Eating Our Way Through Portland Part Three!

Hey y’all!! Oh man, I am getting these posts up at a snail’s pace. Ever since we’ve came back from Portland things have just been go go go! But alas, I finally bring us to our last installment of our Portland trip. Here are part one and part two.

We started out the last day of our trip venturing into Blue Star Donuts. Now, most people have heard that Voodoo donuts is the place to go when in Portland- but there is an ongoing debate among locals whether Blue Star or Voodoo is better. Jay insisted that we had to try Blue Star, and we were not about to argue with a local Portland donut savant.


The flavors to choose from are the most unusual donut flavors I have ever seen….


Donut you just want to try them all?!

I sampled the blueberry bourbon basil, lemon poppyseed, and the peanut butter and jelly.


My favorite was either the lemon poppyseed- best lemon poppy ever, but the stellar unique deliciousness of the blueberry bourbon basil was unlike any donut I’ve ever had. It is a MUST try. The PB & J was excellent too- but I did prefer the other two more.

Deej tried the chocolate, blueberry cake, and glazed original. Not on bite was left! Jay had a maple bacon, one of their staples.


But the ultimate question is- did you even go to Portland if you didn’t get a picture of the Keep Portland Weird sign?! Voodoo donuts is located right across the street, and it looked like a zoo. The line was wrapped entirely around the building, and we all agreed me made the right choice by hitting up Blue Star instead. (Next time we will try Voodoo to compare 😉 ).




While stopping by the PB statue, I noticed a bunch of tents popping up and my farmer’s market senses were tingling. I cannot resist a Farmer’s market walk by. The boys graciously stopped by with me.


CHANNEL THE FLANNEL Y’ALL! There was a local school parade we happened to watch going through the Farmer’s market. We laughed because we were probably the only one’s there that early in the morning that didn’t know a single person in the parade.


I won this Yerba Mate at one of the cute little stands with a spin the wheel for a prize.


After, we decided to head to Cascade Brewing House– the House of Sour! Sour Beer is my and DJ’s favorite- so naturally we had to try this place.


After the yum of the pretzel from Deschutes, we all agreed we were up to split another!


It wasn’t on the same level as Deschutes, and we didn’t prefer many of the beers. Maybe we didn’t get the right ones, but definitely would suggest going to Deschutes before Cascade.

We walked around downtown after near the Pioneer Courthouse and some side streets.


We were pretty hungry again so we went to the ultimate food truck destination! Here is the address: 1207 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214. It’s a non-negosh if you go to Portland– you have to try one of these food trucks!


They had asian fusion, Egyptian, BBQ, pizza, Mexican, and the one we opted for…



Potato champion! An actual meal served over fries.


So, I didn’t realize every single thing on the menu was over fries. I ordered the palak paneer fries and then the veggie korma thinking the korma was a wrap for some reason. In reality I had just walked up and confidently ordered two large orders of fries. The guy was probably like, “oook you do you boo booo…” The guys ordered the poutine fries and a burger to split from a nearby truck.


Fries on fries on the sun’s in my eyeeees. This was the first time the sun came out, and I think it was a sign. The beams of light came through the clouds, illuminating this meal like it was sacred. Amen amen. (ok that’s a bit dramatic, but you can’t judge until you’ve tried this heavenly goodness).


Gosh, did I mention these fries were good 😉 It was one of those times that I was like, no way I’m gonna make a dent in all this… but it was addictively delicious “Just one last bite” for about fifty more bites. Tehe.


Now this burger, from Bottle Rocket, was burger perfection, simply amoozing. Wow, I am in rare form today. 😉  DJ was raving so much about it that I had to try it. Holy. stinking. smokes. I don’t know if I’ve ever tried a better burger. With the sun shinin’, the awesome energy, the upbeat yet relaxed atmosphere…this little pitstop is a great place to Ketchup with some friends.


We went back to the hotel, took a long nap, then got ready for dinner.


Diva Shot.


DJ and I had a bit of time to kill before dinner and if we opted for the “Green clean” (so no housekeeping), we received a 15 dollar credit to use for room service or at Urban Farmer, the other restaurant within our hotel.


These are pictures from the gorgeous sitting area you pass through to get to Urban Farmer.


I absolutely adored the decor at Urban Farmer. It was rustic, chic, and soft. It was the perfect ambiance. To my CLE fam- there is one in Cleveland!! There are also locations in Philly and Denver.


DJ and I tried Oysters one time and weren’t huge fans. But like with anything- you have to give something a few goes before you make a final decision on whether you like them. We decided to order a few. They were fine, but we both agreed we would just rather have a shrimp cocktail or another appetizer over oysters.


