Friday Favorites # 7

Hey y’all! Happy FriYAYYY! I actually get this weekend off too, so I’m pretty excited about that 🙂 DJ has been in Tahoe since Tuesday for work, and I miss him something fierce, butttt we’ll get to see each other this weekend! Without further adieu…. Here are this Friday’s Friday Faveeesss!

  1. The yogurt/toast is backkkk!!!! I am tucking away my avocado smoothie recipe from the summer and bringing back my yogurt/toast combo. I use either Dave’s or Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin bread topped with Fage yogurt, low sugar craisins, stevia, and granola. It’s so stinking gooood.


2. Pumpkin decor!!!! I picked these little punkins up last year and shared them with y’all then, and I was stoked to pull these back out from storage and blow off the dust! DJ said my autumnal excitement is a bit premature, but I say there is no such thing. Where is y’alls favorite place to find home holiday decor? Mine couldn’t be more predictable: Homegoods and Tarjay.


3. I’m trying my hand at gardening for the first time ever with eco-culture herbs! My Aunt Terry (who was here nearly a year ago, SERIOUSLY, how has it been so long?!?) gifted these to us, and I am obsessed. These are little planters that you can actually plant indoors in the natural window light or outside. I am currently growing basil, cilantro, and parsley. Next I’ll be growing sweet marjoram, sage & garlic chives. They are so easy to use, and gardening (my albeit baby step gardening) is such a cathartic process. Stayyyy tuned!


4. Just ….fall.. Can fall be a Friday Fave? I say yes. Leaves are falling (or one fell) & autumn is thick in the air (well I got a whiff). While out on my run yesterday I spotted these gorgeous Japanese maples & vibrant bright colorful landscaping. **Side note: I can identify many leaves after a biology project in high school- we had to identify tons of leaves as part of a final project, and weirdly, most have stuck with me. So if you need a leaf identified, send it over, lol.** **side side note : Ironically, I can’t identify flowers for crap though 😂**


5. If you are a nurse, you have to follow nurse abnormalities on Instagram and also her blog here. Danielle has a real talent for encouraging new nurses as they begin this challenging career. She articulates phenomenally well about the realities and true abnormalities of being a nurse from the good the bad the weird, the hilarious and the absolutely beautiful. Recently her post to new grads hit home big time for me.

img_16676. The Black Tux! Ok, so I’m pretty bummed I just discovered this site, as it would have been SUPER ideal for our wedding. I know several of you are engaged or will be soon, so I figured I’d share this. Basically at Black Tux, you can rent tuxes/suits for wayyyyyyy less than typical rental/retail stores while also getting free shipping (and free size exchanges). We had groomsmen from several different states, so this would have made things a whole lot easier for us. Also, they are partnered with Nordstrom, so you know it’s gonna be high quality. If you know someone who needs to rent a tux, this company is definitely worth checking out!


7. I promised I’d share the sermon that impacted me big time last weekend… you can find it on Itunes podcast.

img_16668. WINDIANS!!!!! I just have to throw in here that I am so beyond proud of my Indians ❤️❤️❤️ 22 game streak, baby!!!! Even though the streak is over, I am still so excited for my home team!


9. Welp, we gave in! We done did it. We finally got the Target Red Card after much contemplation. DJ and I aren’t very keen on credit cards for stores, so we chose the debit option (zero risk involved!). Every time you use it you get 5% off. It’s added up a ton. I highly HIGHLY recommend this if you shop a decent amount at Target, or even if you don’t shop that often- it’s still 5%!img_1655

10. Last, but not least, the grocery store was having a huge wine sale, and I decided to grab this bottle for super cheap of Handsome Devil. I am not picky at all about wine, but I do love a dry, yet non bitter cab. This one hits the mark at such a small price!


Have a TREMENDOUS weekend, y’all!

xo <3


58 thoughts on “Friday Favorites # 7

  1. Happy Friday!! Love all the happiness in this post, Mackenzie! The Nurseabnormalities IG made me crack up! My sister would LOVE that. I’ll have to find them on IG and tag her!

