Marin Headlands Hiking & Home Cafe!

We are just zoooming right along! My type-A side is very bothered that my recaps are not in the present time just yet, but we are almost there!!

Thursday September 13th I woke up and made the Ezekiel bread again with nuts and dried fruit.


I went for a run and still spotted some new blooms.


I then drove to the Post Office to drop off some Poshmark sales! woot woot!


I worked on schoolwork at Peet’s all day (with my packed lunch- I literally have a full spread of my snacks on “my” counter there, make myself right at home) then headed back home. I had my massive salad again for dinner (I get on kicks) and made DJ some beef tacos.


Nearly every evening this past couple weeks we have watched an episode or two of Dexter before bed- SO good!

And whaddya know- Friday September 14th I had Ezekiel bread again with chopped walnuts and craisins.


I snuck in a nice run then spent the rest of the day working on school work- at Peets ‘magine that?

Jus me and Peety for the day


In the evening I had a nice chunk of time to blog, which was nice. After eating leftovers, DJ and I watched Dexter for the rest of the evening. Such a restful Friday! Since we aren’t planning many events right now it’s been nice having free weekends to just hangout at home. I suffer from serious FOMO but am discovering how relaxing it is to have an uncluttered schedule on the occasional weekend.

Saturday the 15th I woke up around 7, ate some avocado on rice cake and then headed to SF to hike with Amy and my fur-nephew, Pool Noodle!


Driving into the city the sky was so crystal clear! This is a rarity and the views were just breathtaking.


We decided to meet at Marin Headlands- a place on the ole’ Bucket List.


The fog started rolling in as we did our hike, but it didn’t take away from the stunning views.


Pool Noodle <3


Can ya’ stand the cuteness?


He’s so photogenic


After the fact, we went to Home Cafe to have some nice lattes and treats! Home is alsooooo on the Bucket List. I hope you don’t take a shot every time I mention that thing. It literally drives our plans anytime we go into the city.


I’ve had Home on my radar for a while because they make the prettiest latte art and serve up some one-of-a-kind toast! Check out the menu… I need to go back and just try one of each!


Amy tried out their scrumptious Bravo toast


I was still pretty full from a protein bar I had before our hike, so I just tried one of their Japanese Mochi donuts. It was okay- nothing to write home about, but still a nice accompaniment with the coffee!


Amy had their cookie monster latte- I had a sip- and let me tell you- maybe one of the tastiest sweet lattes I have ever sipped!!! It was divine. Tastes like you are straight up drinking a chocolate chip cookie (but in the best way!).


I had their birthday cake latte, and it was ever so satisfying!!! I highly recommend this too. Also, you can taste how high quality the espresso is, yum!


In the afternoon in Cupertino, it was such a gorgeous day I decided to listen to podcasts and take a walk since I was almost all caught up on school assignments. I have a new podcast I’m obsessed with- that I shared in my recent Friyay Faves– Dr. Death. The rest of the day was basically tying up loose ends with assignments for the week.


In the evening, I made Deej chicken tacos & I had my big salad, yes again. I start to crave this thing! I will get sick of it soon, but I am deep in my salad kick.


On Sunday the 16th, DJ and I went to church then DJ went to work the Almaden Valley Art & Wine Festival. I just worked on laundry, cleaning, dishes, fill in groceries through the day, etc.

When he returned later in the afternoon, he had a big box with him that had a ribbon. I was so excited he let me open it, haha. It was from the festival thanking the Giants for making an appearance there- they gave us a big bottle of nice Merlot, a beer glass, and a wine glass! It’s Christmas y’all! Savings September karma!


In the evening, I tried a glass of the delicious wine while we watched Dexter and then Monday it was back to the grind. Hut hut!

I will save this week’s recap for next time 🙂

xo <3

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101 thoughts on “Marin Headlands Hiking & Home Cafe!

  1. That Ezekiel bread is something! Looks so yum! Ahh and all food photos on this one post of yours actually! I don’t really eat salad, but that salad makes me drooling cuz everything looks so fresh.
    Cookie monster latte sounds interesting!

