research & Stats, I’m coming for ya. We leave tomorrow for Disney, so I’ll probably be MIA till next week! Hope this week is absolutely restful, joy-filled, & lovely for each of you!

Questions for you:

  • If you have been to Disney, which is your favorite park?
  • What are some of your favorite online stores with cheap(ish) clothes that you can trust? There are so many sketchy sites these days, but all of them seem to have such cute clothes until you get something totally different in the mail, lol!!

xo <3


118 thoughts on “Soufflé Pancakes & It’s Finally Autumn!

  1. Look at all that great food! Yummy. We have an inch of snow on the ground and it’s 26 degrees outside! I have visited Disneyland in California. Loved it! 🙂

    1. Hi, Kathy! Thanks so much 🙂 and sheesh an inch already?! Oh my ! I’ve grown soft with the cold since moving out here … but I’ll be experiencing that chill in just a few weeks when we go back to OH. Have a great week 🙂

  2. What are you studying? Are you in the master’s for PA now? Sorry I’m asking what I’m sure you’ve already posted!
    1. You had me at aioli. 2. Those NorCal leaves tho!!!! (I don’t miss the stench however hahaha). 3. Souffle so fluffy I wanna die!!!! 4. Too bad about rich crazy Asians…I was so down! 🙁

    1. I am actually in a Doctorate program to become a Family Nurse Practitioner! It is a 3.5 year program, so I have a ways to go yet.

      Isn’t aioli just the best? I could eat it with everything. Have you seen Crazy Rich Asians? It is still a good movie- just didn’t appreciate the dis . So tired of Christians being portrayed as cold hearted, hypocritical, snots.

      1. Congrats – that is AMAZING!!! I’m having a huge you go girl moment right now! 😀

        I’ll still watch Rich Crazy Asians but yeah it’s difficult when we get dissed! <3

      2. My life has been super DL this year! I’ve been spending a lot of time in the word and posting on that as of this week. But I haven’t really had any life updates. Everything is just quiet and good and teaching as usual. I’ve been really taking care of my nutrition though and I’ve been feeling great!! <3

      3. that’s awesome, Kristin! I’m so so glad things are going well- sometimes the most peaceful, refreshing, and “growing” times are those away from social media and all the noise… I’m so glad to have you back, but I totally understand what you mean! Xo

  3. Ooh, Ooh, OOH!!! I didn’t realize you were going to Disney! I am already SO ridiculously excited to read your recap posts!!!!! HA, ha. 🙂
    Loved everything about this post, per usual. I am now officially craving pancakes, hot coffee, and fall leaves. 🙂

    1. Yay!!!! Haha, that makes me happy that you are so excited too! I haven’t been in forever and barely remember it, so I truly do not even know what to expect ! Hope you get some yummy pancakes & hot coffee soon!! ❤️ thanks for stopping by, Nicole!

  4. Those pancakes…. holy smokes!!!! I wish we had something like them in Kentucky!

    Okay – one of my all time favorite & affordable clothing stores is I always shop their sale section! Some things are pricier than others but I can usually always find a few things that are a good deal.

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Disney!!


    1. Right?! The Midwest/ South NEEDS these. I do not understand how these aren’t a “thing” most places. They are next level YUMMY.

      Thank you so so so much for sharing. I can’t wait to check this shop out!

      Thanks girl 🙂 have a great day! ❤️

  5. As usual, your pictures of food leave me famished – I love the souffle pancakes and the mac and cheese – could use both right now. The leaves there are beautiful – their colors seemed more subtle than ours and very pretty. Your highlights are great – very natural, and you really lucked out after the last fiasco and other prior ones I guess, but it looks very good. I have been to Disneyland in California back in 1966 and again in 1981. I don’t remember a theme park though – I wasn’t that old the first time but loved the Matterhorn Mountain and was it the Mad Hatter’s Tea party with the brightly colored teacups that moved around but that was just a ride, not sure about a theme. Can’s remember much about the second time as we were part of a tour and had an organized sit-down lunch and then regrouped and I left the group and walked around on my own – no fun it that though. Enjoy your time at Disney – bring home a pair of mouse ears and pose in them for next blog posting! Safe travels to you and DJ!

