Friday Favorites! 8/5/22

It’s Friday, Friday!—- *Cue Rebecca Black*

Hope you all had a lovely week and have a fabulous weekend ahead. I have a few favorites I am eager to share today!

1. Honey Roasted Pistachios. Cannot get enough. These are deeeelish. I’ve been on a pistachio kick in general lately, but this flavor is a real winner.

2. Curious Baby Cards. These cards have been so helpful with suggesting fun developmentally friendly activities for Quinn. They have the activities grouped by age and go up until 12 months!

3. Yellowstone. Great show! Click this link for a synopsis. We usually try to watch a couple episodes every weekend. We are early in season 3 right now.

4. Puracy Coconut and Vanilla Body Wash. I just love Puracy’s products, and this body wash is no exception. It smells wonderful, is natural and has zero harsh chemicals.

5. Veggies Made Great Double Chocolate Muffins. Oh how I love these!! The flavor reminds me of molten lava chocolate cake. But somehow zucchini and carrots are the first two ingredients listed. Lately every night I have had one of these topped with dairy free cool whip and dairy free ice cream. Obsessed. I have also tried the banana chocolate chip flavor which is delicious too.

I’ll keep it short and sweet today! Quite literally- can you tell my sweet tooth has been acting up?!

Have a great weekend 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites! 8/5/22

  1. I have the Peacock streaming service that comes with my Comcast internet. I had never checked it out and was about to pay for Amazon, per episode. Now I can watch all four seasons at Peacock for free. I have heard it is good, so will be watching it beginning in Fall.

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