Labor Day Weekend & Fall Decorations!

Good morning, everyone! It’s 6:24 AM and I have The Golden Bachelor on in the background. I’m about 2 minutes in and already crying! Gerry is a JEM!!! I’m eating cereal and sipping on matcha which I actually was craving this morning over my coffee.

Jumping in! August 31st we incorporated a sprinkle of festive fall decor around the house. I got the pumpkin cart and pumpkins below from the Dollar Tree and the Trick or Treat bucket and salt/pepper shakers from HomeGoods.

And of course, we had to bring out the old trusty (and somewhat dusty!) pumpkins and pumpkin pillow that we’ve had for years.

We stopped into the same local shop we did last year and the owner remembered us!… that’s something I love about living in a smaller town 💕. We picked out some mums and a delicious “wine cellar” candle and then also stopped by Marc’s for a wreath and some outdoor pumpkins.

The beautiful flowers continuing to bloom on our back trees reminded me to hold my horses, as summer wasn’t quite over just yet!

August 31st we started the morning drawing with chalk on the driveway. Sometimes when we go on walks Quinn just holds a piece of chalk in both hands- we call it her emotional support chalk 😄.

That evening I made a turkey chili that she actually ate!!! I was nervous to make eye contact or move a muscle, afraid she’d stop eating with any distraction. But I did sneak a photo hehe.

Labor Day weekend time!!!

September 2nd we headed to Lakeside, OH to spend time with our fam at one of our favorite places on earth 🥰.

When we arrived we ate a scrumptious lunch all together at Ohhh Lala cafe. Then we walked around and soaked up the beautiful day.

Time to head to the beach! Quinn was due for a nap, so we just enjoyed it for a minute. DJ built a sand castle with Chris and our nephew Ender, and I chatted with Renee (who is due in December with a baby girl!). Quinn started signing that she was “all done”, so we knew it was nap time!

A candid captured by Gigi 😊

After nap time we freshened up then headed out again!

We enjoyed a pre-dinner walk around the pier.

Then the family met together for dinner at Hotel Lakeside! Quinn was not wanting to sit at all for this dinner, so we rotated chasing her around the hotel and outside until the food arrived.

Can’t beat eating seafood with a view of the lake!

We put Quinn into her pjs then headed to ice cream followed by fireworks! We wanted to make sure we could transfer her straight to bed since the fireworks would be pretty late.

I opted to get us a soft serve twisted cone. That’s very out of character for me, usually I have to get a new or unusual flavor to try- but this simple classic sounded so good and hit the spot!

Quinn was giggling here playing peek-a-boo with Uncle Chris!

Fireworks time! She was a little unsure at first, but settled in close to me then seemed to enjoy the display. This was her first time seeing them 🥰. Moments like this- being with our family, holding my little one, sitting next to Deej in a very special place make me think “this is what it’s all about”.

After a great night sleep, we went to Coffee & Cream after demolishing a couple patio donuts. Coffee & Cream forever remains one of my favorite coffee shops ever; I have never had a bad cup there!

We went for a gorgeous morning walk snaking our way amongst the side streets admiring the cottages then along the dock.

We headed home in time for DJ to head to his fantasy football draft. It was such a wonderful couple of days there! Truly one of my favorite weekends of the whole year.

The next day, September 4th, we went to Szalay’s for some corn. Quinn was a fan. She has to be though, it’s in her DNA.

We also had some fresh, juicy watermelon. DJ and I used to split watermelon from here back in high school.

That evening, we didn’t have much left in the fridge, but I did make some salmon fish sticks (2 sticks= 1 filet) and salads with beets, goat cheese and crispy beets. The dipping sauce was really easy and tasty- basically a combo of Mayo and coarse ground mustard.

Moose was conked after spending a couple nights at Aunt Marie’s while we were gone!

Taco night was on September 5th! We’ve been using the Chickpea Tortillas from Siete and love them! They make great enchiladas too if you’re looking for a good grain-free alternative.

September 6th Quinn and I tried a new coffee spot called Yada Yada Coffee in downtown Cuyahoga Falls.

It’s in an industrial type building, but the decor and seating is inviting, albeit eclectic.

My favorite part was the kids’ corner! There was a bean bag chair and a place for kids to sit and color or paint.

Now onto the coffee. This was one of the best coffee drinks I’ve had in my life. It was an au lait with oat milk micro cold foam. My goooodnesssss. I may need to get one today.

That evening I made a tempeh masala from the Feeding Littles cookbook.

September 7th Quinn and I drove a little further than usual to Cafe Arnone. I’ve had my eye on this spot for a while since it’s right next to a favorite of ours, Core Life.

This place is adorable. The front side is more of their lunch/dinner seating with racks of wine on display.

The back portion where we sat is the cafe with pastries, an adorable gelato station and, of course, the aroma of delicious coffee.

We flipped through some picture cards and read books while I sipped my coffee.

After nap time, we played outside for a long time with the splash table! She also got such as kick out of drinking out of the hose… classic summertime things 🥰.

September 8th, I went to get a lash lift, my beauty indulgence of choice, with Amaris. I really enjoy our chit-chats! She moved her studio into an apartment and has the coziest, most relaxing setup. I also convinced her to let out her sweet cat, Pancake, during the appointment who then purred on my stomach the rest of the time- it was truly pet therapy 🥰.

And I’ll wrap here before recapping another of my favorite weekends!

Questions for you:

– Have you watched The Golden Bachelor?

– Have you started decorating for fall?



11 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend & Fall Decorations!

  1. Love Miss Quinn and Lakeside was such a special Labor Day Weekend with all of you there, truly where my best memories are made. I too got teary watching Golden Bachelor, can’t wait to keep watching all of these people who are actually my age!! Thanks for a great blog!

  2. Sounds like a fun time – you have it all right now and things could not be better. My favorite pic was that of you and Quinn eating corn on the cob and Moose sleeping as he was worn out. All the pics were great, but those made me grin.

  3. Thanks for the fun post. Lots of good food and coffee, and I always love the Quin photos. You really had some beautiful days at Lakeside. Goodbye summer!
    Not much decorating for me, we head to Florida at the end of the month!!
    Glad all is well with you and your sweet family.

  4. Thanks for the fun post. Lots of good food and coffee, and I always love the Quin photos. You really had some beautiful days at Lakeside. Goodbye summer!
    Not much decorating for me, we head to Florida at the end of the month.
    Love you and your sweet family!

  5. I loved each photo! Quin is a big girl now and very adorable. You had beautiful, sunny days at Lakeside! Corn on the cob, watermelon and so many other good meals- yum! 

  6. I love all of your decorations, and Quinn’s outfits are precious! I love her hats.

    So many sweet memories! Quinn will one day be able to look back and see just all that you did together. I love that you have this “journal” for her.

    Super creative meals as always! You gave me motivation to make more recipes from the Feeding Littles Cookbook. 🙂

    1. Aw thank you, Kori! Time to stock up on winter hats now!

      Aw thanks for saying that! I feel kinda guilty I never made a formal baby book, but I suppose these posts can count!

      Yay! It’s such a great cookbook- my goal is to make everything in it eventually!

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