Friday Favorites #14

Hey hey!!! Oooook I know I am sorta a day late with this. BUT it is technically only 10 pm Pacific time, so it’s still friyay up in here. I am taking this Friday night to relax, blog, read, and eat homemade pizza! I realized I could probably make a Friday Faves that would also break up the upcoming update post. So hur we go! *Takes a big bite of pineapple pizza*…

  1. Skip The Sandwich. Speaking of my pizza, I am eating my pineapple pizza on one of these wraps.


I would say I am definitely a wrap > sandwich person, so this just spoke to me!! I have  had a blast this past week eating these raw with hummus, grilling them up and using as croutons in salads, and of course, as a wrap! (Oh, and the pizza I am nomming down on now- oh yum!) .


2. The Case for Christ. This has been on my “must read” list for a while. It’s the utmost important to know what we believe and why. Lately I have been having great conversations with friends about the basis of our faith – how can we trust the scriptures veracity? Why do we trust the specific books that make up the Bible? I have decided in this next year I want to really delve into these questions deeper. This book is mind. Highly recommend to absolutely anyone.


3. Mrs. Dash Seasoning. Y’all!! This seasoning is next level. I have heard of it before, but was a bit of a skeptic about the “salt free”… gosh darn it’s fantastic.


I particularly love using it for fish dishes! Below is trout with wild rice, roasted zucchini, and mixed greens that I’ve been eating on repeat this past week!


4. Home Depot Carpet Cleaner Rental. I noticed a couple weeks ago that our carpets were getting dirty. It got to the point where I started looking up cleaning carpet services and gollllly- they are EXPENSIVE. Maureen informed me that you can rent a carpet cleaner from Home Depot- and boy, am I glad I did! It worked wonders on our carpets, although the guys at HD looked at me a bit strange because it’s heavy- and they definitely doubted my ability to get this thing in the car myself. But I did it (just not gracefully). haha.


5. Scrubbing In Podcast. I listened to this podcast a while ago when it first came out and thought I was bored with it. I decided to give it a second chance, and I am allll in. I love Becca and Tanya together, their producers, and the general conversation. It’s also very clean which is refreshing compared to many podcasts out there right now.


6. Rhythm- Carrot Sticks. Uhm, new snack obsession- *check*.


7. Fab, Fit, Fun Towels! For a birthday gift, I received a few FFF boxes for this year. I was particularly excited in this fall box for it’s towels. They fit so well in our kitchen, and are so dang cute.


8. Honey Maid Graham Crackers. I re-discovered my love for graham crackers in Ohio when my friend Clair and I nearly ate the whole box of her son’s crackers (sorry, not sorry). Goodness freaking gracious. I forgot the magic of these little gems, and I have fallen back in love.


9. BIP. This goes without saying. You guys know I’m not missing a beat with this one. This season is particularly great!


10. And this. I laughed so hard. SO TRUE.


Any products/things/podcasts/shows/etc. that you are loving this week?!

xo <3

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89 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #14

      1. I really love Jordan! He just seems so sweet. I feel like they’re painting colton to be the bachelor (I think we find out tomorrow) I really hope Blake actually becomes the bachelor but I feel like it will be colton! What do you think?

      2. YUP! You callled it!! I was really hoping it was going to be Blake or Jason.. but I think Colton will keep things interesting for some reason. Like I think he has a pretty multi faceted personality, so maybe it’ll make for good tv. We’ll see!

  1. Yay for a Mack Friday Favorite’s post!
    I LOVE wraps too! Probably because my type A personality can not handle the mess of a sandwich :p
    That is awesome Mack! And such great questions! I will have to check that book out! I love having theological and philosophical discussions.
    Hahah got to love Mrs Dash!
    Those carrot sticks look amazing!
    Those towels are so stinking cute Love them!
    I NEED to catch up on my BiP. Especially all the drama (and what the heck is going on with Leo? Who woulda thunk he would go all cray cray! 😮
    Hahah I LOVE that! Got to love memes based on our home states 🙂 I hope you have an amazing weekend beauty! <3

    1. bahah I agreeeee about the sandwich fiasco. I never thought about that being the reason I like wraps, but makes soo much sense! Ok I am not even kidding- this book is blowing my socks off. It’s one that I have to chew off in small chunks cause it’s pretty deep, but the irrefutable proof is insane. It was written by a guy who set out to disprove Christianity, but became a Christian in the process. So crazy!

