Corner Restaurant & Flying Bread?!

**Testing one…two…three, Testing…**

Let’s hope I remember how to do this!

Hey all!! Ohhh how it feels good to be back on WordPress. I just took my last final exam (early!) and it went well. The semester is a wrap, and I feel like I can breathe again! Even though quite a bit of time has passed since I’ve actually physically written a recap post (August), I don’t think it’ll take terribly long to catch up since we really have not done a whole bunch. It’s been a tough few months. Some of the toughest. We are depleted- physically and emotionally- so we are definitely looking forward to a tiny bit of a break. I know this is just life and this was a season, but oh man, was it a doozy. However, there were some fun memories along the way that are begging to be written down. Something I have learned through blogging is there is always something good even in the most stressful or difficult of times, we just have to find it. It’s okay, and important, to acknowledge and allow yourself to feel the hard times too, but intentionally being thankful for the good that does exist helps keep things in perspective. Since I haven’t been writing at all I have lost track of that a bit, and it became very easy to fixate on the stressors without any kind of outlet. But here we are, a bit retrospectively, to dig the good out of what has been a trying time.

I currently have on the Great British Baking Show on in the background (ya know I always get a hankerin’ for baking shows at Christmas time) and my cup of coffee… so let’s get on with it, shall we?!

On August 24th, we walked downtown to Corner restaurant for a little date night. We first noticed this restaurant when our family stayed at the hotel attached a couple weeks prior. I loved the whole relaxed, yet modern, feel of it all.


It actually reminded me a little bit of Santana Row in San Jose with the outdoor seating. Also, the indoor seating is beautiful! It’s dim lit and very chic- so if you’re going for that ambiance that’s an option too.


There were a few items on the menu we could not pass up on! The first was the zucchini cornbread. It was actually better than I expected… and I had high expectations based on the reviews! I think this may have been my favorite of everything we tried!


We also had the blistered shishito peppers two ways with kaffir lime crema. Now, the peppers were great, but that kaffir lime crema was tremendous!! The mix of flavors that these dishes had were unique, but in a melodious way. It makes me want to try just everything on their menu because even the more “basic” items probably have a delicious spin on them.


We also had their roasted kale and farro salad with pickled grapes and miso sesame vinaigrette. I did not know what to expect flavor wise with this…. but once again.. it blew me away! The flavor was certainly different, but it worked so well. Anytime I return this will be a must!


And for DJ’s main dish- the braised short ribs with mashed potatoes, horseradish cream and seasonal veggies. He loved it.


On August 25th after church I went for an afternoon jog along Lady Bird Lake trail.


And August 26th let the semester commence! Boyy, I had no clue what I was in for.

On August 27th I decided to try out a new cafe while I went into syllabus shock and delved into the first assignments.


It was some strong coffee, but also very delicious!

August 28th through the 29th I studied from home. On August 30th I decided to walk over to Bennu and enjoy one of their oat milk lattes.


For dinner I made a sweet potato with black bean burger, quinoa, roasted mixed veggies and asparagus.


September 1st we went to church and after we stopped by Thundercloud Subs, a local sub stop.

I was stoked to see they had “vegan chicken”. I loaded up on that and added some hummus and all the veggies to create a massive salad with some balsamic vinaigrette. It was filling and delicious. 😋


I’m not sure which sub DJ opted for- I think something with Roast Beef- but he liked it. I think he still prefers Jimmy John’s.


In the evening I did a massive trip to Trader Joe’s since I knew my time to go the store would probably be slim in the coming weeks. I guessed right- I have definitely had to stretch my trips out! Going to the store is such a treat for me–Any excuse to get out of my study den. Whenever I check out the cashier asks how long these groceries will last… It’s always less time than I guestimate. Anyone else?


September 2nd I started the day with toast topped with figs, cashews and strawberries.


I also enjoyed some sushi from TJ’s…. I wouuuld recommend this, but there has been a recent recall… so yeah, probably stay away for now, hah.


In the evening I spotted this gorgeous view outside the workout room so I snuck outside to snag a picture of the picturesque sky.


September 3rd more studying with occasional screen shots of memes I resonate with given my camera roll. September 4th I tried a new area of running near Zilker park! 🏃‍♀️


On September 4th Christmas came early! These are all instruments I used to practice for my head-to-toe that I just completed a couple weeks ago (more on that later). DJ was the most gracious letting me test his reflexes, hearing, and look at his eyes/eardrums 938130958309 times. Haha. He’s the best.


That evening I made some salmon with sun-dried tomato, an artichoke heart, quinoa and asparagus.


September 7th I started the day with a delicious paratha topped with smoked salmon, capers, and a poached egg. I think I finally have that poached egg down! It only took 25 years. Thank you for the tips, Kori!


