Week(end) recap & First Day on the Job!

Happy Mondayyyyy!!!!!!!

Maybe your Monday has been like this….


Or, perhaps, like this…


Based on the amount of caffeine I’ve needed to support my 2.5 hours of sleep and first day of work (hence the 2.5 hours of sleep), my Monday has been like this…

dog smiling.jpg

I will recap how today went a little bit later. But for now I will give a short little recap of our week/weekend.

Last week I had to finish up last minute things on the checklist to get ready for work. On Wednesday night we met our friends (Danielle, I went on the hike with ,and her husband Matt) for sushi.


We just love hanging out with them. Except they are forever cooler than us because they have Australian accents!

This might be my new favorite sushi place in the area. I love everything about the ambiance, and the sushi was superb!


DJ ordered their lobster tempura roll and I may have snuck a few extra bites when he wasn’t looking… because YUM!


I ordered a bit of a unique dish-but  I cannot wait to order it again! It is called the “Feel Free and Fresh Roll”- this is a cucumber wrapped roll with salmon, yellowtail, white fish, crab and avocado topped with creamy ponzu, apply pear, and tobiko. It was the most refreshing roll I have ever had. It is hearty too- with all the good protein from the fish. The whole thing was just a winner, and a new fave. Don’t be surprised if you see this little guy poppin’ up more around these parts 😉


Thursday I went on a nice long run outside. I snagged this picture without realizing I was stepping in a beehive. WHOOPS! No worries- no stings, but it was a close call. I probably looked hilarious to the cars passing by as I flailed in a million directions while doing a furious pat-down to make sure no little devils were on me!


I also went to Santana Row while running around getting last minute things for the job. H & M is a winner for business casual! I also finally found a great hair salon that doesn’t cost an arm & a leg… it only costs a hair!!! LOLOLOL. Ok- come on, that was one of my better ones, eh?!


Thursday night I made another Blue Apron meal for DJ!! I have had SO many people ask me about Blue Apron, so I reached out to them to see if I could get a discount for my readers! If you go to my About page, I have link for $30 off your order! This service is a life saver- especially on busy days, and you will learn tons about cooking and how to use a vast array of different ingredients in the process!


This night we made Oaxaca Plantain Tortas with sautéed shallots and red peppers. I didn’t know what to expect, and I wasn’t sure how DJ was going to respond to them, but he gobbled them right up! The combination of ingredients in BA always surprise me, but they always work!

After dinner we went on a nice walk together. Something I miss about our Indiana days were the walks we took after dinner when the weather was nice. Life is getting crazy, DJ isn’t returning home until 7:30/8 every night now (but he loves his job!), and soon I’ll be leaving before he even gets home (Get used to working that microwave, baby!). But it makes us appreciate the time we do have together, and reminds us to stop to smell the flowers 😉



Ya’ll know I get wayyyy too worked up about any holiday. Mom L and Gordie sent us these gorgeous flowers as a thank you for the weekend, but also as a Happy St. Pat’s day. Now if that’s not permission to get into the spirit, I don’t know what is!!!


ALSO, I am convinced that I have a sprinkle of Irish in me because I have freckles. And Mackenzie is a somewhat Irish name, right? It has an “M” and a “C” soooooo…………… I’m basically a leprechaun.

DJ rolled his eyes about 290359 times at me during the night when I said, “Kiss me, I’m Irish!”

He denies that I have even a smidgeon of Irish in my heritage.

I’m coming for ya Ancestry.com

But for real, who doesn’t get a serious case of FOMO if they aren’t Irish on St. Paddy’s?

Anywho. Ain’t gonna let the DNA keep me away from the ST. PADDYS DAY!

I had to make sure that we had our “Irish pub fix”. DJ and I have never “celebrated” this together before, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to take advantage.

Where better to go than Historic Murphy Avenue in Sunnyvale?