    1. Hi, Linda!! Glad you like the foodie pics 🙂 the Mac and cheese didn’t last long at all haha. Aw thank you about the hair! I am so relieved to have it finally back to feeling more natural. Oh I hope to see the Mad Hatters Tea party! Dj doesn’t like the spinny rides, but I’m sure I can find someone to go on with me 🙂 I will absolutely hunt down some Minnie Mouse ears for sure 🙂 I have no idea what to expect so I’m excited to see how the week goes (especially with studying for finals at the same time- not sure how that’ll work out hehe). Thanks so much! ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Hehe!! Thanks 😉

        Ahh I cannot wait to check out your post 😍 thanks for sharing!

  6. I feel for you on the 4am wake up, I also did that for a long time for my job and you never really get used to it. I haven’t tried the juniper latte, it doesn’t really sound good to me but I also hate the taste of Gin so that’s probably why. Those souflee pancakes look amazing!

    1. Isn’t it brutal? By the end of the day I was a zombie!

      Ohh that makes sense. And girl, the soufflé pancakes are a must at some point! Thank you so much for stopping by, Cleia! I love your name by the way ❤️

  7. (1) I didn’t know I needed a souffle pancake in my life until now! They look unimatchanable (unimaginable…I’ll stick to my day job 🤣). You know I’d choose the matcha flavor first too!

    (2) Your hair looks so healthy & pretty!! I’m so sorry you had to go through such a long process with the other girl, but now you have it how you wanted, yay!

    (3) I cannot wait to read about your Disney recap! I’ve been to Disney World three times, but it’s been over 12 years, so a ton has changed.

    (4) Those leaves!! 😍🥰 I wish our fall foliage was still here. A strong storm came through & prematurely knocked so many leaves off the trees early. 🥺😢

    I hope you have the best day! XO

    1. Right?! We just heard about them a couple months ago- but I am just baffled that these aren’t a well known thing- easily one of my favorite breakfast items I’ve ever tried. Hahah- omg that pun is unmatchable 🤣 love it.

      Thank you tons! I am just so relieved. In the Midwest I never had issues at all- but then out here it’s crazy.

      Oh no! Well hopefully I can provide some pretty leave views like you did for me a couple months ago! Have a great day, Kori! ❤️

    1. Haha, pancakes are pancakes though right?! Can only be good! These are a must for the foodie bucket list I will say 🙂

      Ohhh I love Etsy too! They have the cutest stuff & people’s creativity just amazes me

  8. Those pancakes look delicious. I can’t even decide which one I would get because the presentation for all of them is next level delicious looking.

    I’m laughing that it’s finally fall near you. It’s getting cold here and I’m not happy about it ha. Enjoy the fall weather for me!

    Finding a hair salon is honestly so hard. You don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount but you also want your hair to look good so it’s tough. When I stayed in NJ after graduation I asked someone I knew where they went as a starting point. I figure if someone won’t recommend their hairdresser to you then it’s not worth going to them so it’s one less salon on the list of places to try.

    16.75 miles on a treadmill?! Dang girl!! I’m so impressed by that. If your semester is similar to Alex’s then you’re probably coming up on finals so good luck!!

    Have a great day Mackenzie!

    1. Hi, Maureen! Good news is you can’t go wrong with any flavor you choose- all soo yummy.

      I absolutely will enjoy for ya! Enjoy the coziness of cold days for me- I do miss that! Especially snow.

      Girl it is SO hard to find a good hair salon. And that’s so true- many of my friends so don’t highlight their hair here so I really didn’t have anyone to ask hence the goose chase. In the Midwest it was always so easy & cheap! I can’t wait to move and see those prices come down. Get this (and I learned my lesson)… the first ever place I went when we moved out here charged me $300 for a cut & highlight. She was telling me things she was doing to my hair throughout it, and I had no clue it was all “extra”. I probably should have argued since she wasn’t clear and made it sound like part of the whole thing. I was shell shocked when she said the price and didn’t get my hair done for a long time after that.

      Haha I would prefer to not have done it on the treadmill, but it was probably good for me with the knee issues & the fact that I had to force myself to study for finals too.

      Have a great day too, girl! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      1. Do you know where you are moving next? I must have missed a post if you said so!

        Oh man I would be so mad if someone was doing a service and not telling me it was extra! That has a bad yelp review all over it in my opinion lol.

