Baltimore, MD!

After I graduated this year from college, DJ and I decided to take a couple of months and travel! We left in the beginning of May and headed to Baltimore. Well why Baltimore? I guess it would differ depending whom you ask. DJ would say to watch the Orioles play, but I would say to try the greatest crab cakes in America. Either way we accomplished both. Crab cakes first! One word: FAIDLEYS. If you have not tried a Faidley’s crab cake, you have not lived. While it is $20, the cake it is beyond worth it. There are zero fillers and huge jumbo lump crab. The place has a super fun authentic feel located right in a market place.

I also feel that anywhere you go has something unique and special about it. Some may feel that a city, county, country is not worth going to because it has nothing particularly special about it. My personal opinion is if you look close enough each place has a hidden gem. (Said “gems”are my favorite when they come in the food form).



We spent the rest of the weekend going to Orioles games! We are both from Akron, OH originally, but DJ is an Orioles fan, soo I am slowly converting.**DISCLAIMER: STILL INDIANS FAN**. The games were a blast. Camden yards is a stadium you must go to if you are a baseball lover. It is one of a kind. Also they have vegan hot dogs -so I died. I was ecstatic. I haven’t had a hotdog at a baseball game in years!



In between games, we spent time going to the Aquarium right on the pier, walked along the cute little pier, and tried different restaurants. We are both strong believers of not eating at chains while traveling- it is necessary to try the local grub! We went to a place called the Rusty Scupper. It was one of the greatest seafood meals of our lives. DJ and I both ordered the Chilean Sea Bass. Let me tell you- it was nuthin’ short of spectacular. Their shrimp cocktail may have had the largest shrimp I have ever seen on a shrimp cocktail as well.

We also discovered a cute little sweets shop called SUGAR. I have a big ole’ sweet tooth so it grabbed my attention. We went in and looked at everything and decided to split a cowtail. Please tell me there are others out there that are cowtail fans. For some reason most people I have asked lately about them (because apparently this is a conversation I have often) seem to be living under a rock and don’t even know what they are. If you have never had a cowtail, stop reading, go find one, and eat it. You’re welcome.


At the second game we went to I was convinced the Manny Machado waved to me. Maybe he can affirm this one day? Either way, we enjoyed every second of those ball games. There is something about the comradery of the fans at a baseball game, the smell of roasting peanuts, and sticky spilled soft drinks on your shoes that makes a summer evening absolutely perfect.


So you know that rule we have about not going to chains? We unknowingly broke it. Whoops. We definitely went to a chain thinking it was a local food stop. Oh well, it was worth it. Let me present Philips- if you would like a delicious lobster roll, this is the place to go. Oh by the way, the way we found out it was a chain was when we were in the airport. And there was one in the airport. AN AIRPORT.



The Baltimore trip surpassed my expectations. If ever find yourself in Baltimore, MD, repeat after me: FIND FAIDLEYS.

Wishing you an abundance of sweet things,

xo <3



16 thoughts on “Baltimore, MD!

  1. Thanks for the good review of my home town! The original Phillips was in Ocean City Md. They had a great all you can eat buffet years ago. Cowtails are made by the Goetze Candy Co. that makes my favorite – Caramel Creams. Made right here in Baltimore.

    1. Wow! How cool- so we really were not too far off the mark from sampling truly all local cuisine – even the cowtail! And oh yes- the caramel creams are absolutely fantastic as well, no doubt! Thanks for the info!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! I just moved to Baltimore a few years ago from the West coast and I’m enjoying it so far! My first Orioles game (also my first baseball game) was awesome. And crab cakes are just amazing! You are moving to Cali ? Love that beautiful state.

    1. How exciting!!!!! I can’t wait for an excuse to go back there. My husband is such a die- hard Os fan, so I’m sure we will at some point! And yes ! Just moved to Cali a few weeks ago. My husband is going to law school and I’ll be looking for nursing jobs! If you are ever in the SV area and need food suggestions, most of my updates are littered with food places to try- hehe. Thanks for checking this out 🙂

  3. I love SF and I usually visit once a year so Ill keep an eye out! Also, a side note– I’m trying to get my blog of the ground a bit more and would love to get some advice from you. It looks like you have done a great job establishing a good following, bought a domain, etc. Would you mind connecting with me to talk about your successes and how you got there? I would love to bounce ideas off of you about how to improve where I’m at! Let me know!

  4. Been to Baltimore, had Orioles tics, got rained out! We couldn’t accept tickets for another game as we don’t live there, of course, and it was the last game of the season in MD. But some of the other things in the city were fun…


    1. Aww what a bummer!!! You will have to go back for a game. We love the stadium! But I’m glad you were able to enjoy the rest of the city. There are definitely hidden gems there!

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