      I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to the Mrs. Dash train, but I’m so glad I finally jumped on!

      I’m actually writing this as I am watching BIP, and this . season. is. nuts. OMG. This showwww.


  2. I had forgotten about Mrs. Dash seasoning. I’ll have to pick some up again.
    My white runners are making me happy this week! They just seem to finish every outfit nicely:)

  3. Ooh I do love a wrap however I’d say I’m more of a panini person out of everything! I don’t mind a sandwich but they’re not my fave! But wraps are great as a dinner!
    The Case For Christ sounds like a really interesting and thought provoking book, I’m not majorly religious however I would consider myself a Christian! I would be interested to read this book for sure. I love that you’ve been having those deep and meaningful conversations with your friends.
    Love the sound of the carpet cleaner rental! How much better than forking out a ton of money for a service! And you go girl for getting it in your car, you’re strong enough, you got this!
    Have a great weekend Mack!

    1. Ooooo yessss you are spot on! Hard to beat a panini. I actually have a panini maker I sorta forgot about- need to pull that back out!!! Thanks for reminding me, girl!

      ok, so this book is one I would say everyone should read right . now. I struggled with what I believed for a long time, and then came to CA where I went to a church with the tagline “Not religious, neither are we”. I totally came back to faith- still not claiming religion, but claiming relationship. And Jennie, this book is incredible! It is a book to chew off in small bites, but I’m soaking every bit in. It was written by someone who set out to DISPROVE christianity, but became a Christian in the process. Highly highly recommend 🙂

      Hahah about that carpet cleaner- probably my pride for the month- lifting that thing into my car, lol. Have such a great week, love! always looove chatting with youuu! XO

      1. Omg jealous!!! I would love a panini maker😍 so yummy! Haha that’s okay! Enjoy your future paninis! Now I’m craving one…
        Oh I like that Church’s tagline… if it makes sense that makes the church sound really relaxing and welcoming. I like that way you describe it. Having the faith. That sounds like a journey of a book, definitely worth a read. It’s so interesting how it went from the author trying to disprove Christianity but then became one in the process. Wow! I need to read this book. It’s going on my list. Thank you so much for the reccomendation hun!
        Hahaha amazing! It sounds like it would have been so heavy, but you did it!! Woo!
        Thanks so much hun and you too! And ditto! You’re chats always brighten my day! Xx

      2. Girl, this Church seriously changed my life. It’s the least judgemental environment just full of REAL people with great hearts. If you are ever in the area I’d love to take ya 🙂 Hope you enjoy the book! XO

  4. That seasoning is something I NEED to buy lol. Give me all the Southwest flavors. Thanks for the recommendation!

    I’m so glad you liked the HD carpet rental. It’s so convenient, even if it’s a little heavy to get in/out of the car. I was not at all graceful when I had to do it hahah.

    Those towels are so cute! Since we got grey towels, I have thought that the color goes well in any kitchen.

    The podcast I’ve been loving this week is The RFK Tapes. It’s about the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. It’s worth a listen! I finished the entire 10 episode this week so I clearly enjoyed it haha.

    Have a great long weekend!!

    1. YES YOU DOOOO! It is sooo good. I have had friends before mention it but was skeptical because of the zero salt. But I add a bit of pink Himalayan salt and it is perfection. I am obsessed with the stuff.

      I will tell you— I felt like superwoman lifting that thing in my car and up to my apartment on my own! it was a fantastic project for the day. DJ was amazed at how clean they looked and it saved sooooo much money. I cannot tell you how thankful I am you told me about them!

      Ooooo that podcast sounds really great! I am gonna look into that for sure. Thank ya for the suggestion! Have a great week, Maureen 🙂 Hope your LD was super restful and fun!

