Our Engagement (12-22-14)

On December 22, 2014 my life changed forever. This day holds within it a joy that surpasses even some of my most fondly reflected upon moments in life. It was the day DJ asked me to be his wife.

He was in Puerto Rico when the sun rose that day with his college basketball team. They had traveled there for a tournament, and I hadn’t seen him for a couple weeks. I was missing him fiercely. He was coming back that very day, and I was thrilled that we would just be able to talk again.

My family and I were in Traverse City, Michigan at this time for the holidays- the place that formed me and molded me through my life, created some of my most treasured memories, and was a home and safe haven if I could identify any. My beloved and I had also fostered great memories there from climbing the world-renowned Great Bear Dunes to whipping our way through the ice cold waters in various water sports to strolling downtown with ice cream cones in hand to placing our own footprints in the beached sand of generations before.


It was our special place with endlessly treasured memories.

I knew we were going over to my Aunt and Uncle’s for dinner that night. I looked forward to spending time with my family in their beautiful home that overlooked the bay.

On our way there I was texting DJ. He told me he was back in the U.S., and I was nothing short of ecstatic. I longed to see him, but I knew that it would still be a few days. I asked him what he was doing on this first night back and he responded, “Just having dinner with my family.” I didn’t think much of it.

We arrived at my Aunt and Uncle’s. I walked up to the door and stepped inside. Music filled the air that tugged on a string on my heart. Our song. DJ and I’s song. Then I saw the candles and the framed pictures of him and I from five years ago when we started dating that littered the foyer.

I soaked it up, mouth agape. Slowly everything started coming into focus more clearly. My heart raced with a mix of bewilderment and exhilaration.

DJ stepped out from behind a corner. I was elated to see my love. My family was all smiles, all knowing. He took my hand and led me down their stairs that winded into a beautiful open living room.

The pictures of us that lined the walkway showed us growing up together in a pictorial timeline as we walked along, hand in hand. From teenage kids to young adults, the pictures told stories, and those stories told stories, and those stories brought us to the place we stood today.

He led me outside the basement door, down their mesmerizing stone walkway lined by candle votives to a trellis. Next to the trellis was the bay. The bay that held petoskey stones, my feet in their infancy, and my favorite memories from childhood. Next to the water’s edge was the most recent picture of us on the table, the culmination of our current journey, soon to lead into a future that neither of those people in the propped frame could have foresaw the true beauty of.

He told me many sweet things. Oh so many sweet things that I cannot recollect. Then he was on one knee and in a whirlwind, in a moment, my heart cried a definite “yes” so uncharacteristic of my indecisive nature.

He placed the ring on my finger. Physically gorgeous, yes, but the symbolism was more profoundly beautiful than anything I could express. My love grew in that moment. Words truly cannot describe those depths of the heart.


We were engaged.

That night he did have dinner with his family, his soon to be family. We chatted about how he drove seven hours from the airport that day, about his trip, and about our future. 

Nine months later  we were married and two years after him getting some dust on his knee we are happier than we have ever been. 

I love you DJ. Thank you for asking me to be yours and demonstrating unconditional love to me each day.

Here are our engagement pictures from the next April 🙂 All photography to follow is by Julina Marie Photography .

View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-042815View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-favorites-042815-bwView More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-042815View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-042815View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-042815View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-042815View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-favorites-042815-bwView More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-favorites-042815-bwView More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-042815View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-042815View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-favorites-042815-bwView More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-042815View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-042815View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-favorites-042815-bwView More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-042815View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-favorites-042815-bwView More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-042815View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-042815View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-042815View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-042815View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-042815View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/mackenzie--dj-engagement-favorites-042815-bw

 Thank you all for being supportive of our relationship, and thank you to our Lord and Savior for guiding our steps and directing them toward one another.

xo <3



110 thoughts on “Our Engagement (12-22-14)

      1. Ohh that’s so nice of you ….Even though bieng a hindu I have never missed Christmas midnight mass at Saint Patricks School Church since last 4 years I left my school …the reason is two fold …visiting my school to see the decoration …meeting school teachers and ofcourse Christmas celebrations after midnight.

