There’s No Place Like Home: Part One

Heyyyya!!! I am splitting my Ohio trip into two parts so I don’t crash Rossy’s laptop, lol 😉 We took off for Ohio last Friday the 29th. I woke up around 4:45 am to squeeze in a few miles on the tready. Our flight was around 11: 45 am, and I had worked up quite the appetite by the time we had to go. I quickly grabbed a three bean salad and mixed green salad from Klein’s on the airport and ate a No Cow bar on the plane too for some extra protein. (still bitter they changed their formula, but they still keep me nice and full).


Oh and of course had to snag a Cafe au Lait with almond milk from Dog Patch!


Home! 🏡

We caught up with DJ’s mom at the kitchen table like we always have since high school <3 One of the best parts of coming home! We ended the night by watching the latest Bachelorette all together.

In the morning I got up early pearly to get ready for the wedding. The time change always messes with me and after getting up at 4:45 am the day before, I was gonna need a lot of coffee! Mom B even stocked up my favorite Dave’s Killer bread and had some perfectly ripe avocados. She knows me well! That avocado toast tasted so good. Food and coffee alwayyys tase better at this house.


I brought my press on, jankey nails since mine are so darn short and I didn’t want to paint them. Welp, epic fail when I was short two nails! Haha.


I whipped into the nearest CVS and grabbed a new pack. They are so long, but I didn’t want to mess with clipping them because I’d do a horrible job. Gotta just let the claws live sometimes, ya know?


I deliberated which dress to wear and settled on this one (you can catch my options on my MIL’s new website and App Wear This One– I will explain more about this soon!).


We went to a beautiful wedding after picking up my girl Rachel. Remember our cruise together?! We never got to say goodbye after accidentally separating at the airport so when we saw each other it was like “Goodbye! Hello!”.

On the car ride over we imagined worst case scenarios for if one of my nails were to pop off (the little press ons aren’t necessarily the strongest little suckers). We decided it would either be when shaking someone’s hand or at the reception and then the bride slipping on it. Totally normal convos to have on the way to a wedding, right?

As the send off, we all let off balloons outside the church. In San Francisco you would be beheaded if you dared let off balloons into the environment, haha. DJ and I were like, “Is this really happening?!”

In between the wedding, we picked up my sister from a local subway where she was meeting with a friend. Her poor car wasn’t starting, but my brother was able to come in the clutch for a repair. (Y’all it’s like the olden days- fam and friends within arms reach when ya need them, just loved it!).

We went to lunch at Burntwood Tavern, the favorite spot in town.


Deej had their chicken sliders


Rachel had their tater tots- and HOLY CANNOLI RAVIOLI, these are the best darn tater tots I have ever had. If I had to create a last meal these would be included.


I went for their hummus and pita platter. It was a fantastic tide-me-over!


So nice to see these two below. I haven’t seen Hal, my sister (In the middle) in over a year. I was ecstatic when I heard she was going to be in town for a couple days (She lives in Cincy).


The food at the wedding was some of the best wedding food I have ever had!!! I had the macadamia salmon and DJ had their filet. Everyone raved about how wonderful the filet was (it’s hard to get a great meat cut at a wedding too!). And those potatoes- goodness gracious alive- I could live on those things.


My two besties in one picture. Rachel in the middle, Clair on the right. Ya might remember Clair from her own wedding last November <3


We all danced our little hearts out all together. DJ cut a rug!

Here is the gorgeous bride, Ali. Ali and I were SUPER close in high school. It’s one of those relationships where we can easily just pick up where we left off.


Here is a video I grabbed of us dancing, but the sound isn’t working for some reason?!!! Ugh, snapchat, come n’!

Late in the evening they had pizza, is there anything better?! Rach and I were quite excited.


In the morning of the 30th, DJ had to return to Cali for work around 7 am.

I went for a nice sixish mile jog and then Rach, Rachel’s Mom, MC, and I went to Cuyahoga Valley Church. This was the church we used to go to when we lived in Ohio. It was SO nice, gosh I miss that place.

I miss the simplicity of living in Ohio badly. When talking to my mom I was telling her how much I missed certain parts of living in OH (I wrote about some differences in my last post). She made a valid point- she said she was homesick the most when she was home. So true.