      1. Good to know about the seasoning!! I always use the same combinations on food so buying that will force me to branch out.

        Right?! It’s small but heavy so just getting it in the car is a major success. The amount of money you save by doing it yourself totally justifies the struggle of getting it in and out of the car.

        Thanks Mackenzie! I hope you have a great week!

      2. You won’t regret it- it’s super yummy!

        And agreed! it’s almost irresponsible that someone would even pay that amount when it works so well doing it own for a couple hours. I think it took me a total of three hours from leaving HD and returning the machine. So awesome. I’m actually excited to do it again eventually haha.

        you too, Maureen!!

  5. Mack, I love your Friday Faves! This is so much fun and really touching to read for me. I acknowledge you for opening to an exploration of your faith — and so support you in that. <3 Plus, your food photos are great! That wrap looks really tasty, and yes on Graham Crackers. 🙂

    Be in touch anytime, Mack. You are such a joy, and I'm sending you lots of blessings. Give a hug to DJ for me!

    1. Aww, oh my goodness, thank you Debbie! It ALWAYS brightens my day big time to see your comments. And thank you tons for your support. That’s so special <3

      I can't seem to write a post without a good ole' food pic, hehe. So I'm very glad you enjoy them 🙂 I highly recommend those wraps! I actually just had them tonight to make tacos and they worked great!

      You are a joy to me too, Debbie. I am thankful for your friendship over these last couple years. You are a light. <3

  6. Mackenzie – I remember Mrs. Dash for sprinkling on a salad and makes it taste better but didn’t realize she had kicked it up a notch – must try that! I love “Dave’s Killer Bread” because I like rustic-style bread and he has some great ones, but they are ridiculously expensive, even on sale about $5.50 … as you know, for Michigan, that is a lot for bread. Like you, I love bread, but to be smarter I switched to wraps … I like Flatout Flatbread better than Tumaros and I used to get the same kind as you with the Chia seeds. They are a little heavier than Tumaros and have new flavors. I am using the one with high protein … more satisfying, less carbs. If you look at this link, on the home page they show what looks like pizza too.

    1. Yes, please give her (Mrs. Dash southwestern) a go!!! SO tasty!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dave’s too, I have some in the fridge right now. I agree- it can be pricey, but it just is so hearty and good for you! I sometimes get TJ’s sprouted bread when Dave’s is not on sale (if you have a TJ’s by you!). And Flatout was my go-to for years! Especially in college!! I think I simply stepped away from it because some groceries stores don’t have them here, but I actually miss it and need to try it out again especially if they have a protein one!!! I think our Safeway sells them. I used to make the pizza on them all the time! It’s the best crust in my opinion 🙂 It’s like a nice flatbread pizza, so I am with youu! I will be keeping my eye out for the flatouts again.. time to get back on that train . XO

      1. I just bought some Dave’s today – I kind of missed it because I like the satisfaction of eating a slice of bread with oomph! I liked the Flatout “Protein Up/Carbs Down” and was using it all Summer, but I did miss something I can really sink my teeth into. It is so oppressive here with the heat and humidity, I got shopping and walking done at the same time. I’ve never tried TJ’s sprouted bread – I will look for it. I’ve never tried the flatbread pizza either, but yours looked delicious.

      2. Tomorrow is the last day of the extreme heat thank goodness. It was just oppressive this morning – we had rain three times yesterday and I walked out this morning to sopping wet grass, dripping trees and wet pavement – 98% humidity at 7:30 a.m. and dew point in the 70s.

  7. Yum! I love all of the ways you used that wrap! & the trout with seasoning looks delish. I’ve never tried Mrs Dash before but I think I’ve seen it around!

    I think those HD guys should’ve offered to help instead of staring at you!! Lol those things really are huge!

    The towels are super cute, they look wonderful in your kitchen. 🙂

    1. I think my favorite way I have used it is for a taco we made last night! Eeek, can’t wait to share that one. Immma single handedly keep these wraps in business.