We never knew this area even existed, but it has a street lined with darling lights, fabulous restaurant options, and interesting, eye-grabbing shops. We will certainly be back here to explore more!

In doing my “Yelp” research, I found that The Oxford is great for your St. P’s fix.


To really get in the spirit, I decided to get an Oxford Mule (their main drink). I liked the ginger a lot, but I’m not gonna lie- I missed my Friday-date-night glass of red wine!


Still good though, especially if you like Moscow Mules. Then again, this is the only one I’ve ever tried so I have nothing to compare it to.

This place is a fusion of all types- but I would say it’s retro london with a taste of modern industrial architecture (but maybes that’s just English style?).


For dinner we were placed at their outfacing island. I loved this because we felt like we had the best of both words, half in and half out of the restaurant.


It was challenging getting good pictures under the dim lighting, but I gave it my best Irish-girl shot. We started with the Monterey Squid with char-grilled squid, arugula, tomatoes, radish, & parsley relish. Every time a menu has octopus or squid as an app I basically have to order it. Why you say? Because the spanish octopus I had at Marco Prime in Marco Island was the greatest thing on the planet, and I will do anything to have that taste linger on my tongue once more. To have Spanish Octopus grace me with it’s presence……. Yes, I am the Shakespeare of food, how kind of you to notice. Anywho, this did not even come close to that level of flavor. On to the next squid..


DJ ordered their Lamb Sliders. He devoured these little suckers right quick, so I’ll take it he enjoyed them. Orrrr he was trying to avoid conversation with me. We will go with the former.


Now- I’m super bummin’ that I didn’t get a great picture of this dish because it was AH-MAY-ZING. Allow me to present chermoula eggplant with roasted eggplant, saffron rice, spiced yogurt, and cherry tomato crush. I don’t know what they put in that yogurt sauce- but good heavens, there are no words. DJ even said he couldn’t believe how good it was. I downloaded a saffron yogurt recipe and plan on trying to re-invent this in the future.


DJ and I walked around Historic Murphy path after swearing we would be coming back in the near future. It was hopping since it is stacked with pub after pub after pub.

Saturday, I got a nice long training run in on the treadmill while reading HP (currently on the third book, and I use it as motivation to get everything done during the day so I can read #HPaddict), did the household chores, and waited for DJ to get home from work.

At this point in the weekend I was feeling ancy mcnancy (Not making another Irish joke- I’m done, I promise, maybe). I was ridden with anxiety knowing I was starting up work on Monday. I wasn’t running to God’s truth and scripture much during the week, and naturally the anxiety was consuming me.

But I’m telling ya, God truly will renew our soul and relieve our anxiety, we just have to come to Him (1 Peter 5:7). I flipped open to John 14, the next chapter I was going to read going through the book of John, and literally the first verse said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled.”

And then a few verses later in vs. 26, “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

He doesn’t give us a peace like the world gives- a peace that’s fleeting, a peace that is contingent upon circumstances, a peace that is dependent upon our emotions. The peace Christ has for us is lasting and sure. It is a peace that we can use as weapon when life isn’t comfortable (and it’s not a lot of the time). We can find joy through this peace in His name, despite anything that comes our way. My anxiety lessened when He worked on my heart and my perspective. His still, beautifully familiar voice (I haven’t made time for in my chaos) spoke to me and stopped the world from spinning off it’s axis-“I’ve got you” He said. He reminded me of His love and His promises which gave my heart utter, perfect, heavenly peace.


DJ and I went on a walk when he came home. We went to Main Street Cupertino and then idly strolled other side streets. I savored each step, because I don’t know how this next chapter will look for us moving forward.


DJ and I had a late snacky-type dinner of cheese and crackers (We have ate SOOO many cheese and crackers this week, it’s comical)…..but we still had a bit of room for more food around 8 pm. We decided to go to Rootstock, a place we had been wanting to go together for a while.