      2. Sooo we will know our plans for the next couple years in about 2 weeks! I will definitely keep you posted – a lot is still up in the air so you didn’t miss anything 🙂

        Haha agreeeed! I probably should, but I always feel so bad giving bad reviews. I am aiming for that yelp elite status though, so I need to start talking about the good, bad, and ugly!

        Hope you are having an awesome week!! ❤️

      3. Ah so soon! I hope it works out perfectly for you and DJ 🙂

        I totally get that and I do feel bad! But then I think about someone else reading the review and I personally would be annoyed if someone had a bad experience but didn’t share.

        Thank you! I hope you’re having a great week – it’s almost Friday!

      4. Thanks, girl!!

        That’s such a good point ! And also that helps them the restaurant or business have incentive to get better too !

        Yesss! One more day!!❤️

  9. Those pancakes!!! I so wish we had a place like that around here! They look absolutely AMAZING!

    Props to you for being able to study on the treadmill! I can barely run a few miles on the treadmill let alone study while doing it!

    Those pictures of fall trees are beautiful! Fall definitely flew by around here so I missed some of the pretty leaves.

    I am so obsessed with Poshmark! I’ve made a good amount of money on there and also have bought some really awesome things off there. It’s funny you bring it up because yesterday I just went through my clothes to find more things to sell. It feels so good making room in my closet while also making money!

    1. Hi, Emily!! I really think these need to be a “thing” everywhere- best pancakes ever- so yummmmy!

      Haha thanks, girl. Not ideal but the rain did force me to be productive! Two birds with one stone.

      Isn’t it great?! Every sale I make motivates me to want to sell more. So fun! Thanks for stopping in- have a great rest of your week!

  10. Alllllll of the gorgeous leaves and trees in this post make my heart so happy!!!! I am loving the Christmas decor but I want my fall leaves back! So glad you are finally getting to enjoy them!

    Those souffles look ah-mazing!! As the little girl in Despicable Me would say “it’s so fluffy!”

    Safe travels and I hope y’all have an amazing time!

    1. Hahaha I literally said “it’s so fluffy!” Out loud to Dj when we were eating 🤣

      Thanks so much, Kaci!

  11. The pancake looks very yummy and the trees photos are beautiful. Btw, I am agreed with you about the Black Friday. It was madness. I was in town looking for a new hiking shoes but it was just too crowded- too many people and finally I decided, it is not worth it, I get headache with so many people around and I can not really see the merchandise. Yeah.. it is better do online shop or shop on normal day:)

    1. Thanks so much!!! Yeah it is just too crazy- I enjoyed the chaos my first ever time going, but now it is just too much. Hope you found some great hiking shoes online ! Thanks for stopping by- hope you are having a beautiful week!

      1. Thanks, we are off to Berlin this weekend and I so look forward to see the Christmas market there. I wish you a wonderful weekend too:)

  12. Awwww I miss autumn so much! It’s proper winter for me haha! And your hair looks so nice! Glad you found someone who can do it more to your liking and help it be healthy!

  13. Those leaves are so pretty. We are looking at 12 inches of snow this coming weekend. I love Disney World!! We had annual passes at both Disney and Universal over the years that we lived in Florida. The souffle pancakes look so tasty. I need some of those in my life!! I don’t like the Black Friday madness. My daughter tried to have me take her out. We walked around the mall for 5 minutes and she was like “okay, let’s go. I’ll do my orders online!”

    1. No way!! Oh my gosh, I bet your kids loveeeeedddd those passes! this place is just so magical- I get why people love it SO much!

      Definitely add soufflé pancakes to your foodie bucket list 🙂

      Haha yess I don’t blame her for changing her mind! Hope you all had some fun finds online! 💕

  14. Mack, this is such a great post. I love hearing what you and DJ did after Thanksgiving. Sounds like it was restful and productive for you!

    Those pancakes look amazing. I’m impressed that you went there twice. And, congratulations on completing your final paper. That’s quite an accomplishment Mack. Yay. ❤️💖

    Have a wonderful rest of your week. Enjoy Disney!!