After church, we went for a scrumptious brunch in Cleveland. Since we are older now, I would like to go back and actually explore Cleveland. We never did growing up- we just stayed in our little town. DJ and I vowed we would do some more exploring next time we are there together!

anyway- I digress…the three of us decided on the Market Garden Brewery for brunchy perfection.


I loved the decor- it’s industrial chic if I’ve ever seen it!


MC tried their Bloody Mary (I snagged a sip! Mmmm mmm!).


Rach and I savored their very generous in size mimosa flight! The flavors were fantastic- white peach, passion fruit, blood orange, & blackberry.


I enjoyed their yummy avocado toast. I had a size of their potatoes and a poached egg to plop on top of it.


MC and Rach split their Brisket Omelette with adobo braised short rib, fingerling potato, fresh avocado, queso fresco, fried pickled onions, cilantro. They said it needed a bit more umph of flavor, but the potatoes were awesome!


They preferred the carnitas Benedict with 2 scratch english muffin, MGB progress pilsner braised pork carnitas, 2 soft poached eggs, salsa verde hollandaise, pickled red onions, cotija cheese, cilantro served with breakfast potatoes.


After rolling ourselves out of the restaurant, we headed over to West Side Market. In alll my years of living in Ohio, I had never been here. Can ya believe it?!

It was HUGE- with seriously anything you can imagine. If when we move back here one day I am going to live at this place.


Feels like home <3


When I say they have everything, I mean everything..


After purchasing some fudge and continuing to nurse our food comas, we went to a friend of Rachel’s who had a sweet little new puppy. Cutest little puppy ever!!


In the afternoon, I headed over to my brother’s house to spend some time with my niece and nephew <3 <3 Gosh I miss them. I hate that I’m the “far away” Aunt- but it makes me treasure truly every single second. They amaze me and I can’t believe I have the honor to call myself their Aunt.

This here is little Miss Baby Kate. Jack, my nephew, was running around and I didn’t have a chance to snag a picture, but next post I have some cute ones of him <3 (I know I need to chill on the heart usage but I can’t help myself).


The Aunts with their girl! Can ya tell we’re all related?

Maura, my sister in law, made these TASTY vegan buddha bowls. I recreated them immediately when I came home the best I could because they were so doggone delicious!!!


After chillin’ with my family, giving the kids a bath and reading a bedtime story, we all hit the hay. Those little moments make my heart beat. I couldn’t love those two more than I already do.

In the morning I had the honor of putting little pigtails on this one and then seeing where the kiddos go for summer daycare/school.


After, I drove to the local gym I used to attend and cranked out a few miles. I then went to Clair’s house for more baby snuggles with her little one, Jacob. He turned one this past week!



We hung out, caught up, and kept a close eye on the rambunctious little booger above. We were going to do something outside, but it was in the nineties and promising rain. We ended up going to Target to try to find some clothes for Clair. It felt like middle school again….. except a baby in tow, tehe. It’s strange when you move away and then return how much feels the same, but so different all at once.

Once Clair’s husband Robby came home we went out for a nice dinner at …. guess where? Burntwood Tavern 😉

Clair opted for their Moscow Mule and I had a glass of Cab. Shocker, huh?


Naturally, we had to split their taters again. I’m telling you— best darn tots I’ve ever tried. Napoleon Dynamite would have a field day.


Clair had their delectable cedar plank salmon.


With it being scorching hot out I decided on their salmon salad. I could eat this for every meal.


We settled in for the evening with some wine to watch Bachelorette. It was a perfect day <3


I will do part 2 soon with all our 4th of July Festivities & lotsa great grub!

xo <3

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48 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home: Part One

  1. The name “tready” makes a treadmill sound more fun, but I still hate it.

    I just went for a run and haven’t eaten yet, so these food pics ARE KILLING ME.

  2. Eeeek! We are so alike in the food department lol Dave’s Killer Bread is my fave. I’ve not bought another brand since I first spotted it. 😀 Ah I miss having family in arm’s reach if I need help, that’s probably the hardest part about moving away from them! & oh man. I’ve never even seen tater tots like that? Count me in! The wedding salmon dinner looks fantastic too! The mimosa flight is huge! Wow! Would love to visit that West Side Market- am in love with indoor markets with tons of different vendors. You & your sis do look alike! & her babies are precious. 😍

    Looking forward to part two!!

