Returning to our Undergrad, A Fall Ball & Shoppin’!

Hey hey! I’m so looking forward to sharing about the weekend when we returned to our undergrad university for the first time 🥰. While there, DJ was inducted into the Hall of Honor with his basketball team for winning a National Championship (and for just being amazing humans!). One of my younger sister-in-laws actually goes here now too, so we were very excited to see her!

The morning of September 9th we flew into Indiana bright and early with Sissy, Poppy and my sister-in-law, Kori.

On the drive from the airport, we read a this animal sounds book lots. It’s probably Quinn’s favorite right now! We kept her in her pjs for comfy travels and then changed her before the banquet.

As we drove back on campus it simultaneously felt like we were there a lifetime ago and just yesterday!

The student center is exactly how I remember it!

Quinn was in awe. Hah.

I had to grab a cup of coffee from the spot I used to work as a barista 😋. Oh it was so good.

She loves college!

And just like a college kid, Quinn needed some extra sleep. Quinn’s nap time was exactly aligned with the banquet, so I brought along this carrier for her to conk out in. She officially outgrew her Ergo baby one, so I upgraded to the Omni360. I wish I had sooner because it’s a GREAT carrier!

She woke up right in time for food! Sissy sweetly held her so we could down some pasta ourselves.

It was very special seeing old friends (and their kids!) who we hadn’t seen for years. It really made us reflect on just how fast time flies. DJ gave a speech during the induction, and I could not have been more proud of him!

After the banquet, we headed to the hotel. Quinn played while I got us organized after all the travel, and then it was clear she was very sleepy. She napped a long time, gearing up for the football game that evening!

Your girl is no longer wearing skinny jeans. And you know what, I kind of dig the straight leg/flared look more than I expected!

Before the game, we stopped into Moe’s, a favorite of ours while we were in school. It was as tasty as we remembered!

Time for a football game! They didn’t even have a football stadium when we went there, and it really changed the whole vibe of a Friday night.

We had the privilege of sitting in a suite to watch the game with the other inductees. There was all kinds of delicious BBQ and other food in the suite- so we went ahead and enjoyed dinner round 2 😆.

Quinn was loving watching the game. She’s usually glued to the TV when football’s on, and it was no different in person.

During halftime, all the inductees and their families got to come out on the field. Quinn was about it! I think she thought they were clapping for her 😄👏.

There was a nice little green field that all the kids were playing on. Quinn was trying to keep up with all the big kids. It was adorable.

Being here with her was extra special.

Our night did take a crappy turn. DJ was holding her, but when he set her down his face went from contentedness to horror. He held up his hands and said, “please tell me this is mud. This is mud, right?!”.

In Desperate housewives narrator voice: It was not in fact mud.

The next hour was pure chaos as I cleaned her in the sink at the stadium (I couldn’t find a changing table). I also forgot to pack WIPES in the diaper bag. Another mom who I owe my life to who I am very grateful to helped me out and then DJ, Quinn and I all beelined back to the hotel so we could get cleaned up. It was a mess but one we can laugh about! I don’t even know who ended up winning the game that night 😂.

The next day we took turns going down to enjoy the breakfast buffet while letting Quinn sleep as long as possible. I just love a hotel breakfast.

We headed back home after breakfast!

The next day we enjoyed some pumpkin waffles for breakfast.

That week I received the sweetest housewarming gift from great friends I met here in blog world 🥰. (Shout out to my favorite twins from TN!). This super cute vase was part of the gift- I just had to share!

Quinn loves the blanket they sent and walks around the house with it. She’ll take it with her on our chilly morning stroller walks too.

I have a distaste for social media in general (and this is my only form of it I still use), but seeing what awesome friendships have come from it remind me it’s not all bad 🥰.

Moose and Quinn have started legitimately playing more together. They are both so sweet with one another.

That week during one of our errands, we picked up Moose a donut that he didn’t want anything to do with. Both my kids are so picky! 🤪

We play this game around the house where we hide Quinn’s bumblebee (aptly named “Buzz Buzz”) and then ask her where he is. She loves searching around until she locates him. Sometimes he’s up on top of a cabinet, sometimes he’s on the ceiling fan or behind a plant- ya just never know with him!

One evening I made these naan pizzas from the Feeding Littles cookbook- super easy!

September 12th was my EGD (this is the last I’ll mention it, I promise lol). It was smooth as could be, and I felt totally fine immediately after. Gigi drove me that morning, and we decided breakfast sounded great right after.

Since we’re not in Cleveland often, we decided to take advantage of being amongst great food options and try a popular breakfast spot – Lucky’s Cafe.

We were able to be seated immediately! The restaurant is cozy and the staff is so friendly.

The menu isn’t very big, but I’m sure you can’t go wrong! We ordered the shipwreck- which included hashbrowns, eggs, veggies, bacon, and cheddar cheese. Such a great savory option!

We also tried the rhubarb waffles which were absolutely delicious!!! Anytime I can get rhubarb anything – sign me up!! Also if you ever go here make sure to try their homemade jam and hot sauce!

That evening I made little spoon Thai peanut chicken bowls in the Instapot. I’m always afraid of the Instapot, but it didn’t explode… although the bottom of the pot did burn so still not totally sure about it 😅.

The morning of September 13th we played for a while with sidewalk chalk on the sunshine filled morning.

Snack break!

Oh I also picked up some fun snacks that day that I figured I could share with Quinn. She wasn’t a big fan, but I liked them well enough. Maybe won’t buy again though.

I also made Quinn quinoa cakes. She loves these and it’s the only way I can get her to eat quinoa.

