All we do is Eat, Eat, Eat no matter what!

Got food on our minds, can never get enough!!

Happy Friday!!! I worked my tush off this week so that I would have today to catch up on blogging for a couple hours 🙂 I am sitting at Peet’s so I don’t have to listen to the upstairs banging at home. Usually during Savings September I won’t buy coffees out, but this warrants it for my own sanity. We will go ahead and classify it as a necessity.  DJ and I don’t have too much planned for the weekend besides school stuff (and him applying for grad school), so we are gonna take it nice and easy. I am going way back to recap our Labor Day weekend- I have been sooo excited to finally have a chance to share this fun weekend with y’all.

On Thursday, August 30th, my mom and stepdad, Pete, arrived around noon from Texas! They came for a wedding in Santa Cruz (and we happen to live so close so it all worked out perfectly to spend the weekend together!).We headed to none other than Bill’s Cafe per their request.


Pete tried their delicious hash brown skillet


& My mom and I split their Smoked Salmon Benny- probably my favorite item on the menu (Or the French Garden omelette- depends on the mood, ya know?).


We also split their Belgium waffle. I don’t usually go for waffles for some reason, but this was just fantastic. I would 100% order this again!


My mom also surprised me with a bunch of Butterscotch See’s Candies lollipops! Eeek, she knows me well. I am like a child, and I LOVE these lollipops. I just love all candy. Sometimes when I go out for walks I take one with me, load up a podcast and am just happy as a clam. Seriously, I am five.


****Present moment****In an attempt to lick the foam off the side of my cup I just burnt my chin, that’s a first!

**re-re-re winding it back**.. in the afternoon after settling in, chatting at home, and a tour of Main Street Cupertino we decided to go get some happy hour drinks at Eureka.


We each tried a glass of white wine. We aren’t picky at all, but my mom and I tried two different types of sauvignon blanc, which actually tasted more like chardonnays, so we weren’t the biggest fans. Pete’s Pinot Gris was actually the best of the three! Eureka is more of a beer & cocktail type place, so I think next time I’ll stick with that. **Re-reading the paragraph…. I guess we sound kinda picky haha**.


Ahhh I just love um’!


That evening they went to the rehearsal dinner located in Santa Clara for the wedding. Deej had a late game, so I just did school work until they came back home. For dinner I had some leftover butterfly trout, sweet potato, quinoa, mixed greens, and hummus!


The next day, Friday August 31st, my mom and I woke up early to do hot yoga at 7:15 am together. This was her first time doing hot yoga and she annihilated it! She did so well- I was thoroughly impressed!! After getting ready for the day and us all nomming down my special avocado toast & eggs, they headed to Henry Cowell State park to see the redwoods and spend time on the Boardwalk and Pier in Santa Cruz before the wedding.


I went for a nice long walk (with my lollipop), chatted with my grandma and Aunt, then hit the books for the day. DJ had another late day, so in the evening I decided to make myself a flatbread pizza with my “Skip the sandwich wrap” and blog up my Friday Favorites post! But whoooopsies- I took a big ole’ bite of the pizza before thinking of getting a picture— what are ya, new?!


I snuck in a run in the morning of Saturday, September 1st (where is this year going?!). My mom and Pete returned around noon, and I was ready to have some fun since I finished my school work for the week!

First up- 85C Bakery! This is a chain Chinese Bakery that is super popular around here. I’ve never tried anything from it even though I pass it all the time. Part of the reason I haven’t is their baked goods are massive, so I’d want to share them (DJ isn’t a huge baked goods guy besides donuts and cookies), and there are so many options it’s overwhelming for an indecisive like me.  BUT, luckily, there is no one better to try out bakeries with than Pete- he is always down for a baked goods tasting challenge! I was psyched that he wanted to try this place out.


First, you get a giant tray with a pair of tongs and just go crazy. People LOAD their trays up. I don’t know where they all put it?! Like I’ll see tiny middle and high school girls meet up there all the time and probably get like 10 items each. It’s pretty cheap, but I am genuinely curious how much of it they eat!


We tried out several items- their sugared cream cheese brioche, a caramel pastry, and an almond danish (I think).. They were all so good, but I think the sugared cream cheese brioche was the tastiest. These all would be sooo great with coffee too. I’ll need to go back soon to grab something in the morning.