    Toast + yogurt + granola + craisins sounds so good! I’ll have to try that combo ASAP! Also, I cannot wait to hear about your little garden. I hope you and DJ enjoy your weekend OFF together! YAY!

    1. Aw, hi, Allie!!!! Oh my goshhhh yes send it to your sis! Her posts are so stinking great and relatable and HILARIOUS.

      Ohh my gosh try the toast!!! I am such a huge fan of the toast- I always sprinkle a touch of honey or stevia on top too for some sweetness! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you had the best weekend, love ! XOXO

  2. I love my RED debit card, so you’ll be super happy that you got one for yourself! Fall can be a fav, and I’m sporting my autumn-inspired outfit today. 🙂 Love reading your post. Always brightens my day! Random, but do you have any tips for sleeplessness? After last week’s weird stomach trouble, I’ve been left with acute insomnia. Lovely. I’ve tried baths, stretching, no coffee, and Melatonin. Nothing is doing the trick. Thanks, and much love to you! Enjoy your weekend with DJ back home! XO

    1. Yesss! I can’t believe it took me so long to get the RED card. Best choice.I cannot wait to see your autumn inspired outfit!! It’s a bit too toasty here right now to wear one.

      AWWWW, thank you so much, Kori! Your comments brighten my day!!

      Hmm… It sounds like you have tried most of the tricks. I have struggled with insomnia most of my life too, but the things that have made the most difference are cutting back on coffee (which you know!), and getting a tempur-pedic mattress! DJ and I received one for our wedding, and it has made a tremendous difference! I know that’s a big investment, but truly truly TRULY worth it. (Also sleeping with white noise, like a fan helped too).

      Thanks for stopping by chica! I hope you are able to get some good sleeps this week. XOXO

      1. Thanks so much!! Funny enough, my body stopped craving coffee through all of this. I either had nothing or just green tea in the morning. I did have coffee this morning but less of it. I intend to really cut back and focus on delicious tea. I took several baths, stretched, and I took Melatonin. I don’t like taking anything, supplement or not, but I was at my breaking point. I can’t say whether it has helped or if I’m just better, but I’ve slept well!! Thanks so much for your recommendation! My back often hurts in the morning because of our mattress, so one day I am trading up for a Tempur-pedic. I can’t be feeling like a granny. 😉 Have a great week! XOXO

      2. OH MY GOSH. I have this serious EXTRA respect for people that can give up coffee or are straight tea drinkers. I think I’d have to chop off my right hand before giving it up, so major props to you. (gosh, that was graphic, lol). Melatonin usually does the trick for me when I don’t use it everyday (otherwise I build up a tolerance to it). Girl, no, no granny- talk just yet- get yourself that mattress! I have heard Casper is a great mattress too and at a good price. People swear by it! Keep me updated. Not being able to sleep is seriously the worst. I know your pain. Have such a beautiful week, doll. XOXO

      3. I never thought I could! I still love it, but I’ve been happy with tea. It does blow my mind, haha. I’ve decided a may drink tea more during the week and coffee on the weekend. We’ll see how that goes. 😉 Thanks oh so much for the mattress recs! I finally ditched the Melatonin the other night, and I’ve slept beautifully! It was SUCH a relief. Thanks for all of your help! You have a fabulous week too! XOXO

      4. What’s your favorite kind of tea?! I love matcha and basically anything from teavanna lol. I’m so glad the sleeping has been getting better ! Melatonin can have that nasty rebound affect- been there, it’s awful! Hope this week treated you well and this weekend is amazing for you, Kori! ❤️❤️

      5. I’m loving English breakfast, green, and chai! Thanks, doll! My twin sister got married on Saturday! She did so at our lake house as well, and she was stunning. But now we’re just anxious to see the photos and videos. They set-off this morning for their much-deserved honeymoon. I’ll feel a little weird without my sister nearby this week and even more so because she’s out of the country. Can’t wait to share some photos soon!