  1. Thank you for sharing the story of your engagement. How wonderful of DJ to have arranged such a romantic proposal! You both look so happy and so in love! I know you’re going to have a wonderful life together and I’m so happy for both of you! God bless you both and have a very, very Merry Christmas!

  2. So sweet. Be always so positive, love is about strength and being positive, and visualizing the aim: a life together. I am facing difficulties now that 17 years ago I wouldn’t even have dreamt of, but reading posts like yours reminds me of when I felt in love with my husband. He was only 22. We were so young… 3 children later, things are not that simple. Butnit is always love.

    1. Thank you for sharing this with me! I know that there will be challenges of many different natures, but you are so right, keeping the right perspective and coming back to a selfless love is so important. Thank you for sharing, Dom!

    1. Thank you so much, Anna 🙂 I think about you and your husband, and I hope that DJ and I have that sort of relationship and zeal for life after the same length of marriage! Thanks for your sweet words always ❤️️

  3. What a gorgeous couple you are Mack. I feel as though I’ve just sat through the most beautiful romantic movie. One that will last forever. I’m so happy for you both. Thank you for sharing your precious memories. ❤️❤️

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you Miriam!!!!!! That is the sweetest thing to say!!!!! Thank you for sharing with us in these memories ❤️❤️❤️ I hope you have a beautiful Christmas with your family!!!!!

      1. Thanks so much! And likewise Mack. Have a beautiful Christmas and enjoy making lots more fun and loving memories. ❤️🎄❤️

    1. Thank you, Jeffrey! I will definitely share that with DJ! Thanks for reading our story and leaving such a kind comment!!!!! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. What a beautiful story! How romantic. I read it twice. I love your photos too. Very beautiful and made my morning. Happy Engagementaversary (I make up words all the time!) 🙂

    1. Awww thank you, Samantha!!!!!!!!! I love that made up word and am totally using it 😉 Ahhh truly thank you for your sweet, genuine words always ❤️

    1. Thank you, Jasmine ❤️❤️ he definitely pulled out all the romance for that one 😉 I’m such a sucker for it all too hehe. Thanks again, I hope you are having a beautiful day!!!!!

  5. What a precious memory! Those engagement pictures are also beautiful! You two make a wonderful couple. I hope that you enjoy your Christmas with friends and family!

  6. Prayers and best wishes. Loved your warm and sweet blog post. Moments like these need to be shared. It’s wonderful to find true love and to be together forever. The photos are awesome. Stay blessed. 😊

  7. Oh my gosh, I have CHILLS all down my body from this post. I’m wide-eyed over your beautifully done engagement photos, they’re literally perfection, each and every one of them! You guys are the sweetest looking couple and your dress, gorgeous!!! But the story behind the actual engagement is what really got me… so heartfelt, loving, and all around perfect. My heart just grew that much more fonder of DJ, he’s such a keeper and has the sweetest soul. The time and thought he took to plan that all elates me with joy. I admire that he thought to plan it WITH your family, and that he did inevitably eat dinner WITH his family in the end 🙂 That is the sweetest story. Your graciously lucky to be living a real life fairy-tale. You guys are so inspiring when it comes to love & marriage. Wishing you and DJ an eternity of love and a good life. Happy Holidays Mack + DJ!!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. Awww JJ, girl, you are making me tear up!!!!! I’m so glad we can share these moments! DJ is truly such an amazing man. I am very thankful for him <3 It will be you and Andrew one day, maybe?! 😉 You guys are an absolutely incredible couple. I love keeping up with your adventures together <3 Thank you for the sweet words always, Jenny. You are such an encourager. Thankful for you! I hope you had a beautiful, beautiful Christmas, lovely. xo

  8. That was such a special evening and we were so glad to be a part of it. You forgot yo mention that is was about 15 degrees out that night. Although fir some reason I don’t think you even noticed!❤️

    1. Thanks Aunt Terry <3 You guys helped make it all go so smoothly!!! Seriously one of the best memories ever, and I'm so thankful DJ made it so you were all there too. And I had no idea it was that cold… hahahha. Thanks for hosting one of the best nights of my life 😉 I LOVE YOU!