After, we went to Steins to try out some of their tap beers. I just love Steins, and usually they have great sours on tap, my favorite type of beer.


We tried a variety of beers, and overall they were just ok. But the company was great, and that’s all  that matters!


Time to go to DJ’s work! This was the main thing my mom and Pete wanted to do while they were here. And boy oh boy was it fun.


(If it’s not clear from the pictures we are at Municipal Stadium for a San Jose Giants game 😉 )


She’s so cute


We tried some delicious grapefruit beer while watching the game.


Around the seventh inning we became pretty hungry, so we used our vouchers to get some Turkey Mike’s and of course, the famous garlic fries!!! (The garlic fries are 87.8% of the reason why I go to the games).


We got a lot of food…. Pete had their pulled pork sammy, and my mom and I enjoyed every nibble of their veggie sub! I swear- is there anything better than stadium food?!?! I could live on those sides- they have some yummy baked beans, and I have zero self control with that coleslaw.


The whole game the Giants were down, but they came back in the bottom of the ninth with a grand slam. I mean, probably the best game of the season, and we were there to witness it! It was SUCH a fun time. In the next post I will recap our time in SF and Napa!

PS. My prayers are with all my classmates, family, and everyone affected by Hurricane Florence 🙁 SO scary. Please stay safe everyone.

Questions for you:

  • Have you ever been to a minor league baseball game? Do you have a team you cheer for?
  • Favorite stadium food item?

xo <3

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77 thoughts on “All we do is Eat, Eat, Eat no matter what!

  1. Did you notice that I bumped your space when you say ‘Food’ lol…I miss 85 Deg C Bakery…I love their Garlic Bread, Tiramisu and all other cakes…I miss that here very badly…Have a great weekend.

    1. Lathiya!!!! Oh my gosh, this just made my day seeing this comment from you! How are you?!! I will have to try those out- yummy- I love tiramisu! have a great weekend too 🙂

    1. Yay for Indianapolis!! I didn’t know the minor league team was the Indians… the major league team I cheer for is the Indians 🙂 And YES soft pretzels are a favorite of mine too!

  2. What a beautiful weekend and even an exciting game! I always like seeing posts with youe mom and Pete, love those two. What a fun weekend and I want those pastries now!!! Thanks for another great blog! Love, your Ohio Mom

    1. It was a lot of fun- really worked out with the wedding here!! You would LOVE those pastries. We may just have to go next time you’re here! <3

  3. I busted a gut when I saw the title of your post!!! It pretty much sums up our Devadason Life!

    How wonderful it is to have this weekend with Mom – such precious time!

    I LOVE waffles but I seldom order it as well…. I think it is just a food meant for sharing, and tastes best that way!

    Wow! So both you & DJ will be back at school soon! Kudos to you both!

    1. Tehe — right?! Glad you can relate 🙂 It is always such special memories with my mom. I missed her!! And agreeeed! That must be why that one particularly tasted so good <3

      Thank you so much, Ju Lyn! XO

    1. Yes for sure! They are SO much fun. I didn’t realize how great they were until my husband started working there- but I actually prefer them to major league games!

    1. It was sooo goood! I wanna go back and try everything else! Mmmm you cannot go wrong with either of those. I no longer eat meat, but I’ll get veggie dogs if they have them because what’s a baseball game without a good dog?! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. That’s awesome your mom and stepdad could spend the weekend with you guys and go to the wedding. Gotta love visits like that!

    Also I’m 5 as well in the sense that I will nap randomly and always have to have a snack on hand. If I get hangry then I may as well be a 2 year old throwing a temper tantrum hehe. Definitely not dramatic at all 😉 The beer and education sign is hilarious! I love signs like that outside of restaurants.

    I love when someone is down to order a few different items and taste test them with me! It makes it much easier to decide what to get instead of having to pick one thing and just hoping you enjoy it.

    Grapefruit beer is delish!! It’s so refreshing on a hot day. Sounds like you all picked one of the best games to attend. Overall it looks like a fun weekend was had by everyone!

    I hope you’re enjoying your weekend Mackenzie!

