Friday Favorites #18!

Hey all!!! Top a’ tha mornin’ to ya! (or whenever you happen to be reading this). I’m not sure I have ever been so excited for a round of Friday Faves. Let’s not dilly-dally and rather jump right in, shall we?!

1.Thanksgiving Leftovers. Can I get an AMEN?! I swear they are even better after a couple days. I have been loving my acorn squash for breakfast with syrup or for lunch with a little Fage. Alsooo, I have been LOVING this pumpkin butter from William Sonoma. Goodness gracious I could live on the stuff.


To get creative with the Turkey Lurkey, I added it to some zoodles and made a “turkey alfredo”.  I froze the rest in the freezer so it didn’t go bad. Did you know you can freeze roasted turkey for up to three months? I read it on the Internet, so it must be true.


Oh and of course, ya gotta sprinkle some parm on top! I served it with some homemade garlic bread.


After my runs I have been loving cauli mashed potatoes, pumpkin butter, cranberry crisps, pumpkin hummus, and a corn muffin. MMmm.


2. My girl, Dani, has a blog & I am LIVING for her recent post to Tahoe with Tammy. You all will love this so much, promise! I seriously re-read the post three times because it feels like you are right there with them & her pictures are phenomenal!!! You can find her blog at


3. ALSO Tammy, who you alll know well by now, has a new Instagram that is gonna blow your travelin’ socks off. It’s called backroadborn. She travels more than anyone I think I know (besides Dani) & has a heckuvah an eye for photography. Get ready to be wow-ed by some seriously stunning views !!


4. Honey Chai Turmeric Vitality Tea. Wow, what a mouth full! And a delicious mouth full at that! (well maybe more of a sip, we don’t want anyone burnin’ their tasters). Anywho- this is such a yummy warm & cozy tea & it’s magical too. Since I’ve started having this once a day I’ve noticed the inflammation has gone down in my body tremendously, especially my knee!


5. Garage sale at our house!!! JK…. I joke that Target is our second home considering we are there pretty much once a day (mostly due to the fact that I inevitably forget something).. but anyways… they are having awesome sales right now. I clipped a coupon for $20 off 100, then we found some deals on laundry detergent and other necessities where if you buy three you get a $10 gift card.  We stocked up on all our essentials & saved a ton, and left with gift cards in hand. Pah-retty cool deal if ya ask meee.


6. I cannot put the Order of the Phoenix down; it’s my favorite yet- so goooood! Also, Christmas tends to put me in the mood for HP. Not sure why, probably the magic of it all. Aaaand we are going to Disney World/Universal studios soon! (eeeep, imma pass out from excitement). So to get ready, this past week I have been living in this magical world. When I’ve been working on school work or on long runs I have the series playing in the background- I watched all four movies this past week, plus any spare time I’ve spent reading the fifth book.


7. Arrested Development. DJ and I have a new tv obsession. We started Making A Murderer II, and while it was really good we both needed a palette cleanser after Haunting of Hill House. This is gold. We are sold. If you like The Office, I highly recommend this! **Also fun fact- we saw Jason Bateman in person on our honeymoon— and one day when I was in the workout room he asked if he could turn down the music. I said no. Just kidding – of course, I said yes. I tried to work up the courage to say something else, but got scared & starstruck and ran out of the workout room. You guys know how I get. Hahaha.


8. I finally tried Boarshead dessert hummus… and the verdict? I am obsessed. FULL FLEDGED obsessed! I love eating the two flavors with pretzels & putting the dark chocolate one in my oatmeal in the morning. It is so fudgy, almost like frosting! I am telling you- you must try this!!!


9. The Campfire Marshmallow Candle from Chesapeake Bay Candle. Oh my does this smell ever delicious! It burned a little quicker than I’d like- but that’s probably what happens when you burn a candle 24-7. (Pssst, I’ll tell ya a secret: we got it from Target).


10.  This meme. If you know, you know.


Questions for you:

  • Do you have any candles you swear by?
  • Any creative way to use up leftovers?

xo <3


117 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #18!

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy 🙂 Dani & Tammy are amazing at photography- they have taught me so much! Thanks for stopping by! Have a beautiful rest of your weekend!

  1. I love the soy candles from Target – pumpkin pinecone smells so good and I will have to check out the Christmas scents when I go this weekend. Obviously it’s a must to check out the candles while at Target 😉

    Chai is one of my favorite kinds of tea so I will be checking out my grocery store for that box. It’ll be a nice change up from my plain Jane Lipton that I usually drink.

