Kels and Kenz Take on the Bay: Part 6!

Aaaand finally- we are at our final post in the Kels & Kenz take the Bay series nearly a month later. Yes, part 6. You read right. This is the longest series recap I’ve ever done- but you can’t say we don’t seize the day! Carpe stinkin’ diem! If you want to catch up on the other parts here they are….

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I am sad this is the last post in the series, but I’m thankful I can immortalize these memories forever (and ever and ever and ever). Cause the Internet IS forever, kids.

After our incredible day at Facebook Headquarters, we left to see the wondrous Golden Gate bridge… cause did you actually visit San Francisco without a picture with the Golden Gate?


Unfortunately, Karl was out to play per usual, BUT we did find a part near the bridge to snag pictures that you can somewhat make out the kinda famous big red bridge.


Also, I’ll consider this a PSA- if you’ve never been to SF and decide to visit, bring LAYERS on LAYERS… anywhere within a 10-15 mile radius of the city, it can be nearly 80 degrees, but as soon as you get deep into the city, the temp can drop rapidly due to the microclimate on the Bay. Don’t expect sunny and 75 if you are staying in the city- especially in the summer. There is a reason there is the saying, “The coldest winter I have ever spent was a summer in San Francisco” 😉

Take tips from this girl, she wears SF well!!!


We walked around the city after and saw this little guy hanging around outside a restaurant. I couldn’t help steal a shot!


And there was one more bucket list place I wanted to take Kels! DrumrolllSmuggler’s Cove!!! This very tucked away spot (basically only locals are aware of) has some of the best rum based drinks around. The history of this place is just fascinating and kinda wild. If you join the club and work your way up the rungs (and essentially try 400 rums in the process) the owner will fly you to his island to sample the rums there… or something like that haha. You can read about it on the website. Anywho… here we go!!

It’s multiple floors, pretty dimly lit much to my blogger thirsty dismay, but it is set up to feel like an Island Oasis. The bartenders were just too fun. We actually went on one of their biggest days of the year where they have a giant rum tasting… these were some pictures of glasses I took of some people sippin’ at the bar. I found it funny that they did Rum tasting in wine sorta looking glasses.img_2309-1

I didn’t get anything since I was driving back, but Kels ordered whatever the bartender recommended. He made her The Mastodon… we’re not entirely sure what was in it, but Kelsey loved it! I tried a sip and it was delicious- so veryyy refreshing and tasty!!!


Here is from a top view down into the main entrance area


We drove back to Cupertino…somehow missed all the traffic?! wahhoooo… and were CRAVING some good Thai. I’ve gotta say, this super hole in the wall Thai restaurant within walking distance from our apartment (dannngerrouuus) is still the best Thai I’ve had to date!! I went here for the first time with Rachel and again with my sister in law, Amy! I was psyched for any opportunity to go back. DJ had never been and he had another free night where he could join us for dinner 🙂


Something I just adore about this place is its authenticity. We opted to sit in their section that you have to take your shoes off for cultural respect. (There is a little spot under the table where you can tuck your legs in). DJ was so confused at first thinking we had to sit cross legged for the meal haha.


First, if you ever go here you MUST order their Roti. It. is. so. delicious. It’s perfectly crispy, and whatever the heck sauce they serve with it is just something divine.


Deej ordered their yellow thai curry. Even last night he was still talking about how good this dish was!


I ordered their pumpkin red curry. Their red curry is my favorite! It’s phenomenal. I usually only eat half, but I ate nearly the whole thing this time. Thai food may be my favorite. I just cannot get enough. I crave it daily. The only thing I will say is I asked for it as spicy as possible, and it had no spice. I asked for the spice rack and nearly poured the red pepper and various spices into my curry. I want my esophagus to have actual burns after eating the Thai . Ok, that’s dramatic- but kinda true.