    1. I was so excited when she told me they would be in town! It worked out just sooo well!!

      Yessss I am sooo glad I’m not alone in my childish tendencies! I wish I could nap like that but I am WITH you on the snack at all times. Ok, this is excessive, but if I am gonna be out of the house for more than three hours I pack a lunch box with yogurt, a protein bar, and an apple usually for emergency. Oh and a bag of popcorn. Hanger is very real, and it affects me in a very real way as well- and it is NOT pretty. Haha. I love that you do that too!

      yes yes yes! That’s a reason I love hanging with my fam too because I don’t feel weird being like, “can we all just get a ton of stuff and share it?!”.

      It was SO refreshing- I had never had it before then, but it was super tasty. Hope you are too, girl! Can’t wait to read about it!

      1. I should do that!! Sometimes the snack I have is not enough. Speaking of snacks, literally just ate at the nail salon while getting a pedicure haha. Gotta stay satisfied!

      2. LOL!! That’s amazing!! Ooo a pedicure sounds so nice! I hope you enjoyed- you’ve been working soo hard on running!

      3. I’m sure it will! I’m always amazed how long pedicures last, especially because my manicure only last like 2.5 hours

      4. I saw a meme one time that said something along the lines of “a manicure will last an hour but a pedicure will last through a nuclear war”. It’s so true though!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Shan! 🙂 It was such a blast- unforgettable memories for sure. Oooo cannot go wrong with nachos ever! Hope you are having a great weekend, chica!

  5. Aww how lovely that it worked out so well with your fam and the wedding being so close to you!

    The hashbrown skillet at Bill’s looks out of this world, the thick cut potatoes!!! 😍 Mmmm… I also love See’s Candies but I’ve never actually bought anything from them, if you know what I mean. 😉

    I can only imagine how adorable you look walking around with the lollipop in your mouth and headphones in!! Lol, ya big cutie!

    Your trout leftover dinner looks so lovely & so does that pizza! You put together such nice dishes at home!

    I saw a Chinese bakery in New York I wanted to try but didn’t, I’m not sure if we have any around here!! Those pastries are beautiful, I’m sure I’d grab like 10 or more of them too lol… maybe have a bite of each? 😂

    I’m not a fan of beer but Stein’s has a good food menu too looking at the photo of it! How did you resist?! Was it because you were saving your tum for those freakin’ amazing looking garlic fries?!?

    I’ve only ever been to a few Twins baseball games in MN and they did not have any kind of food like that! Wow!

    I’m not sure if you have ever mentioned it but is DJ on the team?!? What does he do at the stadium?!

    Had so much fun reading this post, Mack!! Thanks for sharing all your noms with us. ♡

    1. Right?! I was so excited that the location was so close. Bill’s is just forever my fave <3 I could just move in, live there, eat there breakfast lunch and dinner and be happy as a clam. It's sooo good!

      Bahhah I TOTALLY know what you mean- DJ laughs how I get so excited about "ideas" of things- you need to try see's though!!! It's just the actual best candy.

      Thanks, girl! Ok- that's what I'm thinking they do with the pastries?! I have no idea. I'd be shocked if they don't have any near you! It's like chinese bakery central around here, and I'm not mad about it one bit.

      Girl- the garlic fries at stein's are insane too, and exactly, we probably would have got them if we weren't going to get some later lol! I do love the food there- it's mighty tasty.

      So DJ works in their marketing department! Super creative gig- he loves it. I love getting to go to the games and see all his projects come to life too.

      Thanks for stopping by, girl!!! I see you have a new update up- can't wait to read! I get so excited when I see um' XOX

      1. I hope to visit Bill’s one day. It really does look fantastic! I’ll have to look up a Chinese bakery, I bet there is one in Chinatown!!!

        Sounds like a fun gig that DJ’s got!

        I get excited to read your updates, too!! It makes me so happy you enjoy mine as well. 😀 <3

      2. If you ever visit I’ll take ya! 😋 and I bet there is ! Let me know if you do find one 🙂 and yeah girl- I just love your blog and approach and transparency. It’s unique and just so fun to read! ❤️

  6. When I read your title on my timeline, I’m sure there’s gonna be lotsa yummy food picture and it’s true! Oh Belgian waffle is love!! I’m craving for it now! Lol.
    We don’t have baseball game here but my favorite stadium snacks would be probably hot dogs or nachos! 😁
    Have a great moments! ❤

    1. Tehehe- glad you found some nomz here 😉 No baseball there?!? Oh no- you should visit sometime 🙂 And yes — two classics for sure! Thanks for stopping by, girl! XO

  7. They are really getting creative with the Detroit Tigers and Lions food – I’ve not been to either of their newer stadiums, but I swear some people go there just for the food, especially since our teams are not that good. 🙂

    1. Oooo I think you are due a trip then to try it out 🙂 Report back, hehe- I guess we have to wait another season, but stadiums are really expanding their options for sure!

