Our Unique Golden Anniversary Celebration!

Good morning! I am currently writing this at 5 AM with coffee in hand and Love Is Blind on in the background. Let’s get into it!!

DJ and and I celebrated 8 years on 8/8! It was our ✨golden✨ anniversary, made extra golden by the fact that we not only celebrated 8 years on the 8th, but also within the 8th month! Quinnie’s Sissy, Poppy and Aunt spent some sweet quality time with her while we drove to Akron to celebrate 🥰 🍾.

We actually celebrated a little later in the month on August 19th. I made us reservations at Alexander Pierce and rented a “screen suite” for our meal. Basically how this works: You rent a suite that is complete with a table to eat your meal, your own bathroom, and a mini movie theater screen with cozy recliners to watch whatever streaming service your heart desires. There’s also movie theater candy on display available for purchase! (We chose Milk Duds). You’re given a call button any time you need a refill on drinks, etc. (of course, the nurse in me couldn’t help but liken that feature to the hospital ha!).

We started with some delicious glasses of wine. I had the Austin Hope Cabernet. I had tried it the previous year on our anniversary and loved it; it was as good as I remembered!

While we sipped, we had access to play whatever type of music we preferred. We changed the station to something jazzy.

We then enjoyed some decent brussels sprouts while we talked about recipes etched on gravestones. You know, normal anniversary conversation.

Next up.. We ordered the mussels and they were pretty much inedible, unfortunately. They were lukewarm and just bad. We stomached a few to make it look like we made a dent (does anyone else irrationally feel like you’ll offend your waiter/waitress if you don’t love the food? Lol), but yeahhhhhh, no bueno. Do not order these if you go.

I did order the wedge which was yummy!

For our mains, DJ had the Oscar style steak (I had a bite, and it was the best thing ordered), but I had scallops that were pretty lackluster.

I did enjoy the whipped potatoes they came with though!

Overall- we were pretty disappointed in the food! This is shocking considering this place has a truly phenomenal reputation. We agreed it was severely overpriced for what we experienced. But maybe our experience was a one off considering the rave reviews both online and from word of mouth? Also, something to note- the meal was paced out so slowly (which we didn’t mind, it allowed for us to have great conversation), but we never even made it to watching anything in the time allotted. You have the option to pay extra to rent the suite additional hours, but we were eager to get back to Quinnie. It was worth a try and a unique experience, and it quelled our curiosity! Plus, we had our Milk Duds 😄.

For the screen suites- I think the best use would be to rent one for several hours with a larger group to watch a specific show/movie and order appetizers/sides!

Very blessed for 8 years with this one!!

Even though the food was not the best ever, the company certainly was. We are so grateful for any time we get to just talk, laugh and reconnect ❤️. Hard to believe we’ve been together 13 years, and married for 8- where has this time gone?!

If you want to take a walk down memory lane with me, here is our engagement post and here is our wedding post 😊.

Questions for you:

– What recipe would you have etched on your gravestone?

– What’s your favorite movie theater candy? (Mine is probably Cookie Dough Bites or Twizzlers!).