    1. Thanks so much, Debbie! Always such a joy to hear from you 🙂 Have a blessed rest of your week! ❤️💕

      1. You too, Mack!! And I’m going on a peace retreat at Asilomar (do you know it? It’s in Pacific Grove) next week. So I’ll be offline — wanted to tell you in case you didn’t see me visiting your blog for a bit. Blessings to you and DJ, Mack. ~Debbie

      2. Aww thank you for letting me know, Debbie! I do not know Asilomar (although the name does sound very familiar!)…. enjoy! I bet it will be so wonderful <3 Have a blessed time.

      3. Happy New Year, Mack! God bless you and DJ. You are wonderful & a blessing for me. 🙂 I’m so glad that we connected …. you contribute so much to the blogging community!!! Much love — Debbie

      4. Happy New Year, Debbie!!! God Bless you too. You are a light to this community & the world & ALWAYS brighten my day. Thank you for being you and spreading so much love. I hope you had a wonderful retreat. xo

  15. Oh, Kenzie! I need those souffle pancakes! You should do deliveries! The pictures of the leaves are lovely. We’ve already had snow several times so our beautiful leaves are long gone. Thank you for the look back at autumn!

    1. Haha I wish I could ship some for you to try! They are too darn delicious!!!

      Aw of course- I’m glad you enjoyed these pictures 🙂 enjoy the snow for me!! I do miss it

  16. Those souffle pancakes look out of this world!! I’ve never seen such fluffy pancakes! Okay, another thing to add to the list for if we ever visit San Francisco lol.
    Definitely agree with how Hollywood presents Christians. It’s sad and though I know a lot of Christians give Christianity a bad reputation, it’s still bothersome when it comes across in movies. :/
    Anywayyy those photos with the fall leaves and trees are gorgeous!! I’m glad that autumn has now come to California so you can enjoy it a bit. <3

    1. Girl they are to. die. for. So flippin’ delicious!! And the thing I love about these is there are quick, easy, and relatively cheap compared to other brunchy spots in the area … so a must for WHEN you visit 😉

      agreed :/ it’s so unfortunate.

      Thanks, girl!!! They are at their tail end now, but we definitely enjoyed some of the colors while they were here 🙂 Hope your week is off to a wonderful start! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  17. Mackenzie, my stomach seriously just growled at the sight of those souffle pancakes. Wow oh wow, I need to get me some of those immediately!! I totally see why you had to go back again!! I love the term “cry-food” hahaha, that is so funny but that mac n cheese sure looks like it can classify as that. ;D Everything at Stein’s looks so dang delish!! I love trying all different kinds of sauces like what they did with the chicken tenders. MMM!

    I’m sorry you had an issue with SheIn!! I’ve always been way too skeptical to shop there but, I’m definitely never going to now that I’ve heard their customer service stinks! 😛 I love Rainbow Shops, their stuff is so cheap & they’re based in New York. Super reliable with pretty quick shipping.

    Hope you guys are having an amazing time!! Can’t wait to hear all about Disney. 😀 <3

    1. YESS! you would definitely love the souffle pancakes, they are so fluffy & delicious & mmmmm. I am really wishin’ I had some right now. Stein’s really turns it up with the sauces, and DJ and I are alll about that life. Actually, before we started dating he ate his wings plain…. yes plain *shudder*… I introduced him to ranch, honey mustard and the like with them, now any time there are sauces for something he’ll get um’ all haha.

      Yeah, I’d stay away from SheIn. It’s sketchy for sure. I am sooo excited to check out Rainbow Shops. Going to look tonight! Thanks for the suggestion!!

      Thanks girl! I can’t wait to share about it 🙂

      1. Need need need those souffle pancakes. I love all things fluffy. Have you seen those Japanese pancake videos? Lolol oh my gosh I AM shuddering… plain wings?!? Luckily he has you in his life!!!

        I hope you like the clothes at Rainbow. 🙂 & I cannot wait to hear all about it!!

      2. Wait no! What japanese pancake videos?! I need to watch these asap. lol- I remind him of that all the time 😉 “Imagine if you hadn’t met me, you’d probably still be eating plain wings!”

        Yesss! I’m so excited too!

      3. Lol you will die when you see the Japanese pancakes video but I just watched another one & it’s pretty similar to yours!! I think they are the same thing so never mind. 😛 oh & DJ owes you everything for getting him off those plain wings LOL!!

