Friday Favorites! Newborn Edition

This Friday Favorites is going to be a little different today! I figured I would whip up my 10 favorite items I’ve used in this newborn phase. It was hard to narrow down, but I tried to focus on the items I rely on almost daily!

1. Lovevery Play Gym & Play Kit. Quinn loves her play gym, whether on her back or for tummy time. She was gifted the subscription box as well, and it is amazing!! She is so fascinated by everything in it & it’s so fun. I love how it focuses on fostering her development too.

2. Hakka Electric Nail Care Set. I used a regular manual baby nail file for the first couple weeks, and it seemed to take forever and wasn’t very effective. This nail file is a game changer!! It’s safe, easy and fast. She doesn’t mind it either.

3. The Brest Friend Nursing Pillow. The Brest friend is my best friend!!! I LOVE this, and it makes the difference for comfortable breastfeeding. She feels so much more secured and well- positioned on it. I also like to make lunch and then can eat one handed while supporting her with the other on the Brest friend. A must for breastfeeding in my book!

4. Ergo Baby Carrier Wrap. I live in this!! As does Quinn. It’s another game changer- I can get so much done, and she is so comfy in it. It soothes her more than anything too. If she is fussy I put her in this, go for a walk, and it really tends to do the trick. The only downside is it’s a little challenging to initially figure out. But soooo worth putting in the time to learn! It also loosens so I do have to redo it through the day. I just love having her so close to me too.

5. This changing table. We use this in our bedroom right now for night changes and use the changing pad from the nursery downstairs since we don’t do changes in the actual nursery yet. I love this changing table! It has great pockets, is super easy to clean and is easy to assemble.

6. Bath Kneeler and Elbow Rest Pad. A bath time essential !

7. Bumco Bum Brush. This makes applying diaper creams/ointments so much easier and less messy! I love!

8. Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag. Obsessed with this bag! I take it everywhere with us.

9. Baby Bjorn Bouncer. Due to Quinn’s reflux, this bouncer has been particularly useful during her playtime immediately after feeds before switching to the play mat.

10. GoGo Plastic Milk Bags. I tried a couple different milk storage bags (I tried some silicone ones that were too expensive and a pain!), but I love these- they have no air when you seal them, and they’re BPA free.

What are some things you’re loving lately?



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17 thoughts on “Friday Favorites! Newborn Edition

  1. Awesome favorites! I definitely recognize some from my newborn, baby days. 🙂 I felt it in my knees when I saw the knee pads for kneeling on during bathtime… HA! I definitely should have invested in something like that back then. 😉 Ouch!

    1. Right?! The knee pads are great! I didn’t put them on my registry or anything, they weren’t even on my radar, just a gift from a family member that has made ALL the difference!

  2. Ok, DONT LAUGH but I think there are two items on your list that might help me out with my 95-yo mother!!! I need that nail grinder thing for her toenails which are impossible to clip with regular clippers and that Bum Brush because, just like with a baby, you have to put stuff on a 95-yo’s butt if they wear adult diapers. Thanks for the tips!

    1. I’m so happy to hear they could potentially be helpful for you and her!!! As a nurse, I’m thinking how awesome the bum brush would be in the hospital too for adults. I wonder if they have them in a little bigger size 🧐 if not, we may be onto a helpful invention!

  3. I think my comment again wasn’t saved. Ugh. I hate that. I borrowed the bouncy seat from Kaci, & she enjoys if. The bum spatula is so helpful. I haven’t used the carrier I bought, & honestly, it’s so bulky. I wish I had chosen something else. I bought the Moby wrap, but I struggle to put it on, & she will only sit in it if she’s asleep. 🙃

    Anyways, great list of neat items!

    1. So odd! You are so sweet to even take the time to rewrite it!

      Isn’t it funny how all babies are sooo different? Quinn lives in the carrier- she refuses to nap anywhere except my chest or in the carrier – although she did sleep 35 mins in her bassinet the other day for a nap! Trying to figure out what was special about that day that made it work 🧐

    2. But still like we talked about, soaking up the precious moments of her napping on me. I know I will so long for them one day and don’t want to wish it away!

  4. Love all these newborn faves! Design having had a newborn just a couple of years ago, I’ve never used any of these products!! I need to add them to my Amazon wish list ASAP! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. We get the bum brush for every person we know is pregnant. It is a must have. Of course, now I want that elbow and knee bath pad. They would even work for washing dogs!

    1. YES! The bum brush is essential. The best gift! I’m going to have to start doing the same.

      Oh yes the elbow and knee pad would work for the dogs for sure!!

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