    So a little Arrested Development story for you. Alex and I watched it and LOVED the early seasons. Then it was cancelled and Netflix brought it back recently. Honestly we didn’t love the Netflix seasons as much, it was like the chemistry with the characters wasn’t the same and the story seemed a little crazy.

    Have a great Friday girl!

    1. Ahh I don’t think we have seen the pumpkin pinecone one yet- do you happen to know the brand? I’ll have to check for it next time I’m there (probably tonight or tomorrow haha).

      Ohh yes I lovee this Chai. I love that it doesn’t have caffeine too- that’s always the issue I run into with chai, this is perfect right before bed or in the late afternoon!

      WHAT! Okay I am so glad you shared this with me about AD. I had no idea! How many original seasons did they have & is the new season the same cast just older? So interesting. Hope you are having a great weekend, Maureen!

  2. I have to try that hummus!!!! I really want to watch Arrested Development since I am a huge Office fan. Your friend’s blog has some stunning pictures!!!! You came up with some super creative ways to have your Thanksgiving leftovers!!

    1. YES- you must try the dessert hummus- I am seriously just blown away by how darn delicious it is (especially the dark chocolate one!). My friends have such an eye for photography- blows me away, I couldn’t help but share 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Shan!Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  3. Aww! Thanks for the SO girl!! I love your blog and your my inspiration for starting!! I also need your sweet potato casserole recipe! Where did you find the dessert hummus? I need that in my life! Miss you. Girls trip soon! <3

    1. <3 Ohh here is the link--- the only thing is I did add some marshmallows the day of (So I guess in that sense it isn't 100% vegan). And the dessert hummus is at Safeway. I can't believe I just started buying it -- it's magic. Pure magic. I may go tonight just to get more. It was soo good. *insert drool face*. After studying for finals I am gonna need a girls trip for reeeaaal. Have a great Sunday! Miss youuuu!

    1. Girl, it’s so good! I was a bit skeptical- but it really does taste like chocolate frosting. & If you like chocolate mint you will love that one too 🙂 Have a great Sunday & thanks so much for stopping in, Steph!

    1. Yes you doooo!!! It’s the Boarshead brand- I’m telling you- tastes just like frosting just a little less thick. I am officially addicted to the stuff!

      Oooo that candle sounds so yummy- I’m in desperate need of a B+BW candle restock in our home. Gonna grab that one for sure. Thanks for sharing, Carly!

  4. Hey, You! Remember me? I have never even heard of dessert hummus and now I have to try it. And it is true, if it’s on the Internet you can TOTALLY trust it!

    1. Oh my goodness, Elizabeth!!!! <3 This is so crazy- I was just looking at a post the other day and saw a comment from you & then I was thinking how I missed you!!! You knew it, didn't ya?! Thank you for stopping in- this just made my wholeee day. How are you? Oh yes dessert hummus is a must if you see it- especially the dark chocolate. Yummy yummy! Hope you are well :)

      1. Things have been crazy since we last talked. I was diagnosed with left bundle branch block this summer and then they found atrial tachycardia and some other thing in the ventricles. And just this month I was told I have myasthenia gravis and polycytemia. Send cash instead of flowers LOL
        We’ve moved, I have my 8th grandchild, and so much more! If you read the blog you’ll see some of what’s been going on!

      2. No way- I am so so so sorry to hear all this. Knowing you, I’m sure you take it all in stride and with good humor- but know I’m praying for you! Wait, you’re posting again?!?! Excuse my squeal from excitement. Excited to catch up! And major congrats on your 8th grandchild!!

      3. Thank you about Lexie! She’s a pistol! I didn’t take things very well for a long time but I’m too old to stay grouchy. I don’t want to die with a frown.
        My posting is going to be less recipes for now. It’s too darned hard for me to cook really good stuff right now. But I’m hoping us doing the basement up will help people trying to upgrade spaces in their homes. And it helps me vent. LOL

      4. Aw well I look forward to reading whatever you put up! And so important to have an outlet– can’t wait to see what you do with the basement, I’m sure it will be amazing!! Have a great week, Elizabeth! xo

  5. I just got introduced to your blog and I love it! That chocolate hummus sounds AMAZING and once I find it, I will definitely be trying it with my oatmeal!