    That view from your hike is amazing! Now I miss hiking. Aaww Pool Noodle is so cute ❤

    1. I am actually enjoying it right now 🙂 It’s probably my favorite bread- I get on kicks with breakfast and this is my current one!

      I crave this salad! I have had it almost every night for like two weeks, so it’s time to change it up- but it’s sooo good!

      You would LOVE Home Cafe-it has your name on it 🙂

      Love little noodle. Have a great week, girl! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    1. I just love him! Girl, these lattes were next level- creativity AND taste! I hope you can try one day 🙂 Have a great week & thanks for stopping by! XO

  2. I can totally relate about how nice it is to just spend the weekend / evenings at home. Sometimes we are so busy focusing on future events or actually experiencing those events, our time off is so consumed being busy!!! We forget to just switch off and appreciate a couple of days just doing nothing but going with the flow, but uh it’s so good when we do!! I love a free weekend / day off!
    The views from your hike are absolutely breathtaking 😍thank you so much for sharing those gorgeous photos hun! And could that lil pup be any cuter!?
    I am sooo not a coffee girl but I am living for those lattes, especially the cookie monster one, it looks and even sounds delicious! When i visit, that’s the one I’ll try! And your birthday cake latte looks so pretty too 😍
    Have a great week hun! X

    1. Exactly!!! You said it perfectly.

      Aw thanks for sharing in our fun little hike with us 🙂

      The cookie monster was sooo tasty! It was like a dessert- you’d enjoy it even if you don’t like coffee!

      Have SUCH a great week too, beauty! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 XO

      1. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Seriously- you always make me want to add soooo many more places to my bucket list!
        The cookie monster looks insanse I knew I’d like it as soon as I saw it, it’s great that you say i’d enjoy it even if I don’t like coffee! And I LOVE a dessert so this is the drink for me!
        Thank you so much! You’re welcome! X

  3. Do you have to pay for shipping on Poshmark? I have so many clothes that are too big for me now and I would love to make a little bit of money on them.

    Love the Duke shirt!! Do the employees at Peet’s know your order and name by heart now? If not, I feel like they will soon. Also having a free weekend every once in a while is the BEST! As an introvert, I love those weekends.

    I don’t drink coffee but I think I would order a latte from Home just for the art. Or I’d politely request Alex to order it so I could snag a picture and pretend I was a fancy coffee drinker haha.

    What a fun little surprise to get! I hope the wine was tasty! Have a great Monday 🙂

    1. Nope! I mean technically it is calculated into the price and everything- but when you are making the price, it calculates, so you can get exactly what you want for each item. it’s ridiculously easy!! Easiest selling service I’ve ever used- it sends you the printing label straight to your email when you make the sale, and you have total control. HIGHLY recommend.

      They do!!! hahah. A couple years ago I was there almost every day while studying for my NCLEX and I knew every single worker. There are still a couple that are the same, but I am slowly and surely learning all the new employees’ names 🙂 Hehe.

      They have tea lattes too I think!!! Totally worth it! And if you don’t like coffee the cookie monster is a great option- I didn’t taste any of the coffee in it- it was like dessert!

      It was delicious! Thanks for stopping by, Maureen. Have a fabulous week, girl 🙂

      1. That’s awesome! I’m definitely going to check it out to sell some stuff then!

        Gotta love places like that! There’s a pizza place near us where I walk in if we order take out and they don’t even have to ask what I’m picking up. They just know haha. It’s always nice to know employees name, I feel like everyone just has a better experience then.

        Good to know! Thanks Mackenzie! Happy Monday 🙂

      2. Isn’t that the best?! It really does make the whole experience so warm and I always feel at ease at places like that!

        You too, girl!

