Friday Favorites #9!

Happy Friday, everyone! I know, it’s hard to believe… but I will have officially published three posts in one week- I turned my project in and now have a couple days before I have to start getting serious about prepping for the BIG presentation. To top off the streak here I am doing a Friday Faveeessss! I love them and I love reading yours. If you have one this week please leave it in the comments.

  1. This spoon from one of my best friends from college. It is perfection! I found a perfect match on Amazon. Jump on it if you know any nurses who love to cook!


2. COD. For some reason, hubby and I have been LOVING seasoned cod lately for dinner with okra and brown rice. I usually grab salmon or tilapia, but hot dang this cod is terrific. Who knew! Also, one of my patients owns a bakery and gave us this amazing cheesy pesto bread (and a TON of other bread too) to go along with it!


3. My guitar <3 I finalllllyyyyy had my guitar repaired. It’s been about three years since I’ve really played. I used to play in high school a ton, and I have about eight original songs (I didn’t say they were quality original songs- but they are original, lol!). I started missing it terribly when nursing school was over and FINALLY had it fixed up/repaired by the nearby Starving Musician. Stay tuned.. (literally).. maybe one day I’ll share a song if I gather up the courage. Buuuuut probably not. haha


4. This travel map!!! It’s no secret we LOVE traveling. For Christmas, DJ found this map for us. If you look closely, there are little blue pins that we place on every city we have visited together. It is very clear that we are from the midwest and now live in California, haha. I want to book a trip every time I pass it in our hallway!


5. TRADER JOE’S!!!! Ok. It’s alsooo no secret that Trader Joe’s is amazing. But I’ve only been a couple times in my life, and never since we’ve lived here. WHY NOT!?!?? I KNOW, I ask myself that everyday now. Why have I not been?! It’s like adult Disneyland. It is the freaking greatest place on Earth. I’m obsessed. I could EASILY name 10 items to make Friday Favorites from Trader Joe’s alone. I’m sure it will be a frequent visitor on this segment, so watch for new fun products!


For instance, this King Salmon Jerky… a bit salty (but that never deters me), and so stinking good. It’s a pescetarian dream. Especially because in my past meat-eating life I loooooved me some beef jerky.


& This Arugula Pizza was too delish. My willpower was at a big fat zero with this in front of my face. Let’s just say, this did not last long at ALL between the two of us!


6. Avocado Toast Tank from Deej for my bday. Anything more perfect for a Cali girl?


7. Shakeology oats. I am embarrassed to mention Shakeology honestly–… I’m always a bit of a skeptic of health formulary protein stuff (except my No Cow/Quest bars)…. I’d just rather eat my protein than drink it I guess. Anywho, lately I have LOVED making a big ole bowl of oats for breakfast with vegan Shakeology powder on top and stevia (maybe even a little whip cream). It’s like dessert!


8. Impress Nails by Kiss!!! I adore these stick/glue on nails. As a nurse, I can’t really wear nail polish (it comes right off and chips with the hand sanitizer). This is such a great alternative and quicker than painting and waiting for my nails to dry. If I only have a day or two where I need nice nails, I loveeeee these!


I wore some purple ones in San Diego.


9. Lulus!!! Lulus is a new online shop I am OBSESSED with!!! Their style is totally my cup of tea. They have free shipping over $50 and free return shipping within 30 days. Their customer service is amazing, and selection is tremendous. Some of you asked where the dress was from in my first San Diego post, here is the link!


10. SUPER BOWL time! I will be working during the Super Bowl, probably my favorite sporting event of the year (except when Cavs are in the finals)…..BUT we love these recipes below if you need some healthy ideas for your party…..and I’ll be making them regardless if I have to celebrate a day late 😉 !!

Buffalo Cauliflower “Wings”

Vegan Tacos

Loaded Vegan Nachos

xo <3


60 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #9!

  1. Love the spoon Mack, it’s perfect. I’ve never tried cod but I love salmon. As for that great looking guitar you’ve had repaired, yes, you should definitely start playing again!! With all your spare time lol. Have a wonderful weekend. xo 🙂❤️

    1. Aww, isn’t it cute? I would highly recommend cod- it’s so easy to make and delicious! It’s like an extra savory tilapia! LOL… you know me well… I will maybe get in a 5 minute jam sesh once a week. If that 😉 Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well! Thank you for stopping by, Miriam!! Xo

  2. Trader Joe’s is seriously the best!! Next time you go, pick up 21 Seasoning Salute. So yummy! I put it on roasted potatoes and burgers but you can put it on anything and I think it would taste delicious 🙂
    Im jealous you know how to play the guitar! I’ve tried but it’s not easy. Glad yours is fixed and ready to be played.
    I’ve been loving seeing all of your posts this week girl! So glad you’ve had some more free time with your project over.

