Filling in the Gaps…

Hellllo and how the heck are ya?  I have a few fun little nuggets I really want to log from before and after the vacay. Let’s go way back.

When I say we’re going back, I mean.. we going wayyy-ay-ay-ay back.


**Warning**- this post is pretty sappy & reflective. It’s more a journaling time for me, but you are more than welcome into my thoughts & stream of consciousness!

On March 16th, I received the most delish & yummy chocolate covered strawberries from my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew for graduation. I miss them all too stinking much. My sibs don’t always pop up in the blog as much as I wish simply because we are an entire coast apart… but I just want to mention how thankful I am for them. I especially hate being this far away from my niece and nephew. One of my main priorities this summer is making a trip to see them. <3


On March 19th after working a few rough days, I was running outside and had a moment. One of those moments where you reminisce and are overcome with reflection. This flower below literally stopped me in my tracks.


Why? Because the last time I saw this flower I was facing some seriously significant obstacles. I was in a tumultuous place emotionally, and I had nearly an entire year of challenges in my wake. I was defeated and nearly about to give up, although I was fighting tooth and nail to stay positive. I saw this flower, and with a rush of memories & emotions I was reminded of what exactly I had overcome. Seeing this flower felt more official than graduation in affirming that I made it through, but not on my own. It was God’s reminder and promise fulfilled that He would carry me through, that in His power we can do all things (Philippians 4:13). The same flower is blooming again. As cheesy as it is, this flower represents to me my personal growth & blooming in this beautiful, terrifying, wonderful career. As I stated in this post  where I saw this flower for the first time, “I need this stage to blossom”. God’s creation is a powerful thing <3

On March 21st, I presented our neurosurgical research for the last time. The research council seemed to love it. They even said maybe we could stay in touch moving forward!


The rest of the week was work, work, work, work, work.

On March 24th, DJ and I saw DJ’s younger sister perform in the ultimate cheer competition! She is growing up far too fast for my liking, but it’s such a joy to watch her! She is incredibly talented, and I am amazed at her poise. (She is at the top of the group in the picture below). Ohhhh, and they won NATIONALS! YES, nationals! After this competition we had the most incredible dinner at LB Steakhouse with the fam after. <3 (Saturdays that we can get everyone together are rare, so this night will always be treasured!). (PS. Their bread popovers are what dreams are made of!).


I know I’ve said it before, but one of the greatest blessings I have experienced in this life is DJ & DJ’s family. I think about often how I don’t know why God thought I was worthy enough to have not only the perfect husband for me, but also the greatest family. It made a bit more sense this year, because I think God knew I needed them. The encouragement from DJ & his parents and their unwavering faith in me is part of the reason I made it. I wouldn’t have even applied for this residency program in the first place if my Dad-in-law hadn’t suggested it. I didn’t think I stood a chance at getting in the program, but seeing his confidence in me, coming from one of the men I respect the most, gave me that motivation to even fill out an application. <3 I think all the time about how that one simple conversation with him changed the trajectory of my life and opened up doors that I didn’t even know existed.

Beginning March 25th kicked off my PTO streak for my full two week vacation! After Church we went to another couple’s house that lives nearby for salmon & to hangout. Mmmm mmm!

The rest of the week I basically spent getting ready for the cruise, running errands, cleaning, packing, and making sure Deej had food available. (I also ordered Freshly! I will do more of a thorough review in the future- but we LOVED it. We are still using up our promo codes, but the price for the ease of making such nutrilicious foods makes it worth it thus far!!!!).


Is running errands anyone else’s happy place? I just relish in facing the day with a to-do list and knocking out everything with head to toe athleisure, headphones in, and podcast on.

Monday night of March 26th, I whipped up one of our favorite, easy, but tasty meals of scallops with cojita corn & brown rice.


March 27th was a monumental day. Not only was it my beautiful Momma’s birthday, but I found out that I was accepted into Duke’s DNP program!!!! Previously, I knew I was accepted into the Masters program, but the DNP was a pipe dream in my mind. I cried when I saw the acceptance update on my profile and re-read it about ten times before finally calling DJ. Here’s to the next 3.5 years of studying & the academia grind. I start in August 🙂 I still can’t believe it, I don’t know if it’s sunk in yet!