      1. I think so too. They have to appeal to everyone and I’m sure the restaurants/bars around the corner from the stadiums are not happy about that at all, as they are losing business if the stadiums upgrade their food choices.

    1. She seriously is too cute- I think y’all would enjoy each other’s company! I was so glad they were able to visit 🙂 And yay- aren’t they tasty?! Do you have a favorite flavor? Thanks for stopping by, Rhonda!

  8. You & your mom are so so pretty!! Gosh, give me all of those amazing noms!!! Everything looks incredible. I’ve wondered the same thing when I see a tiny teen packing away the food. Hahaha. I think the food I’d be most excited to try is actually the stadium food. Just that atmosphere, the excitement, the nostalgic flavors. 😍

    1. Aw, thanks, Kori <3

      Haha- right?! It baffles me- I want to just watch them and observe sometime. That sounds so creepy, but I am genuinely curious. I'll have to park out there to work on school work. I'll report back, lol.

      Stadium food is just the best. I think the environment and atmosphere just makes it all taste that much better! Can't wait to read about your weekend! XO

      1. Bahaha I’m looking forward to your report! 😉

        It really is! Kaci and I shared a doughy pretzel at Saturday’s football game, and it was nostalgic. Granted, your food looks far better (!), but this hit the spot. Just wish they had not run out of their mustard. That’s what takes it to the next level.

        I’ll be blogging a bit later this morning! XO

      2. Seriously though- stadium food is just magic! But wait- HOW did they run out of mustard?! It’s called stadium mustard for a reason 😱

  9. I am currently experiencing a noise issue at work that is making me raging mad. A guy that sits near me is banging on his keyboard like a caveman…raising his hand up to slam the space bar and enter key. I don’t understand. I have spoken to his manage twice but nothing has changed. Why are some people so inconsiderate?!?!?!?

    Any who, I hope your burn heals! That sounds painful! Your mom is precious! Her shorts that she wore to the baseball game are also adorable.

    I have been to a few baseball games, but I just can’t get into baseball! Really the only sport I love is football.

    My favorite stadium food is a toss up between a yummy massive salted pretzel and Petros! But I limit myself to about 1 of each from the stadium during football season because geese louise stadium food is expensive!

    1. UGH! At work too?! I’d be a nut. I don’t get why it’s so hard to just be respectful and self aware… like it takes MORE effort to be loud and obnoxious than not. My gosh!!! I’m mad for you! You should get him one of those pads for the keyboard that prevent noise- have you seen them? Might be passive aggressive, but it’d be helpful! Lol.

      Thanks, girl ! The burn was more surprising than anything 😂 and it was one of those moments where I was like, hope no one saw this!

      It’s definitely hard to focus during baseball games- I mainly go for the people watching 😉 and football games are truly the best.

      Seriously hard to beat a soft pretzel- totalllllly agreee with that! Been one of my favorites since I was little too! What’s a petros?!

      1. I agree!!!! He just seems like a jerk. I mean, granted I pick up on repetitive sounds, which cause great irritation to me so I know I’m more sensitive than others, but this is just ridiculous. Multiple people have commented so I know it’s not just me. *sigh* I wish I could buy him one and switch his keyboard out for a softer one! hahaha

        Oh I know what ya mean! I have seriously done that and am the worst about jumping like I just walked through a haunted house if I round the corner or open a door and someone is there. It’s always so embarrassing.

        People watching is the best! Sometimes if the game is slow, I get distracted staring at people and then need to watch the replay cause I have no clue what just happened. lol

        Petros is this expensive but delish bowl of corn chippies, chili, tomatoes, cheese, black olives and sour cream! Basically a punch to your gut but delish at the time. hahahaha

      2. I’m super sensitive to repetitive sounds too!!! When taking tests in college if someone had the sniffles I would lose my mind. It’s so rough!

