Our Valentine’s Day, Super Bowl Sunday & A Nursery Sneak Peak!

Wanna know something embarrassing? When typing the title for this post, I had to Google if Super Bowl was one or two words. Clearly, I do not know my sports, hah.

Hiking right into our February!

On Tuesday February 1st, our sweet Moose man got neutered. He handled it like a champ- he didn’t seem to be in any pain through the whole recovery (I’m sure the meds around the clock helped) & we never even had to use his cone to prevent him from licking at his stitches. We were so proud of him!

I worked it out with my job that I could work early in the week before he got neutered and then the weekend when DJ was home, so we had someone with him through recovery. I did not bank on him having so much energy right away (that evening!). Without being able to take him on a walk to get said energy out, I knew we would need lots of distractions. Cooped up high-energy pup + not allowed to go on walks, run or jump + I need to get things done = must invest in distractions!

I stopped by Pet Supplies Plus to stock up on new toys and bones for Moose. He wanted nothing to do with the fake bones, so I ended up returning them the same day and getting the real bones in place. He goes crazy for these!

I had to run to an OB appointment on February 2nd for my glucose tolerance test. People have horror stories about the taste/their reactions to the drink, but it tasted like flat Hi-C to me 🤷🏼‍♀️. I was so very nervous going into it, but thankfully I did pass. I turned on the Furbo and watched Moose while I was gone to make sure he didn’t lick at his stitches. He didn’t at all – I was very proud of him! The rest of the day was shopping around for the nursery, publishing a blog post and knocking out miscellaneous to-dos. And of course, we had the occasional Moose potty breaks, which he was thrilled about because it meant time to enjoy the snow.

I also had my first of several childbirth courses that evening. I wasn’t sure after taking an OB clinical rotation how much new info there would be, but it’s just so different when you’re going through the learning for yourself & your own baby. I had these courses once a week for 2.5 hours through all of February and have found them very beneficial! I’m delivering at the hospital where I work, so if I go into labor while at work I can just walk downstairs. We joke I’ll just deliver on my lunch break, ha.

After Church, Sunday February 6th, we ordered Panera for lunch. I was having a major craving for their grilled mac n’cheese. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried this! I also am obsessed with their green goddess cobb salad. YUM.

It was just a lazy Sunday afternoon for the Moose.

Monday February 7th I noticed I had finally popped with a noticeable bump! I had to document. (Don’t mind the dirty mirror, I really oughta clean that, hah).

That evening we went to my younger sister-in-law’s basketball game! Love watching her play.

That week we were surprised at work with this sweet cake.

My 26th week of pregnancy, I started noticing I felt very “first-trimestery”, minus the nausea- thank goodness! Some of the fatigue started coming back along with the intense cravings for certain foods (and similar foods that I craved the first trimester!). The craving of February 9th was a veggie sub with avocado and provolone from Subway. I know people either hate Subway or tolerate it- I am probably one of the few that actually crave it, lol.

My sweet tooth was acting up that week, so I was extra excited about the delivery of Baked by Melissa cupcakes from my mom-in-law for Valentine’s Day! These are always soo good. 

February 10th, it was somewhat tolerable out temperature wise, so I took Moose on a walk in the afternoon. The craving on this day was Thai food – specifically red curry with crab rangoons from Papaya Salad. I usually order Thai at about an 8 on the 1-10 spicy scale, but this time I ordered a 6 because I don’t want baby to be uncomfortable from the insane heat I enjoy. I missed the 8 though, lol. I also stumbled upon Topo Chico at the Walgreens near here and nearly squealed with glee since I haven’t had it since we lived in Texas. I love this sparkling water so darn much & it was so nice to have with the Thai. DJ had their Pad Thai which he loved too.

On February 11th, the cravings continued. All day at work all I could think about was Indian food. As soon as I got in the car after clocking out, I put in an order for us at Jaipur Junction. It was all tasty as can be, as usual from here!

February 12th, we celebrated Valentine’s Day a couple days early! We went to the very elegant La Vetta.

We were seated next to this gorgeous fireplace and started with some of their focaccia and oil. I mean do they know they way to my heart or what.

We started with a couple of appetizers- the calamari with pesto, marinated olives and mozzarella balls. The combination of everything was really great together.

They also brought out these parmesan truffle fries complimentary since they made extra. We were not about to turn them down, and they were deelish!

I was really craving some veggies, so I also ordered their chop salad with all kinds of veggies, avocado, sunflower seeds and a flavorful Italian dressing. It was so refreshing and delicious. For my main, I had their grouper (I think it was grouper, I remember it was a white fish that was deemed safe in pregnancy, haha). It was really tasty & cooked to perfection.

For dessert we shared the panna cotta with lightly candied fruit and basil – which was, without a doubt, the star of the show. We have really had luck with our dessert orders lately! From the peanut butter bomb to the key lime pie and now this…Ohio knows how to do dessert!

It was a wonderful evening with my Valentine! Once home, we watched about 10 minutes of Succession before I conked out. At least I gave it a valient effort.  