During the day on March 28th, I had my hair brightened up a bit at Limon Salon! I just missed the bright blondeWhen I get my hair done, I like to get the Olaplex treatment. It has hands down made a mighty difference in keeping my hair healthy and my blonde bright. Hair treatments can be ridiculously damaging, but this mitigates the harm.

The night of March 28th, I was FINALLY able to see DJ play basketball! I usually have to work the next day or am working the nights he has games so I haven’t been able to make any. It was a blast seeing him do his thang (number 88)!


These team names crack me up. Deej is with the Enginerds. Unfortunately, one of the players tore his achilles tendon during the game, so they continued to play 4 on 5. But they held their own!


And- can you believe it- on March 29th, I actually got my nails done?! (Not just the Walgreens glue-on ones, haha). DJ said they were “aggressive”. LOL. I cannot remember the last time I had my nails done- I think maybe for Clair’s wedding, but even then it was a light polish because I had to go straight back to work. I think before that it had been a year, right before starting nursing!


The evening of March 29th, DJ and I did an impromptu date night! We strolled through whole foods and grabbed some grub from their deli. Whole foods selections are ahhh-mazing. It’s the ultimate Sophie’s choice for the indecisive veg-heads.


I also LOVE their olive bar. It’s the most massive olive bar I have ever seen. *Heart eyes on heart eyes*


I made a massive salad which basically included every item from the cold bar (and some from the hot bar), and DJ tried dosa!


Dosa is a southern Indian dish. Think a light fluffy crepe usually stuffed with potato and served with different chutneys. I joke that I knew DJ was the one when he was willing to partake in Indian cuisine with me 😉


Then I jotted in the AM for the airport!!! That brings us to my last three travels posts from March 30th to April 5th! (Isn’t it crazy how much can happen in a few days?!)

Part One . Part TwoPart Three.

Annnd heading to the airport is where I left off in Part Three. We had a bit of a sad mishap with the airport. To get from the boat to the airport, Rach and I took a Lyft. We were taking two separate airlines out so we had to be dropped off at different spots. We agreed we would meet back inside after going through our siloed security stations. Once we both made it through we texted each other to figure out where the other was…. welll …. turns out we were in entirely different terminals and BUILDINGS. We were so sad we didn’t get to hangout those next few hours together and never actually said goodbye. 🙁 Good thing I’ll be seeing her in a couple months for a wedding, but it was too sad. We just kept texting each other and sending pictures (keep scrolling) of what we decided on for lunch since we weren’t actually together to have lunch. Wahhhhhhhhh.

I parked it at a PJ’s Coffee and read my book to pass some time. PJ’s was pretty delish, but still not my Peet’s <3


For lunch I decided on one last hurrah for a NOLA meal at Ye Olde College Inn. I was craving some comfort food as our trip was at an end, and I was isolated from my best friend by a gosh darn wall.


I pulled out my book, enjoyed the live jazz they had playing and ordered some gulf fish & smoked gouda grits (FANTASTIC!).


I just read my book while savoring every bite.

The flight back was the scariest flight I have ever been on. There was an insane amount of turbulence, I really did think we were going down several times. I don’t think I’ve ever shed turbulence tears, but they were streaming this time. I love flying, but I can definitely get anxious when things aren’t smooth sailing, or smooth flying if you will. I couldn’t wait to get my feet back on the ground.

When I saw DJ pull up to the curb to pick me up from the airport I felt like I could finally take a sigh of relief. We headed to one of our favorites- Stein’s– for dinner. We had our two favorites, the quinoa butternut squash salad for me and the fried chicken sliders for Deej.


We munched away while I told DJ every exhaustive detail of the trip and every. single. picture. He has the patience of a saint.

On April 6th & 7th I slept until the cows came home and then did laundry from the trip. I had a hankerin’ for Thai Food on Saturday evening. We ordered from Amarin Thai in San Jose. I actually had to reorder from Olarn (my go-to Thai place about a minute away), because my curry tasted thairrible. I’m refraining from going on a thairaid about it… I’m not picky, but I truly couldn’t eat it. I will say their Roti was the best roti I’ve ever had though, I’ll give them that.

DJ said their Pad Thai was fine (at least it was edible). I ended up getting the Red Curry from Olarn, a thaid and true <3 <3 <3.