    1. Thank you, Kristy!! We loved our photographer, it was just all over such a fun experience too <3 Thank you for the sweet words, dear! I hope you had the most beautiful Christmas! XO

  9. Oh my gosh this story made me tear up! What an amazing idea DJ had for your proposal. And I love that he was able to have it photographed! I love this 🙂

    1. Ahhhh I’m so glad you enjoyed this, Jennifer!!!! He definitely took me by surprise BIG TIME!!!! The boy has a romantic side 😉 Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment. I hope you had the BESTTTT Christmas, love! xo

    1. Awww Kat!!!!!! I definitely have wanted to write this moment down to record it for a while, so I’m thankful for the blogging world as a perfect place to record and share this! Thank you for sharing in it with us 🙂 I hope you had the most wonderful Christmas, dear. xoxoxo

  10. Mackenzie! This is beautiful! I want this! I’m so glad I found a nice Christian blog that really values things like family and marriage. And Traverse City – I had to Google it – so pretty!

    1. Dear Mackenzie,
      This engagement note could not be any better. It was so exciting and so glad we could be there. You both are a blessing to each other and you were meant to be one. You are now living a wonderful, blessed life together and
      more to come——We are so proud of you and D.J. and love you both so much. Just remember to always love each other and pay attention to each other. A thank you is always welcomed!!
      God bless you both

      1. <3 Thank you, Gramma <3 I was so glad you were there for that very special memory. I treasure them so much with you guys. You have been so supportive of DJ and me, we appreciate it so much. We love you so much!

    2. Thank you so much, Kristin!!!!! I’m so glad to have “met” you and that you share in those values too! I love how blogging can connect people in this way 🙂 And you will have this one day too!! It will be so worth the wait. Traverse City is an amazing, amazing place. Thank you for reading and your sweet words. I hope you had a beautiful Christmas. God Bless and Happy New Year! xoxo

  11. Happy Engagement-versary beauty! What an incredibly sweet story and those pictures! Pictures really are worth a thousand words and the love you guys have for each other is so apparent. It shines through in every single picture. So happy for you guys. <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you, love! I am so glad we could share this with everyone 🙂 Thank you for your sweet words, always <3 I hope you had the most wonderful Christmas. xoxo

  12. What a beautiful story, Mack! Wow! The story sounds like it’s out of a romantic book or movie! What a nice guy you have! I wish you and DJ many years of happiness. ❤❤

    1. Ahhh thank you so much, Lisa!!!!!!! That’s so kind of you to say! He definitely played the romance card that night 😉 Thank you for your sweet wishes <3 I hope you had the most wonderful Christmas!!!!

  13. Aww, Mack! This was such a sweet story! December 22nd I can tell will be a very very special day for the both of you. Seeing you two smile, makes ME (on the other side of a computer screen) smile. May God grant you all of life’s blessings and love’s joys!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie!!!!!!!! Ahh you are so sweet! Thank you for sharing this joy with us!!!!! Blessings to you too! I hope you had the BEST Christmas ever. XO

    1. Awwww, Cyranny!!!!!!!!!! You know how to ALWAYS ALWAYS make my day!!!!!! Thank you so much! I am beyond honored! I do not expect you to catch up at all, I TOTALLY understand how crazy busy holidays are. BIG hugs to you and thank you again- I am so so honored by your sweet words and the nomination <3 <3 <3

      1. My absolute pleasure, Sunshine Girl!! Only a few days left, and things should calm down a bit around here 😉

        And it will be the beginning of a brand new year… A lot of people seem to be glad 2016 is about to end, but I feel like it was one of my favorite in a long time…

        I wish 2017 will bring you, DJ and your families & friends health, love, peace of mind and everything you need…. *love you*

      2. Yes yes yes it has been such a good year!!!! I’m glad you feel the same way. And I’m also so thankful that I met YOUU during it! I wish the same for you in 2017 <3 SO much love and hugs your way, Cyranny!!!!!! <3 <3

      3. Well, 2017 is already here… And meeting you is for sure part of my grateful list for 2016 🙂 *2017 hugs (brand new ones) shipment on its way to Cali* lol

    1. Oh my goodness, Sijo!!!! I am so blown away!!!!!!!! WOW. Thank you so much for your INCREDIBLY kind words and the nomination. I am beyond honored!!!!!!! I hope you are having an amazing week, my friend!!