Kels had their Pad See Ew (I think that’s right), and I tried some of the noods’. Gosh, y’all. I could eat those noodles for dinner every single day for the rest of my life. UGH, I think I have a new favorite. I’m gonna be so torn next time we go back!


We scraped up every little bit!


Why does he put up with me, really.


We spent the last night on the balcony, eating ice cream and watching a Hulu comedy show. We also had a second dinner around 9 pm when we chowed down on Oren’s hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, pita bread, and cheese.

On Kels’ last day (August 1st) there were just a couple last things we had to knock out before her flight. Philz Coffee is a Bay Area favorite… we basically have one in our backyard. I will say I don’t care for Philz. I like my Cafe Au Lait from Peetys, and I will stand by that forever and ever. However, you have to experience Philz while you are here.


Kels really enjoyed hers. I felt like I was cheating on Peet’s.


Annnnnd did you actually go to California without trying In-n-Out?! We found an In-N-Out close to the airport, and since it was something Kels wanted to try I was not about to let it slip past the agenda. We were shocked how crowded it was for 10:30 am. Hahah.


We got the fries animal style and a regular cheeseburger.


Kelsey wasn’t sold on it. I took a tiny nibble of the burger, and I thought it tasted pretty fresh, but meat burgers just don’t do it for me anymore. And let’s be real- nothing beats McDonald’s fries. (But DJ is a die hard In-N-Out fan).


I saw Kels off on her flight out of Oakland and drove back to SF jus’ trying to keep the tears away. These memories were so precious. I will treasure them truly forever, and I cannot wait until the next time we can reunite <3. I have so many other exciting things to recap that have happened since this week. I will try to roll those out the rest of this month. Hope you are having a great week 🙂 Happiest of all hump days! wait… it’s probably Thursday when you read this… so happiest of all Friday Eves!

Questions for you:

  • What is the single best burger you have ever had?! It can be vegetarian too of course!
  • Favorite fries? I guess this is all just gonna be food related right now.. 

xo <3




67 thoughts on “Kels and Kenz Take on the Bay: Part 6!

  1. Oh man. I’m drooling over the food pictures!

    My favorite burger must be my own home made burger. I am vegetarian indeed, so I made a vegetarian patty. But more important to me, is the bun.
    I make the buns out of the standard ingredients (flour, water, yeast, salt), put them in the oven, but then also let them sizzle in a pan.
    Best thing ever!

    As for fries, I am lately into yams.
    But someone told me that sweet potatoes are actually vegetables. So see, it’s healthy 😉

    1. Hi Andrea!!! Ooooo your burger sounds AMAZING. I would LOVE to try that. I can’t believe you even make your own buns- that is rockstar level!

      Oooooo yes yes I am ALL about the sweet potato fries, just whipped some up last week 🙂

  2. I wish I could be adventurous like you with food!! Being a picky eater and trying new things don’t really go well together.

    Although I will say I recently tried Thai food and I liked it! I forget what the name of the dish is but it’s the flat noodles, chicken and Chinese broccoli but I always add American broccoli to it. So good!! You should try it (minus the chicken) next time you’re getting Thai.

    Also I have to say McDonald’s fries are the best. Not even going to lie but those bad boys perked up my hungover self last Sunday. I was a whole new woman 😉 That’s definitely not dramatic either ha!

    The single best burger I’ve ever had is hard to chose! It was probably one at a restaurant that had some cool fixings but I honestly don’t remember.

    I hope you’re having an amazing week Mackenzie!

    1. Aww! Well it is never too late to start 😉 My husband was sorta a picky eater when we began dating, but now he will literally eat anything under the sun!

      The flat noodles are my favorite!!! That sounds really great- they always have tofu at Thai restaurants too so I could substitute it for that! YUM!!

      Hahah, they are sooo good! (and sometimes just necessary!! 😉 ).

      Do y’all have a red robin by you? I highly recommend the Whiskey river bbq burger if you’ve never had it. When I ate meat that was my favorite all time burger. If I was going to eat a real burger again, I think that’s what it would be!!