Stop with the thai puns you say?! I’ll thai.

try gif.gif

On April 8th, we attended a lovely Sunday Service then I ran errands in the afternoon to get ready for the work week. I have a funny story for y’all. So when my mom visited for graduation she ordered a sampler platter and brought back the leftovers to help me out with some food prep for the week! When I tried “Oren’s Eggplant” I had a moment of, “this is maybe one of the tastiest things I have ever had in my life”. I texted my mom, “Are you sure this is vegetarian? It is so savory!”. She was pretty sure the menu didn’t mention meat. I was curious what made it so good so I looked it up online and it listed, a puree of fried eggplant, spices, caramelized onion, and hard boiled egg. Well naturally, anything fried, with egg, and caramelized onion is going to be phenomenal. So this Sunday when I returned home, I decided to grab hummus, baba-ganoush, Oren’s eggplant, and pita for the week!


After eating it for about a week, I looked at the list of ingredients on the label for the first time, noting their was more there than the menu had. What else was in it? Chicken fat. LOL. I had accidentally been eating meat for a week. I’m really holding down this pescatarian life well.

April 9th it was time to go back to work. I was terrified to go back. I usually get anxious after three days being away, so after having two weeks off my heart was racing out of my chest. It all went just fine and I did not forget how to be a nurse in just two weeks. Haha.

April 10th, I took a nice long run outside and soaked up alllll the beautiful blooms!


Thursday April 12th, I went to Opening Night for the SJ Giants! DJ has been working  hard in the off season, and I was excited to be there for the big opening day!


I just love these games. I couldn’t find anyone to go with, but I definitely don’t mind going on my own. The environment is jovial as can me, nothing beats stadium food, and it was exciting to see all of Deej’s diligent work come to fruition!


When waiting in line at Turkey Mike’s for a veggie burger, two gentlemen in front of me asked me if I liked pickles. I was a bit taken aback, and a bit unsure of how to respond to this random inquiry. They explained that they are one of the sponsors and they were selling their pickles at the cash register. Bahaha. When cashing out they bought me one. So, if y’all go to a SJ Giants game, keep an eye out for the Buck’s Vineyard pickles. (maybe the weirdest paragraph ever written on my blog?!).


This is where my loyalty lies: GORDON BIERSCH GARLIC FRIES.


I may have gone a bit overboard on the food, but I ran eleven miles earlier and was ravenous! (The pickle was okay– I’m a salt fanatic and it wasn’t salty enough for me. I’ll stick to my Vlasic. Sorry, Buck’s!).


I plopped down with my food, bundled up in a winter jacket (It was FREEEZING that evening), and contentedly sat back to watch the game. Literally, no one was sitting by me. I was laughing at how hilarious this whole situation much have looked. Just a girl alone, eating her garlic fries, cheering her favorite team on. (The guy speaking in the background of the video reflects my sentiment). “Here we are! We made it!”

I didn’t last the whole game because my Raynaud’s started acting up, and I couldn’t feel my toes. I and my numb feet ran over to give DJ a hug goodbye and then warmed up back home.

We both worked all through the weekend. Now that the season has started DJ and I are a bit of ships passing in the night again. I don’t think I’ve seen him for about three days now. But we soak up the little time we do have together! Our date nights are sporadic and often last minute, but we grab them when we can.

Last Monday the night of April 16th, I made us pizzas, and Amy’s Margherita Pizza (One of DJ’s favorites) and I tried the Cauliflower pizza, which I loved and included in a Friday Faves!


On April 17th, Deej and I had an impromptu date night! WOOT WOOT!

We hit up Historic Murphy Avenue in Sunnyvale for some good Mexican Grub. We just adore this strip, but haven’t made it over much lately. The last time we were here was March 2017 for St. Patrick’s Day!


We hit Roberto’s Cantina for the best veggie fajitas and beef tacos!


On April 18th, I hit up Trader Joe’s to meal prep and stock up on some fun new eats for the week!


I sauteed veggies & Tofu to make stuffed purple sweet potatoes with hummus for lunches.


And here’s what the lunches and snacks for the next couple days looked like.