    1. Hi, Emily! Thank you for stopping by and so nice to meet you here! Can’t wait to check out your blog too 🙂 And girl, if you see that chocolate hummus definitely grab some. It seriously reminds me of frosting- just next level YUM. Have a great Sunday!

  6. I buy all candle brands based on the smell and such, so I don’t know of any off hand. But I have a good collection going at home!

    Your meals look amazing! I made a turkey sweet potato Shepherd’s pie with our Thanksgiving leftovers that was really amazing. I so need to make it this year! How funny is it that I published it exactly on this day in 2017? Great minds!

    Matt and I watched the second episode of The Office this morning. It was pretty comical! It was based around diversity, and Michael Scott was a mess. Haha

    Thank you for a Mack Friday Favs post!

    1. Ahhh thank you SO much for sharing that- DJ LOVES Shepherd’s pie too. Gonna bookmark this recipe for sure. I actually do think I remember you posting this recipe from last year!!

      hahahah Oh I remember that episode. Oh , MIchael. what. a. hoot.

      Thanks for reading, Kori! xo

  7. I love your favorites posts. 😀 Thanksgiving leftovers are always a win, haha. I love Target so much. I am also there all the time too. They have such great stuff, ughhh. My bank account hates me when I walk into Target. I love Harry Potter World at Universal. I really want to go again. We were going to try for sometime in December, but not sure if that’ll happen now. Guess we’ll see what happens!

    1. Thank you so much, Ashley!! That means tons <3

      Yess Target is the best- seriously- what would we do without it?! Probably have more savings... lol!

      Ohh tell me- anything I must do while in HP world?!

      I hope you get to go again 🙂 Happy Sunday to you, girl!

      1. definitely get butter beer! they have frozen or not frozen. both are really good. when i went i also bought chocolate frogs. and i got a wand from ollivanders. i got the little more pricey one, because it’s interactive all around harry potter world! you can cast spells at certain locations, which is fun. i loved going into all the different shops too. there’s so many neat things to do.

      2. Yesss that is a must!!! Girl, I ‘m gonna cry I’m so excited !!! This all sounds amazing— We leave tomorrow! eeek! Thanks for sharing these awesome suggestions with me 🙂

      3. So jealous, haha! They started a Christmas light show at Hogwarts last year during the holidays and brought it back this year. I haven’t had the chance to get there for any of the holiday events yet. BUT! I am moving to Orlando area next year, so I’ll be living in the same city as Harry Potter World, HAHA. 😛 I hope you have an amazing time. 🙂

      4. No wayyyy! Okay that’s too cool. I hope we get the chance to see it. And WHAT! Girl, that’s so exciting!!! I will live vicariously through you then 😍

    1. Oh my that sounds absolutely wonderful!!! Do you have links for the recipes? I’d love to try them out!

  8. That turkey Alfredo looks so yummy!!!
    I’d love to reread the Harry Potter books one day- definitely my favorite series by far.
    That candle looks amazing too and I’ve never seen dessert hummus!! Blew my mind ha ha. ☺️

    1. Thanks, Steffani !
      I am loving every second of going through this series- I read the first two when they were released, but obviously it’s been years and I’ve never gone through the whole series. I was missing out big time!!

      The dessert hummus blew my mind too! As did the flavor- it is just sooo yummy. Have a great rest of your weekend 🙂

  9. I just bought that tea this past week!! I am obsessed with it! It is so comforting.

    I have GOT TO BUY that hummus ASAP! I am obsessed with hummus and have been wanting to try a chocolate dessert hummus so I have to go find those!

    I swear by this candle they always have burning in Anthropologie. I don’t know the name but it is the best smell in the entire world. The candle’s cost an arm and a leg so I just make sure to ask Santa for it every year and only burn it for like an hour on special occasions (AKA Friday nights at home in my comfy sweats lol) in order to save it.

    Hmmm, the best thing I ever did with leftovers was put a slice of pumpkin pie on top of my oatmeal after a long run – best decision ever.

    Have a great weekend!!! <3

    1. Isn’t it sooo goood?! It is definitely one of my favorites I’ve tried- and I’m not big on tea!

      YES you dooo, especially the dark chocolate one! I am tellin’ ya, I was so shocked at just how delicious it is. I crave the stuff.

      Oohhh Anthropology does have some seriously yummy candles- I never let myself look at their clothes but love to peruse their home goods areas sometimes! Such a good idea to put it on the Christmas list.

      uhm… mind. blown. That sounds like the GREATEST combo- how is that not a just general thing? Gonna try that for sure. Thanks for sharing with me!