        The thing for the keyboard is just a sleeve! It just lays right over the keyboard and they’re super cheap! You could recommend it to him 😉 haha

        Lol that’s hilarious- and yes people watching is the best!

        Ohhhhhhhh that sounds SOOOO goood! 🤤🤤🤤

  10. Hi Mackenzie I hope you’re doing well, you deserve to go to Peet’s to get away from the noise! It’s so nice that your mom and stepdad had a wedding so close so you could all meet up. You took them to Bill’s! I will have to check out that place someday. For people that eat so much food as you say, your figures don’t show it! Giants stadium looks like a fun place to hang out and the food looks so appetizing. I have been to a minor league game once, when we were living in New York before we had kids we went away for a long weekend to Wilmington Delaware, we seen the Wilmington Blue Rocks play! That’s the only time I’ve been to minor league. I’ll have to say that I’m a fan of the San Jose Giants hehe!! I definitely like french fries for stadium food. Wishing you a lovely week hugs, Terri xo.

    1. Thank you so much, Terri! Tehe- yes can you believe we actually went to Bill’s ? 😜 you are tooo sweet! I joke that being crazy burns a lot of calories, lol!!! Oh how fun! I didn’t even know of that team- I’ll have to ask my husband if he knows them. But aww thanks for supporting our Giants ❤️ I can’t resist the fries either- especially the garlic ones! Hope you have a lovely week too 💕 xoxo

  11. I’ve been catching up by reading backwards, but this sounds like such a fun weekend! And all the delicious food you ate is making me crave something sweet right now! We live close to the OKC Dodgers and we go to games there every now and then. I think fries are probably my favorite stadium food! That’s about the only time I will eat them, so it makes it even more of a treat!

    1. ah, I love it!!!!

      Hope you got yourself something sweet ! I am just finishin’ an ice cream cone as I type this haha.

      Oooo yes, fries at the games are my weakness too! So good!

  12. Girl does coffee REALY count as part of savings in September? I mean it is coffee! It is nectar of the gods! It is a necessity to live! Lol. And if it is Peet’s well sell a kidney and drink up! ;p
    Yay for family visits!
    I LOVE that! That is the best! Also anything butterscotch is love!
    Haha no you don’t at all! Wine is important and if it is not good wine, then it can be such a disappointment!
    Your mom and Pete are so stinking cute!
    That bakery sounds like my kind of place! Oh my lanta! Everything looked so yummy! And anything cream cheese has my name on it! And caramel!
    I legit need to go get food before I finish catching up on your posts! (I feel like such a novice, because I should know by now how gorgeous and yummy looking your pictures are!)
    Your mom is the cutest! Games are so much fun and those garlic fries! SOOO yummy! I am glad you guys had such an amazing time! And sending huge hugs to your family and classmates. It is so heartbreaking! I have family in New Bern and they have no idea about their houses because they cannot get back. It sucks. So much love to you beauty! <3

    1. Tehe- I guess you are right! I have my stuff at home but just try to cut back on the getting it out- BUT you are right- Peets is the nectar of the gods and with my neighbors it’s a necessity if there ever was one!! Bahahah I will sell my kidney 🤣🤣🤣 I’m busting a gut while watching Dexter with DJ which is quite the juxtaposition 😂 he thinks I’m crazy. It’s fine. 😅

      Thanks for getting me!

      Agreed! I am a suckerrr for anything cream cheese 😋

      I hope you got some good food, girl!

      Oh my gosh- thoughts and prayers with your family there 😥 keep me posted- so so scary.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kate! Your comment truly made my night ! 💕💕

  13. That waffle looks soo good 😍 I love a waffle! It’s so sweet that your mum surprised you with those lolipops! How lovely of her. Mums really are the best right 🙂 and oooh those garlic fries sound delicious! Can’t wait to read your next posts! X