I worked on the 19th and 20th with a couple emotionally strenuous shifts.. But now I am sitting here being a lazy bum, thoroughly enjoying finishing up this blog post sipping my cups of coffee. I go back tomorrow, and only have today off. DJ is doing a seven day home stand, hence we haven’t seen each other since our date night and probably won’t see one another again until next week. Tis’ the baseball season. I’m beyond proud of him though. His creativity in his role amazes me & he is one of the hardest working individuals I know. Well, this post was obnoxiously long, but at least my OCD side feels like I am now caught up. Have a fabulous week everyone!

xo <3

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47 thoughts on “Filling in the Gaps…

  1. A Mack Update! 
Those strawberries look amazing! And girl I can completely relate. it is hard being away from family and I hope you get to go visit them:)
    Huge hugs. It is amazing, especially as runners how much clarity we get, and how we stumble across gifts that change our perspective and brighten our day. It seems like this Spring is full of them and I am so grateful for that. And I am grateful that you saw that flower again!
    Wooot! yay go mack! I knew your research project would be amazing!
    Congrats to DJ’s sister! That is awesome!
    And huge hugs. Family is everything! I am so happy that you have such an amazing and supportive one!
    AHHHH!!! Did you hear that all the way in Cali because girl I am so flipping excited for you! Congrats! You are going to do amazing!
    Girl your hair is stunning! And also blondes just rock ;p <3
    Go DJ! But that stinks about his friend! Wishing him a speedy recovery!
    Girl, I say this with love, BUT what does DJ know? Your nails are ah-may-zing! Work it!
    I love Wholefoods! They prepared food is life!
    Ughh that stinks! 
And double ughh WHY did they not have Peets?!?! (Side note girl I was just in DC and there are a gazillion Peets because they bought a local coffee chain there. You can bet I got my fix. I think I had 5 Peets in 36 hours…No shame! ) 
Girl I am so sorry about your flight! That sucks and is SO scary!
    And I just thaid at your thai puns! 
It figures that something so good would have something bad in it! 🙁
    I also just thaid (oops sorry still stuck on thai puns!) at that pickle snafu. I definitely would have been like uh what?!?! Lol
    I am so glad you guys got an impromptu date night! Mexican is everything!
    And girl you know I love my TJ’s!
    I am sorry your last couple shifts were tough, but girl you got this! I hope you have an amazing weekend! <3

    1. yay a Kate comment 🙂 !!! How do you deallll being far away from the nieces and nephews?! That is what I’m struggling with most for sure.

      And girlll yes- you said that so well. Running provides the MOST clarity. I always have my deepest thoughts, epiphanies, etc. while on a run. And it gets the creative juices flowing!! Let’s add a NYC run to our agenda when I visit 😉

      LOL, thanks for supporting the extra aggro nails!

      I AM SO PROUD!!!! 5 Peets in 36 hours is medal worthy. Teach me your wayyyyssss!!!

      Bahahah, yesssss. You get me & my horrible puns, thank you for not shunning me as a friend.

      Thank you, loveee!! You’re the best! XOXO

      1. I am legit smiling big right now reading this.
        And girl it is a HUGE struggle. I FaceTime with them a lot. And I do go home way more then I should. I actually see my brother’s kids more then my sister’s (and she is closer, but our schedules are off most of the time) but it is hard. And not going to lie they definitely make me pause about moving farther south or abroad, because I really do miss them so much.
        it really does! Yes girl! Yes! I would love that! I can show you the reservoir, and if the Eass River is open (been under construction) so many great running spots in the city!
        Haha you are very welcome! Of course! Our claws….finger nails are sacred! Lol.
        Right?!?! And they were ALL large….No shame lol.
        Girl never! I am right there along with you! BTW I am so Thaired today…Sorry couldn’t resist.
        Awe YOU are the best and always put a smile on my face! So much love to you girl! <3

      2. I bet! I need to get on the technology train.. I always forget about Facetime.. I literally never use it haha.

        LOL- Finger Nails are Sacred! I feel like you seriously need a Tshirt line or a stationary line or something with your quotes. Not even kidding. They are the best! Also, the fact that you share in a pun love makes me jus love ya more (which didn’t know was possible?!?).

      3. Bwahaha I have slowly made my way into the twentieth century hopefully I will make it into the twenty-first before the twenty-second (wow that was a lot of numbers for me! ;p) Lol.
        Oh my nails I love you! Awe thanks love! You are so sweet! <3 And I love you even more! Hehe Oh my gosh we need a reunion asap! <3

      4. Wait what are the dates again!?? I feel like I’ve asked you a million times, but I can’t find them in our texts. Haha.