On September 9th I started the day with some buttered naan with a fried egg and yellow lentil daal from TJ’s.


In the afternoon I took a walk out on LadyBird lake. Gosh, I love love love this trail. You can find me on it pretty much every day (unless the weather prohibits it). I love turning on a podcast and walking or running a lap. I took DJ on the trail recently, and he was pretty amazed at how lovely the trail was. We try to get out and have a walk together on the weekends if we can because it’s so relaxing.


Also, while crossing a bridge I saw this painting. I couldn’t help and take a pic because…. truth. Bread= An angel? Carbs give you wings? Bread is the wind beneath my wings? Whatever.. they all work.

In the evening I whipped up my go-to sweet potato with beets, avocado, roasted veggies, sun-dried tomatoes, and hummus.


And then September 12th it was off to my first on campus!! I grabbed some Einstein Bros. coffee to help me wake up a bit.


I studied on the whole plane ride and was pleasantly surprised to get Popcorners as a snack and a whole can of sparkling water (not just a cup of ice with a questionable dash of liquid). Go, JetBlue! I rarely ever fly with them, but it worked out it was the airline with the best deal for that trip, so I’m not complainin’.


I arrived to the hotel I’d be staying- it was just fine, no frills, but it had everything you could need. It also had a full empty fridge and microwave which came in handy for my leftovers (and free coffee 24-7 in the lobby!).


I was pretty famished when I arrived, so I popped in a podcast and walked to the nearest food. There was this strip area below that had a mediterranean restaurant that had my name on it. No, I didn’t even consider Chipotle for all you Chipotle fanatics. Chipotle is well…. it’s.. okay… it’s sustenance. I just think it’s overrated. There, I said it. Talk about an unpopular opinion- coming back into blogging with a splash, lol.


I got enough to feed an army– a side of lentils, tabouleh, marinated cucumbers and tomatoes and tzatziki to go with hummus, baba, pita, and falafel.


In the morning I got up at 5:30 am to get ready for my first OCI day! They offer a complimentary breakfast, nothing too crazy- but I love the Chobani mixed with different cereals and a little danish.


I’ll recap more of the on-campus in the next post. Thanks for reading! Thankful for you all & the WP community. Blogging is more important to me than I even realized; a few months without it certainly brought that to light! I’m going to try to do a better job prioritizing it next semester. I hope you all are having a great holiday season thus far!

Questions for you:

  • What do you think that bread with wings symbolized? Curious if someone has some insight…
  • Chipotle- yay or nay?

xo <3


50 thoughts on “Corner Restaurant & Flying Bread?!

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy! 🙂 I just love that trail- it’s my oasis! Hope you are having a nice holiday time!

  1. SOOOOOOOOO happy you are done with this semester! Now Just Sit Back And Enjoy the break and the Holiday Season!

    I like Chipotle… and no clue on the bread with wings…

    ENJOY your break! HUGS!

    1. Hi, Nancy!!!! Your prayers were answered- I survived!! <3 Have a wonderful holiday too. Can't wait to see your recent adventures!

  2. Glad to see you back and to hear that things are settling down a bit. Even if it’s only temporary. When I saw your post I had to eat breakfast before reading. LOL. I’ve learned that lesson.

  3. Congrats on finishing your semester! OMG I love The Great British Baking Show. Netflix needs to add more seasons since I’ve watched all of them and miss it. Nothing to pass time on runs like judging people’s baking, as if I could bake half as well as them lol.

    Chipotle is good but I kinda agree that it’s overrated. With that being said…their hot salsa is my fav! But I’m so mad they added cilantro to their brown rice!! It used to be plain which is perfect since I don’t like cilantro but recently we went while at the mall and I had to do a double take at the brown rice. Not okay!

    Since we live in Philly now, I’ve been doing more shopping at Trader Joe’s and was wondering about their sushi! I’ll stay away because of the recall (if it’s still happening haha) but will definitely need to try it soon.

    1. Thanks, Maureen!! haha I totally agree- I love watching it on the treadmill too- when they are doing the judging I get so engrossed in their comments when they’re trying the different bakes I practically forget I’m running! And yeah- I always get the itch to bake when I’m watching and realize the only thing I can really do is something prepackaged, lol.

      I didn’t even realize Chipotle added cilantro to their rice! That’s actually really surprising consider a good portion of the population is genetically predisposed to not like cilantro, haha.

      It’s pretty good ! Not the best sushi you’ll ever have, but it gives ya your fix. I’m sure it’s fine by now if it’s back on the shelves! Have a great weekend 🙂 Thanks for reading!