      Haha- right?! I thought the same thing, but I never shy away to show off my feminine strength 😉

      Thanks, girl!!!

    1. Thanks girl!!! Aren’t those dried carrot sticks out of this world?! New obsession for sure. Hope you have a great week, and thank you tons for stopping by!

    1. Hahah thanks so much!!! I love whippin’ up food so much, live to eat and eat to live, ya know? Ooooooo what is Badia?!!? I need to try. I’m looking into all this ASAP! Thanks for stopping by, girl. It was such a treat for me to see your comment!

    1. Thanks, Ju Lyn! It feels good to finally be making food again and not just eating out! Hope you are doing well my friend and your summer is coming to a beautiful close 🙂

      1. I know what you mean – it is so fun to go to new places & revisit old ones for beautiful food, but I also missing eating at home!

        I had a wonderful summer …. hope the Fall brings you all sorts of wonderful Adventures!

  8. My wife likes to make fun of me for making a wrap or sandwich out of EVERYTHING. I just tell her I need those carbs!

    I love a book that can blow you away some and renew your beliefs or at least remind you of why you believe them at all. C.S Lewis’ book “Mere Christianity” has done that for me. I’ll reread it once in a while.

    1. Yesssss, hahahh I am the same way! Our runners need our carbs for sure. YES!! Mere Christianity is the same way- I haven’t read it since high school so will have to read it again. Another book that is along the same lines is The Screwtape Letters- have you read that one?

      1. I HAVE read that one. It’s such a creative way to help us recognize ways that we are drawn further from God and from what he wants for us. I’ve lent that book out once or twice.

      2. Agreee!!!! I need to re-read that one now too. I’ve got a nice little book list for September!

  9. Oh my goodness! That wrap!! I love graham crackers. Plain…or smeared with peanut butter…they taste so good no matter what! I totally know that slang! I can hear the intonation changes in my head for each one. lol.

    1. YESSS! I am just so obsessed with graham crackers lately. I went through a whole box in like a week and a half. I want to buy another but I’m trying to resist for a bit haha.

      YES! You get ittt. lol.

  10. Yay! I love your Friday Favorites posts! You totally have me wanting pineapple pizza, haha!

    Also, I am going to tell me sis about the podcast! I have a feeling her nursing school heart and soul will LOVE it! Aaaaand YES to graham crackers! I have been having some every night with a bowl of yogurt lately 🙂

    1. Aw, thank you, Allie!!!

      And girl- the podcast actually doesn’t have much to do with medicine at all (They are just obsessed with Grey’s anatomy hence the scrubs bahah), even you would like it I think!! But they do discuss the show so I bet your sister would love it too 🙂 THanks for sharing!!

      Ugh, I am a graham addddict. I forgot how glorious these gems were for so many years. So many years lost where I didn’t have grahams! Need to make up for lost time. And with yogurt sounds perfect! I’ll be trying that for sure!

  11. I love wraps, but I never think to buy any! I think I will snag some on my next grocery trip to revamp my lunch options.

    hahahaha oh man I would have for sure dropped that heavy carpet cleaner! But I too would have been determined to handle it myself.

    I can’t seem to get into podcasts! I think I end up getting too fidgety and distracted cause I don’t love to just sit. Maybe I need to go to a pretty park and walk while listening!

    Those towels are just gorgeous!!!!

    Have a great rest of your day!!

    1. Haha girl I never listen to podcasts sitting! It’s when I’m walking, cleaning the house, organizing drawers, dishes, etc. I wouldn’t be able sit out either !

    2. Ahh the rest of my comment didn’t go through (Sometimes I write them in word and copy and paste) but I just said…. Definitely a pretty park and walk is the place to listen! And thank you for the lovin’ the towels- it was a nice surprise in the box! I am gonna be sad when I have to DC the subscription, but it’s been like Christmas each time it comes. Hope you are having a great week, girl! Can’t believe it’s friyay already tomorrow!