  2. How incredibly sweet of your brother and his family to send you the chocolate covered strawberries. They look delicious!!
    Dosa sounds super yummy and now I want to try it. I’m always so nervous to try new takeout places in case the food isn’t good. I’m a picky eater so getting some inedible is always my worst nightmare when trying anything new!
    The garlic fries from the Giants game look so good and now I want French fries (even though I just had a little ice cream haha). Going to ball games is all about the food plus 11 miles really does make you hungry. So I applaud the tray of food you got.

    CONGRATS ON DUKE!! You’re a gosh darn superstar Mackenzie and I know you’ll kill it <3

    1. Hey girlfriend!!! You MUST try Dosa. It’s soo good. Do you like crepes?! If so you will probably like it… I don’t even care for crepes that much and I loveeee them.

      So I’m not a picky eater at all, but even this delivery was atrocious and may turn me into one! haha. I guess I am darn picky about take out (especially because it costs an arm and a leg!). So thanks for sympathizin with that 😉

      The garlic fries were TREMENDOUS…. a nearby city called Gilroy is known for their garlic. They even have a garlic festival every year. Toooo good!

      Thank you for your sweeeeeet words! You are too kind! I’m not sure I realize what I just signed up for, but I’m excited for the next adventure 🙂 <3 Hope your week is going super well!

      1. I do like crepes! I haven’t had them in so long though!

        I hate spending money on takeout and not liking it or the order being wrong. You’ll have my sympathy on that forever haha.

        A garlic festival sounds AMAZING! I love the flavor garlic can add to anything. Currently thinking of ways to make some sort of garlic fries at home although I’m sure they won’t be as good as the ones you had.

        You’re welcome! I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for you in this. Have a great Wednesday 🙂

      2. Girl, yesssss, I feeel you! Especially lately.. i’ve had those subpar takeout orders and they are so darn expensive. AGREED, garlic is the ultimate herb (it’s an herb right? or a spice? I think an herb.. lol) . yes.. definitely.. right? Haha. Thanks, Maureen! Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. What a great post! I’m the same with wanting to cover everything, think about deets, analyze & such. I also sometimes attribute times or seasons in my life to certain specific things so like your flower, I’ll see something that just makes me stop & reflect.

    That plane ride sounds so terrifying!! The older I get, the more I get nervous about rollercoasters & flying because I overthink about all that could go wrong. ugg

    I LOL’D at your food & baseball bench!! I went to my college’s (University of TN – Go Vols!) spring scrimmage game on Saturday in the most glorious sunny, warm weather andddd I ended up getting Petro’s. *face palm emoji* I try not to buy stadium food simply because it’s so.freakin.expensive but I was a starvin marvin so go big or go home.

    Happy Monday!

    1. Thanks, Kaci, for understanding!!! 🙂 AND SAME– especially with flying— I think maybe that is why?! (Just knowing all that can go wrong and not that blind faith?!).

      Oh how fun you went to University of TN! Stadium food is soooo expensive, but sooo worth it, right?! (Confession: I had to look up Petro’s… and now I want it… it looks too darn delicious!).

  4. Yum! Chocolate covered strawberries!! That was so sweet of your family. I love the story about the flower!! Duke!! Woot!! Woot!! Congrats!!! Getting your hair and nails done is always a bit of uplifting self care love!! That’s funny about discovering the chicken fat. We’ve been vegan (mostly) for the past two weeks. We had a few snafu’s where we didn’t realize something probably had butter. However, we consciously chose to eat vegetarian yesterday so that we could enjoy a pizza date with our kids. I suspect I’ll eat more along pescatarian when I head to the UK. I do love some fish and chips!! I have Raynaud’s too. It really didn’t affect me too much when I lived in Florida, but I have to plan accordingly in Virginia. xx

    1. Hi Amy!!! Thank you sooo much 🙂 And yes, it can make all the difference when you have a good nail and hair day, right?! I just feel more motivated to face the dayyy! How are you liking the mostly plant based diet?! I tried vegan for about a year, but in nursing school we didn’t have the greatest options and I didn’t have time to cook appropriately, so that’s why I added fish back in (Plus I reallllly missed sushi). And what beats good fish and chips?! Have you been living in the US for long ? I was always under the impression that you were still in the UK for some reason?!

      1. I don’t feel like I’ve tweaked the vegan ratios to best suit my body. I haven’t given up though, but I suspect I will end up falling into the flexitarian camp. I definitely plan to eat fish and chips when I travel to the UK in two weeks. You must have come upon my blog after my last trip because I talked about how much I loved my time over there. But I was born and raised and Florida and have now been in Virginia for almost 5 years. So I’m a total U.S. girl. lol. But the UK does hold a chunk of my heart.