  3. I too love Trader Joe’s!! It is like adult Disneyland! Once you are in TJ’s its hard to get out of there without a cart full of stuff 😀. It’s like the song “hotel California” Once you check in you can never check out – I heard this Eagles song referenced by a friend of mine who moved here from England for work and was planning on only staying here for a few years – but 25 years later they are in love with “hotel California” 😀. I’ve always always wanted to play the guitar! How cool that you play!! I hope you do start playing again! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Isn’t Trader Joe’s the BEST?!?! I am kicking myself for not shopping here from the get-go. LOL!! Oh my gosh that reference is SO true. I’m cracking up. Thanks for the encouragement to start playing again- I’m super rusty, but eager to get to it 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well, Kalpana!!

  4. Three posts by you in one week is awesome! So glad to hear that you already submitted your project, and good luck on your presentation prep! That spoon is adorable, and you’ve reminded me that we havn’t made a white fish in a long time! Must change that soon. I didn’t know you played guitar; how fun! That map and tank top are perfection! I love TJ’s but have never seen that salmon jerky or pizza flavor. Yummm. Love your nails and that dress; you look killer! Have a great Friday and weekend! XOXO

    1. Hi, Kori!!! Thank you for the well wishes with the project- I need um’!! And are you a cod fan?! We are officially obsessed. I felt like you with my snap shots with awesome trader joe’s goods 😉 Thank you for the sweet words. Hope you have the best weekend-can’t wait to read all about it!!

      1. I’m a huge cod fan & am planning to pick some up today! I love that I’m associated with TJ’s snapshots – that’s awesome! I hope you do too, girl!

  5. 3 posts and it’s Friyayyyyy! So cool that you play guitar! I played the flute for 8 years (middle & high school) but probably couldn’t even play a scale now sadly. ha Those nails were fake?!?! I would never have guessed or that you did them at home! I wish I could do that but my thumbs are so fat & ugly (like seriously so ugly haha) so Idk if they would fit me.

    1. Hi, Kaci!! Your comments are so sweet and I get so excited to see them from you. Hahah- I feel ya on that, I am SO rusty! I bet that muscle memory comes back though, right?! I always wanted to play the flute but didn’t have the patience lol. Thank you so much for the sweet words about the nails!! It’s funny because if one started coming off I would just have the glue in my purse and glue it right back on in seconds. HIGHLY SUGGEST!!! Girl, I doubt that your thumbs are ugly…. and regardless of the size, they have multiple sizes in one package! They have them fitted for everyone! I Thanks for stopping by, hope you have the best weekend. XO

      1. You are so sweet!! I am going to give those nails a shot!! Do you just buy a standard nail glue & use as needed or do you apply them with the glue initially? I know it says you don’t need glue but this girl hand washes a lot of dishes sooo…hahah

      2. Lol!! Yes, I use the glue rather than the stickers!! (I might be a bit late to responding to this, whoops!). I just bought some standard nail glue. Hope they work out.. I feel ya on that dish washing 😉 They look so good on you!!

  6. Best week ever to have 3 posts from you!! Yippee!!! Gordie and I love cod so welcome to the tasty world of cod!! And the tank with Avocado Toast is perfect, nicely done DJ! And Lulu’s is great, I have used pics from them for Wear This One! as they have the cutest clothes!

    1. Awwww! Thank you for getting excited about that 🙂 And YESSS! It is sooo good. We use a steak seasoning on it and it is just tremendous! Lulu’s is amazing…. I wish I had discovered it earlier, although I’m sure Dj is glad I haven’t until now . Hahah he probably wishes I never discovered it at all 😉

  7. Disclaimer: I’m putting hearts between all my thoughts because I can’t remember the numbers (too lazy to scroll hahahaha!) <3 I miss Fage soooo much! I think about it all the time! <3 Avocado toast is my jam! I actually worry I'm a toast addict because while I'm eating toast I'm like, when's the next time I can have toast! <3 I miss online shopping. <3 I really love your Coach watch and that cute little bracelet next to it. <3 That oats bowl looks fab and I should try to recreate it with ratchet stuff we have here lol. <3 I didn't know you were a rock star! I had a guitar but was too lazy to learn. I just wanted to be Jimmy Page immediately and am nothing of the sort! Taking full responsibility here! 😀

    1. Hey girl!!!! I looove all the hearts!! I literally JUST had Fage on my sweet potato. If you ever come back here, we will eat it to our heart’s content. I wish I could ship it! LOL! Yessss I just told DJ I think I’m a PB addict. I can’t go a day without it. It’s all good. Toast is freaking amazing. HAHA Farrr from a rockstar… it’s just getting over the initial learning hurdle and the rest is pretty easy! It’s an easy instrument to self teach for the most part (just use 😉 ). LOL. You crack me up. Hope your week is off to a fab start!

      1. It’s off to a fab start now that I got your awesome comments! 😀 Yogurt on a sweet potato sounds amazing! So creative!

    1. Bahah, thanks, girl. Glad you get me 😉 Agreed- don’t know what I’d do without my fish. Hope you had the best week!!! I see I received a new e-mail from ya today (feminism up)! Can’t wait to read :)!