  10. I have never seen or read any HP … on day I’ll catch up on all the pop culture I am missing in the here and now. I enjoyed your post as usual and your food pictures and your friend’s photos were exquisite – all the colors in the leaves, the water, and throughout the blog – the pumpkin patch photo was very nice as well. I told her that she packed as much as you in her day!

    1. Teheh- this is my first time going through the full series so I’m a bit (10+ years) behind (I’ve read the first and second before, but now I am in-vest-ed!). haha. So glad you enjoyed this post!! And she is my inspiration for taking life by the horns- she truly lives life to the fullest!! Thanks for reading, Linda 🙂

      1. So now I am the only one left to explore HP … yes, your friend is a good inspiration for you and all of us really. She sure packed a lot into that short time away.

      2. Hehe- I will say I am quite jealous you have a WHOLE magical realm ahead of you to explore if you decide to read it. JK Rowling’s imagination is unlike anything else! (maybe next to Walt Disney).


      3. You know I just recently heard or read that she was the number one female author of all time and that surprised me as I thought maybe Agatha Christie or Danielle Steel would get that title. In fact, I just Googled Danielle Steel and she has written 165 books, but JK Rowling was the top dog, er author. I’d better dip my toe in those waters sometime.

      4. No way! That is fascinating! I’m not surprised mainly because her books are enjoyable for all ages. Have a great week, Linda! I’ll be MIA but I look forward to your posts when I return next week 🙂

      5. We were killing time before a ride so I decided to try to answer some comments in the app! 🤗 I’m so excited to share this trip!

      6. I’ll look forward to it – I am behind in Reader as I did three posts in a row and had lots of pics yesterday. We are having a beautiful and even sunny weekend, so I’ll get out and get some walking and pictures done and may forego a post for Saturday to get that done. Make hay while the sun shines! I didn’t ask you when your birthday was and apologize for that.

      7. Sounds like a fun but busy couple of days! I am so behind right now, so I empathize- but my reason is because the jet lag has really set in & fighting a cold. I slept 15/24 hours- yikes!! That never happens.. I was so out of it! Anyways- I loved catching up on your posts, and congrats again on making your steps. Oh no worries! my birthday is January 13th- I turn the big 2-5 this year, bring on the quarter life crisis. lol!!

      8. Thanks and I will make 1,100 and maybe a little more, but maybe cap it at 1,100. I hated being so behind as I usually comment the same day – yikes! I did all the walking last weekend as they said it would be a rainy/sleety/possibly some snow this weekend … now they say dry. Sigh. The big 2-5 … the quarter century didn’t bother me as much as 40 when my mother wanted to do the 40 flamingos on the lawn that said “Lordy, Lordy – looks who’s 40!” I convinced her not to do that (thankfully).

      9. Oh my goshhhhh that would have been so funny!!!! hahah, your mom sounds like a hoot!

      10. She kind of threatened me with putting them there and finally she relented. I don’t think people do those “Flamingos by the Yard” anymore. 🙂

  11. I had gotten a candle last Christmas from a friend and I finally lit it this year and it smells so good! It is Hey Honey by Bath and Body Works. I’m not usually a big candle burner, but I’ve been enjoying it.
    Can you please enjoy every second of Disney World for me too!?!?

    1. Oh my gosh that sounds wonderful!! Anything honey scented/flavored- sign me uppp. Someone else requested a B+BW candle, so I need to do a full re-stock!

      Awww yes I absolutely will! I will take lots of pictures so it feels like you are there too. I have only been once when I was super little and hardly remember it, so I’ll try to do as much as possible too! Have a great rest of your weekend, AJ 🙂

      1. I had never had one of their candles before as they seem super expensive, but I have to admit I have it lit whenever I am home:)
        Yay! I can’t wait to experience Disney World through you. I think it would be so much fun to go as a couple!

      2. Yeah, I think it’s one of those places where they have good sales- so that’s what ya have to watch for. I’m so bad about paying attention though, and then just end up getting the cheapies at TJ Maxx or Target!

        We are actually going with my husband’s family- but either way it will be nice to be there together! Such a magical place 🙂

      3. Well at least you get one! I look, think they’re too expensive and wind up with nothing.🤣
        Oh that will still be fun! Family time is important:)

      4. haha-they definitely can be, just gotta look for that red sticker 😉

        Agreeed! Have a great week ahead,AJ!