        I saw you posted about Universal Studios!! Can’t wait til I reach the post on my Reader, I am so far behind!! But I did get a little impatient & quickly scrolled through the photos already. 😀 😀

      4. lol!! I just watched and now I am hard core craving them again. Get this though- the location they have right by us is apparently a pop up and they are moving. I sent DJ the screen shot of the post about them moving and we both literally flipped out. How can they do this to us just when we just discovered them?!? I am gonna try to make them at home though! They look pretty easy.

        hahah- that’s what I say 😉

        No worries girl, I never expect anyone to ever keep up with all the posts! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, Hunida. Hope it is car trouble free!

      5. WHATTT!! So lucky that you guys at least got to go twice before they move. I bet you could make them at home though!! 😉 & I will definitely read all of your posts when I have the time because I truly love to!! <3

        Hope you have a wonderful weekend, too!! <3

      6. I JUST MADE UM’ TONIGHT! They turned out pretty welll- I will share pics in a recap post (one of these days, I’m so behind haha).


  18. Have so much fun at Disney!! I think Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios are my faves! I read the book Crazy Rich Asians but didn’t see the movie. I can’t recall them talking about religion in the book. What did they do in the movie that was portraying Christians? Maybe I just don’t remember!

    1. Hi, Heather! Thanks, girl. I think Hollywood Studios was mine too- or Epcot! I may have appreciated Magic Kingdom more if we didn’t go on a hot Saturday during the Christmas season with just people shoulder to shoulder! Always an excuse to go back, right?!

      Okay so it was VERY brief… basically it was the son’s mom hosting a Bible Study at her home at the beginning of the show. It basically was portrayed as snobby hypocritical women who then go on to be the “villains” of the show. Just put a bad taste in our mouths! So unnecessary- like why not just make it a book club rather than a bible study?

  19. Great article! Lovely pictures of all the fall leaves and flowers.

    I always wanted to see Manchester By The Sea. TV usually gets in the way, LoL, so I still haven’t watched it yet. I love that it’s by a theater playwright, so hopefully going to catch it sometime soon.

    Have fun on your Disney trip. I went twice to Disneyworld years ago. Some of the best trips ever, so much to do.

    1. Thanks so much, Jodi 🙂

      I agree- I have such a hard time getting through a movie when shows are vying for my attention!

      Thanks so much, girlie!! It was a blast- I agree- SO much to do, never ending fun 🙂

      1. I’m actually hoping to watch Manchester By The Sea this weekend. Once in awhile I’ll take a small break from TV and watch a movie instead. It rarely happens that I stray from TV, but I’ve really been wanting to catch this movie. I just found out Kyle Chandler is in it, which I had no idea about.

        Oh, I forgot to ask how far are you into Arrested Development? I loved that show! Still haven’t seen that last season yet though.

      2. Okay let me know what you think! We haven’t finished it yet- so I’d love to hear if it is worthwhile! Especially because you and I have such similar tastes in TV 😉 Oooo yes I love Kyle Chandler- he’s a phenomenal actor.

        We are in Season 2 I think! I swear it is getting better & better. Just love it!!

      3. I finished watching Manchester By The Sea over the weekend. It was such a good film. Totally recommend! It is very sad and makes you want to cry every other minute, but it so worth the watch. I started watching it on Saturday, but than everyone else wanted to watch Saturday Night Live. So I ended up finishing it on Sunday. Super weird way to watch that movie, LoL, oh wells. Hope you like it too.

        Have you watched Bloodline on Netflix? Kyle Chandler is on that. It’s one of my favorite Netflix series. Last season is a bit uneven, but still worth the watch.

        Yes, Arrested Development is hilarious! One of these days I’ll get around to watching that last season.

      4. Oh good to know you enjoyed it!!! I’ll make sure I’m emotionally prepared when we do finish it up 🙂

        How was SNL?! I haven’t watched it yet from that evening!

        YESSS I loveeed Bloodline!! I watched all the seasons in just a couple weeks.. although I’m not sure I have watched the latest season, I think it came out after I watched through them all. I’ll have to check on that! have a great Wednesday, girl!

      5. I just finished this past week’s SNL yesterday. It was okay. Some moments were better than others. Overall it was an okay episode. This season hasn’t been the best, in my opinion. The last three episodes were fairly good though. So improvement I guess, LoL.