      2. Oooooo I LOVE that- a “flexitarian”… I’ve never heard of that, but will definitely in the future (I feel like that’s what I fall in too). And Ahhhh! Ok yes, that makes much more sense now because I’ve heard references to both, but I think I did find your blog right after visiting the JK Rowling Cafe and everything!

  5. Congratulations on making it into the program! I just love reading your updates, Mack! They are always filled with so many beautiful photos, fun activities, & delicious looking food! I laughed out loud during your little Thai puns paragraph hahah. You are so cute!

    1. Thank you so much, Hunida!!! This is the sweetest comment <3 <3 Thank you for making my morning (and appreciating my puns 😉 )!!! XO

  6. I just love how much of a blessing DJ’s family has been to you. Having a good relationship with in-laws and the family is such a blessing and a special thing to experience! Congrats on getting into the program! You’re going to ROCK it!

    1. <3 <3 Isn't it a blessing? I see exactly why God brought them into my life.. it all seems so very clear now. Thank you, Allie!! I'm not sure I really understand what I've signed up for.. but here we go! Lol!

  7. A huge congratulations on being chosen for the program!!! I know so many amazing things are in store for you.

    Music, photos, items like your flower can immediately take me back to a feeling or memory that causes me to reflect too.

    I love all of that stadium food you ordered! That had to have looked so cute with just you, your bench, & your noms. I’m sorry it was cold, though!

    Whopsy daisies on the chicken fat, but the rest of your food looks so good. I hope you’ve been doing well! XO

    1. Thank you, Kori 🙂 🙂 Lol, my friend recently went vegan and I told her if she wanted an awesome “meat” meal to try the Oren’s eggplant… It’s seriously the first thing I think I’d opt for if I did eat meat! You must try Oren’s hummus shop if you are ever out this way!

  8. That’s amazing that you got into the program!!! I wish you the best in there. And how sweet of your brothers family to send you chocolate covered strawberries. They look insanely delicious, too bad I’m cutting out sugar right now lmao.
    And I cannot believe that they’d omit the fact that they use chicken fat in their hummus!!! Wow. I have been thinking of becoming some form of vegetarian or pescatarian, not sure I could do full vegan lol. As always the food looks yummy and you always take such great photos

    1. Thank you, love!!!! You’re cutting out sugar?! Oh no oh no! I’ve heard great things from people about doing that though.. lol. Keep me posted on how it goes. I hear cravings go away after a few days.

      Yeah, I tried vegan for a while and couldn’t give up my sushi or greek yogurt <3 I do eat mostly vegan minus those two things and regular cheese on occasion. I call it more the mediterranean diet. So many great options nowadays- ESPECIALLY in Portland!

      Thanks for the kind words, girlfriend. Hope you have a fun weekend 🙂 I'll be stuck in the hospital, so have some fun for me!!

      1. Maybe not completely, I’ll have a cheat day here and there, and I know it’ll be hard, but I’m mainly aiming to cut out any junk food and all the juice and soda. So I’ll be sticking to water LOL.

        Ah nice! I’m slowly eating less and less red meat. Definitely starting to eat more veggies and a lot of times, my meals can be called vegetarian for the majority of the week. So I’m making some progress at least. Cheese is hard to cut out LOL.

        Hope you have an amazing week too even though you’ll be at the hospital. Hopefully nothing too stressful happens. xx

      2. You go girl. I give you major props. I have a bit of a carbonated addiction- I love fizzy drinks so I’m trying to stick to just water too lately. It makes a difference! I looove cheese too- have you tried some vegan cheeses?! Its so good in quesadillas and grilled cheese–stuff like that! My husband can’t even tell the difference. Thank you for your sweet wishes, I just came off my stretch of days and it went well 🙂 XO

      3. I’m getting bored of water so I’ll be trying a few infused waters hopefully I do them right lol.
        And I’ve only tried daiya, when I went to pielogy and at first I was like “it’s delicious” and after two or three slices I was like ok, the texture is slightly different, and the taste changed a bit too lol. Idk.

  9. Wow! You’re one busy lady! The strawberries looked so yummy! It’s so nice when you have a support team behind you 🙂 I also love Whole Foods. I miss that I don’t live nearby one now. If I go somewhere that has one, I always stop there. Have a wonderful, wonderful week!

