May 2021!

Heyyyy everyone!! I am writing you from Ohio!! It is very surreal (in the best way!) being back here. I spent the last couple days unpacking, but now that is all finished up. DJ already unpacked from the first leg of the move, so I just had to unload/organize what I brought with me in my car from TX. Phew, feels good to actually be done moving. We have a loooong list of things we have to do to get our townhouse furnished/put together (did I mention we bought a townhouse?). It’s so much fun figuring it all out and looking at home inspo. First up, we have to find some blinds because currently we have Christmas gift wrapping paper up on the windows, lol! I’m allowing myself a little time each day to catch up on the blog over the next couple weeks. I’m also using the next week to get settled/see friends and family, and then will start the job search- eeeek! Exciting, but oh so nerve-racking entering this whole new chapter. Anyway-I think I’ll be able to catch up on recaps very quickly. It’s been a whirlwind, so I’m looking forward to just reflecting on all the awesome memories from the last few months.

After returning from graduation, May 10th DJ and I went to one of our favorite quick food spots in town- Sweet Green.

I always get their super green goddess salad with added tofu and DJ likes their sun-dried tomato salad. 

All May 10th and 11th was dedicated to getting the apartment packed.

We took advantage of one last carry out order from Hopdoddy burger bar. I am going to miss those impossible burgers!

May 13th I had a meeting with a potential clinical preceptor for my endocrinology clinicals. It went well, and he agreed to precept me. It’s just wild writing this now that the rotation is already done- I know I keep using this word- but “whirlwind” is really the only way to describe it!!

I crammed for boards that whole week in between packing and meals too.

We went on a walk together the evening of May 15th, soaking up the views.

May 18th I took my boards, and after finding out I passed, I zipped to Cuvée coffee for a celebratory latte! This is my favorite cafe au lait in town.

That evening we met up with some friends at Aussie’s for a going away dinner for Deej since he was leaving that week.

May 19th was our final date night before DJ moved back to OH (or so we thought, I was really grateful he was able to come back for that weekend in June!).

We spent the day finalizing any remaining things to get ready for the move, then in the evening walked next door to our apartment complex to sip on some beers at Yeti’s Flagship store.

Their outdoor patio had been closed through the whole last year, so when they opened back up we said we had to try it before DJ left.

Where we were sitting we could see the bat monument at the end of South Congress.

After, went on a nice long walk through downtown and stopped at CAVA to try some delishhh mediterranean. People have described it as the Chipotle of Mediterranean food- and that’s exactly what it was like!

We ended the evening by enjoying the apartment rooftop while the sun set. 

May 20th, I frantically tried to catch up on my specialty courses since I was a solid week behind.

May 21st, my mom-in-law and Gordie helped us BIG time with our move. They drove all the way from Ohio to help out. We loaded everything up into a U-haul and then later that day drove to Pennybacker Bridge for some views. 

For dinner, we went to Jack Allen’s Kitchen. Look at the size of that country friend steak! I had their shrimp tacos which were really good too.

The morning of May 22nd was incredibly bittersweet. First, we had a wonderful breakfast together at Phoebe’s Diner.  A fun fact we learned at this breakfast thanks to Phoebe’s menu- “pork butt” is actually not the butt of the pig, but rather the shoulder.  Did y’all know this? Oh, the things you learn! Featured here is the delicious deep fried french toast.

Then it was time for them to start the road trip back to Ohio. I was so sad when they left, but I had a ton of catching up to do for my classes so thankfully that kept me busy and distracted.

I was left with the bare minimum to get through the summer so I could fit everything in my car to drive to OH. I kinda loved it though- I feel like the less “stuff” there is around, the clearer I think.

^I can’t remember the last time I actually wore my Uggs out of the apartment, but I wear them allll the time at home like slippers. Anyone else? lol

My sister-in-law, Amy, sent me this homesick Ohio candle as a graduation gift, and it was so timely. I lit this the first night DJ was gone, and it was really comforting knowing I’d be there in just a few months with him!

May 24th I started my clinicals for endocrinology!

For the summer, I decided to make one of my main goals to try as many coffee shops as possible on my days off. On May 28th, I went to my first stop of my Austin Coffee Tour, Houndstooth Coffee. It was great coffee, and even though it was pretty busy, there was plenty of seating. I worked through some lectures before heading home.

May 29th I decided to grab some sushi from Komé to enjoy while working on some projects. It was phenomenal sushi.

And that is all for May!

I’d love to know:

  • How is your August going so far?
  • Where do you like to look for home inspo? I’ve been using a lot of Pinterest lately but am wondering if there are other places I should look/shows I should watch/blogs I should follow?!