    1. Girl, it was stellar. They truly are the best!!! I was so darn excited about those lollies <3 Thanks, Jenny!

  14. Omg omg omg, my gut feeling wasn’t wrong, your mom WAS in town hahaha.
    Ah Bill’s Cafe, if im not mistaken you’ve been there before correct? The food of course looks delicious as always. Anytime a restaurant has a Belgian waffle, I will most likely get it if nothing else in the menu convinces me lol.
    And I seriously cannot get over how beautiful your mom looks and I can totally see that you got your looks from her!! 😉
    And your dinners always look so incredible!! I’ll have to try something like that someday lol. Oh oh oh oh actually you know what, I’ve had this idea buzzing in my head for a while about being a vegetarian/pescatarian for a whole week, and up until now I didn’t realize who to ask…..YOU!! omg if I decide to go through with it maybe you can help me out to give me some suggestions and also tell me what’s a definite NO-NO lol.
    And that flat bread pizza looks so yummy!!! I’ll have to try it that way sometime.
    *gaspppppppp* whaaaaaaa????!!! I. AM. SO. DOWN! for that bakery!!! Are you kidding me?! That’s heaven!!! 😭😭😭 okay must add to the list…
    So remind me again what DJ actually* does at work? Lol. Sorry bad memory!
    How cool you guys were there to watch the game. I think I’ve only been to a game once and that was a very long time ago I don’t remember if it was some kind field trip during school. I didn’t care much for it because I didn’t understand it lol. I was like 10 or 12 lol.

    1. hahah- YES you were right! And that’s pretty good too considering she was only here twice this whole year- your gut was on point! YES to Bill’s – we love that place. It’s my favorite near us! You cannot go wrong with a belgian waffle- this one was perfection too.

      Ahhhh you are TOO sweet- I’m gonna screen shot this comment and send it to her. It will make her day! Thanks so much, girlie- I always take it as the biggest compliment when people say I look like her.

      AHHH oh my gosh- yes DOOO it! I’d love to help give any ticks/trips as possible. Do you have a soy allergy? That’s the only hiccup a lot of people run into when trying to go plant based. I have soo many suggestions though, and all your protein can come from fish, beans, nuts, and grains if you have any soy aversions.I think you will LOVE it! I shaved off 20 minutes from my marathon time from when I ate meat to going vegetarian (I was strict vegan for a couple years, but that didn’t last- sushi is a must haha), and just had so much more energy. I’d suggest doing pesce first then if you want going all the way full veg for a week or something. It’s pretty easy to substitute your meats with fish! Ok I’ll shut up now. Hahha. I could ramble about this all day.

      I literally still dream about this bakery. It was too freaking delicious. And hah- no worries about asking- it’s all confusing, I barely can keep us straight lol! He works as a marketing manager for the SJ Giants- he does a lot of promotions, community relations, graphics etc. etc.

      haha- you have to go back! I bet Ciel would love it too. Minor league games are way less overwhelming than major league and totally geared toward the family. I just LOVE them! If you are ever here in the summer we will get y’all tickets 🙂

      1. Lol can I say the title of your post before this one was like foreshadowing?! 🤣🤣
        Awhhh you’re welcome!! 🤗 and you do! Like mother like daughter.
        Omg I’m so glad that you’re on board haha and no I eat tofu so that’s good right? Lol. Awesome I’ll be sure to screenshot this and we can talk about it some more later 😁 I’m so so excited and I think I’ll definitely do a pescatarian diet first and then full vegetarian. I do eventually want to switch to one of those diets as I want to decrease the amount of meat I eat, so this will be good practice I think lol. Baby steps towards my greater goal lol.
        Ooooh yeah now I remember. That’s a pretty good job and he likes it right? I hope to one day be able to find a job I love too lol
        Awh you’re the best!!! 🙈🙈😭😭😭❤️❤️

      2. Oh yeah for sure! If you can handle tofu you are in the clear!!! I’m excited for you to try it out- and just think of it as an excuse to eat an outrageous amount of sushi- LOL! jk, don’t do that.. you could get mercury poisoning. haha. **disclaimer 😉

        He does love it!! Not a forever job, but he is absolutely loving it for now. And girl- you will! Right now you are doing the hardest, best job in the world- & never forget your infinite value in that 😉 I hope one day to have your current job! xox

      3. Yay! I’ve been looking into ways to make tofu and so far I’ve loved every single recipe.
        Ah I would eat more sushi if I ate raw fish but in terrified to try lol.
        Thank youuu!!! Sometimes I feel like I want to be more than just a mom I get desperate and want to venture out and get a job but I have to wait lol.

      4. No such thing as “just a mom” 😉 and that day will come if that’s what you choose to do! ❤️ let me know if you try some tofu recipes you like! I just loveeee it prepared any way 😍

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