      1. I love hearing the comments and stuff. I’ll even think to myself if I agree or disagree with comments on presentation. Sometimes I’ll even think about whether or not I would like some of the more out there flavor combos that they bakers use.

        I’m part of the population with the gene that makes cilantro really bitter! So annoying since I love getting burritos bowls from there because it would be two meals for me.

        Have a great weekend!

      2. Same!!! Some of their flavor combos are wild, but I’m always shocked when they work (especially some of the spice ones).

        That’s crazy that there isn’t the option to not have it!! I wouldn’t be surprised if they go back to that one day.

        Have a great weekend too- hope you are traveling safely 🙂 !!

      3. The spice combos are insane when they work and I wish I could have a taste.

        I hope they go back to no cilantro in at least one of the rices! I miss burrito bowls there. Don’t get me wrong the tacos are good but I eat all three at once lol.

        Thanks Mackenzie! If you travel, be safe 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to walk the trail with you one of these days when I come visit.! Chipotle works in a fix but with all this amazing Tex-Mex… why bother? As for the slice of bread with wings. Got me.. Austin Weird art but I love your interpretation. How do you think of these things? HAHA

    1. Hi Mom!! Yesss you will love this trail!! And Amen to that. Hahah glad you find my interpretations amusing- I thought I was just missing something! Lol. See you soon 🙂

  5. Hmm – There are those delicious Polish bakery treats called “angel wings” but “bread wings” is right over my head. But anything associated with bread is a friend of mine, especially that zucchini cornbread. Cornbread is awesome on its own, without adding a little bit of zucchini. I’d like that too Mackenzie. I like your “Christmas kit” of instruments to practice on DJ – it makes you realize in the end, all the studies will be so worth it and feel more like the “real deal” when you pick up them instead of just “Smalls”.

    1. Ohhhh interesting!! I wonder if there is any connection. I love how I always learn something new from ya! And yesss you said it so well- after passing my Head to Toe I really did feel like it was all paying off for the first time. Thanks for reading, Linda 🙂

  6. Congrats on making it through the semester!! I do like Jimmy John’s. I usually get their veggie with sprouts as a lettuce wrap. That sunset is just beautiful!! I hope that you are getting some time to relax now! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Amy!! Oh yesss I LOVE their sprouts at Jimmy John’s- it adds a heartiness and texture to the wraps or sandwiches that is so tasty. And thank you!! It’s been a busier week than expected, but all for fun reasons! Have a great weekend ahead 🙂

    1. Yesss! Do it!!! And no, but it’s on our bucket list eats in my notepad- I have heard great things about it!! We will definitely have to check it out soon 🙂 Thank you tons for the rec!

  7. I got so excited to see you had new blog posts! I’ve missed you! I’m glad your semester is over and you have a break now!!

    Your running views look amazing! That must be a nice break from all your studying 🙂

    As always, your food pictures are making my mouth water + stomach growl haha. I’ve been eating a lot of sweet potatoes lately and you’re giving my inspiration to spruce them up a little bit!

    Okay I totally agree with you about Chipotle! We have an AMAZING place near us called Pancheros that just trumps Chipotle. There are just so many things about Chipotle that I don’t enjoy.

    1. Hi, Em!! Awww that makes me happy you were excited to see this post, and I have missed you too!!!

      I just love the versatility with sweet potatoes- I’ve discovered you can throw just about anything in one and it’ll be good!

      Glad you feel the same about Chipotle. I was scared I was going to be annihilated in the comments for that opinion, but I’m surprised some people agree! Lol. Have a great Saturday 🙂

  8. Oh, yay! You’re finished with the semester and you made it out alive. I hope the next one treats you better, but definitely enjoy this break and moment of freedom while you can! I miss Einstein Bros. so much! I would get a cup or two of coffee every day, and I was terribly addicted to it! Haha.

    The bread is interesting to stumble across! I’ve only been to Chipotle once and that was a few years ago! It was a good experience, but I haven’t had Stephen try it yet! Thanks for catching up with us, and here’s to reading more soon! ♡

    1. Thank you so much, Stephanie!! <3

      Haha I can see why- Einstein Bros is so good!

      Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  9. Congrats on finishing the semester! Honestly, that one is the toughest while you figure out a rhythm so don’t feel bad that you had to step back this time around, and don’t feel bad if you feel you need to do it again next semester! Also, I love that you had the Great British Baking Show on!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Pamela!! You totally get it. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement. It’s affirming to know it’s okay to take a step back too. Have a great Saturday 🙂

  10. So lovely to read an update from ya, babe! Glad that the semester is done & over with. ♡ The food at the Corner Restaurant looks & sounds absolutely out of this world. Love when places put their own spin on common dishes! & ooo, I’ve been really wanting to try oat milk. Boyfriend & I usually only go grocery shopping for 3-4 days! What was your guesstimate for that full cart of food & how long did it actually last?! That smoked salmon with capers is making me drool & LOL about the flying bread. I think it can mean all the things you said! 😉 I really like Chipotle but, sometimes the rice is hard & their beans are gross. The meat is the best part, for me, so I think if I was a veggie (or pescatarian, vegan etc), I wouldn’t care for it either!