    1. Thank ya, Ms. Zen! I used to think “busyness” was just a season, turns out it’s just life 😉 Have such a beautiful week yourself! Thank you tons for stopping by. XO

  10. Hi Mackenzie, I have been missing in action!! I have been away from your blog for too long and its time to change that! I dont want to miss a sentence of your posts! What a lovely gift from your brother and his family! I actually didnt know you had a brother ! It is good to try and see nephews and nieces before they grow up too fast, We are putting that right with a trip next month! I am glad you can now look at that flower and ponder all the trials you have been through and are blooming in your life along with it! Send my congrats to Dj’s Sister on winning nationals! It takes a lot of effort to reach that stage and she is getting her reward for it. I am sure Dj’s family feel so blessed to have an amazing lady like you in their life too! It was great Dad you got the encouragement to go into nursing . I am sure Dj appreciated you making meals for him in your absence! Belated birthday wishes to your Mom! Your nails look gorgeous ! Its a pity you cant get them done more often. I feel bad for you with the turbulance on the flight back, but it must have been great seeing Dj pick you at the airport afterwards! Such pretty flowers to see on your run, spring is in full flow! The baseball stadium looks amazing the mountains in the background are a added feature. Murphy square looks like a great place to hangout , and you cant go wrong with good food! I guess it is hard to have time for each other in baseball season, just sneak in what you can. I seen a new coffee on the shelf at target recently , its called Peets but I should procrastinate for a bit before buying it , right ?! So glad to get back to you, Take care , hugs, Terri xo.

    1. Terri!!! Hi hi! Thank you for stopping by. I finally have a day off to respond to these comments and your comment mixed with my coffee is just the perfect start to my morning! You are so sweet to even stop by at all- I truly never expect anyone to keep up with everything but it’s so sweet that you try to! Hehe, we certainly had a good week with lotsa yums! Ooooo I recommend the Peet’s for sure, but it’s better in the store freshly brewed. BUT for actually coffee at the store- Green Mountain is my favorite. I hope you are having a beautiful memorial day. I’m sure you are making the most of it 🙂 xoxo

      1. Hi Mackenzie , I love to stop by and want to keep up! Thanks for coffee advice, we had a great Memorial weekend , how was yours? Hugs, Terri xo.

      2. I’m so glad it went nice 🙂 Mine was ok- I worked three days in a row so it’s all a bit of a blur, but soaking up these last few shifts with my patients before starting school <3

      3. Awww if i dont follow along I will miss something! I was having a little joke about peets coffee! I will get some for sure. I should try green mountain too, I really value your opinions . Hugs to you Terri xo.

  11. Just had a thought as I read this post – you travel around the world with y’alls eating! Oh, what fun!
    I love dosa, too! We call it thosai here ins Singapore. My favourite version is made with wholegrain flour (called rawa) so it is chewier and crispier at the same time.
    Paad thai is Vincent’s favourite Thai food. He feels a very strong obligation to eat it whenever it is available!
    Those tacos looks so fab – I am dying for a good taco! That is one type of food seriously lacking in Singapore!
    And those home cooked meals … goodness! You are fancy! and healthy! Yum Yum Yum!

    1. Oh my GOSH!!!! You are so right. I just re-looked through the post, and so funny- I didn’t even realize that but there is seafood, Indian dosa, Southern cuisine, American, Thai, Mediterranean, Italian, and Mexican. Lol. I was having serious cravings- thank you for pointing that out. I just showed DJ this. Ooooo I would love to try Thosai & that Rawa! yum! How would you describe singapore cuisine? Thai definitely is a favorite of ours too- it’s just sooo darn good. Hope you found some good tacos 🙂 Thanks for ALWAYS putting the biggest smile on my face with your comments. Hope you are having a beautiful day, Ju Lyn!

      1. Nope, no tacos yet! There is a place I am angling to try soon though.

        Food in Singapore is as diverse as the different folks who live here (various types of Chinese, Indian, other Asians). I don’t think there is one Singaporean cuisine per se, although fusion is pretty common.

  12. Hey!! I am way far behind on your posts and am catching up today! Congratulations on being accepted to Duke! That is amazing!! I hope everything is going well with you! Your vacay posts made me ready for mine!! I need the beach! LOL

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