  4. Umm can we first talk about that puppy?!?! Okay continuing to read now!
    Don’t worry beauty! I am not reading them in order so it is all good!
    I HAVE to try that toast out! It looks SO yummy!
    Yay for poshmark sales!
    Hahaha I LOVE it girl! That is how I feel abut my local coffee shops! Home away from home!
    Bwahahaha yay for good ol’ Peety! I love him so! Lol.
    I NEED to try it on rice cakes!
    Ahhh I MISS that view!
    Ahhh your pics! I am so nostalgic!
    hhh and I can not stand the cuteness of pool noodle! What a cutie patootie! Obsessed!
    Wait WHAT is this place? Birthday cake latte? Vanilla coconut latte? Umm I NEED!!!! I am not looking at my poor excuse for a cafe au last as a I read this!
    Seriously mouth is watering and one second away from booking a ticket just so I can go here!
    Ahhh I saw that pic on insta and was obsessed! Okay I NEED to go here! So darn pretty! And the latte art! You know I love latte art!!!
    I love it! I am the same way! I get on food kicks too! (Currently it is fried rice with veggies and srirarcha. It is a problem!)
    That was so nice of them! Love a free bottle of wine! SO much love to you beauty! <3

    1. LOL!! I love that you’re reading them out of order and are just so along for the ride haha.

      Wait- can I steal that pun for my instagram pretty please? lol! That’s perfect!!!

      YES YOU DO NEED! Next time you’re here- add it to the list! It’s insane- probably one of the best lattes I’ve had- the espresso is so high quality.

      Oooooo fried rice with veggie and sriracha sounds sooo amazing. I may need to try my hand at that tonight.


  5. Oh Pool I love theeeeee…..

    I have to chuckle. There he is all sprawled out chilling in front of one of the most photographed places in the USA. People all over what to be photographed in front of that bridge and he is so unaffected. I love dogs!

    Did I miss where you explained what i on that toast? It looks delicious! <3

    1. Awwwww isn’t he just a cutie?! <3

      Hahahha exactly! His mom posted that on her instagram and captioned it "Why look at the view when I am the view". lol!

      So the Ezekiel toast always comes in slight varieties based on whatever is in the cupboard, but I usually toast it, add yogurt on top (Either Dannons light and fit vanilla greek or plain Fage), some type of dried fruit- like craisins or apricots, nuts of choice, and a sprinkle of stevia on top! I like to put it in the freezer for a couple minutes to let the yogurt get nice and chilled. So yummy! I am on a kick with it right now 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Nikki! Have a great week!

      1. It’s fun for me to relive that stuff, since I’ve been away from CA ever since I left for the Navy. That was a LONG time ago. At least I get to stop in once in a while. 🙂

  6. I love everything about this post. It felt like I was with you while reading it. Can you share the recipe for Ezikiel bread please?
    Pooh Noodle is so adorable and all your photos are so dreamy 💞

    1. Hi, Mariam! Thanks for stopping by, Dear <3

      So the Ezekiel toast always comes in slight varieties based on whatever is in the cupboard, but I usually toast it, add yogurt on top (Either Dannons light and fit vanilla greek or plain Fage), some type of dried fruit- like craisins or apricots, nuts of choice, and a sprinkle of stevia on top! I like to put it in the freezer for a couple minutes to let the yogurt get nice and chilled. So yummy! I am on a kick with it right now 🙂

      Thanks, girlie! Such kind words <3

  7. I don’t feel like Matt and I lead a super busy life, but when trying to coordinate with one of mine and Kaci’s best friends to have dinner together with her husband, Matt, Kaci, and Drew, it is almost impossible! Between anniversaries, Kaci and Drew going out of town for a baby shower, a wedding to attend – I do welcome downtime!

    Pool Noodle is so cute! He was livin’ it up with the ladies. 😉 Those views are phenomenal!

    I love that you have a bucket list and keep checking off items. It seems so fun! As I said on Insta, that latte is just amazing, and I would love to enjoy like it one day!

    1. So true!!! It’s so hard to make plans, but at the same time it does always feel so busy!

      LOL- noodle- he really is a stud. He’s soo full of personality too.

      You would just love Home! I hope you can try one day 🙂 XO

    1. Tehehe- I forget that it’s such a unique name because I say it so often. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 🙂

  8. Ok I don’t know if I like the scenery or the dog pictures better… both so cute!
    My bucket list drives my outings too – I think it’s a good thing and means we are organized and goal oriented,LOL
    I also eat the same thing most days. Could you please go back to Home and drink some of those latte’s for me too please – they sound so amazing!

    1. Oh dang, I just found this in spam?! Darn you, WP! I don’t know why it always sends definitely-not-robots to spam?! Anyways- isn’t pool noodle just too cute to handle? I love every chance I get to hang with them.