We walked a couple blocks to meet up with Jay and Carly (Jay’s girlfriend) for dinner at Portland City Grill!

Gotta Keep Portland Weird, ya know!?


Portland City Grill is on the 30th floor (chant with me.. views, views, views!!!)


It was a beautiful evening, so we were able to see the mountains clearly!


Portland City Grill is pretty darn expensive, but on Sundays they have a happy hour menu alll day. This means we were able to try a few dishes at half the price- they were just exquisite.

We started with some house salads and then the crab cakes. *insert drooling emoji here*.


Then the asian spring rolls…mmm! I haven’t had these in a while. I used to make them all the time, and this inspired me to whip out my personal recipe to start making them this summer.


Next on deck, fish n’ chips. Best . fish n’ chips. ever.


We didn’t skip out on desserts. And we had a sweeet tooth! This beauty below is a lemon chiffon cake with layers of Lemon Chiffon Cake & Raspberry Gelée, Candied Almonds, Limoncello & Poppy Seed Ice Cream.


And this magic morsel… the marbled black forest cheesecake with poached cherries, a chocolate cookie crust, and whipped cream. I don’t even need to mention how fantastic this was.


The crew! (and a photo bomber)


In the morning we headed straight to the airport, saying goodbye to an unforgettable few days filled with amazing memories.

Really quick… for travel posts I like to give super honest reviews of where we stay. If we had to recommend The Nines to someone we agreed we probably would not recommend it. I know this is shocking considering how beautiful and centrally located it is. It was very nice, but a few things fell a bit subpar for the cost. There was no coffee in the room- only out in the lobby (coffee in the room is a must for me, that darn mini coffee maker in most hotels is usually my favorite part of a stay, lol), the bartender at Urban Farmer was the rudest human being we have ever interacted with (we were flabbergasted at the interaction we had, absurdity at its finest), we never ended up getting that $15 dollar comp that we were promised (And never received housekeeping because of that, which is fine- but we were looking forward to getting the oysters comped), there is no pool/hot-tub, we were awoken by our neighbors at three in the morning and had a hard time sleeping with how loud they were, and the cost for what it is just wasn’t worth it in our opinion. We have had just as great if not better stays at places that cost way less. If you visit Portland, I’d recommend visiting the hotel, maybe going to Departure for some great views or Urban Farmer for the ambiance (just don’t sit at the bar in case you get that bartender haha), but don’t stay.

When we arrived at the airport I had to try the famous Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Their coffee was so strong, a bit bitter, a bit too much for me but I see how people would like it!


Byyyyyeeee Portland <3 Thanks for the memories! Until next time!

xo <3

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42 thoughts on “Eating Our Way Through Portland Part Three!

  1. The donut flavors sound amazing!! I love lemon poppy seed but the blueberry bourbon basil flavor sounds so intriguing to me. And a meal over fries sounds perfect!! Who doesn’t love french fries and how could a dish on top be better?

    I LOVE the honesty about the stay at The Nines. I would rather have you be honest about your experience then just be like the location is great and was a cool atmosphere but not be real about your experience. I don’t know how rude the bartender was but that sucks you had such a horrible experience with them. People need to learn how to interact with others!

    I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday 🙂

    1. Girl, those donuts were some of the best!! I’m such a sucker for anything lemon poppyseed- and I crave this one. And the blueberry bourbon basil sounds like a weird combo, but it worked perfectly! I wish I could have tried everything at potato champion- so many options- we had some of the weirder ones, but there were more tame options on the menu 😉

      THANK YOU for appreciating the honesty.. i hate to be a downer in anyway, but I would hate even more for someone to think “oh I have to stay there when I go”.. not worth it! LOL- I agree about just interacting with others. My husband and I said some people need a class called “Decent humanity 101”.

      Hope your day has been great!! I can’t wait to catch up on your latest posts. XO

      1. Sometimes the weird combos end up working out the best! I just figure it what seems like a weird combo is on the menu then it’s probably good. A restaurant wouldn’t put something out if none of the owners/employees even liked it!

        I’m the same way! But it’s better to be honest then risk someone else having the same experience. Plus it was just two people experience. Someone else could have had a great time and wrote about it. Decent humanity 101 sounds like a class lots of people should take!

        Thanks Mackenzie. I hope your week started off on a high note 🙂

      2. They do!! I sometimes discover weird combos when we are low on groceries that end up being some of my favorite snacks and meals! Hope your week is off to an awesome start too, gf! 🙂

      3. There’s an endless way I take leftovers/random things from the fridge and make a quesadilla or wrap or salad with it. I have yet to fail with that strategy. Hope you’re have a wonderful Tuesday 🙂

      4. Right?! It’s the best. Just tonight I whipped up some palak paneer from trader joes with farro that I had and it worked super well! Love that. Hope you are having a great week, girlfriend!