    1. Dave’s is the BEST! So tasty. I have tried going back to different types when stores don’t have it, and nothing compares. Ohh most definitely the most difficult part of moving is missing fam for sure.

      I LOVE markets too- something so exciting about just new treasures around every corner.

      Thanks, lady! XO

  3. I am obsessed with the dress you wore to your friend’s wedding!! The color is stunning on you. Also your engagement ring and wedding band are gorgeous.

    My cousin’s live in a Cleveland suburb so I never explored the city. The mimosa flight is making me want to hop on a plane and visit her though since the flavors sound so refreshing!! That could also definitely be because I just got back to work so post vacation blues are setting in haha.

    Have a great Monday xo!

    1. Thank you, Chica!!!! I won’t even say how many dresses I tried on before I found one I actually liked… I’m getting picky in my ripe old age of 24. LOL. But thank you so much. And no way!! Small world— Which suburb do they live in?! Highly recommend checking this place out next time you go! The restaurant is on the cutest little strip with a bunch of other fun places too!

      Ahhh post vacay blues are the worst! But every day you’re just one step closer to the next one 😉

      Have a great week, doll! XO

      1. Oh same! I will buy 5-10 pieces of clothing online and then only end up keeping 1-2 of them since I’m so picky. It’s tough! They live in Mentor!

        They really are the worst. I want to book another trip now to combat the blues haha

      2. Exactly!!!

        OK I am cracking up- so when I first read this comment I read “They live in Mentor! They really are the worst”…. and for a second I thought you were referring to your cousins. LOL! But yes I hope those vacation blues are shook off in no time! XO

  4. Yay! I am so excited to read about your Ohio trip. But first girl I adore that picture of you and DJ! You two are couple goals!
    You are also a woman after my own heart! I always try to fit cardio in before I travel!
    Awe I LOVE those memories! going home is the best!
    Girl I am SO behind on the bachelorette! WHAT is happening?!?! The withdrawals are real!
    Not only do your “claws” look gorgeous but YOU look stunning!
    BWAHAHA I LOVE your convos! You KNOW you are best friends when you go through cray-cray scenarios!
    Oh my avocado! I am sitting on a train and now officially hungry from all that yummy food!
    The wedding looks so much fun! And I love that they brought in pizza!
    Ummmm girl two of my very good friends live in Cuyahoga! And one of them is a pastor! (not sure for what church!)
    Actually I just stalked his facebook and he is a pastor at kenmore Chapel. But holy cannoli what a small world!
    I can completely relate to that! When I lived in NH, I didn’t explore nearly as much as I do now.
    That boody mary looks Ah-may-zing!
    Oh my word carnies benedict? where is this place?!?! it sounds drool worthy!
    SO a Westside market is opening up right down the block from me. I am so excited!
    Your SIL’s name is Maura? HOW did I not know that!?!?! Girl MY SIL name is Maura!!!
    Okay now that I am over that excitement, this warmed my heart so much! Ughhh your pictures of your niece I can not even handle the cuteness! Being an aunt is the best. And girl, even though you are far away, it makes it that much more special when they do get to see you!
    Ahhh this post warmed my heart! I am SO happy you got to go home! <3

    1. Thanks girl! He puts up with me well… haha! Very thankful. OMG, you need to catch up on bachelorette ASAP. I will say this season is a bit of snooze fest, but I can’t help but watch every second (as I haphazardly watch as I type this comment lol). Thank you for the claw support!!

      WAIT- say whaaaaaa?!?! You have a friend that is a Pastor there?! OKAY we must discuss further- what a small world!! I’m gonna look up Kenmore Chapel now.. guarantee there are more connections then we know.

      And girl, believe it or not all these eats are just in Cleveland, OH!

      Wait- so funny!! Just another thing that makes us similar, haha.

      <3 <3 I hope even though far away they think it’s extra special! They are seriously my HEART BEAT. XO

  5. All.The.Food. I am a starvin marvin meow!!!! I would definitely love The West Side Market but chicken feet?! Umm, just no. ha What a fabulous trip! It’s SO fun being an aunt!! I’m “aunt keesh” somehow my niece decided my name needed an upgrade so that’s what she dubbed me. ha PUPPY!!!! I LOVE puppy breath and bellies!! <3 <3

    You looked stunning at the wedding & your sweet friends did as well! Blonde bombshells!