They have an awesome bruschetta menu. We split the bruschetta (smoked salmon FTW), and I finally had my glass of red wine that I was sad I veered away from the day before.


Sunday we went to church and then I finished up last minute errands. I made sure all my documents were good to go, and I even got a big girl purse to store everything from Target!


For dinner we had salmon, edamame, and saffron rice leftover from The Oxford (There was tons).


And today was the first day on the job!!!! I am wearing my Ann Taylor thrifted shirt that I bought a couple months ago if it looks familiar 😉


GUYS- I LOVE THIS JOB! I love love love love love love love it. I am fatigued beyond words, but I love my colleagues (instant friends right there), I love my hospital, I love their mission, I love that I am only a couple weeks away from meeting my first patients as a real RN, and I am absolutely elated. The first day could not have gone better. Even on ZERO sleep, it was perfect.

I woke up (or more correctly, rolled out of bed) at 5:00 am- chugged a cup of coffee, a protein bar, & left the house by 6. The whole day the environment radiated non-pompous professionalism, compassion, joy, and genuine care for us as residents and for the patients of the hospital. Although it was mostly just logistical stuff, I truly think I gathered a great feel for the atmosphere, the expectations, and the type of program I am in. Lemme tell ya, I can’t wait to go back tomorrow. My fears have certainly been mitigated, and all I feel in this exhausted moment is blessed. I can’t wait to get on my floor so soon!

The rest of this week is orientation- same old, getting up at 5 getting home at 7 ish and then next week I have a similar schedule until I start 12 hour day shifts the first week of April. After that I transition into nights. I am actually excited about nights because I can’t sleep when I know I have to wake up early- I get all nutty about missing my alarm and stay awake like a raccoon. So rather than not sleeping nights & days, I just won’t be sleeping nights! As though this time difference isn’t enough already for my East coast folks, now I’m gonna go all nocturnal on ya’ll.

How is everyone doing?! Anyone out there legitimately Irish? Ya’ lucky ducks

Blog Birthdays!

Lathi at CookwithSmile on Thursday March 23rd

Myra at The Cooking Spoon on Monday March 26th

Happy Birthday to both of you! I am thankful for you both as blog friends and hope your birthday is absolutely perfect. You deserve to be spoiled and know that you are SO loved!

xo <3


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    1. No way!!! How fun! Do you live around here?! My husband and I moved here about 6 months ago- we LOVE it! San Pedro square has the best coffee shop- B2! What did you do there this past weekend?! How fun!

      1. Bar hopping for my friends 30th. I used to live in the bay area, San Mateo area, but housing is so expensive. Having the privilege of working from a home We’ve relocated to sac, which is still not too far. I miss the bay tho! Have you guys ventured out of South Bay? There is alot of great eats in the city, peninsula and in Oakland.

      2. That was a great place to do that- did you go to Flannigans?! And at least you aren’t too far to visit!!!! We haven’t done too much in Oakland but I have heard it’s amazing!!!! We had donuts from donut savant that someone brought us that were out of this world! Have you had them? They are an Oakland shop! What are some of your favorites in the area? My husband and I will have to explore so soon!

      3. Yes! I was there! Lol. You should check out the peninsula. There is this restaurant called town in San Carlos. Best brunch, best prime rib!

      4. Thanks SOOOO much for the suggestions!!!! 💕 brunch is what I live for! Can’t wait to check it all out! Stay tuned 😉

  1. I LOVE your big girl blouse and purse, Mack! I’m really glad you like your new job. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Blue Apron lately. I’m wondering if I should try it or not. I hope you get some more sleep though! Dang! I don’t know how you did it, even if you had caffeine!

    1. Thank you, Lisa 🤗 I definitely think you should try it! You can always do the trial run with the $30 off and then if you want to cancel, just cancel! (I only use it when there are promos). And I had such a better night sleep last night- thank goodness! All going well for you?!