    1. Awww thank you so much for reading this, Hunida!! I am craving that cornbread lately. You’ll have to let me know when you try the oat milk- it’s pretty creamy! Hmm I think my guesstimate was about 4 weeks and we started having to “fill in” groceries around week 2, but they overall lasted about 3! Hahah your comment about Chipotle made DJ and I both laugh- I agree though! Hope you had a great Christmas, beautiful!! xox

      1. Will definitely let you know when I try oat milk. I hear a lot of people saying it’s their #1 fave alternative lately. Is it sweet? & oh wow, okay, those groceries lasted quite awhile! Glad I could make you laugh but, just being honest!

        Hope you had a great Christmas, too, lovely!!! <3

      2. Actually not as sweet as I expected. The sweetness mainly comes from the sugar I add though so hard to be super objective- I’d say it’s the closest to regular milk I’ve had! The other milk I’ve seen around lately is hemp, but I don’t think I’ve tried it yet! Have you had that one?

      3. I’ve heard a lot of people say that about oat milk but I’ve never been a fan of regular milk so maybe that’s why I like almond/cashew & I’m kind of scared to venture out. I want to though! & I’ve heard good things about hemp, but I haven’t tried it either!

      4. That makes sense!! I hear you with regular- I actually don’t like cold regular milk at all, but the steamed/frothy oat is great hot because it foams much easier than the almond and cashew! So maybe try it in a latte or something if ya see it 🙂 Happy new Year!! xoxo

  11. You are by far my all time fav foodie blogger!!! This all looks so delicious, especially the cornbread (we don’t have that in the uk, im so jealous). I am so glad youre back blogging, I also had some time off over christmas and its crazy how much you miss it!xxx

    1. Oh my goshhhhh, girl you have no idea how much this comment means to me!! Thank you, love!! I have got to get you some cornbread sometime- I wish I could overnight it! ✈️ it really is crazy how good blogging is for the mind and the heart . Have a beautiful New Year, Chloe! Xoxoxo

  12. Whoa all those dishes you’ve been getting in Austin are….different? Like more so than anything I’ve seen you get in SF lol
    The Ladybird Lake trail almost* looks like the waterfront here with all our bridges lol.
    The sub looks pretty good, I actually have been looking for something other than Jimmy John’s around here. I love Jersey Mike’s over JJ but definitely wanting something more local after our fave local sub place shut down a few years ago. We always talk about how much we miss it.
    Lol I’m constantly saving memes on my phone too. 1) for me to laugh at in the future when I dont want to access the internet and 2) to send to my friend as we always share memes back and forth lol
    If I ever go to Austin, i will most likely take a walk on that trail. A good walk becomes great when you get amazing views.
    Ahhh I love Chipotle! But it might also be because I havent found something better yet. I love their cilantro lime rice! And I’ve been getting their sofritas over their meats and I love it so much I started making my own version of sofritas at home lol.

    1. We definitely have been trying some different plates since living here! I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised on the variety and the spin on pretty typical dishes that each restaurant brings to the table (quite literally- har har) .

      I still have to try Jersey Mike’s!!! Sometimes nothing beats a good reliable sub shop. Hope you find another soon!

      Yesssss. Memes are the greatest- I’ve really found an appreciation for them this year. Half my camera roll is just screen shotted memes, lol.

      I still have to try their sofritas!!! I bet that would change my mind about it.. I love anything tofu (that is tofu, right?).

      1. That is awesome! I cannot wait to see what else Austin has to offer, food wise 😃
        Haha if I ever come across a great meme ill be sure to share it with you via IG 😉
        Yes! The sofritas are tofu, and I looked on pinterest for the copycat recipe and found it super easy to make. It’s a bit time consuming but so worth it. I usually use a taco seasoning instead for when I dont want to make the entire sauce from scratch, but believe me, it’s so worth it and so so good.

      2. hehe thank you, and likewise!!
        Ohhh that sounds so good! I am going to have to try it sometime!! YUM! I need to cook more in 2020. I kinda got lazy last year with the move and changes, but it’s so therapeutic. Thanks for letting me know about it!

      3. Sameee! After going to Vegas we kind of lost track so we’ve been trying to cook more this past week. Getting back into routine can be hard but so far we are doing okay lol

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