February 13th, I met with my friend Melissa and her boyfriend at Yours Truly in Valley View for breakfast. I hadn’t seen them since my sister’s wedding!!

We came at the right time because within about 20 mins of us being seated the place was jam packed.

We had some good breakfast eats, lots of laughs, great conversation and then exchanged bday gifts. They soooo sweetly and thoughtfully got these stinkin’ adorable clothes for baby girl and a Momma Bear sweatshirt for me. I get emotional just writing about it all over again! Also that sweatshirt is so cozy, I could live in it.

I drove back home and stopped at Walmart on the way to grab some various cheese and crackers to make a little Sunday cheeseboard. Felt appropriate given that it was Super Bowl (two words) Sunday.

I didn’t eat the deli meat portions, but I was obsessed with the cheeses. Can’t get enough cheese these days.

Since I wanted the Bengals to win, I wore their colors and a leopard hairtie. I know they are technically Tigers, but Leopards are at least- also felines?

We went to a couple Super Bowl parties that night- it was a particularly beautiful evening as we drove around.

How cute are these football brownies my mom-in-law made? Also, they were some of the best tasting brownies I have ever had!

February 14th, actual Valentine’s Day, DJ sweetly got me these gorgeous flowers <3. I love Valentine’s day for an excuse to turn up the cheese, so I got him a pack of Mike’s Hot Honey (His favorite to put on pizza) & told him he’s my hot honey- heheheh.

Wednesday the 16th, I had a delivery of some dresses from Pink Blush Maternity! They are a little pricy (although do run good deals), so I stuck to investing in only a couple- one for the baby shower and one for our baby moon.

That same day, the wallpaper for the crib wall went up in the nursery! Woohooo! We still have a ways to go in here, but I was too eager to share even before it’s finished up.

Thank you for reading & I hope y’all have a wonderful rest of your week!

Question for you:

– How has February treated ya so far?

-Feelings about spicy honey on pizza? Have ya tried?



18 thoughts on “Our Valentine’s Day, Super Bowl Sunday & A Nursery Sneak Peak!

  1. I laughed at “must invest in distractions!” What a concise way to explain having a puppy!

    Those football brownies are adorable! Nothing beats a good brownie and mediocre ones aren’t worth eating to me (all the more reason the good ones are great!).

  2. Happy belated Valentines day gorgeous! That photo of Moose in the snow is so cute. So excited for you and your family <3 those little clothes your friends got you are adorable, you're going to be the best Mum! Also wish I could have some of those brownies, yum!

    1. Hi beauty!! Awww thank you, happy belated Valentine’s Day to you too 🥰 Thank you for your sweet words!! That mean soo much. ❤️ Have a wonderful rest of your week, girlfriend!

  3. That Moose is spoiled and I love how you needed distractions for him – that one bone looks as big as he is. All those bones were big. Speaking of big … what a surprise to see that baby bump in your two pictures. How exciting, plus the nursery magic you are working, collecting clothes for the wee one and her Mama Bear. It makes it all so very exciting! Gotta admit, I’ve never had honey, hot or otherwise, on pizza – hmmm.

    1. He really is, lol! It’s hilarious watching him with that bone, but he really loves it and thankfully it keeps him occupied!

      My bump popped seemingly overnight! And now I feel like every day I wake up it’s bigger! Thankfully I still have a few sweatpants that fit 😅

      I know the hot honey on pizza may sound odd – but it’s a really delicious combo!! 😋

      Thanks so much for stopping in, Linda!

      1. Looking forward to watching the progress of that baby bump Mackenzie. 🙂 Moose does not know his status of “only offspring” will be challenged in two months’ time!

      2. I know, it’ll be an adjustment for him I’m sure- he loves being the center of attention (and a lot of it!) 😆 Can you believe only two months left!!

  4. Why I am just reading this today is beyond me and this was a fun one to read! Yes honey on anything is good and I love Mike’s Honey Hot! I have been. wanting to try the fried Mac n cheese Panera’s sandwich so good to know it’s worthy! Moose as always so cute, your baby bump has me crazy excited and love love love the wallpaper in the baby’s room! How completely fabulous is that paper!!! I am going to look up the restaurants you have gone to, especially the Indian food as I am craving this. Can’t wait to see your new dresses and thanks for another wonderful blog! Love, you mom-in law 🙂

    1. Yess Mike’s Hot Honey for the win! Oh I can’t wait for you to try Panera’s grilled Mac- it’s amazing!! We’ll have to go to that Indian restaurant together sometime, it’s so yummy! That or Saffron Patch 😊 So glad you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading 🥰

  5. You know I love all of the foods you shared! What a stellar month of celebrations and fun changes! You look *gorgeous*, and I love your bump! I do not follow football, so I’m right there with you. I still love get-togethers and yummy food, though.

    I love spicy foods on pizza, and hot honey is so delicious!

    LOVE your nursery! So feminine and beautiful!

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