      1. Wait that’s been happening since I started dating Alex! Haha I used to never eat seafood or sushi but now I’ll have some of his spicy rolls. Baby steps right?!

        If you try out the dish you have to let me know how you like it! I find it very tasty.

        Oh they are definitely necessary sometimes hehe.

        I think there’s a Red Robin by us! I’ll have to check. Either way, I’m totally putting that in the back of my mind for whenever I’m at a Red Robin.

      2. It’s ALLL about the baby steps, girl! 😉

        I totally will! And yes yes if you make it to RR let me know 🙂 It’s life changing!

  3. Animal style is the way to go! SF gets SO COLD. I remember freezing my butt off at Giants games when I was a kid. Don’t worry about Peet’s. Peet’s will take you back 🙂

    Best burger I’ve had was at a diner in Richmond. I go with “breakfast” burgers. It’s gotta have bacon and egg, plus some grilled onions.

    1. Hahha- The Giant’s Games will get youu! That bay breeze is rough!! Aw- phew- good. Peet’s has to know they are my one and only!!!

      And that sounds sooooo yummy- it sounds like something my husband would like. Do you remember the Diner name? We may have to go!! I’ve heard such great things about Richmond’s food scene

  4. What a fantastic end to your trip!!

    I loveeeeee Thai food! There is a restaurant in Knoxville called Taste of Thai that’s pretty freakin expensive but oh so delish. In fact, D & I ordered take-out about 2 weeks ago! Sadly we got allllll the way home before we realized they forgot our spring rolls that I paid for. Really frustrating. I am actually a wimp when it comes to spicy so I request a lower spice level. bahaha

    I’m not sure I have a favorite hamburger! We have a restaurant called Stock & Barrel, & they have some pretty incredible burgers! I sometimes just really love a good black-bean burger though. As far as fries, am I a total loser to say Chick-fil-A fries with Chick-fil-A sauce? hahahaha

    Happy friyay-eve!

    1. GIRRRRL- when we have our big meet up in Knoxville day can we add the thai restaurant to the list? Haha. Our thai place is a bit pricy too, but they give such massive servings that (usually) we can get two meals out of it. But DANG that is a bummer about the spring rolls! I would have driven back. haha.

      Ooo even the name sounds good! AND YESSSSS- wait you are not a loser at ALL- actually winnner winnner chick-fil-A dinnner. I actually can’t believe I forgot their fries! Those waffles fries are top notch. Oh and now that I think of it Arby’s are too- have you had their curly fries. Now I just need fries. Happy FRY-YAY eve to you too!

  5. Wow, you two certainly had an incredible time together! Definitely some great memories made and how wonderful that you two were able to spare the time for such great opportunities!! I personally like In’n’Out but I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite. I actually prefer a local diner we have here in town, lol, for both their burgers & fries since they are so fresh and made right there. 😉

    1. Aw, thank you tons Courtney!!! <3 <3 I appreciate you reading!! And sometimes you just cannot beat a local diner! If I'm ever in your part of town, I'll need a name :)

  6. You have me craving Thai so bad! It’s one of my step-mom’s favorite foods, and I think she first introduced it to me 12 years ago. I’ll need to “get my fix” soon!

    I’ll have to mirror Kaci and say Stock and Barrel does make some pretty mean burgers! I haven’t had one in over a year from them, but they are very tasty. I really don’t know about fries! There is a food truck that serves sweet potato fries with a maple aioli sauce that is deeelicious.

    Hope you are having the best day!

    1. After posting this I’m craving it soo badly again tooo. Wahhhh it doesn’t take much. Have you ever tried Roti? You have GOT to order it next time. It’s sooo gooood. I don’t like fried foods but it’s so very lightly fried that it doesn’t upset my tummy. Hope you get your fix soon!