      Hahaha YESSS – type A for the win. Totally drives me, and it feels sooo good to knock something off the list.

      Heck yeah! I would love to drink one for you- plus they have a pretty large menu of creative lattes I need to try! I can’t wait to go back. Thanks for stoppin in AJ, Hope you are having a great week 🙂

  9. I love Ezekiel bread! I usually have it with half an avocado and a fried egg. I haven’t tried it with yogurt and nuts. That dog is just soooo adorable!! I hope your Monday is going great!! xx

    1. Isn’t it sooooo delicious? I just love it so much. Genius with the avocado and an egg too! I need to try that soon. I usually do that on Dave’s good seed bread, but haven’t tried on Ezekiel yet. Hope your week is going so well too 🙂

      1. I haven’t heard of Dave’s good seed bread. Our choices around here are pretty limited. I get the flax Ezekiel and really like it

  10. I get on food kicks too! Plus, I love a big ole salad with lots of toppings!

    Such a beautiful hike! Fun fact, I am terrified to drive over a big bridge! I would have probably had a panic attack if I was with you heading to that hike. ha

    That puppy is so so so freaking cute! Those ears! Those stubby legs!! Cute cute cute!

    That cafe sounds amazing, and I have never seen such a colorful latte!

    What a sweet gift and fun to receive during your savings month!

    I hope you are having a fab Monday!

    1. Oh my gosh! that’s so interesting- is it heights that getchya? I do feel slightly nervous when I’m walking on the bridge and look over the edge cause it’s 746 feet above water!

      Pool noodle is so derrrn cute. I jus love him! Hope your day was great too, Kaci! 🙂

      1. Ok so weirdly I didn’t get a notification that you responded!

        I think it’s a combo of the heights, and I just picture flying off the side. I psych myself out. lol

      2. I think WP just did a bunch of updates- I have things a little out of wack with my comments too!

        That makes sense! My mom and I both feel like when we look over we will have a weird urge to jump- like we don’t want to but we have this fear we just will out of like propulsion. (we talk about some funny things) That sounds so weird, but it’s like afraid you can’t trust your own body or something! And like you said- picturing flying over the edge! I just can’t look over too long.

      3. That’s actually a common feeling! There is psychological studies that show a lot of our fear of heights comes from fearing we’ll give in to our strange urge to jump! Crazy huh?

      4. NO way!!!! Okay I always thought I was nuts! That’s fascinating!! Thanks for sharing with my, Kaci!

  11. I’m definitely on a salad kick too. Can’t get enough! I am so OBSESSED with the podcast Dr. Death. It is soo good and that doctor…. I just don’t even know what to say about him. We had a relaxing weekend at home too which was nice. The views from your hike make me SO jealous!!!! Hope you have a great week girlie!!

    1. Yesss- I seriously crave it. I will get sick of it soon, since I’m going on like 2 weeks of eating it nearly every day I am thinking I’ll change it up soon haha. Whats your go-to salad if you have one?

      Isn’t it insane and fascinating?! A new episode just came out so I’m about to go for my run and listen to it. Thanks for stopping by, Taylor! XO

      1. I don’t have a particular salad but the more toppings, the better I think! My current favorites are: chick peas, beets, pecans or walnuts, raw corn off the cob, carrots, cucumber, hard boiled eggs, avocados and I usually use a combination or kale and romaine and a balsamic dressing. What’s your favorite salad??

        Yes!! It is so good! I’m halfway through the next episode too. Have you listened to Up and Vanished? If so, have you listened to the 2nd season?

      2. Okay so weird, but I just found this in spam?! Never has that happened- but sooo many bloggers are going to spam lately. Strange.

        Anyways- that salad sounds incredible! YUM! Chick peas in salads make it. I also love hard boiled eggs too. You know Texas Roadhouse? When I would go there with my family I would order their house salad because it had the hard boiled eggs and I always thought it was the best thing ever.

        Mine is black bean burger overcooked a touch then torn into the salad to act like croutons (that sounds a bit aggressive, haha), kale/spring mix blend, tomatoes, mushrooms, a little red onion, and red pepper with balsamic. That’s my go-to!