      5. That’s much more exotic than any combos I come up with lol I’m glad it worked out! Thank you, I hope you’re having a great week too!

      6. haha- I mean I am scrapppping the pantry. I finally made a trip to TJ today. I just love it there. It’s like my amusement park, lol

  2. Girl Firstly your cover photo is making me SO hungry (AND I just ate!) Oh my lanta the PB and J looks SO good! (Have you tried a PB and J macaron? If not you need too!) And I LOVE lemon poppy seed SO yummy! (I actually had GF vegan lemon poppy seed muffins from Whole foods the other day. SO good!
    Haha girl I LOVE that! Nope def did NOT go to Portland if you didn’t get that sign!
    I died reading that! Channel the flannel! I think you could definitely be in the Northeast with that slogan!
    Oh my lanta the architecture of the Pioneer courthouse has me wanting to book my flight NOW!
    I LOVE food trucks! I actually have a friend who runs one in Bend Oregon.
    Bwahaha you can never have to much fries! And I would TOTALLY do that! It all looks SO yummy though!
    Girl I LOVE your rare form! My sick Benedryll addled brain is deeply enjoying this! You are the sunshine in my life this afternoon! (Okay NOW I am being corny lol)
    Bwahaha “Ketchup” Dead!
    Also LOVE your diva shots werk it girl! I am obsessed with your booties! SO cute!
    Urban Farmer is SO cute!
    And I LOVE that shot of you!
    Oh my lanta the views AND that food! Mouth is watering!
    That is a bummer about the hotel. A great stay makes all the difference. Thanks for taking me on your Portland journey beauty! I loved experiencing the “other” Portland! 🙂 <3

    1. Hi Hi!! Oooo I have not tried a PB & J macaroon but dang that sounds too good to be true. YUM! Haha- so funny—I feel like Portland did feel a lot like the northeast! The weather and beauty—definitely gave me some of those vibes. WAIT- you have a friend that runs one?! If we ever go back I’ll have to visit hers!

      Thanks for stopping by, boo! I hope you’re feeling much better. Have to rest up for that trip next week 😉

      1. Oh my word they are heaven! I didn’t think I would like it, but SO yummy! The ones from macaron cafe are the best though! Ooo I need to go now! I also really want to go to Seattle…I mean it IS Coffee Central! ;p I do! in Bend Oregon! I can get the name for you! The food they serve looks SO yummy! They also have a restaurant in Sonoma too!
        Anytime sweets! Thanks love, I think finally! I still have a pesky cough though 🙁 Eeeeek yasss! SO excited! <3

      2. Oh my gosh – YESSSSSSS. I haven’t been to Seattle either and it’s definitely up on the list. Wait it’s coffee central?! How did I not know this?! Please do get the name! I’ll tuck it away 🙂

  3. Glad you had fun- but I agree that your hotel had problems. Ok so I have to say that today’s food did not do it for me! The donuts- no no. The fries- very no. Maybe i would have had a bite of that pink cheesecake. You can count on me to eat your oysters next time. I have had Urban Farmer on my list so we will try that in Believeland. Love you and your posts.

  4. Oh I disagree with thy sister above….those donuts did everything for me!! I want them all and that blueberry basil baby looked amazing although maple bacon is a favorite of mine. The fries did seem a bit much but very happy to know we have an Urban Farmer, would love to try it here. Thanks again for this 3 part blog as I almost feel like I’ve been there! Love you both dearly! Your Ohio mom still cheering for her Cavs!

    1. Tehehe!!!! You would have loveeed those donuts! And the fries had some tamer options- we just went a little nuts with um. And Thank you for reading! Keep cheering hard – we may be going to Game 5, we’ll letchya know! XO

  5. All of those donuts are beautiful! Blueberry bourbon basil?! Gimme, gimme! That pretzel looks fantastic! & oh my gosh. Another food truck stop?! YESSS! The fries all look amazing, I can’t choose a favorite haha. The meat in that burger from Bottle Rocket looks like perfection!

    The Urban Farmer restaurants interior is fab. I agree about oysters. Boyfriend & I have tried ’em countless times just trying to love them but, we just don’t. The views up the elevator to the Portland City Grill are giving me major heart eyes! 😍 & all of the food looks wonderful, especially the dessert! Just wow!

    So sorry that you didn’t like your hotel & thanks for being honest! It does look nice but bad service, no coffee, and they didn’t comp your oysters like they said they would! That’s 3 strikes, uh-uh lol.