      6. MMm mmmm those sound so good! OH MY GOSHHHH your sister was married last weekend?!?!? Are you going to post pictures?! DID YOU?! I am so out of the loop but I must see if you are going to (or if you did!). How exciting. Oh …. lol… just got to the end of the comment of “can’t wait to share some photos soon”… then again since I’m responding to this a year later maybe you have already posted! Cannot wait to see. XO

  3. Yay Happy Friday!! I am totally going to buy that wine next time I see it. And that pumpkin decor is SO cute! I need to decorate my apartment for fall ASAP.

    Have the best weekend, Mackenzie xox!!

  4. Yay another MacKenzie post!! (By the way, I love your beautiful name!! <3)
    Those pumpkins are so cutee! I went to the dollar store to buy a bunch of autumn decorations for my house, so once I'm done with my blogging for september, I'll start decorating. I'm soooo excited! I hope to find a few more things at Ross or Marshalls! 🙂
    How awesome that you're gardening. I want to so bad, I have a small patch in the back that I can use for gardening but there are so many stray cats here in the neighborhood, and they constantly go through the back of my house 🙁 I'll have to buy a small greenhouse if I want to garden anything.
    That's so cool that you know about leaves, it's such a unique thing to know 🙂 I wish I knew, I barely know some flowers as well 😀
    5% doesn't seem like much but it is when it adds up LOL

    1. Hey, girlfriend!!!! Oh my gosh, thank you so much (well I guess I didn’t have much choice in the matter 😉 ), lol!

      Yesssss- the dollar store has so many great decorations! I need to find one out here. That’s where I used to go all the time in Indiana for decor when we lived there. Please share some pictures of your fall decor if you think of it!!
      OH MY GOODNESS- I need to check out Ross or Marshalls too- I don’t know why that didn’t cross my mind?!

      The stray cats would definitely put a damper on the gardening for sure! You should definitely try these window planters, they work great inside. Or a greenhouse sounds like a fun project to take on too!

      YESSS- the 5% really does add up even more than I expected! I hope you have the BEST week, Rossy! XOXO

      1. You read my mind! I will actually make a blog post after I decorate lol. I hope what I bought was enough, but I may need to go back.

        Ah yes, window planters. Only thing I can think of is in my kitchen window, the rest are too low and my son can reach. Lol. He already destroyed one of my big leafy plants 😭 haha

      2. YESSSSS!!!! Lol awww, yeah you already have your hands full, maybe wait on the planters 😉 LOL. And Your son is adorable. Thank goodness for Trader Joe’s and Farmer’s Markets in this day and age, AMEN?! Hope you’ve had the best week <3 XO

  5. That yogurt toast looked so good, I went and made me some!
    Love love love your pumpkin decorations: yay, Fall!
    My Saturday morning treat is catching up on your Blog – you are bring Joy to our lives!

    1. Oh my gooooodnesss!!! Ju Lyn!!! You have no idea how much this comment just made my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you, love! Also PS. on the toast I realized I forgot to add that I usually add honey or a sprinkle of stevia/sugar on top! It makes all the difference, so you may need to try it just one more time with that- hehe. But I am SO excited that you took the time to try it out. Thank you for your sweet words. I am about to head out to work for the day but I see more comments from you that will be my treat to read later today!!! YOU are a joy to my life! <3 <3 Sending big hugs!