        I haven’t listened to 2nd season Up and Vanished- wait I don’t think I knew there was one?! I need to get on this ASAP! Thanks for telling me about this

      3. Oh that is too weird!
        Oh that salad sounds delicious!!!
        Yes, you have to listen!! It is getting good!! Totally new cold case, but this one is a lot more recent than the case in the first season!

  12. Pool Noodle is a cutie and love the name and I am sure there is a backstory to that name. The latte art – very interesting … I would love the cookie monster latte but your birthday cake latte was beautiful, and I’d hate to take the first sip and ruin the art. I like where you went for the hike … fog or no fog, gorgeous background to hike in and as a backdrop to Pool Noodle too. :).

    1. Hi, Linda! Oh no- I found this in Spam!!! But no worries- I will rescue it 🙂

      Pool noodle is such a little peach, I jus’ love him! Amy, my sister in law, named him pool noodle basically because he is long like a pool noodle, lol!

      it was definitely hard to take a sip of that latte! SO pretty! And those two lattes I mentioned do not even scratch the surface. SO many things to try- so little time!

      Thanks for stopping by, always love your comments <3

      1. No problem!! I get more sports-related stuff in my SPAM than anything else. Not only is pool noodle a cute name, but he is cute – good reason to slap that moniker on him. More interesting-looking latte designs and flavors than what you showcased – wow! Well Mackenzie … you have to hang out there instead of Peet’s to try them all!

      2. Tehehe <3

        Hahah- I agree! I actually have considered going there to do school work! The only issue is parking is super hard to find in that area, but maybe one day I'll try to take on the challenge- worth it!

  13. Can we talk about those coffee drinks!! OMG! They are amazing! The views are gorgeous too and what an adorable corgi. Hope you have a nice day.

    1. Aw, Julie- thank you for stopping by here!! I am so honored you took the time as you know I love your blog ❤️ the coffee drinks are insane- and they have soooo many more to try! They are next level yummy and high quality ☕️ hope you have a wonderful rest of your week 🤗

    1. Awww it’s not mine- it’s my SIL’s but I do love my little fur nephew 😍

      It was all sooo good! The chocolate chip cookie latte was the tastiest 🤤

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Shannon ❤️

  14. What is this Ezekiel bread? I’ve never heard of it and you seem to love it… it must mean I’d love it, too!!

    Pool Noodle is freaking handsome, man! What a model!! I love that you call him your fur-nephew! 😂

    Home Cafe looks truly outstanding, wow. The lattes you two got are both so adorable! I love cookie crisp cereal so much.

    What a nice box of stuff from the festival!! I think cups are the greatest gifts to receive!! ♡

    1. Ugh, found this in spam! NO NO BUENO! No worries, I am gonna give you a nice big response and a “not spam”… we will not stop till you are in ZERO spam ques. Okay so Ezekiel bread- best. bread. ever. EVER EVER. You would LOVE! They sell in most major grocery stores.

      He knows he’s a stud too- he has so much swag haha.

      You would LOVEEEE the cookie latte- it was so delicious- I cannot put into words.

      Agreed! our cabinet is just a big mis-match of free glasses and such. And I refuse to get anything that matches haha- #character.

      1. Okay okay, I’m definitely keeping my eye out for some of that Ezekiel bread next time I go grocery shopping!

        I didn’t know that glasses are supposed to match lol! It’s better having all different kinds, right?! 😄

      2. Yes please do ! I can’t wait for you to try- I know you’ll love it.

        I agree- SOO much better!

      1. One of my friends has been diagnosed with leukaemia …she is on chemotherapy its the first stage …she couldn’t take admission in college this year …is it completely curable….her father was shocked and couldn’t believe it …his bp and sugar shoot up …he too was admitted in hospital for 7 days …can you please pray for her …her future has become totally blank

      2. I am so so so sorry, Kiran. I will be praying for her and you and everyone supporting her during this time ❤️ she will get through!