      And mmmm mmmm!! MAPLE AIOLI with sweet potatoes!?!? That sounds like an actual match made in heaven. Why is that not just standard? YUM.

      Hope you are having a great day too- happy almost weekend!

      1. Matt and I will absolutely have to enjoy a Thai meal soon! I will see if they have Roti!

        Right?! This reminds me that I need to recreate this combo at home!

        All in all it has been a great week – hope you have a fantastic Friday!

      2. Yay!!!! Oooo I hope they do! Hope you are having a great weekend, Kori 🙂

  7. Mmmm mmmm mmmm! I am drooling over the Thai food. I love that they have the seating where you can sit without your shoes! That’s so traditional & cute! Phils Coffee has a super cool logo! & I’ve never heard of McDonald’s crack fries!? What do they put on it?! I’m with your girl Kels, though. I am not a fan of In N Out at all really.

    Ugh how can I pick my favorite fries & burger?! Everywhere makes them so unique now. For fast food, I’d for sure pick Five Guys. For a bar, Barcode Burger… and if I can have a gourmet one, ugh ANY! Lol.

    1. I could just go on for dayyyyys about how much I love this thai place. Even DJ has been saying he wants to go back soon. It’s so stinking good!

      LOL!!! Wait, ok I’m the worst- I meant their fries are soooo good they are addictive, not the name. I probably should edit that out so people don’t go through the drive through trying to order those. hahahhah.

      Five Guys is pretty good! When I ate meat I liked a good five guys burger for sure. What is Barcode burger?! I am so intrigued!

      1. MMM, I wanna go to that Thai place, too. ;D hahha. I def just laughed out loud a little!! I was so interested about this crack fries, Mackenzie. I almost did go through the drive thru & ask for some. I thought they were a “secret” like the animal fries are, you know? HAHAHAH.
        Barcode is just this little bar not too far my from my apartment that serves killer burgers!! Boyfriend & I both say that we’ve not had many that are better. <3

      2. Hahah- may make for an interesting marketing campaign for them, right? Oh boy hahah. I totally see why you would think that- I’m still cracking up!!!

        Ooo that sounds so great! I love the name. Another place to add to the list!

  8. It was such a TREAT to catch up on your blog with your adventures around the Bay! You and Kels had too much fun and you even made me crave seafood. OK, I’m lying, I don’t eat seafood but OMG Thai is one of my most favorite cuisines too! I always order the yellow curry and the tofu pad see ew – soo good! I’ve never tried the red curry and next time I will in your honor (with extra spice lol). If you ever find yourself in the Peninsula (around Serramonte Mall) I know a great Thai spot for you to check out.
    Oh, and I agree with you that In-N-Out is not so great. I feel like a traitorous Californian saying that, but I’ve had much better burgers elsewhere. The bleu burger at Red Robin’s is probably my fave, yum!

    1. Susie, your comment just made my day! Thank you so very much!!! It is a treat hearing from you for me <3 <3

      Hahah, I can forgive the seafood distaste since you have such fab taste in Thai, lol!

      OOooo yes- I would love the name for it!! I'm only about an hour away so I'm sure I'll find myself nearby there sometime soon in the future!! Do you know the name off the top of your head?

      You are speaking my language!!! When I did eat meat I LOVED Red Robin's burgers-- particularly their whiskey river BBQ burger. Oh my goodness- that was just heaven on a plate for me. Have you tried that one? And their fries... uh oh you have got me fired up!! That seasoning..... I'm just drooling over here. bahah.

      1. Hi again! That restaurant is Thai Original BBQ and the address is 2219 Gellert in South San Francisco. This is where I first fell in love with Thai food. I always order a Thai iced tea too – do you like them or do you find them too sweet?
        Osha Thai in SF is also really good. It’s right across the Ferry Building, close to that huge rock fountain you never noticed until recently.