    1. I know- I was SO disgusted by the chicken feet, but I guess it’s considered a delicacy for some?! Ahhh! Awww I love that- Aunt Keesh- soooo precious. That little pup did melt my heart! And thanks girlfriend!! XO

  6. I love that you tagged Akron, Ohio on this <3 my alma mater (university of akron woohoo) first of all girl, that emerald dress in the first pic was GORGEOUS on you! So cute! & secondly, I need to try those tots!!!!

    1. <3 <3 <3 Akron pride, girl! Love it. And thank you soo much, I had a hard time this go around finding a dress, so I appreciate that a ton! And those tots were ev-ery-thing!!! Another must if you go back :) Do you have any family or friends that lives there still?

  7. Your MIL has an app?! And she bought your fave bread and avocados?! You have an amazing MIL! Love “the claw” nails on you! And that dress. Beautiful! The balloon sendoff is such a cute idea! Love the pic of little Jacob sleeping. He is a cutie!

    1. YES!!! It’s a website/app that you can post outfits for different events when you’re not sure which to wear. People vote on which one they think is best. I will make a post soon with more detail, maybe in a Friday Fave! He is SUCH a cutie! xoxo

  8. All of your food looks soooo good!! All of my friends that I grew up with moved off right after college. Once some of them came back it is kind of the same, but still really different. I guess when everyone moves on to different stages of their lives it changes things. But it’s awesome to still have that bond. And I’m like you in that category – everyone I grew up with was married and having kids by the time we were 21, and I didn’t get married until almost 30…and still no kids yet! LOL

    1. It was delish!!!

      And yes- that’s totally how it felt. Some things feel like they don’t change at all and yet some are sooo different. Girl, I honestly would not even think you were in your 30s!! But yeah- we don’t want kids for a looong time, maybe 4-5 years. So we will probably be close to 30 or in our 30s by the time we do. My best friend is having all of hers now at 24 to get it done and out of the way, but I can’t imagine that with where we are in life!

  9. That mimosa flight looks divine…as always after reading your delectable posts, I’m feeling hungry…it looks like you had a blast being back home, thanks for sharing!

    1. It was ! Every single flavor was delicious yet unique. Thanks for sharing in our time at home with us! 💕 hope you have a great dinner 😉

  10. Hi Mackenzie, there is no place like home! It is great to get back to the past and meet all your friends from growing up together, they are getting married and forming new lives like you have. You are a trooper getting up at 4.45 to go on the treadmill! Your cvs nails look GREAT on . You and DJ look so cute in the photo from the wedding , your dress is gorgeous and hair to match. So nice seeing Rach again minus the crutch! Your niece and nephew are the cutest and I am sure you would love to see them more often . lovely pic of Kate and her 2 aunts! Fabulous post, see you in part 2 , im so behind !! Hugs,Terri xo.

    1. Hi Terri! Tehe That is so sweeet you remember Rachel from the cruise! I snapped this comment and sent it to her ❤️ it was such a great day when she could finally ditch the crutches! Thanks for your kind words always- it was such a beautiful weekend 🙂

  11. Heeeyyyyy! I’m so behind on your blog and it was NOT on purpose 🙁 I’ll have to binge-read your blog this weekend and catch up for realsies <3
    Anyway, I'm sure I didn't know you were from Ohio and if I did, I forgot lmao I'm so sorry. What a great time it is to be around family. 🙂 I'm glad you had a blast and got to see your niece and nephew too, so cutee!
    and you looked BANGING in that teal dress!! WOW! <3 😀
    Of course the food…ALWAYSS looks delicious, and of course I always read your blog right as I'm going to sleep so I go to sleep hungry 😉
    And also, yes, your posts still crash my iPad, my laptop is so ancient I really need to change it and maybe i won't have problems in the future haha

    1. Hey girl!!! Oh my gosh, no worries at all! You have been soooo busy, I totally do not expect you to catch up on everything. Our whole history is a bit confusing- we generally just say we’re from the midwest since we grew up in Ohio then went to Indiana for college!