      1. Oh my gosh!!!! It is so messy! Hahaha. Especially because I tear mine apart as I eat it and sometimes dip it in my coffee. (And I do eat it in bed with a GIANT plate!!!) So messy! Lol. I should put a warning up there 😉 Definitely a bit more practice, but at least it’s yummy practice?! <3

  6. Yay! A mack friday Favorite’s post but first…… How HOW have I not heard about this goodness that you call yogurt toast? It sounds amazing! And I can not WAIT to try it!
    I love our pumpkin decor! And it is never to early!
    Confession: I have been stalking Trader Joe’s since Labor Day waiting for them to go into a Pumpkin frenzy that rivals Charlie Brown! Once September hits it is NEVER to early!
    That is so cool! I really want some plants in my apartment but I am afraid it will attract unwanted roommates.
    Yes Fall is DEFINITELY a Friday Fav! Oh my gosh I think you need to make a blog post titled “Random Info about Mack” I LOVE that you can identify leafs! I am the same way! Funny story an ex sent me roses and I had no idea what they were (my friends were all appalled oooops) Ahhh your pics are absolutely gorgeous!
    That quote from NurseAbnormalities is funny! I will definitely have to check her out!
    Congrats on your team! I am happy SOMEONE’S team is winning….(not bitter. Not bitter. NOT bitter ;p )
    Also we share the same taste in wine AND I love Red Devil! Sooo good! Perfect to drown yourself in when your teams keep losing… (Have I mentioned not bitter? ;p ) Hehe.
    I hope you had an amazing week and have an amazing weekend beauty! <3

    1. KAAAATTTTEEEEEE!!!!!!! Can you tell I’m excited?!?!? Girl, I’m so obsessed with this toast. I just had two slices. With coffee in the morning- ugh, it’s too darn delicious. Use your fave yogurt, fave toppings, fave bread (extra toasted), some honey or stevia. TOO yum. YES YES YES- see … you get me…. September = Fall. If Trader Joe’s says so, we say so 😉 Hahahha! Oh my gosh, that would be so funny. I feel like I would scare people away because I’ve got some quirks, but that’s such a good idea for a post! I am gonna need to start brainstorming 😉 HAHAHA- I love that you didn’t know what roses were, I actually respect you big time, more important things in life than identifying a rose, right?! Like… we can identify chocolate and coffee and margaritas…. so we all set. LOL. We should totally go to a rival game sometime. How fun would that be?! DJ is an Oriole’s fan, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m an Oriole’s fan now too UNLESS they are playing my Indians. Loyalty is loyalty. Bahahahha, you crack me up! Hope you have such a perfect week, love!!!! XO

      1. Ahhh this made me smile! (and I just might have scared the people in Starbucks oooops)
        It sounds it! I can not wait to try it!
        Bwahaha right? Trader Joe’s makes the Fall all the better Lol.
        LOL oh my manta I love this comment! It is seriously giving me the chuckles (And I needed them so thank you!) I would totally read it!
        And thank you! Lol. I mean come on there are other flowers in the horticulture world, I mean sunflowers, I can identify a sunflower AND they are bright and cheery and deserve some love too….And that might be the end of my flower identifying career lol.
        Girl yasss! You. Get. Me! THOSE are the important things in life! Lol. You have it all covered!
        Oh my lanta that would be SO much fun! But ummmm what?!?! Mack, sweet sweet Mack, an Orioles fan? Sigh. We might need therapy to get through this issue. Orioles and Yankees have a rivalry, maybe not as bad as that Red Hosiery team from Boston, but it is there.
        I guess I can get past this. ;p
        Lol, joking aside that would make the games even better! Thank so much sweets I hope you have an amazing week and weekend (almost here!) Thanks for making me laugh and being you! Love you lady! <3

      2. Hahah good scare all the people !!! (Maybe it will get them out of line and help you get that coffee quicker 😉 ). Addicts unite. YES – sunflowers I can do, show me a canary and we are in trouble. Wait, shoot, I think a canary is a bird not a flower? Uhhhhh….. hahaha. Lol sorry, Charlie but they don’t call us WINDIANS for nothin 😘 haha that was so betchy. MWAH!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

      3. Bwahahaha girl yes! Oh my lanta I just laughed out loud again, Bwahahaha. It is okay, when it comes to sports you could NEVER be betchy….And you guys might beat us tonight 🙁 That is okay I will still love you…I just might need a month before I can look at you and not cry though ;p <3