        I love Red Robin burgers, but never tried the Whiskey River BBQ one. And yes, their fries are killer! I wish they sold their seasoning, I’m always tempted to “accidentally” drop the seasoning shaker into my purse – haha! I’m sure they have plenty in stock, but my conscious will never allow it. Have a blessed day!

      2. Oh my goodness- that sounds awesome. Thank you SOOO much for sharing. I find them a little too sweet- but if it’s good I definitely will try again! And I’ll have to check out Osha too! I’m so excited.

        LOL!!! You are cracking me up. If the seasoning wasn’t so dang good we all wouldn’t be tempted to take it, right?! Their fault. Hehe. I agree though- my conscious would never allow it either. Guess we just have to keep going back. Have a blessed Sunday too, Susie <3 Thank you again for your suggestions!

    1. You definitely have to at some point in your life!! It’s always a good conversation starter too because people are SO opinionated about their In-n-out. And yeesss so glad you agree! Thanks for stopping by, Jamie!

  9. As always your posts have me starving by the end!! Thankfully it’s almost lunch time!!! I love little hole in the wall thai places… they are always the best!! That dog! I can’t even… Also that is crazy about the drop in temperature in the city! It reminds me of when we used to live in Utah and it would be like 80 in the city then we would go hiking up a mountain and it could be 20 degrees colder at the top of the mountain! Kinda crazy!! Hope you have a great weekend girlie!!

    1. Aww hey girl!!! Agreed- hole in the wall food is always my favorite for sure. And that’s so crazy with Utah! I bet it would be similar- but weather is just cray cray sometimes. Hope you are having a great weekend too 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Such fun!! That’s really interesting about the weather out there. Out here, our saying is, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” Ha, ha. It just changes drastically quite fast. We’ll have 90 degrees one day and then need coats the next. But that’s insane that different parts of the city has different temps!
    And Girl, can I just say that you are sooooo gorgeous!!

    1. Hahha I loveee that!!! Sounds so similar to our Ohio/Indiana weather I grew up in! I remember one crazy winter it snowed at the beginning of the week and we were in shorts by the end of it. So crazy!!! Oh my gosh, you are toooo sweet. You have no idea how much your comments bring a smile to my face. You’ve got the gift of encouragement for sure, Nicole. Thanks for stopping by, sweet friend. Have a blessed Sunday!

  11. Another gastronomical delight again Mackenzie – and I have to admit that I’m with you on the In-n-Out burger/fries … those three types of spicy fries did it for me way more than this. But I hear so much about it and I don’t think we have any here in SE Michigan, although someone opened a knockoff which people were lining up to get into. Very cool place with the rum and the owner’s reward if you reach the top of the rung with your rum sippin’. Sorry to see it end too but I think you will have way more adventures down the pipeline for you (and us).

    1. Ooo I love that! Gastronomical delight!! Agreed.. I would take the fry flight any-day over in-n-outs (shhhh don’t tell my husband I said that haha).

      SF has all these gems! So fun. And I may have a few fun posts up my sleeve despite the crazy doctorate program beginning this week 🙂 Have a wonderful one, Linda!!!

      1. I love that word too. I was a little disappointed looking at it as I expected more for all its praise, but the animal fries looked interesting. My friend is in year two of her doctorate program and starts back today – she went back to school for a second masters (gerontology administration) almost 40 years after receiving her first masters (social work). She is enjoying school … I don’t know if I could go back after all these years, but I hand it to both of you because once you are done with school and in the work world, it is hard to go back to the school regimen again. Good luck Mackenzie.

      2. Wow – I admire her sooo much!!! It’s good to know she is enjoying it, especially since I just started. Pass on best of luck to her. Thank you tons- I figured if I don’t jump in the academia pool again now I probably never would- especially when it’s time for kids!