      Thanks for the sweet words, girl! I had a really hard time finding a dress I liked for the wedding but was glad one finalllly worked.

      Oh no! Never go to sleep hungry, girl! That’s like going to sleep angry 😉 teheh. Oh nooo- I am gonna have to make these posts a teensy bit shorter and break them up more! Hope you are having a lovely weekend, Rossy 🙂

      1. I might end up cutting back how much I post. Ciel is about to go back to school soon so I’ll have less time and I also want to be here for him more now that he’s talking more. I just have to figure out a good schedule lol. But I’m derailing…
        Oh okay that makes sense haha.
        Yes, you look great in that dress I think you made the perfect choice 😉
        Hope you had a great weekend too!

      2. Aw do what you have to do, but I have been loooovin’ these posts. Which grade is he going into? I’m so bad with ages and grades to be honest haha.

        Girl, you got this! That’s a good thing he is talking more, right? Keep me updated on how everything is going !!


      3. Well he’s only three, going onto four in December, but he’s going into this pre-school sort of thing, but I don’t leave him there for three hours. Parents go with their kids which I think is nice and they get to be with other 3 to 5 yr olds. When we went earlier this year, this past school year I mean, he had a hard time whenever I had to leave with the parents to a parent workshop, so I’m hoping he doesn’t get separation anxiety again.
        Yes, it definitely is! For a while I worried that he was behind, and he still technically is a bit behind, more than his peers, but he’s learning and his language is developing. Sometimes he’ll go and say a FULL sentence in his little baby accent and it’s the cutest thing in the world I just smile, shed a tear and give him a giant bear hug! <3

      4. Oh I see!!! That sounds like the perfect set up! I think if I remember right from my peds course that separation is super common in Toddler’s… so if he is still dealing with it just know it’s normal.

        Ahhh that is so so exciting!!! Those are precious precious moments and victories. That warms my heart. He is just so sweet and you really are just the perfect momma for him, Rossy! Don’t let anyone get you down.

      5. Yeah I’ve been told that since I’m his primary care taker, he gets attached but with time, it’ll lessen. And it has. We’ve been working on it but then again, the school environment might be new until he adjusts to it again.
        Thanks MacKenzie! I try to be the best I can. We had several wins today where I didn’t completely lose my mind lol.

      6. That’s awesome!! Those small victories will turn into huge wins. I have to remind myself too whenever I am frustrated with anything… baby steps are the key to any big success! It just stinks with how much patience it takes, but it is true! This is allll worth it!

      7. Ugh yeah, I was probably the most impatient person a few years back, and Ciel has taught me a lot about that <3 but yes, patience is key!

      8. I have heard other parents say this too! When that day comes for me I am gonna need lotsa lotsa extra patience cause right now I can hardly stand myself! LOL.

      9. Parenthood is hard, but also very rewarding. It’s like, I’ve seen myself act certain ways towards Ciel in the past and it has made me realize that’s not who I want to be. I still make some of those mistakes but I do my best and I hope he knows that.

      10. That makes sense- and is hard to understand as someone who has never been a parent, but one of the things I am SO excited to experience. I can’t wait to know that love that motivates you to just be the best for them.. thanks for sharing these thoughts, Rossy.. I love these convos and learn so much from you <3

      11. Definitely! Parenthood is such an eye-opener and it’s definitely one of those unconditional love situations that you get to experience on a daily basis. 🙂
        Awh thanks! I’ve been loving these convos with you too even though I’m usually the one talking but I love your feedback! 🙂 And for what it’s worth, I think you’d be a great mom! <3

      12. Aw no I love love listening, I really do just learn so much from you!! This comment just made me tear up- I want nothing more in life than to be a mom, so that means the absolute world. <3

      13. And I’m learning tons from you too 💜 you give me some insight or rather a more positive take on a few things. I can be very pessimistic and negative sometimes lol. Oh my flaws 🤣 haha
        I’m sure in time you will get a baby of your own and I would love nothing more than to meet your little one!! Even if you end up moving states, I will find it in my budget to travel over to you to meet him or her. Lol.

      14. Nah, I think you are just a realist and there is nothing wrong with that!

        AWWWW!!!!! oh my gosh you just made my night! Yes yes yes!! One day<3

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