  7. Hi Mackensie, Happy Sunday! So glad you get a weekend off!! Its good you can be with DJ too . The yogurt toast looks so yummy! I love the cute pumpkin décor. You have a great eye on you for decorating. You have baby steps in gardening now , I can see farmer Mackensie in the future! Such pretty colors in the Japanese maple. Fall not here yet its 84 degrees in Minnesota now! nurse abnormalities seems such a good blog to follow for you. Love e the question and answer! The black tux sounds such a great idea. A win win for the company and those renting. I will have to listen to the sermon. I should send you the sermons my priest at church posts on his soundcloud page. Yay Indians! So excited for you and your Team. The target card is so good to have Dear! We have it a number of years and always save. I love how you leave the best wine till last( lol i’m so funny , hehe) It reminds Me I got some wine to finish here! Have a nice rest of your day , Huggs, Terri xo.

    1. Awwww!!!! Saying I have an eye for decorating is seriously one of the greatest compliments I could ever receive. <3 LOL ok this is super random and this is sorta funny…. DJ's real name is Donald… so for our hashtag for our wedding we joked that it should be #OldMackDonaldHadaWedding….. but we didn't think of it until AFTER the wedding. (you saying Farmer Mackenzie got me thinking about that, hahah). I hear the Midwest is having quite the Indian Summer right now! PLEASE send those sermons over. I love listening to sermons while I'm commuting or running. Yessss, I know if you are affirming the card I am doing something right 😉 And alllwayyyys save the best for last (I knew you would catch that 😉 ). Enjoy your wine (or I hope you did), and have such a beautiful rest of your week! XOXO

      1. Hi MacKenzie you’re welcome on the decorating compliment! Haha that would have been an awesome #to use so funny! Yes we certainly had an Indian summer up to now, I think it’s something to do with your Cleveland Indians, hehehe! I will get you those sermons. You can see if you like them. Oh and that wine I was talking about… It’s gone🍷🍷 what can I say! Have a lovely weekend do you have to work? Take care Terri xoxo

      2. Heheh YESSS! Go Indians go!!!! I can’t wait to give those sermons a listen! And I think it’s time to get back to the store and stock up on more 🍷 ! Tis Saturday after all! I did work last Saturday but I have this one off! WOOHOO! xoxo!

      3. Hi Mackenzie , go Indians, I will cheer them along with you! Yes wine needs to be purchased…. I tried sending sermons but I got your e mail wrong, I will try again. I hope yesterday was nice and relaxing, take care, Terri xoxo.

  8. Yogurt toast is my new jam ever since you’ve introduced it on your blog! I’ve been making them at work, I bought a loaf of wheat bread I keep in my filing cabinet (LOL) and we get Greek yogurts delivered weekly so I’ll use whatever flavor I’m craving, my most recent fave is strawberry cheesecake and then sprinkle some granola or honey nut cheerios on top. AHHH-MAY-ZING!!!! Perfect little breakfast and sometimes lunch if I’m too busy to go out and get something! I must try it with cinnamon raisin bread next. Oh my goodness I haven’t even stepped foot into a Home Goods yet for this season because I know I’ll be walking out with every single fall decor item they have but def Home Goods and Tarjay for affordable decor- another place for cute things but on the pricer side (sad by true) Pier One Imports. I love the name of that Wine Bottle too funny, I’m trying get my taste buds acclimated to red wine but I’m always reaching for the white! Yay to having the weekend off #bestfeelingever (even though I’m writing this on Monday) but hopefully you had a good one and wishing you a great week ahead love!! <3

    xo, JJ

    1. OH EM FREAKING GOSH. STOP. Your comment just made my life. Seriously?!? You are lovin’ the toast that much?!? I could cry that makes me so happy. It’s so versatile, right?!? I change it up constantly depending on what is in the cupboard or what fruit is in season. Cheerios sound fab on top too! I’ve done cereal before, and it’s just such a fun added crunch. Strawberry cheesecake yogurt is some of my fave too! I go between Dannon’s strawberry cheesecake and their toasted coconut vanilla. Freaking yum.