    1. hehe!! Now you know how I feel every single time I see a post from you! Hope you are having a good weekend, Diane 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  12. hahaha I’m cracking up at that DC meme at the end! hahaha so true! I’m so glad you’ve finally tried that dessert hummus but OMG my store has never had that mint kind! I’m obsessed with the other one though! I’m excited to hear you like that Yogi tea, I actually picked some up for the first time today (at Target!) but haven’t tried it yet.

    1. YESS- okay no one has mentioned it yet, so I was like “wait was my region the only place that did this?” So glad you relate! hahah. good times, good times. I actually prefer the dark chocolate one anyways- it’s more versatile, but the chocolate mint is mighty good with pretzels! Ooo I’m excited for you to try it- it’s delicious, and I’m not a big tea person! Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  13. Also! I always want to re-read harry potter as soon as fall or winter hits too! It must be the cooler weather and the magic!

  14. Leftovers are honestly so much better than fresh food! I especially love leftover Chinese 😍 all your leftover thanksgiving food looks seriously delicious… and has fully given me some dinner inspo!!!
    Yes yes yes to Harry Potter! Order of the Pheonix is my faveeee! You go to Disney soon?! Have the BEST time ever!!! I can’t wait to read all your posts about the trip (if you share it of course)! Have a great week Mack ❤️

    1. Agreeeeeeddddd. And yes Chinese or Thai food is the BEST because of all the sauciness- yumyumyum!!

      Yess we actually leave tomorrow- EEeeek! I’m so excited I cannot handle it. Thank you tons, love. Have the best week! xo

  15. Oh my gosh stop stop stopppp it you are too freaking funny!! I lol’d all up and down this post!

    Ok let’s take it from ze top:

    Your rhyme is fantastic!

    1) Yes!! Sadly we didn’t have much leftover this year cause we forgot to come with our to-go containers but we will be prepared next year. #foodiefail

    2) & 3) I’ll check out her blog and Insta

    4) I’m not a tea lover buttt given my recent illness history, I might need to invest. ha

    5) What the what?? You got gift cards? Please explain how I can do that! I practically live in Target as well…my bank account hurts. hahahaha

    6) I have never been able to get into Harry Potter but I love magic and think that’s a great lead up to Christmas and Disney World visit! Ah so exciting! Are you going to the one in CA or FL?

    7) D & I tried to watch Arrested Development and while I LOVE The Office and Jason Bateman, I couldn’t get into it! Maybe too dry? Some of the characters are also so frustrating. ha OMG you saw Jason on your honeymoon?? Dang girl you find all the celebs!

    8) I have wanted to try dessert hummus so I am so excited you reviewed these! I’ll be buying them asap!

    9) bahahaha the 24/7 burning is me to a t and then I’m like “what the heck why didn’t this candle last a long time?” I love the Glade Christmas tree scented candle! Since our tree is faux (that sounds cuter than fake), the candle really makes up for it.

    1. Haha awww! I’m glad you get my sense of humor 😉

      Okay I will tell ya, I’m not a big tea fan either.. I have to be really in the mood for it. But this one is really tasty- I put a little stevia and milk in- mmm mmmm! And this will help, turmeric has so many health properties.
      I’ve also seen when I start feeling like I’m getting sick, echinacea tea helps too!

      So basically Target has sales where if you buy in bulk you get a $10 or &5 gift card back! So we bought like paper towels and laundry detergent, stuff we would use up anyways!

      Exactly!!! It’s so magical right now! ✨ we are at the Florida one! Currently running on the treadmill and studying, but not studying because blog > studying . Thank goodness for auto correct 🤣

      Ohhh I hear ya! It is another level dry, and the relationships aren’t quite as endearing as the Office so I totally see that. I think it felt especially up beat to us after watching Haunting of Hill house 😂

      Let me recommend the hummus with some good salty pretzels !! I actually am craving it since I haven’t had it for a few days!

      Lol- you gettt me! Ohhhh I am gonna pick up a glade one at target! Thanks for the suggestion !!!! And honestly the candle probably has a stronger scent than a tree making it even better ! Thanks for stopping by , Chica! 💕

      1. Those tea suggestions are great! I am praying D and I avoid any more sickness but *if* we find more germs, I’m going to get these!!

        That is so great to know! I’m going to keep my peepers pealed for these sales the next time we need household items!