    You & DJ are the cutest ever. I really enjoyed these Portland posts!! Thanks for bringing us along! ♡

    1. HAY GIRL. I think the food trucks were our favorite of everything- I want to go back and do just a food truck tour! DJ and I were ranking the best burgers he has ever had yesterday and he said this was at the top. YES, finally someone who agrees about Oysters lol. Baha- yesss, I love your three strike rule, thanks for gettingggg it. Thanks for reading, m’dear! Your comments ALWAYS brighten my day! XO

  6. WOW what an incredible trip! My belly hurts just thinking of eating all of this food. bahahaha Your summary of the burgers: OMG amoozing, Ketchup with friends HAHAHAHA

    So happy you had safe travels and treasured times with friends! I am sorry the hotel ended up being crappy tho!

    1. Tehehe, Dj and I were laughing going back through these posts at how much we put down. Thanks for appreciating my horribly punny humor 😉 The hotel wasn’t necessarily crappy, just some rough obstacles- not worth the cost, ya know? XOXO

  7. That stinks about the hotel. If you pay that much,you definitely want to be ankle to ebony your stay!
    Those donuts look amazing!!!

    1. Definitely want to be able to enjoy your stay. Oh autocorrect… Ha! (Typing via my phone and that comment above is a mess as a result). Lol

    2. Right?! I mean it was overall nice- and if we hadn’t paid what we did I wouldn’t have cared.. it’s just if you do splurge the expectations go up too… but it didn’t take a way from a fantastic trip regardless!! The donuts were out of this world. I was looking at a picture of them today wishing I could have the lemon poppy one right now. Soo good

  8. Oh my goodness Portland looks so beautiful! The food doesn’t look too bad either… those donuts! I’ve always been craving fish and chips lately… you say it was the best ever huh?? 🙂

    1. Jen, you would LOVE it!!! The food is tremendous and they are so vegan friendly. And yesss the best I’ve had.. but a friend that reads my blog told me that the absolute best is actually in Sausalito- I haven’t tried yet but I’ll let you know!

  9. I’ve loved this series. Food trucks aren’t a big thing around here, but the ones that you’ve shared have me drooling!! I like sweets, but I have to be in the right mood for a donut. Duck Donuts opened here and Maple Icing with Chopped Bacon is one of their staples. Sometimes we visit Wake N Bake Donuts when we are in Carolina Beach. Their flavors are quite creative. However, I’m simple and prefer the hot, glazed donuts at Britt’s on the boardwalk there.

    1. Awww that makes me so happy!! My husband said that the burger was maybe the best burger he has ever had. (I agree- I tried a bite!). The problem was there were sooo many options at the food trucks, not indecisively friendly, hehe. I am the same way with donuts- I have to be in the right mood too. I have heard awesome things about Duck Donuts!! Is it an East coast chain only? And it truly is hard to beat a hot, glazed. When we lived in Akron, we would go to their factory in the morning and get the hot donuts right off the conveyor belt. Thanks for reading Amy!!

      1. It is predominately an East Coast franchise since it started in the Outer Banks in Duck, NC. I did see there are ones in San Antonio and Houston and “coming soon” to Encinitas and Huntington Beach.

  10. I’m SO GLAD you went to Blue Star! LOL. Yes, they have unique, interesting flavors but all the different flavors I’ve tried thus far haven’t disappointed.. My favorite is the Passion Fruit Cocoa Nib 😀
    And lucky you that you happened to be in town during the farmers market season, they have the best stuff there! 😀 I’ve been going to the one near us almost every single weekend LOL.
    I’m putting Portland City Grill on my list of restaurants to go. 1) for the views (been wanting to find a decent rooftop restaurant for a night out with Alex) and 2) the FOOD! WOW!!!!
    It was nice meeting you and you definitely chose lots of great posts that even I haven’t been to hahaha… 😀

    1. Ahhh I was so close to getting the passion fruit…. next time FOR SURE I need to try that. Do you prefer blue star to voodoo?

      Definitely go for the happy hour! The food is INCREDIBLE and those prices are hard to beat for that high quality of food.

      It’s so fun when other bloggers come here too and find spots I’ve never explored! There is not enough time in a lifetime to do it all, is there?! xox

      1. Definitely blue star. Alex thinks it’s a bit pricey but I think they’re really good. Also, apparently there’s a better doughnut shop here in Portland so I’ll be on the hunt to compare 😉

        There isn’t. And with us it’s always about finding family friendly places because kids tend to have outbursts and tantrums haha

      2. Ohhhhh please let me know if you try it!! Haha I hung out with some kiddos this past week and I know what you mean with the unexpected outbursts! Kids will be kids right?! Haha

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