      3. I will do that Mackenzie, and I mentioned you to her as well. You’re right … stick with it. She started last August but had to drop one class since she was still working full-time (legal secretary). It got too much, so she had to quit working and took the class this Summer to make it up (the dropped class which she needed for her core program). Depending on when she takes comps, is when she will graduate – next August 2019 versus December 2019. Yup, once you have kids it will be even tougher. Evelyn just became a grandmother and they live at her house – it was funny, as she was taking finals and had one on Monday night and one on Wednesday night and she wanted to be at the hospital with her daughter … she took her laptop and books as her daughter was in labor for an entire day. Baby was born Wednesday morning and luckily on the Tuesday when she was at the hospital all day, she had no exams, Evelyn went home Wednesday morning, changed and took her test. Most of her schoolwork is online and one professor last year only came into class once or twice, the rest of the time posted videos online for them to watch and then take quizzes afterward. You being younger would be familiar and adept with Blackboard and the whole way of doing school online, but it was a real challenge for Evelyn – she would write me these long e-mails about all the technological new things to learn, but she is okay with all that now.

      4. She is a rockstar for keeping on though!! I had to step back from the bedside to focus too. Some people in my program work full time, and I admire them, but I just don’t know how they do it! She is almost there! One more year!

        That’s such a sweet picture of her doing whatever it took to be there for her daughter!! Oh my goodness <3 That is true dedication to school AND family.

        Even for me the online courses are intimidating for sure. I am thankful everything is going ok though now for her! She has overcome many obstacles and has so much to be proud of. Please tell her I said that 🙂 Have a great rest of your week, Linda. I always thoroughly enjoy our conversations.

      5. I will be sure to tell her Mackenzie … it is rigorous for sure for both of you, but in the end you will new careers and be happy for all the effort you put in. And no regrets!! I enjoy our conversations too.

  12. Ahhhh Golden Gate! SO many memories! And lol, okay can I just say I have NEVER experienced that? Every time I have been it has been sunny and warm!
    Though I have experienced the fog (which has then burned off) and there is something beautiful about the for and the bridge 🙂 Also you girls are models! LOVE these pictures!
    Smugglers cove looks and sounds incredible! I love the vibes! And the rum! Oh my lanta!
    That thai restaurant is SO cute! I love how authentic it is! Lol I am the same way! I LOVE spicy food!
    You guys are the cutest couple! Seriously!
    Girl NOTHING will sway my Peety Weetys especially with a name like Philz! Like who names their coffee Philz? :p
    Disclaimer I STILL have not eaten at In-N-Out….ooops
    Awe I LOVED this series. I am so glad you got to spend time with your friend and make such amazing memories with her! They are so special! <3

    1. SERIOUSLY!?!? You are some good luck charm, girl! It is RARE for SF to be sunny and beautiful!!

      Ahhh you would love SC! Can you go back pretty please when you visit again? Can you just visit for like a month next time? So much to do! I’m gonna start saving haha.

      Wait you like spicy food too?! you really are a girl after my own heart. Kindred spirit.

      Thank you SOOO much for reading and sharing in our fun experiences with us 🙂 🙂 Have a great rest of your week, lady!

  13. Aw I would love to visit the Golden Gate Bridge! And I love those pictures you took of Kelsey on the bridge, gorgeous! And the ones she got of you two of course in front of the bridge! And thanks for the heads up about wearing layers! I’ll definitely bare that in mind if (when) i finally visit SF!
    Smugglers cove sounds and looks so groovy. Although i don’t like rum, I would have to visit for the atmosphere and setting. Plus I’m sure they must have at least one drink i like somewhere!??!! They must do something!
    I love that the Thai restaurant is so authentic and has a seating area where you have to take your shoes off! Amazing! And I love all your photos especially the one of you and Kels eating and the ones of you and DJ! Couple goals!
    In n Out is something I’ve always wanted to try!!!! However you’re right, mcdonalds fries hands down are the best! Still i would have to try in n out if I got the chance!!
    I’m so happy you had such an amazing time with your friend hun!!! Memories to treasure forever!