        Oh so glad to see another fan of Bloodline! I heard that the creators were hoping for it to be a five season series, so I think that’s why the last season felt not complete in a way. Either way, a great series overall. If you liked that show you might like Damages, it’s by the same team from Bloodline.

        Thanks =)!

    1. truly!! but SO light!! It is hard to even explain how good & flavorful & fluffy they were. I hope you can try sometime- you would love them, Jess! xo

      1. Aren’t they so good?! I really liked the berries & cream too- but anything matcha wins me over !

    1. haha, glad you liked all the foodie shots- if you ever want to make a freaking good homemade mac, use this recipe! it was to dieee for. But heal up that wrist first, cause with half a pound of cheese you’ll need both hands to stir. lol. Thanks for stopping by, Jamie! XOX

  20. I am with ya on doing Black Friday shopping online versus in stores. It gets cray cray out there, lol. I’ve never heard of the Juniper latte! What is it?! I am fascinated!

    1. Yesss, thank goodness we live in a day and age where we can online shop! So I think it has mandarin orange and spices in it at select shops- I still haven’t tried it, but next time I see it on a menu I think I’ll have to give it a go! Sounds perfect for the holidays. Thanks for stopping in, Allie 🙂

  21. Hi there! Finally found your blog back! I don’t know what’s wrong with WP that I couldn’t see any of your posts while I’m still following your blog?
    Anyways, that breakfast from Koja are so awesome! It looks so perfect and delicious!
    And of course you always got all great pictures shared here 😍 Thanks for sharing and have a great time!

    1. Hey, girl! WP has been acting up lately- it’s been putting a ton of my comments in spam & some of my posts aren’t showing up too. *sigh*.

      Thanks so much, Chica!!! XO

  22. Aren’t souffle pancakes just the bomb? First time I had them, I was blown away! And yours come in such funky flavour combos!

    The fall colours are so incredibly pretty. The trees in London just about had some leaves (but certainly not the lovely hues of yours) when we arrived 3 weeks ago, but they are pretty much all fallen now.

    I used to be able to say I’ve been all the Disney parks, but since Shanghai popped up, I have lost that claim. I love them all, for different reasons, because they have their unique charm & feel. I am sooooo excited that you get to vacation there – and with family as well! That’s the best!

    1. They are SO good, I seriously don’t know how I haven’t had these my whole life!

      Ohhh there is one in Shanghai now?! how awesome!! It is so magical, isn’t it? And yes– with family was the BEST. Thanks for sharing & stopping by 🙂

  23. Alright , I am way behind Mackenzie!! I am so happy for you to have fall no matter how late. It is so different in CA I guess. You need to try the hallmark/lifetime Christmas movies , I am so guilty of watching them, hehe!! Hollywood is not very friendly to Christians . There is a website that features good christian approved movies , I will find it! The mac and cheese looks so tasty! I need to check out poshmark . Your hair looks gorgeous! I am glad you found a new stylist, who is fun to chat with , knows what they are doing and has great prices. Thats a win for you. Stein’s looks like my kind of place. The menu is very appetising! The truffle fries , I can nearly taste them! Oh my Koja is making Me hungry now! I am glad you had a great Church Service, Amen! I hope I did’nt direct you towards SheIn ! If I did I apologise. I have not ordered from them but some of the dresses I featured were from that site. Everything looks so cute on the website. Have a great Sunday Dear , Terri xo.

    1. Awww thank you, Terri <3 I always get SO excited to see a comment from you 🙂 It really makes me sad the way they portray Christians- it's always the same- hypocritical, judgmental, etc. *sigh*. I'm thankful that right now in the media Lauren Daigle is making her way mainstream and some other prominent figures are outspoken about their faith.

      Thank you tons! I am so so relieved about my hair girl!

      Oooo Stein's is so delish. We only go every once in a while because it's quite pricy, but man is it good!

      Aww no you didn't direct me to it! I have known about it for a long time. I ordered from it before and didn't have problems, but this time it was a disaster. May have been a fluke- but I am going to steer clear to be safe now. On the website everything looks so nice, but so many of the clothes just aren't quite the same in person unfortunately!!

