Friday Favorites! 6/10/22

Happy Friday!! I have had this list of *very random* favorites building for some time now and finally just threw them in a post! So here are some things I have been loving lately :

1. Uproot Cleaner Pro. We tried everything to get Moose hair up from one of our couches where is seemed enmeshed into the fabric. We even hired a professional furniture cleaner, and even they weren’t able to get it up. Enter this handy little inexpensive tool!! Wow, this works so well- we are obsessed and use it all the time!!

2. Grilled Marinated Artichoke Hearts. Where have these been my whole life?! My goodness these are tasty! I put them in eggs, stuffed sweet potatoes, on avocado toast, with antipasto spreads, and the list goes on. Deeeelish.

3. Meteorite. I’m just really enjoying this song lately.

4. Prayers for my Baby Girl book. I received this wonderful book at my shower from a great friend (Thank you again, Dani, if you happen to read this!). It is filled with short but powerful prayers to pray over your daughter. I started one per day when I was pregnant, and I love how it puts words to the desires/hopes I have for my girl in such a beautiful prayer. It has a scripture with each prayer too 💕.

5. Ruggable Rug. This is a long overdue favorite! We got a Ruggable rug as it’s made to be thrown in the washing machine & is stain resistant. Is there a better rug specifically for pets/kids?! It’s amazing!

6. Stay Close. If you’re looking for a great thriller/mystery show that is easy to binge, Stay Close on Netflix meets the ticket. I went through this show so quickly!

7. Educated. I just started this, and it’s probably one of the most well written books I’ve ever read. And the story is just wild, it’s mind blowing it’s true !

8. Waist leash. This is my solution to walking both with Quinn and Moose! It works GREAT & is so comfortable. I am amazed how well it’s working out!

9. Air Fryer. I am so late to the game with this one, but my mom and Pete surprised us with an air fryer while they were here, and I am obsessed. I put anything and everything possible in it! It’s the BEST for reheating leftovers too.

10. Voice memos on iPhone. I have discovered how beneficial these are considering I don’t always have two hands free to text anymore! So helpful!!

What are you loving lately?



17 thoughts on “Friday Favorites! 6/10/22

  1. Love the Friday favorites! Read the book-excellent- and watched the Coben show- yes! All the dog things sound great. I’m probably the only person in the world who is not an air fryer fan- very sweet of your folks though! And the book of prayers- oh that is perfect. Hug & kisses to you all of you!

    1. Ohh I bet the book was even better!!

      I’m so curious why you don’t like the air fryer?! 😯

      Loveeee the book of prayers! They have a baby boy one too. Such a great gift!

      Aw right back to you!! 🥰🤗 thanks for reading !

  2. Lots of finds here Mackenzie – the prayers for Baby Girl was such a thoughtful gift. A fellow blogger whom I think follows you, Diane (In Diane’s Kitchen), is the Queen of Air Fryer recipes. I may have to get one as she makes so many meals with hers. Great to be able to walk with Quinn and Moose – yay for that find. My find … once and done as I tried a few today and demolished the bag: I never buy any salty snacks anymore, though I do occasionally treat myself to Goldfish Crackers, but try some of these: “Off The Eaten Path Chickpea Veggie Crisps” – yum! I saw you did an update on Quinn further down – I was scrolling to see how far behind I am. 🙂

    1. I do follow her !! I love her recipes and now need to go back to her air fryer ones since I have one now – woohoo!!!

      I LOVE the off the eaten path chips!! I just recently discovered them too – so yummy!!! Definitely give me my salty fix!

      1. I thought you were following Diane because her daughter and you were in the PA programs at the same time. Diane’s food looks so good. Those chips are awesome … wish I had some now!

      2. It sure is exciting – you both had a long haul to reach NP status and Amy had Covid along the way as she’s been in the Covid ICU for the entire pandemic.

      3. I am just in awe of her and my friends that are ICU nurses- I have a really close friend who did NP school through it too, and her strength and persistence amazed me .

  3. We watched Stay Close, & it was intense! Really interesting.

    I love the variety in your post! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I just looked up a waist belt leash for my dog yesterday!! Too weird… I just attached the leash to my fanny pack I had on and wondered if there was an actual walking accessory of that variety and there is! Do you like having the bungee-type leash with it?

    I love my air fryer! I make salmon and shrimp in it every week and I’ve made fried pickles a few time–delish! We actually just ordered a new oven which has an air fryer built in; I’m excited. 🙂

    1. That is too funny ! I feel like you and I are always on the same wave length!! I loveeee using the bungee ! It takes off a lot of the abrupt pull from Moose.

      Ok speaking of same wave length- I just made shrimp and salmon in my air fryer for the first time this week too! SO GOOD!

      Fried pickles -genius. I must try ! Also that oven sounds incredible – I didn’t know that existed, enjoy !!

  5. I need to get that pet hair tool. I have a cat who sheds like a maniac in the summer.

    Love those artichoke hearts!!!

    A waist leash!!! Brilliant!!!! That makes me so happy to see Moose out on the walks with his new baby!

    Yassss! I love my air fryer! It’s great for reheating pizza, making baked tacos, cooking shrimp (haven’t tried salmon yet!), and cooking chicken, hamburgers, sausage straight out of the freezer.

    1. Oh yes you HAVE to get this! It works amazing !!

      Yess so thankful we figured out a solution for the walks 😊

      My mouth is watering at that list of foods! I made shrimp tacos in the air fryer and am already craving them again 😋 I recently made salmon too- so yummy!! It’s amazing how perfectly it cooks it.

  6. I’m late to comment on this one, but I love Friday Favorites! I still remember back in the day when I learned about all kinds of delicious Trader Joe’s foods from your Friday Favorites 😀 I’ve enjoyed seeing your more recent posts where you use the bungee leash. We have one of those for our dog and I’m really awful about using it because I don’t like feeling the dog’s pulls in my hips/back–which I know means that I need to give my dog more training on how to walk nicely on a leash…

    If you liked “Educated,” try looking into “The Hillbilly Elegy.” ( It is also a memoir, and of an author who had a similar life trajectory–he grew up pretty poor in Appalachia and made it through some pretty elite schooling and sat down to write a book a reflect on it all. The tone is a little bit different from Tara Westover’s in that he seems a bit more critical of where he came from, and Westover seems to give her family every benefit of the doubt she can. I read them years apart but they remind me of each other and are an interesting contrast in how people reflect on their upbringing, how it made them who they are, and whether or not that upbringing is something they think should be perpetuated.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoy these posts!! Oh my goodness do I miss having a TJs nearby!! we have one maybe 25 minutes, so not terrible, I just usually am too lazy to make that trip. But I have to soon! The leash training is so tough, isn’t it?!

      Oh yes, GREAT call- I loved Hillbilly Elegy!! I have thought of that book several times while reading this one too.. your summation of the comparison of the two is so spot on and insightful. This makes me wish we could be in a book club together!

  7. Oh I would LOVE to be in a book club together! I’m excited to keep up with what you’re reading while on leave!

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