      And girllllll SAME… I haven’t gone into home goods yet either for the same reason. YESSS Pier One has some awesome (but yes, pricey) stuff too. However, their sales are fabulous!!!! We’ll have to keep an eye out 😉

      White wine is good too though. I actually didn’t think I liked white for the longest time, and only red (which I think is opposite for most?), but now I do like some pinot for a happy hour here and there! What’s your go to?!

      I hope your week has been perfection so far. Mwah!!! XOXO

  9. I love your Faves!! I’m a Tarjay, Home Goods, and TJMaxx fan too. I can’t wait too have the house smell like cinnamon and apples, my fall choices in scents. I can’t wait until the weather finally gets the memo that we have crossed into Autumn! 🙂

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Amy! And I LOVE your comments! Isn’t Autumn time the best?! I have been dying to have a spare second to stock up on the yummy candles. What is your favorite place to grab them?!? And seriously… what the heck is this Indian Summer going on! My sweaters are ready to go at bat. Hopefully that amazing fall breeze will roll in soon. Have a beautiful week <3

      1. Autumn is my favorite season. I used to get a lot of my candles from Bath and Body Works or Yankee Candle Sales. Sometimes I find others at TJ Maxx. Most of us are very sensitive to some of the overpowering chemicals candle companies sometimes use to create their smells, so I tend to check around regularly for mild scents.

      2. Isn’t autumn the BESTTT?! I seriously look forward to it all year long. TJs always has some awesome, unique selections . I’ve been dying to get there and check them out but haven’t had the chance! And Bath and Body works always steals alllll my money- fireside marshmallow- their pumpkin ones, everything… so good! Let me know if you find any other great ones 🙂

    1. Thank you, love!!!!!! Girl, try it out! Top it with whatever your fave dry or regular fruit is, granola, cereal, etc. add some honey/sugar/stevia and you are good to go. It pairs so well with a cup of coffee! Thank you tons for stopping by. I hope you have a fab week ahead 🙂

  10. Wow I thought I was the only person who likes the combo of yoghurt on toast hahah. Loved reading through your favourites – I have random little pumpkins decorating my entire house right now and I couldn’t be happier! Also, well done for growing your own herbs. I always find that they taste better than store brought ones and obviously it is super good for the environment 🙂

    1. Hi Maria! Thank you tons for stopping by- oh my goooodness isn’t that combo just the best?!? And yes for the pumpkins !!! Love it ! 🙌🏻. It’s been a blast growing these herbs- I can’t wait for them to be done so I can make some tacos 🌮 lol. Have a great weekend, love! Thank you tons for stopping by!

  11. I have been so busy through the summer, and I have so missed reading your blog! Love the nurse blog you recommend. I work with nursing students, so I know they will appreciate it! We are in full-on fall here in New Hampshire. If I need any leaves identified, I’ll send you a pic. 😉 Thanks for the great read!

    1. Oh my goodness! It’s so funny because I don’t expect anyone to read (except my mother of course 😉 ), so for you to say that means the world !!! They will LOVE following her along. Another one of my favorite accounts is SnarkyNurses. It makes me laugh out loud every time! I bet New Hampshire is just breathtakingly gorgeous. Thank you tons for stopping by ❤️ I hope autumn is treating you and your family beautifully !

  12. Hi Mackenzie– I think Fall can definitely be a Friday favorite!! I’m so happy that it’s cooler down here.made barlely beef soup this week and am jus waiting for an evening cool enough to make a fire!! Hope you’re enjoying all the joys of fall in SF!! xo

    1. Hi Rhonda!!! Yay! I’m so glad you agree with me 🍁! Ohhhh that soup sounds terrific. I’m definitely starting to crave more of those comfort foods here too. Mmm mmm! Have a beautiful weekend ❤️

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