      Hope you had an absolutely wonderful weekend 🙂

      1. I will not watch any hollywood awards shows Mackenzie . There is a lot of hate and selfishness. I will check out Lauren Daigle. Thanks for the heads up about
        SheIn . I hope your week is going well Girl, Terri xo.

      2. I think you will love Lauren Daigle!! Try out the song “You”. It brings me to tears every time!<3 <3

      3. I listed to Lauren, she is awesome Mackenzie, so talented, love her Christmas songs/hymns . How is your day going? Have a good evening, Terri xo.

      4. I’m so glad you enjoyed her music! It is going well. Trying to catch up on blogging before leaving tonight for OH- time for another cup of jo- that always helps the productivity 😉 how about yours? Xo

      5. Yes I did Mackenzie her voice is amazing ❤️ I’m so happy that you are getting to go to home for Christmas. A Cup of Jo always does the trick for me🍵 I am really busy doing some last-minute stuff, you can imagine with 4 kids 👱‍♀️🙎‍♂️💁‍♂️👱‍♂️ If I don’t get to correspond with you have a blessed and Merry Christmas, the good news is the Saviour is born! Take care Terri Xoxo.

      6. I am so amazed by her too !! She is making her way into main stream media which is just incredible.

        Can never ever go wrong with a cup of ole’ jo 😉

        AW I love that! SO true. We just got back from our Christmas eve service a bit ago, had me a bit weepy to tell the truth. The message was so powerful- words can’t describe the most valuable gift of our Savior sent to us. I hope you have the most blessed Christmas too, Terri. Your little ones are blessed to have you as their mom!

      7. I am glad you had a great experience at the Christmas eve service, Being weepy shows you are in a loving relationship with our lord and Savior Jesus Christ, amen! I am so blessed to have them as kids also Mackenzie! Take care, Terri xo.

  24. I… had no idea that soufflé pancakes exist? I would have definitely gone for the matcha one too, it looks delicious. 😍 Those views are amazing, the solitary red tree is my fave, and it reminds me of the Nosedive episode from Black Mirror!

    1. Oh my goodness, we just discovered them a few months ago and my life hasn’t been the same lol. Okay that’s a bit dramatic- but I do hope you get to try them soon!!!

      Oh you are SOO right about the nosedive episode- I totally see that, especially the beginning scene where she is running outside !

  25. Still catching up! Sorry!!
    I went to some class for parents about how to manage finances during the holidays, and they told us December 14th was free shipping day!!!! How cool is that?! And also, don’t buy too much into “black Friday sales”. Its too over hyped. It’s not real. There are far better sales the rest of the year lol.
    Autumn looks absolutely incredible over there especially with open skies!
    Omg omg omg omg! Souffle pancakes are s thing?! I only know of souffle omelette because of a food anime we watch lmao. They look so good I want to try both the pancakes and the eggs. Matter of fact, I believe I saw somewhere how to make the omelette. I gotta try it.
    Your hair looks great! I want to cut mine again and dye it a fun color lol.
    Glad to know the best pretzel you’ve ever had was from here 😉😉
    Cant wait to see your Disney trip! Haven’t been there in years! It looked like a lot of fun in your stories on IG

    1. Aw no need to apologize, gf!! WAIT- a whole day for free shipping?! Okay I’m gonna make sure I ship ALL Christmas gifts on that day next year – thank you so much for telling me about that! I usually avoid black friday sales because I can’t deal with the crowds- but it’s soo good to know I’m not missing out-I always feel a bit of “fomo” about it. I have absolutely no doubt you would LOVEEEEEEEE souffle pancakes. Girl, they are life-changing!

      I don’t think any pretzel will top Deschutes! You’ve got to get a beer flight with one sometime. Ultimate combo (and I don’t even like beer all that much).

      <3 <3

      1. That’s what they said, although, they didn’t specify if it was for EVERYTHING or for online shopping only. I need to do some research and make sure. I don’t want you to go into the post office or ups and have to pay because of what I said haha
        I just saw that it was a pop up shop in one of your posts which makes me sad 🙁 I wasn’t able to find anything here like that lol but I am willing to make them at home
        I don’t like beer either but I’ll put deschutes on my list!

      2. lol no worries! It’d be so worth it though!

        Can’t wait for you to try Deschutes 🙂

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