Another day, another taco night! I picked up this mango salsa from Krieger, and it was spicy spicy 🥵. I loved it, but maybe not toddler-friendly.

The evening of September 15th we went to Chick-Fil-A to get a Pimiento Chicken sandwich. It was SO good! Don’t walk, run to try this.

This was Quinn’s first time trying Chick-Fil-A! Big fan!

September 16th, I took Quinn to the Baby’s Fall ball at the library! This was such a cute little event. Unfortunately, DJ couldn’t come because we were getting a security system installed that day, but I took lots of pics to share with him!

We did a fun story/song time then there were various fall inspired stations like bubbles, a music station, a photo op, puppets, a pumpkin coloring station, sensory bins and wagons to ride around the library. Such a cute event!

For lunch, we had pizza from Jet’s! Best pizza in town.

It was a gorgeous day. We have had many chill afternoons and evenings lately just playing with Moose and Quinn in the backyard. It’s so simple, but it fills my heart so much.

September 17th I made Quinn some egg waffles! She doesn’t like regular scrambled eggs, so this is a good way to get her to eat them (along with sneaking in greens).

After church, we went to Poppy and Sissy’s. Aunt Amy was in town with her boyfriend, Chris! We love when they’re in town. Hope they come back soon!!

September 18th was a particularly gorgeous morning for a walk!

That day, I packed away the carrier she’s outgrown since we upgraded to the new one. 🥹 Emotional moments!

An afternoon chillin’ with the ponies!

We met the neighbor who owns them! He gave us the go ahead to give them carrots or apples, so I’m looking forward to taking Quinn out soon to feed them.

That evening, I made sundried tomato pasta with pork.

September 19th was a fun day! We went shopping with some giftcards we had to stock Quinn’s fall wardrobe. We also found this adorable cleaning set at TJ Maxx! She definitely has fun with it.

If this ain’t the truth 😂.

September 20th I treated myself to an au lait from Nervous Dog. Mmmmm!

That evening I made a big batch of veggie pesto pasta. I couldn’t get get enough of the stuff!

I also swapped out the sensory bin for feathers I found at the Dollar Tree.

Quinn’s in an adorable phase where she’ll point to many different things and want me to name them.

She also loves to floss my teeth 😄. I sent this to her Uncle Kevin so he could be proud given that he’s a dentist.

And that takes us to another weekend of travel which I’ll recap next!

Questions for you:

– Do you have plans this Halloween?

– Have you returned to your alma mater?



11 thoughts on “Returning to our Undergrad, A Fall Ball & Shoppin’!

  1. Wow! What an amazing time you’ve all been having! Congrats to DJ!
    So many wonderful photos and stories- I’m going to read it all again!
    Quinnie is the best! We’ve had some lovely fall days- glad you are enjoying life!

  2. I just love waking up to a new post!! Quinn looks so cute in her fall fits, and it sounds like a such a beautiful time visiting your old stomping grounds! The only times I have been back to my college are to teach the renal nutrition course and to attend the Dietetic Internship luncheon pre-Covid.

    Sometimes those awful-in-the-moment experiences turn out to be really funny stories later. It’s hard to sometimes keep the diaper bag stocked!

    Stellar meals! Quinn’s palette will continue to grow, and she is getting stellar nutrition and fun meals thanks to you!

    Her relationship with Moose is so sweet! He looks to be so patient and loving with her.

    Kaci and I are so glad you love your gifts! We love you and Quinn, and we’re happy to support always.

    I feel bad that I never got into a routine of wearing Ansley, so she does not tolerate it. I honestly feel like I never adjusted it correctly, and it feels like a waste. I could try again next month when we visit Max Patch. Though she’s little miss independent and wants to walk by herself.

    Ans points as so much too, and she always looks so satisfied when we tell her what it is! She can now say “apple” and “bubble”. Words are starting to form quickly!

    Okay lastly, I was so unimpressed with CFA’s pimiento cheese sandwich, but I ordered it to go. I figured they would’ve come up with a way for it to transport well, but within minutes (CFA is right near the clinic where I work), the cheese had melted, and the bun was soggy. I need to try it fresh in their dining room.

    We are going to join Kase, Cam, Drew, and Axl to trick-or-treat in their neighborhood. I hope Ans loves it!

    1. Aw that makes me so happy!!! Thank you tons 🙂 Oh I remember both of those I think!

      So true 😅

      He really is. They are sitting together on the couch right now and my heart may explode.

      You guys are the best!! 🥰

      Have you seen the toddler hip holders? I just started using one for Quinn and it’s nice when she wants to be held for long periods, but I don’t want to put her in the full carrier.

      Oh no!! I hope if you try it again you have a better experience. Soggy buns are a big 👎.

      Yayyyy!!! Oh that sounds like so much fun. Going to be a fun year 😊 🎃 👻

  3. Oh this was an extremely fun blog! Loved this one. So fun seeing the IWU pics and Quinn in IWU clothes. I so remember those delicious rhubarb waffles, so hungry for them now. For some reason all your food today just looks amazingly good! Love the photo where Quinn is pointing to have you name things, adorable, but she is truly the cutest thing ever in every photo! And I have been wanting to try the new Chick fil-A pimento sandwich, I may need to go today! Thanks for this fun Fall blog!

  4. Quinn is perpetually happy and I like the giggle and squeal when playing tug of war with Moose. 🙂 Sorry for the little blip in the fun the night of football game. Looking forward to Quinn’s costume.

    1. Awww it makes me happy when people say she seems like a happy baby- she has her moments, but I love seeing her joy!

      Excited to share! We just got it all together. DJ chose it this year hehe

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