  2. Beautiful pictures Mack!! As always! That Sushi ugh, that looks soooooo good! I’m glad you’re happy at your new work! Aside from the job itself, it’s so important to have great colleagues!! xoxo Sarah

    1. Awwww thank ya, Lady!!!! 💕 the sushi was TERRIFIC! If you are in SJ ever, I’m taking you! And yesss- colleagues make all the difference! Thanks for getting excited with me 🙂 how has your week been so far? The whole one day of it? Lol!

  3. Oh MacKenzie, all the flower pics are so welcoming to me after being south for a week and then coming home to cold and SNOW!!!! yuck!! Thank you so much!! It has me thinking and dreaming of warmer days ahead! I always love reading your weekend recaps! The squid dish looks amazing. I miss having my favourite street food…”squid on a stick” You just can’t get stuff like that here…and the bruschetta yum!!! It’s only 8:30am and already my mouth is watering… I love that you enjoy food as much as I do. I LOVE the pics!!! Why is it that when we have something important happening the next day we can’t sleep? UGH!!! I am the same way. I am super excited for you about this new job and can’t wait to hear all about it. Have a great week!!! xo

    1. I’m so glad the flowers brought you some happiness 🌺!!! 🤗 I absolutely love how much you embrace food too- we are so similar in many ways! Squid in a stick sounds DELISH!!!!! Is that in China?! And thankfully I was so tired last night, so I had a decent sleep! Have such a great week too, Anna!!! 💕 thank you for stopping by!!!!!

  4. So thoughtful. Love your bday shout outs. Also love your Ann Taylor blouse! I’m so glad you’re loving it and so happy for you. I’m also now very very hungry hahaha.

    1. Thanks, Kristin!!!!!! I truly appreciate you getting excited with me 🙂 how is your new job going? I am the worst and still have yet to catch up on your posts – but hopefully tonight!! And I hope you had a nice snack after reading 🙂

      1. OH MY GOSH! Duh! Hahah! I don’t know why – but for a second I thought that we “met” after that- 🙈 “blogbarrassment”

  5. So glad your first day went great and your enthusiasm continues. The healthcare world is a better place with you in it. I’m so proud of you and love you so much!!

  6. Aaaawh Mack , you rembered my birthday. I feel blessed to have you as a cyber friend and am absolutely thrilled that you love your new job. You SO deserve it. GOD is good.

    1. 💕💕💕 thank you, Myra!!! I wish I could bake you a real cake (then again— you probably make the best cakes out there soooooo….) hehe. God is so good- Amen to that! Hope you are doing amazing- and I hope you have the best birthday of all time! 🎈 🎉 🎉

  7. Wow, this is all so awesome to read!! Your photos of all of the flowers are incredible, I love your cute puns (!), and it’s so refreshing to hear how much you love your job! It took my awhile to fully appreciate mine, but I’m thankful for it and my coworkers as well. All of that food deserves multiple heart-eye emojis. Have a great Tuesday!

    1. Thanks, Kori!!!!! The little flowers were being so photogenic! And I’m so glad you appreciate puns like I do 😉 We are rare! Haha. And I’m sure there will be days that are incredibly hard- but for now I’m trying to enjoy this time! Coworkers make all the difference in the world, right?! Have such a great day too 🙂

  8. Hey there, I’m new to your blog so I loved this post. You’re really funny and sweet. H&M is perfect for work clothes (I have worked there). Your blouse is amazing and I also love thrifty buys. I wish you the best luck for your job. Can’t wait to read how it was your first week. xo

    1. Hi Cheila!!!!! First, I am sooo excited you found my blog! Thanks for stopping in 🙂 second- I love your name!!! Gorgeous! H & M was a life saver- work clothes are expensive, but it gives good options at a decent price. And what can beat a thrifty buy!?! Hope you have a great day 🙂 so nice to meet you!!!!