– Mackenzie

34 thoughts on “May 2021!

  1. Thrilled you are back in Ohio!! So fun remembering our time in Austin together before we drove the UHaul back to Ohio, that fried French toast was amazing, Pennybacker Bridge and watching the bats were all great memories. I can’t wait to have you blog from here so we can discover what is closer to us!! Welcome back home, we love you both! Love, your hometown mom

    1. Those were wonderful memories for sure! Awww! ‘Hometown mom’ is so special- love that so much! And love you!!

  2. Hi Mackenzie. So good to hear from you. I didn’t realize you were moving to Ohio. My husband has been making frequent trip to Clyde OH this summer as his dad is in a nursing home there. August is going far too fast as has the rest of the summer. It will be over before we know it. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Hi Ruth!! So good to hear from you too 🙂 I haven’t heard of Clyde, but I just did a quick search and it’s actually less than 2 hours away- it looks like a super cute town! I agree this summer is going sooo fast. It’s hard to believe! Hope all is well. Have a great week ahead 🙂

  3. I am sooo happy you are back in Ohio Mackenzie!! I am sure it is surreal and the realization that you are not just back on vacation and leaving again but are actually staying. It is good that DJ did most of the unpacking before you got there ( he might have a different view, haha!) You did not mention that you bought a townhouse!! I am so excited for both of you, after years of hard work is paying off by having a home you can call your own. Christmas paper will work good for blinds for now, you can also use the large black garbage bags to provider blackout in direct sunlight. It will be good to catch up with family and friends , people you have known all your life. It will be exciting searching for a job, I wish you all the best! You can spend the next while documenting your last few months in Austin. ( I hope I can keep up, I know i missed a lot of previous posts) Sweet green looks so tasty! I am sure it was a lot of work packing, did you know we moved also? Oh my you had to cram also!! Congrats on the boards passing and you deserved the latte!. Yeti’s looks like a fun place, I think i would like it. How nice of your Mom-in-law to drive all that way! Lovely views from the bridge, truly amazing. I am sure it was hard saying goodbye as they made their way home to Ohio but I am glad you were kept occupied. The les s stuff the cleaner is very true! Aww that homesick candle gift was so sweet !! I am sure it helped you a lot. How fun , doing a coffee tour! August has been really busy Mackenzie! We are still unpacking ! I watch a lot of the hgtv shows I think you will find ideas there. If i find some blogs I will let you know, it has been fun catching up with you, Terri xo. P.s. congrats again on boards and new home!!!

    1. Hi, Terri!! Yes- it is SO surreal, I feel all this pressure to do everything/see everyone quickly, but then remember we have plenty of time since we will be here indefinitely. Haha, you’re right- he probably would have a different view, lol! Ohh that’s a good idea to block the sunlight!! Congratulations on your move also!! I hope all has gone smoothly. I need to start binging some HGTV- I bet that’d help with ideas a lot & it’s actually great “white noise” TV to have on in the background. Thank you so much for your comment- so good to hear from you, friend!!

      1. You will have lots of time to see everyone now Mackenzie!! ( well you know what I mean!) If you get a chance you can see our new home pics from July 3rd post thru to August 14th if they help with ideas ! The move went pretty smooth ty for asking ! I want to catch up on your other posts also, your posts are always amazing, Terri xo.

      2. Aw thank you so much, Terri! Means lots! So happy to hear the move went smoothly!!

  4. Wow – back to Ohio, your Midwest roots. And dealing with heat as if you never left California and/or Austin. You cram more things into a day/week/month … plus still have time to do schoolwork. You’re amazing Mackenzie. I know you’ll stay put for a while now. 🙂

    1. Aww thanks so much, Linda 🙂 We are so excited to stay put for a while! It takes the pressure off of feeling like we have to do it all in a short time like we felt in CA and TX. Thankful for those years, but wow, this is a much-welcomed change of pace!

      1. I am happy for you and DJ that you now will settle into your careers and this new life. You have been on a fast pace since I began following you at the beginning of your return to school.

      2. Thank you, Linda 🙂 your supportive words through and through have meant so much!

      3. I’m glad to hear that Mackenzie. I have always admired you – you are a young person with a good head on your shoulders and a lot of ambition.

      4. Aw, thanks so much, Linda. I feel like a mess half the time, so it really means a lot you think this!

  5. O H… I O!
    Wishing for just a Little of your energy… !
    Congratulations on passing your boards… and buying a new townhouse.
    Instagram, tv shows, house tours and Pinterest give me inspiration. But what it comes down too… is what you like. I enjoy stories behind most of the pieces that come into our homes. So it’s all about the hunt for me.
    Happy Saturday and I can’t wait until you start blogging about Ohio and the area!