      3. There’s no need to say sorry dear sister …I just shared my feelings …thanks a lot to respond postively …have a nice time

      4. Oh in America I’m sorry means “I Feel badly and have empathy for you” in this context… I forget certain things don’t translate. <3 <3

  15. I love that you are able to work on homework at Peet’s! I wouldn’t be able to focus to save my life, haha. I have to be alone and I can’t even have music with lyrics playing in the background lol.
    Also that CORGI my goodness!! Can Pool Noodle be any cuter?! I’m pretty sure corgis are my favorite! They are so stinkin’ adorable. <3

    1. Hahah- I used to be life that but I think college forced me to learn how to work with a million people around ! I do put in headphones and and blast classical or relaxing music to block out most of the noise!

      Ahhhhhh isn’t he a darn peach?! I Just love that little pup . They really are soo cute, and I might be bias but I think he is just the cutest I’ve ever seen <3 (And I think he knows it hahah).

      1. I will probably learn to adapt like that eventually, I’m still new at it haha. Classical music is so helpful though! 🙂

        My goodness yes, I’m sure he does know he’s the cutest and poses for it lol. Just adorbs! <3

      2. Yeah, but everyone has their own style! At least since you work from home you can control it too!!!

        <3 <3 Hope you are having a great start to your weekend, Courtney 🙂

      1. Oh that’s right!!! I think you told me that. I am SO close to SJ right now (like 10-15 mins away).

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you for stopping by, Carmen! I have always wanted to visit Seattle! Where abouts in CA will you be stopping by? I do too! They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away… but I think it’s an avocado a day 😉

  16. Hi Mackenzie, the ezekiel bread looks so good! Such a pretty flower you snapped , so pretty. I like your post office building , A grand enterance to it. You went to Peet’s ?? I cannot believe it! Such a cute term for your cup , you and your Peety! I really like this photo of you . Marin headlands looks like a wonderful spot to get out in nature , it looks like you have the whole place to yourselves! Great photos of the bay and bridge. Pool noodle is so cute! My parents mind a corgi for 9 months of the year for a lady who is mostly in Tucson but originally from Ireland . Home looks like a nice place to reward yourself after a hike. The birthday cake latte is a lovely touch, I can almost taste it! How nice for the wine festival to send you this great gift for DJ working there. It shows appreciation! I see my/our friend Carmen stopped by , she is so nice! Very nice post, hugs, Terri xo.

    1. Hi Terri! It is definitely my favorite 🙂 That and Dave’s good seed bread are winners! LOL- yup- crazy me making an appearance at that place 😉 Aw thank you! I was truly in my element. And Marin Headlands was truly breathtaking– SF was feeling sleepy that morning I think, hehe.

      Corgi’s are such great dogs!!! how exciting for your parents.

      Aww yes Carmen did stop by! 🙂 Thanks for connecting the blog community, Terri and stopping by yourself too! Hope you are having a lovely start to the week. XO

      1. You a re welcome Mackenzie, I like to introduce my blogging family to each other:) The week is going good, how is yours? Hugs, Terri xo.

      2. It’s going well! I got my load of assignments yesterday and was feeling very overwhelmed at first, but got the “hard” assignments done with today, so I feel very relieved!!! XO

  17. What a great ick back (and studying!) weekend Mackenzie. Love hiking in the headlands– so close butyou’re really out of the city. And great city views. Fun post! xox

    1. It was so nice!! Even though we didn’t do a lot it was still a lot of fun 🙂 The headlands are just sooo beautiful! I was excited to knock it off the bucket list.

  18. What is ezekiel bread exactly? Is it like whole wheat? Or does it have lots of grains on it like Dave’s Killer Bread? I’ve never heard of it before.
    And omg omg omg omg I literally added these places to my bucket list!! The hike has stunning views!! Omg!! And the doggy!!! Awh! I wanna give it a big hug lol. And that cafe looks amazing, I mean lavender and rose lattes? I must try those!!

    1. It is like a seedy, delicious grain bread!! A TON like Dave’s Killer Bread, but I think Ezekiel has more flavors!

      I knowwww- there are SO many lattes I need to try there. This is the thing that can be so overwhelming about SF- there are too many good things to try in one single place, it’s just not possible to try it all. Wahhhh! haha- hope your day is off to a good start, Rossy!

      1. Aww I’m not a huge fan of seedy bread haha. I’ll check it out though. Is Ezekiel bread the brand or the type? Like whole wheat bread?

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