  8. I love that spoon! I wonder if they have one for teachers :). And Trader Joe’s is SO dangerous for us. There are so many delicious things there. I can’t even let myself go near the baked goods… One of my favorites are the tofu spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce. YUM! Oh, and the hatch chili mac and cheese. THAT is heaven.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Susie |

    1. Hi Susie!!! So good to hear from you. OOoooo I need to hunt down those tofu spring rolls & mac and cheese!!!!! *all the heart eyes*. I may try to stop in tomorrow. Hope you had a great weekend too. XO

  9. Ahh I love reading Mack posts! Especially your Friday Favorites! eeekkk good luck with the presentation you are going to do amazing!
    That spoon is adorable!
    O my lanta cheese pesto bread?!?! WHAT IS THAT? My mouth is watering!
    Girl if you could not get ay cooler you play the guitar?!?! That is amazing! And I am super jelly. I have always wanted to play…BUT I have no musical ability/ sound like a dying frog, but I will continue to live vicariously through you!
    I love travel maps! They are so cool!
    I juts died. I love how you equated Trader Joes to Disney Land because girl it so is! I LOVE TJ’s
    That tank s soooo adorable!
    And that oatmeal looks yummy!
    Oh my gosh LOVE your nails!
    And girl yassss! Lulu’s is a fashion-holies dream! I m obsessed with that store! And I am obsessed with your dress. You looked stunning!
    I hope you have an amazing day today and get to watch some of the Super Bowl…Though really I am all about the food today since Eagles, pats…ughhhh Lol. :p <3

    1. Elllo, beautiful!!!!! Thank you so much!!! I will definitely letchya know how it goes. I didn’t know what cheese pesto bread was until I had it… but I have to say.. it’s the GREATEST THING EVER! Haha… I *attempt* to play guitar. I’m so rusty, it’s sad. Bahahhaa, I doubt you sound like a dying frog, but that gave me a good laugh. IT . IS. THE. BEST. (Trader Joe’s). I am actually mad that none of my friends and family never sat me down and asked why I didn’t shop there. Hahaha. LULU’s!!!!!!! Thank you, love! XOXO. EAGLES YES!! I am celebrating right now with a glass of wine since I worked yesterday- CHEERS!!!! Mwah!!!

  10. honestly your blog is phenomenal, trader joe’s is life, your dress is as cute as can be, and your words make me smile endlessly. THANK YOU for being. for writing. for sharing. 💙💙 you’re a gem. so grateful to have found you. my name is bird, and i’m honored to follow your blog ☺️.

    1. Wow, Bird, I cannot tell you how much this comment means to me. This truly made my entire day. Thank you for taking the time to share such kind words. I am excited to explore and follow along on yours as well. Such a pleasure to meet you!

  11. Yay!! Friday Faves. These all sound great. Love that dress!! We recently got an Earth Fare here. I’m like a kid in a candy store when I go in there. The closest Trader Joe’s is a few hours away 🙁 I have some friends that do shakeology. I haven’t tried it. I have a vegan rice protein powder that I use in my smoothies. Congrats on getting the guitar fixed. I have one that I still haven’t learned how to play. My parent’s got it for me when I was pregnant with the oldest (he’ll be 18 in two weeks!!). That map is awesome!!

    1. I just popped over and see you have one up too! WOOOHOO!!! Isn’t Earth Fare terrific!??!?! You have to try their thai chili tofu nuggets!!! Those are the the greatest thing on the face of planet earth. I’m convinced! LOL! Never too late to start, right? 🙂

  12. I love the spoon, Mack, probably I’d display instead of using it. I love cod, it’s so tender. We eat more salmon though. When you feel like it, do record a song with your guitar and post it. Out Trader Joe is a little bit further from home, so we shop at Sprouts. Your dress is lovely on you. I like it a lot!

    1. Thanks, Miriam!! Ya know, that’s a great idea (to display it!!!). We do love salmon too so much, but the cod has been a fun change of pace! I will get started on that song post 😉 And sprouts is amazing!! Thank you for the kind words!! You are so sweet to stop by.

  13. You’re going to laugh at me, but when I saw “cod” I thought you meant the video game “Call of Duty” LOL. I was like wow, how in the world does she have time to play Call of Duty?! Anywayssss! I need to get that spoon for my sister when she finishes up nursing school! That is seriously so cute and perfect <3

    Love your nails! Also, I keep hearing about Lulu's. I need the check them out ASAP!

    1. Oh my gosh !!!!!! I have to tell DJ about this.. hahahah. He will love that!! I bet Jimmy is proud 😉 Your sister will loveee it! I have received a few cute nursing things here and there, so I’ll try to share in future FFs. Thanks for the sweet words, girlfriend! XO

      1. Strong?! As in very fishy or flavorful, lol? That’s okay either way!! hahah. Hope you’re having the best week, too! <3

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