        I think it also didn’t help that we started trying to watch that show while staying in my in-laws teeny camper (NOT my idea of comfort bahaha) in North Carolina on a rainy chilly weekend this past summer so I was already irritable and uncomfy. I might try it again!

        Oh I could really use that snack right now cause I’m a starvin marvin!

        Sometimes it’s a wee bit too strong cause it’s like “hello, do you have a mini Christmas tree forest housed in your living room” and Axl sneezes sometimes but he also toots quite a bit sometimes so candles are a must. hahahahaha

        Have the best trip!

      2. Lol I love “peepers peeled” , I’m gonna steal that!

        Hope you found some good snacks!

        Oh my gosh I bet his sneezes are too cute 😂 thanks so much, Kaci!

  16. Mmmm that alfredo looks delicious!! What a great way to use up your leftovers!! That’s amazing the tea is helping your inflammation! ♡ & I saw those Target deals but missed them all!! Ugh I wanted some giftcards so bad lol.

    I’ve not been to Disney yet but, I did go to Universal Studios & I already know it is going to blow your mind!!! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip. Hope you have the most magical time ever!!!

    I love Jason Bateman!!! How freakin’ cool that you ran into him in the workout room!!! I get the same way when I see celebs… so starstruck and shy. Lol. 😛

    I love all candles but the cheap Main Stays ones by Walmart are actually so good for the price!!

    Your Friday Faves are always so fun, Mackenzie!!! Thank you for sharing with us! ♡

    1. Hey girl! Keep your eye out at Target because they have those deals every couple months!

      Hahah yess- I’m so glad you feel the same way. Everyone else is like “they’re just people!”, and I get it but it’s also really cool to run into that specific person in a specific point in time!

      Thanks, Hunida! Have a great day 🙂 ❤️

      1. Do they??! Thanks for letting me know!! Will definitely keep my eye out. I just downloaded their app to keep up-to-date with their sales lol.

        I know they are just people but they are famous people, okay?? They are special for a reason so I get starstruck every time lol.

        <3 <3 you have a great night, as well, love!!!

      2. Hey Mackenzie!! I tried contacting you through your contact form on your page but, I’m not sure if it went through!!

        I would love to send you a little something for the holidays, if it’s not too weird– could you email me your home address?? My email is 🙂

      3. hey girl!!! Oh my gosh you are TOOO sweet- I messaged you back, but I wonder if my message was caught in spam? I will re-message you to be sure 🙂 you are the best <3 xo

  17. Oh my goodness….YEEEESSSSHHHH to the Boarshead hummus!!!! I don’t think we have it here in Casper, but whenever we visit family in Michigan (as we did over Thanksgiving), my mother-in-law always gets some for me. My favorite way to eat it is with pretzel thins….MMMM, soo good!

      1. I’m great!!! I’ve been so enjoying reading your posts and seeing how the awesome California life is treating you. 😉

      2. Aww that means so much that you are keeping up! Glad to know all is well 🙂 Hope you are having the most wonderful holiday season!!

  18. I love Thanksgiving leftovers! And I love Target!! I’m always stocking up during those deals where you get gift cards.
    I have not had either of those hummus flavors. I’ll have to see if my grocery store carries them (I know they carry Boar’s Head hummus).
    I need to try that tea. I’m trying to be really conscientious about decreasing inflammation.
    Mmm…that candle sounds like it smelled heavenly. I haven’t added any new candles recently. I usually scope out the section at TJ Maxx.
    Great faves this week Mackenzie!! xx

    1. Yes yes! Aren’t the deals so awesome?! The only thing is my bags end up being really heavy- worth it!

      I hope you get to try the hummus & tea soon 🙂

      Love the candles at TJs too! Thanks for stopping in, Amy 🙂

  19. That candle sounds wonderful! I’m such a candle addict, so I’ll have to pick that one up to try it! We go through candles super quickly because I am also burning them all day lol. 😉
    I always forget about Arrested Development! I watched a couple of episodes with Joshua when we were dating and haven’t gotten back to it. Maybe we will have to watch that next! Also I can’t believe you actually met Jason Bateman!! :O I would have been starstruck too lol.
    Yayyy for reading more Harry Potter! The Order of the Phoenix is so, so good! Umbridge is literally 1000x more evil than Voldemort lol.

    1. Hi, Courtney! Hope you get to smell this delicious candle soon!

      Haha girl I was SO star struck too ⭐️!