  12. Ooh have you watched the Case for Christ movie?! It was absolutely fantastic! Totally the best Christian film I have seen in ages, so professionally done. It was powerful! I haven’t read the book but if the movie is anything like it, I’m sure it’s incredible. <3

    1. agreed!! I loved the movie! It actually made me want to read the book .And believe it or not the book is 100000x better! I just love how detailed the book gets about his exploration! Thanks for stopping by, Courtney!

  13. Great article!

    I love the whole bachelor franchise craziness too. LoL. I’m a bit bummed the next bachelor is going to be Colton and not Jason. Oh, wells, LoL.

    I’m a huge TV Nerd so if I had to recommend only three shows I’d recommend The Goldberg’s, This is Us, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I have more recommendations for shows but I don’t think there is enough space to list them all. LoL.

    1. Thanks, Jodie!!! Ahh girl, me too! I wanted it to be Jason so badly 😭

      Ohhhh I will have to look into those- my best friend has been trying to get me to watch Crazy Ex- Girlfriend so that’ll have to be my next watch 🙂 then I’ll know to come to you for more suggestions too! thanks for stopping by!

      1. LoL. I think a lot of people, including myself, just assumed Jason would be the next bachelor cause like he was the perfect choice. I never even would of thought of Colton for it. Oh wells, disappointed, but I’ll still be watching. LoL.

        Yes, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of my all time favorites. This upcoming season is the last one. Bummed, but I rather it end where the show is still really good than drag on for too many seasons.

        Yes, always available to recommend awesome shows! Ask anytime =).

      2. Agreeed!!!! and yes- I will watch nearly everything bachelor/bachelorette (except Winter Games- couldn’t get on board with that one!).

        Ahhh- I am so excited to get started with it! Maybe I will tonight.. hmm!

        I will definitely be comin’ back! Thanks so much, Jodi 🙂 Hope you are having an awesome start to the week!

  14. I am definitely a wrap person too, I don’t know why but they’re just so much better than sandwiches! My husband is 100% a sandwich person though so we have plenty of both. I had no idea that you could rent carpet cleaning machines, but I really love my carpet cleaners (Chem-Dry always does a great job with our pet stains!) so I don’t know that I would switch. And I don’t think I’ve had a graham cracker in years! I need to go pick up a box!

    1. I AGREE! I do love a good sammy, but when given the option for a wrap I’ll choose it every time.

      Oooo I need to look into the Chem Dry! Thanks for the suggestion- cleaning products are tricky (what works, what is worth the price), so I always appreciate recommendations.

      Thanks for stopping by, Emma! Hope you get to enjoy those grahams soon 🙂

  15. Those wraps and carrot sticks snacks look so good.
    And I have been needing to wash our carpets too, thanks for the reminder, lol. We try to do it once a year haha

    And…….oh the fab fit fun box, i want to try it out at least one month I have heard it was good lol.

    1. It really makes all the difference and lasts a long time!!! For a few hours of time and energy, it really is so worth it to do it yourself. I don’t have any idea why anyone would pay such a massive amount to get them cleaned!

      I love the fab fit fun box! I didn’t want to – because then I’ll want to keep up the subscription and I initially got my first few boxes as a gift- but I think I definitely will keep it going. Maybe ask for it from DJ for a bday gift or something. The nice thing too is that you can sell any products you don’t want on poshmark or other sites. I should do an unboxing for my next one!! I don’t know why I’ve never thought to do that- But I always love when you and other bloggers do unboxings. Hmmmm. But I will say it is SO worth it!

      1. Probably people who have money and don’t wanna do it themselves 😂
        Well if it’s mostly lifestyle then it’s better suited to your needs and wants. I’m telling you there’s a sub box for everyone lol. I bet even DJ could find one if he really wanted to lol. But yeah totally do an unboxing I’d love to see the rest of the stuff!!

      2. True true!!!

        You’re probably right! They are seriously so much fun. That’s actually a great idea for guys too- I’m always running out of ideas for Deej, so I should look into getting him one for Christmas.

        Thanks, Rossy!

      3. NO. WAY. Okay this is so cool. Thank you SOOO much for sharing with me. I’m so excited!!!!!

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