      1. Oh, I’m glad you like my name!! I like it too but prefer my middle name, which is Belinda. I find it beautiful.

      2. My boyfriend wants to call our future daughter Belinda, If we have one. I love it. I would add my mother’s name as a middle name. Belinda Isabelle

  9. That second picture is definitely me Monday mornings … and every morning for that matter…
    Beautiful flowers and pictures! Looks like a great weekend.

  10. Soooo happy for you !! that all went so well and sounds like you are in control!!​ Still into the food and the Lobster rolls sound wonderful-Yum yum. Having fun with your Mom and Pete but miss seeing you when we are here. The pictures of You and DJ are great . You are a beautiful couple. Glad you had fun with Laura and Gordie. God bless my little RN. Love you and XXX OOOO Grmma

    On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 11:28 PM, WordPress.com wrote:

    > Mackenzie posted: “Happy Mondayyyyy!!!!!!! Maybe your Monday has been like > this…. Or, perhaps, like this… Based on the amount of caffeine I’ve > needed to support my 2.5 hours of sleep and first day of work (hence the > 2.5 hours of sleep), my Monday has been like thi” >

    1. Awwww Gramma!!!!! You are the best in the world! We miss you guys tons- I was so mad I wasn’t able to fly in with the whole ear thing 🙁 sending you big hugs. I’ll call you this weekend! Have fun with mom and Pete! XOXO

    1. Right?! It’s so rough! Thankfully I have been so exhausted the last couples nights so I’ve slept pretty well! And heheh- it’s rare to see a post without food around here ! 😋

    1. Thanks, Christy!!!!!! And right?! I didn’t make that connection with the mug- but now that you say it you are SPOT on! That place was pretty eclectic! Hope you are having a perfect week 🤗

    1. Awwww! Thanks, Kristy !!!! 💕 I was on the hunt alllll last week for some good business casual and am relieved that spree is over!!! Haha. I hope all is going beautifully for you 🙂 I can’t wait to catch up on your blog this weekend!!!

    1. Awww thank you, dear 🙂 Leading up to the first day was the worst! I built it up to be this monster-impossible-thing ! But it is just one step at a time! Trying to take it all in stride 🙂 Hope you are having a great week so far!

      1. Hang in there! Enjoy the rest of the work week!

        It is a big baking week for us – a close friend’s birthday, and today, our first batch of Easter cupcakes! Got to make use of the lovely mini-Easter eggs that are in the stores!

      2. Awwww thank you 🤗🤗🤗 You are such an encouragement always! And yayyyy for baking! I know you will be in your element !!!! Those Easter cupcakes sound like a DREAM! Are you making a post on them?!

      3. We will be posting the Easter cupcakes on another blog which my Younger Daughter and I have started, called crazylittlecupcakes. Now that you mention it, maybe I will reblog it here as well.

  11. Hi Mackensie, I hope you are doing well. I am glad you got to go out with friends Wednesday. A break up in the week. Sorry you had an altercation with some bees! Its awesome you found an affordable hair salon, some charge so much money don’t they? And I love the hair joke! Enjoy the walks with DJ when you can, It seems life is getting so busy for you both. I love the pretty flowers in pics. What a georgous bouquet of flowers you received for St. Paddy’s Day. I am sure you have Irish in you (ta tu cailin deas- translated You are a nice girl!) If you hear girls called Colleen its translated as Gaelic for girl. You had a nice night out, We didn’t get a night out, with kids activities taking center stage. Jesus will give you the inner peace we all crave. I love the book of John. I love the big girl purse! Very chic. And look at that cute outfit you got. It is awesome on you and look how happy you are in pic. I am glad you love the job Dear, and I know you will make friends easily. I guess I’m a lucky duck, I am only 100% irish….. God bless you and keep you Mackensie, Huggs Terri.