      1. You deserve it. Your blog is one of my favorites, Mack. I’m having a not-so-bad week. Just busy with my work. Hope you are having a good week. 🙂

      2. Wow, thank you. And that goes both ways! I absolutely adore your photography!!!! I hope the rest of the week went well for you! Happy New Year, Sijo!!

    1. Awwwwwww!!!!!! Thanks, Taylor <3 <3 <3 I was a little intimidated writing it out because I didn't know if I would be able to actually articulate what an amazing night it was. Thank you so much for reading and your sweet, sweet response <3

  14. Aw, this post makes me so happy. : ) Your engagement was so magical!!

    You two looked so genuinely ECSTATIC to be together in your photoshoot! Just gorgeous. : )

    1. <3 <3 <3 You are the sweetest! We had so much fun doing that shoot together! At the time we were both pretty camera shy, but the photographer was amazing at making us feel comfortable. It is a sweet memory for us!

      1. Aw <3 Yeah, it definitely is an interesting experience having a photographer dedicated to taking photos of you! Would you guys do an anniversary photoshoot ever? : )

      2. That such a good idea!!!!!!! I don’t think we have ever really thought about it, but I definitely will bring it up to DJ this year as an idea for an anniversary gift!!!! You are so full of great ideas always!

  15. I know I’ve read and commented on this before – when I first met you!! We have a history- yay! You guys- such good looking people! How did you get your curls to stay? Any tips?? 🙂

    You’ve been to and lived in so many places! How did you get to all of them? I like fascinating people who move around. And you seemed to enjoy them all! I have been to and lived in many states for business but I don’t think I had the type of warm familial experiences as you did 🙂

    1. AWWWWWW!!!! I love that we have a history tooo. Daw so cute <3 Hehe. And girl, I got that hair done, and they STILL wanted to fall by the end of the evening. I think the biggest tip is make sure your hair is a bit dirty (like a day or two) and use really good hairspray. Hahha. Hmm DJ and I grew up in OH, went to college in IN, and traveled a ton the summer before moving to Cali. And we road-tripped to Cali, so we saw a ton along the way. We definitely are big travel bugs. If you come back to Cali, I will give you a BIG warm familial experience. Hehe. Have a great week ahead <3

      1. OMG yes!!! I love familial experiences! What a fun life. And I’m gonna need to dye my hair straight platinum cuz after 2 days of no washing I’m 50 shades darker *no smutty movie puns intended hahahaha!

  16. Oh oh!!! This was sooo sweet. <3 I love how everyone was in on it & how it was set up so nicely. Wow. So beautiful! I knew love was real thing. 😉 I'm curious now though, what is your guys' song?!

    1. AW thanks girlie! Haha- He is a keeper, keeps me in check 😉 haha. Our song is Broken Road by Rascal Flatts! Sorta cheesy, but aren’t all love songs a bit?!

      1. Awww I actually love that song and I’m not a country fan at all!! Love songs are supposed to be cheesy, aren’t they!? 😀

    1. Awww thank you so much, Diane!! Have definitely fallen even more in love since then! 🙂

  17. I just got a little free time to read, and this was so beautiful! What an absolutely sweet moment this was for the two of you. It’s so cool to read this now, a few years later, after reading your latest posts and getting to know you better!! Thanks for sharing your lovely moment. I love how happy you both are and how deep your love is!

    1. Aw oh my goodness- thank you so much, Stephanie! I haven’t revisited this post in a while so it’s really sweet to be brought back to it with your comment 🤗 thank you for sharing in this special time with us!! 💞

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