Austin, TX Part One!

Hey friends! This post is long overdue but one I have been eager to share!

It’s been hard to find time to blog since Daylight Savings ended. Quinn has been waking up with me at my usual 445/5 time when I usually blog, but I hope we adjust here soon! I used to love the end of Daylight Savings for the extra sleep, but no longer now that I have a child lol.

Anyway!!! September 22nd we headed out the door to head to Austin, TX for a wedding and to see my mom and Pete!

I know I’ve said it before, but this carrier is everything. Especially in an airport!

Every time we walk in the airport we’re greeted by the smell of Cinnabon. I’d already eaten at home, but DJ grabbed one for breakfast.

I found a fruit pouch and some snappea crisps as a snack for Quinn before take off.

I also had packed a leftover lunch from home to share with her with corn and chicken.

We still did the lap seat for this flight, but luckily we didn’t have anyone seated next to us in our row. Miss Quinn was loving the independence. I think we’re at the point where we need to buy her her own seat!

And we have arrived! My mom and Pete picked us up from the airport and we battled the traffic until we arrived at the Westin in downtown ATX. I forgot about that traffic! My mom brought along a stroller she found at a garage sale so Quinn could have one for the weekend, it worked out wonderfully! We called it her limo since it was so long, hah!

We all were wanting Mexican, and Pete noted the place right next to us, Micheladas Cafe Y Cantina, had great reviews.

We still talk about how insanely good this meal was! Pete and DJ both got brisket tacos (not pictured) and raved about them. My mom and I split a veggie enchilada and watermelon salad, and the whole gang shared chips and salsa/queso.


Quinnie was alllll about the quesadillas!!

This is a girl that loves to dance, just like her mama!

After dinner, we walked around downtown. It was so hot, I forgot how you just kinda constantly perspire in the summer there, hah. My mom insisted DJ and I go out and enjoy the evening while they put Quinn to sleep. Can’t turn down an impromptu date night!

We wanted to hit as many old stomping grounds as we could- starting with Rainey!

It actually was kind of a bummer- much of Rainey is under construction which dampens the usual vibe, but when all the construction is done hopefully it will be poppin’ again!

We went to one of our old favorites, Bangers, for drinks.

They’ve made some nice changes since we were last there with a gorgeous outdoor bar area.

We received a sweet picture of Quinn reading the book Grammy and Grampy got her from the Biltmore before bed! It’s called A Sunny Spot for Cedric, a book about The Biltmore’s St. Bernard. They also got her the stuffed puppy that goes along with it. She was (and still is!) obsessed!

Back to Banger’s- we enjoyed some delicious beers the bartender recommended based on our preferences. DJ likes more of a sour- I used to like sours but now enjoy IPAs more.

We reminisced a lot and reflected on how much has changed since we moved just a couple years ago.

After enjoying some awesome live music at Banger’s, we walked through downtown noting several new restaurants and shops and then crossed the Congress bridge onto Ladybird Lake trail. The smell of the bats took me back 😅.

Ahhh I miss this!

If we weren’t so darn stuffed, we may have stopped into Aussie’s, one of our favorites, for old time’s sake!

After reliving our youth, back to the hotel we went.

I can’t wait to share about our next day here!



11 thoughts on “Austin, TX Part One!

  1. We differ on something!! I’m not an IPA fan–my husband is, but I prefer wheat and pale ales. I’m actually allergic to alcohol, so I don’t partake very often. 😬

    1. Oh gosh, well I guess it’s a healthy allergy to have lol! I actually am not sure the difference in taste between an IPA vs Wheat vs Pale Ale! I just ventured into the world of beer not all that long ago (outside of just ordering sours), so I’ll be curious to try those!

  2. I remember that beautiful walk from your posts while you lived in Austin. And wasn’t it Austin where you ran in a park by all the turtles? It looks like a lively downtown – bummer about the construction. Quinn dancing and swaying … ha, ha. The girl knows how to have fun Mackenzie!

    1. Yess!!! That was Ladybird lake trail 🥰 🐢.

      She really does!!! I know I’m biased, but I just think she has the best little (big) personality!!

      1. That’s for sure – even from afar I detect that big personality and perpetual smile! I forgot the name of it – yes, the Ladybird lake trail.

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