Ramseyer Farms

Hey hey!!! This past weekend we went to Ramseyer Farms in Wooster, OH.

It. Was. Epic.

This Farm has over 50, yes FIFTY, activities to do for kids. But it was so fun for us too! I told DJ this is one of my all time favorite memories with Quinn.

I cannot wait to make this an annual tradition.

It was one of our chillier weekends of late, so I think it was a little less crowded than it usually is too.

Something that shocked us was how modern, clean and well executed the whole thing was. It was truly amazing.

And there are so many mouth-watering food options with everything- BBQ, grilled items, pizza, etc.

We walked in and didn’t even know where to begin!

Naturally, Quinn was drawn to the Marryott Goat-el. These goats were hilarious climbing all over everything and finding feeders. Quinn was in heaven watching them. You can also feed them for 25 cents.

Onto the next station!

Next, we stopped in their HUMONGOUS corn pit made of corn kernels.

There was a massive tire play place with a climbing wall of tires, an obstacle course of tires that were painted to look like a caterpillar and tire swings!

Next we headed to the John Deer Tractor made of hay!

Quinn loved this- her face lit up in that seat.

DJ and I played best of 5. He won. Which is no surprise. What is extra sad is I didn’t make a single bucket of those 5 🥲. I literally don’t remember how to shoot a basketball 😂😭.

For older kids and adults they have a spud slinger! Yes- slinging potatoes and trying to hit a target!

We did a maze (one of many!) then had to steal a pic in the big Ramseyer Chair.

Quinn ran around a lot too and enjoy the wide open space between the fun stations.

We found another tractor!

Time to see the bunnies that have their own cute little barns to live in.

I think my favorite station was the country coaster. We grabbed a burlap bag at the bottom, walked to the top of the coaster and went flying downhill! It was so much fun.

When it started getting rainy we got some grub. Quinn and I shared some corn seasoned deliciously with parmesan and brisket. She chowed down!!

So good!

And we all shared a couple bites of these donuts from Lerch’s donuts which were hot and delicious.

I also had to share this condiment cow that cracked me up.

We went to the pumpkin patch for a little bit too. You can grab a wagon, load up your pumpkins, weigh them, pay and then load them in your car. Easy peasy!

“I want this one, Mom!”

And that wraps our wonderful time at Ramseyer farms! This didn’t even scratch the surface of all there is to do there too. To see all 50 activities, follow this link!

See you next year, Ramseyer! 😊

16 thoughts on “Ramseyer Farms

  1. Love this! I have wonderful memories of going on hayrides and such with our boys. But Ramseyer Famrs is a whole different level of amazing things. Quinnie is so precious and the three of you must have had a wonderful day!

  2. YES YES YES, my friend Debbie keeps telling me how fabulous Ramseyer Farms is and so happy you got to go! Fabulous photos, love Quinn’s pumpkin pants! This just warms my heart to see all of this fun with Quinn. Smiling smiling!! Love, Gigi

  3. So much fun. While I’m not familiar with the farm I have been through Wooster before – likely on our way to Lehman’s hardware in Kindron. Lehman’s is a fun place to shop. Quinn picked a great pumpkin! 🙂

    1. Oh I will definitely have to keep that in mind! It’s not far from us at all. My step dad in particular sounds like he would love to check that place out, so I’ll have to let him know about it! Thanks for stopping in, Ruth!! And I agree- she picked a winner for sure 😄

  4. Quinn is having the time of her life and is so cuuuute in that hat!!!!

    Looks like a fun place to be a goat, too! All the ways to climb!!!

    1. Heheh I remember when you said one time “soon she’ll be eating it off the cob” and look at her go!!! She LOVES it! And she was a determined girl with that pumpkin, lol!

  5. Such a sweet time, and such a cahuuuute family!! I know we already spoke of this, but I *love* that our girls both wore almost the same pumpkin patch outfit! Those pants and the sweatshirt are so stinkin’ precious. I’m glad you all had a fun time!

  6. Oh my word! This is the cutest, most well-thought-out farm I’ve ever seen! Quinn looks so happy in all the pictures! That corn is calling my name, too! Yum!

    1. You definitely have to go with the kids if you’re ever in Northeast Ohio in the fall! (Very specific parameters but who knows lol!). There really is something just sooo good about corn on the cob. Since moving back here I feel like we eat it all the time hah! Hope you’re having a great start to the week, Allie! 😊

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