    1. I think you would really enjoy San Francisco!!! I can’t wait for when you can make it. They definitely have more than just rum at Smuggler’s! I saw some people sipping wine and they can make other cocktails too.

      Awww! You cannot go to that Thai place without having a great time 🙂

      Girl, yaaas, mcdonald’s fries forever and always <3

      Thanks for sharing in this fun adventure with us 🙂

  14. Hi Mackenzie , you definitely seize the day with Kelsey! Thanks for the advice on bringing layers ! You cant go to SF without a pic of that bridge! Kelsey’s rum drink looks so yummy. The thai place looks very nice , and the food must be very tasty. Why does DJ put up with you ?? I have an idea its LOVE ! You are such a cute couple. AWw I am sure it was hard to keep the tears away, I am a cryer myself , but I can see why you were starting to miss your friend, you did so much together . You are an awesome vacation guide Mackenzie and I am sure Kelsey appreciates the time you spent together too. Take care Terri xo.

    1. Thanks, Terri 🙂 Tehe- you are TOO kind!!! Thanks for making me not feel alone about being a cryer too… I get teared up many times writing up these recaps . XO

  15. You girls are simply gorgeous and the Golden Gate as a backdrop just flatters your beauty so much! <3 And I must admit, I think Karl was looking pretty majestic that day if you ask me. I'd love to meet him <3 LOL
    Cutee doggy!
    That Thai place looks so good and the interior so nice, I'd love to have that kind of dining experience 🙂
    I actually really liked In-N-Out, last time I had it though was in Utah like two years ago lol. But besides that burger, there's one west of Portland in Hillsboro at a tavern called Helvetia, their burgers are sooo tasty!! I'm actually going there tomorrow because I've been craving it for a while and haven't had it in months!
    As for fries…Burgerville's fries are pretty amazing as well as Five Guys.. lol

    1. Aw, thank you, love! YOU ARE THE SWEETEST.
      I agree! I was bitter when I first saw him rolling in, but you are right- he can be majestic for sure. Tehe- I hope you get to meet him some day! Chances are he will be here when you visit because he hangs around more often than not 😉

      The authentic dining experiences really are just the best- aren’t they?

      I need to keep that burger spot in mind next time we visit! DJ still says he had his best burger ever in Portland. I love Five Guys fries too! YUM!

      1. Lovely!! 😀 See ya soon Karl! 😉
        Where did you guys go to eat burgers? I’m curious, since I’m not really downtown as much, maybe they do have tasty burgers there. I’m also still trying to make Duck House happen for us 🙂

      2. yesss! haha love that!!

        oooo let me go back to archives…. one sec… (like you’d know if I left for a second lol) okay found it!! From Bottle Rocket!!! Here is the review and where it is and all the info in this post if you are interested in alls the deets 🙂

        Ahhhh did I tell you we were so close to going to Duck House? I think we changed last minute because of location or timing with our friends or something. But next timeeee! I’m tempted to just jump on a plane and go try it out cause I just looked it up again and the menu looks so darn yummy. Go soon for me! haha

      3. Hahaha true that but yay you found it, i remember reading that post thinking it looked more like a sandwich than a burger but yeah I know where that is more or less, we drive through Hawthorne all the time haha. There’s another blue star and the waffle window on Hawthorne 😉
        I made sure to take a screenshot of the place, I’ll be sure to ask Alex if we should go lol.
        Yes! I also remember that lol. We were chatting through IG and you mentioned it, I read a big about it and it’s supposed to be really good. Especially their dumplings. Lol.

      4. Yesss! Oh I hope you get to try- I even tried a bite and was amazed at how good it was (cause I really don’t like meat).. let me know if you do get to try!!! Have extra dumpling for meeee! Ugh, I recently have been craving them bad.. ever since our Georgian meal. Now my mouth is watering and I just ate dinner.

      5. I haven’t had good Chinese food in months so I’m excited to go. I hope we like it and i hope it lives up to the hype lol

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