    1. Hi, Nancy!! Thank you so much 🙂 It feels AMAZING to be back. I absolutely love the idea of collecting pieces that have stories behind them. I have a friend that goes to Estate Sales to find fun home decor and pieces as a hobby- I’m going to have to tag along with her next time because I feel like that’d be a great way to “hunt” out some beautiful home additions!

  6. “We spank the patties and they like it”!!!!!

    Congrats on the move and the townhouse, passing your boards, finishing clinicals, and everything else!

    Did you and DJ tour townhouses together in person or did DJ tour in person and you virtually? And did you pick one that has lots of nice places to walk, run, hike, bike, kayak, canoe, eat, drink, coffeebreak, and picnic?

    I follow another blogger who lives in Ohio and her blog is all about visiting lots of cool places, in and out of Ohio so you might want to check her out. Recently she went on a boat that is pulled down the Erie & something canal by horses. That sounds PRE-TY cool to me. She also goes hiking somewhere there in Ohio in the winter and at the end of the hike they get hot soup and cocoa and stuff. Anyway, her blog is Make The Journey Fun. Are you near Yellow Springs? If so, here is a covered bridge adventure for you:

    I did NOT know the butt is the shoulder. Is that the same for a “Boston Butt” which is what you see everywhere here in Arkansas? When my Dad was still alive we emailed back and forth and one time when asked what he and Mom had been doing, he said “We’ve been sitting on our butts…and eating butt.”

    I do not own any Uggs but if I did I think my feet would get too hot to wear them inside. I’m thinking about kicking my socks off as I type this. I’m a barefoot kinda gal.

    To answer your questions, my August has gone pretty well so far. We had a nice week of weather, then a way too hot week of weather, then it finally rained and it’s in the 80s instead of 100s. Yay for air conditioners.

    As for where do I like to turn for home inspiration, I don’t. I don’t have the home decorating gene, unfortunately. But I do follow one really good lifestyle blog.

    1. Hi, Jinjer! Ha-ha!! We were cracking up at that too.

      Thank you so much on the congrats!! My mom-in-law actually helped sooo much with scoping out the homes for us- we toured virtually, and she has a realty license so she knew all the best questions to ask. Northeast Ohio has a wonderful outdoors scene and we already have a list of food spots we want to try too!! Can’t wait to share it all 🙂 Thank you SO much for sharing her blog- I just followed it and can’t wait to explore it more! We are about 2.5 hours from Yellow Springs- so not too far at all!

      I would imaging it is the same as Boston Butt!! Hahah, I am laughing out loud at what your Dad said!!

      I’m so glad to hear you are having a nice August so far!! Oh yes, thank goodness for Air conditioners- I’m thankful I missed the insane heat in TX this year.

      Thank you for sharing this lifestyle blog too!! Going now to check it out.

      hope you have a wonderful rest of the week- always love your comments!!!

  7. glad to hear you have moved into your new place and are settling down. I’ve actually been back and forth to Ohio twice in August as my parents now live in Mansfield. But that is only 2.5 hours away instead of the 16 or so when they were still in FL. I did know that the butt is the shoulder, but I use that cut for pulled pork so… Take your time making your space your own. when you rush you do things to get it done and might end up doing it twice.

    1. Thank you so much!! Oh yes, I know Mansfield! I used to drive through there to get to my school in Indiana. A 2.5 vs. 16 hour drive is a really nice change I’m sure!!

      That’s really great advice — thank you! I needed to hear it too because I feel like I’m treating everything like a checklist, and I probably do need to slow down a bit!

    1. Hi Natalie! Great observation. I remember around that time we commented on how quiet it was! Austin is a busy city, and usually the roads are pretty packed- but it took a while for it to get rolling again after the pandemic (mid to late summer the traffic definitely picked back up!).

  8. Welcome back to my home state! My daughter starts her very first clinical on the 31st. If all goes well she will graduate from NP school in June. Good luck on with yours. You won’t have any problem getting a job in Ohio!

    1. Thank you for the welcome back 🙂 Oh my gosh- soooo exciting!!! I wish her all the best!! That’s also really good to hear about the job search- I’m about to begin in a couple days!

  9. Woohoo! Congratulations on the completion of the move!
    That’s a lot of HUGE changes …. graduation, packing, road trip, unpacking, home deco …
    I am glad to see you made the most of your remaining time in Austin – soooo much delicious food!
    Looking forward to having a glimpse of your new home. Keep safe and well!

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