      I agree! And right now I’m at the point where Umbridge is making Harry write lines… awful!!

  20. Your Friday favorites posts make me so happy! YES to Thanksgiving leftovers! They’re just the best! Also, that meme = life. So, so true haha.

    The candle you got sounds amazing! As does dessert hummus! I’ve been meaning to try dessert hummus lately!

    1. Aww yay, I’m so glad you enjoy them, Allie 🙂

      So glad you relate to that Meme too hahah.

      I would highly recommend the dark chocolate one first- it is sooo delicious & versatile- I eat it by the spoonful, with pretzels, in my oats, etc! xo

  21. Love this! I like using up leftovers though many of my leftovers don’t go well with other foods because they have a particular flavor and taste lol.
    I will have to try that tea,.chai is one of my favorite flavors!! I have a “stress reliever” tea from this brand I think but I forget what its actually called I just know that its purple.
    Ah man I’ve just started the 1st HP book,.can’t wait to read past the 2nd one lol. Also,.I think the order of the Phoenix is my least favorite movie but its probably because of Dolores 🤣🤣
    I love love love that you liked arrested development its one of my favorite shows! I had been waiting for years for the 4th season!! We never thought it was going to come back because they couldn’t get the actors together to film so I was sad when I thought it would be left unfinished!!. We got blessed and Netflix brought out the 5th season last year which we binged watched!!. Lol

    1. Oohhh that stress reliever tea sounds just wonderful!! If you find the name let me know- I need some of that for realll.

      Ahhh I HATE Dolores. She is really the worst!!! The 5th book definitely takes a dark twisty turn, but it feels so fast and it’s keeping me on the edge of my seat!

      Did you like the 5th season of AD?! I have heard very mixed reviews, of course we will watch regardless! Always love your comments- thanks for poppin’ in girl!

      1. Ohhhh I have tried that before! I used to drink it in college, but then in one of my nursing courses I found out kava can be really harsh on your liver so I stopped drinking it. But I do remember that it worked really well!

      2. Nooooooooooo lol. Oh well. I’ll have to find something else then. I don’t drink it often but I do like it. I wonder if there’s lavender tea lol.

      3. there is!!! I just tried it last night ironically!!! It’s a Honey Lavender stress relief from yogi- no kava ! It’s pretty good- mild in flavor but nice and relaxing 🙂 I used two tea bags to enhance the flavor a bit!

      4. Ah shoot I sent the reply and I wasn’t done haha
        Haha I’m glad you agree lol. You’ve seen the movies right? I wonder how different they are from the books. I cant wait to get there lol.
        I liked it, I thought it was hilarious! I love that kind of humor but I guess it’s not always funny to some people. Or maybe they expected something else. I’m honestly just glad that they kept it going 🤣🤣

      5. haha I do that all the time!

        I have only seen up to the 4th movie and the last movie (that I remember). But as soon as I finish the 5th book I am definitely watching the movie!

        It’s totally our sense of humor too- we love the dry, sarcastic, and sometimes outright ridiculous humor! It’s very Office adjacent. Can’t wait to finish it up! Have a great day, Rossy!

      6. Oh the 5th movie is so good! Just don’t like Dolores, but the actress chosen to play her was well-casted. She played the part perfectly lol.
        Omg yes! Its definitely like the Office humor. I know a lot of people don’t like the office to begin with so if they don’t like the office they won’t like arrested development lol.

      7. hahah- oh man, I am getting excited to watch!!! In the book she is described horrendously (almost cartoon like), so I’m anxious to see how it plays out.

        Yesss exactly! Although I get that people have different senses of humor, not liking The Office is hard for me to wrap my head around!

      8. Lol and now I’m excited to read!! You’ll have to let me know what you think when you watch it and I’ll be sure to let you know when I read the book lol
        I know right! Michael Scott is legendary lol

      9. haha yes we will definitely have to touch base!!! Michael Scott is maybe THE best character in tv history

    1. lol that was wild. I seriously freaked out and ran out of the room because I was overwhelmed hahah

  22. Parm on pasta just makes everything better, doesn’t it? Your friend is an awesome photographer, I can definitely tell that she’s a seasoned traveller. And, omg, I can’t wait to read Order of the Phoenix and find out (again) more about the Marauders, especially Sirius Black!

    1. Heck yesss, girl! It definitely does!!! And she is so great at photography- my inspo! The Order of the Phoenix is so good!! ENJOY!! Thanks for stopping by, love <3

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