    1. Hi Terri!!!!!! How awesome that you have that heritage ! I’m such a mutt- I think that would be really cool to say you are 100% of something! Thanks for sharing those fun tidbits of the language! And THANK YOU for appreciating the hair joke 😉 I was hoping someone would catch that! Isn’t the Book of John good for the soul? I love how there is some real heavy, convicting truth- but presented in an incredibly loving way. God Bless you too, Terri! I hope you have a beautiful rest of your week! ❤️

  12. Your pictures, as always, are just amazing but they make me hungry! I’m Irish and I’ll dub you honorary Irish next St. Patrick’s Day! Although I think everyone is an honorary Irishman on St. Patrick’s Day! I’m so happy you’re so in love with the new job! It was a long time coming but God really did put you in the right place! Keep us all posted on how it goes!

    1. AHHHHH! You are Irish?! I’m seriously so jealous- that’s so awesome! And if you say I can be dubbed honorary Irish than it must be true ☺️ I’m making sure DJ doesn’t forget it next year! Heheh. I really do feel so blessed with this new career path- I still am in disbelief that I’m here, but thankful beyond words! I know it will be hard – but I’m thankful that I have great support here on the blog and with my family and friends. Hope you are having a PERFECT week, Elizabeth !!!!

      1. Yep. I’ve written about my Irish family a few times. We’re strange for everyone else but perfectly average for an Irish bunch! lol We’ll probably have to put off your TWD quiz with the new job, though!

      2. Oh no, so sorry I missed that!!! But anything but strange is boring in my opinion 😉 I love that! And I know (about the quiz) 🙁 But maybe on my days off I can binge watch to catch up on the show. I want to watch it with DJ because I know he would love it!

      3. Oh, Sweetie! It’s impossible for me to keep up with everyone’s blogs and I don’t have a life! lol But if you get a chance do read about my Aunt Margaret! She was a hoot!

  13. Yaaay so glad your first day went well! The night before a new job—I NEVER sleep either! You’ll soon get in to your new rhythm! Glad you had a great weekend before starting the crazy new schedule too. I have a lot of Irish in my blood so I’ll rub off some for you!

    1. Thanks, Heather!!!!! It’s good to know I’m not alone in that- I look forward to getting into that rhythm hopefully soon! And THANK YOU for sharing that Irish blood 😉 I am gonna tell DJ you shared so he can’t say anything about it next year. Hehe! Hope all is well!

  14. YAY I’m so elated to hear that you love your job!!! That’s such a great feeling and I’m sure a major relief!!! I distinctly remember following along on your journey all the way back when you passed the exam (the cute mug you showcased lol), getting the interview, the interview, accepting the job, and now the first day! Phew, does time fly!!! Anywhooo, I recently tried cucumber wrapped sushi too and I love the freshness of it. I want to say I’m on a sushi kick but to be honest, the sushi craving just never ends! I also want to point out that I totally see the M and C in your name…..so there obviously must be Irish somewhere in you 😉 I was nervous you weren’t going to have a post up so I was pleasantly happy to see this on my reader feed! Hope the rest of the work week goes well….do you have to work weekends?

    xo, JJ

    1. Hey girl!!!!!!! Awwww you have seriously been there through allll of it! This is why I’m so thankful for blogging- it’s great to look back and see the journey, your emotions, and the massive support along the way!!! So thankful for ya girl 💕 (I’m not even gonna try to hide the sappy!!!) hehe. And right?!!? Sushi crave is not just a stage, it’s like a lifestyle! And yes- unfortunately I’ll be working tons of weekends- but it does change based on the week! I can’t wait to see what you are up to so soon 🤗 XO

  15. Congratulations Mack!! I’m so happy that you’re enjoying your new job!! 😀 And all the people, and the environment… it sounds like a perfect fit. : )

    Wonderful work outfit! So professional but stylish!

    1. Thank you tons, Frilly! I was pretty excited about that outfit- dirt cheap too which always makes it 10x more enjoyable to wear! I’m incredibly thankful for the job. I know it’s going to be a lot and one of my greatest challenges, but it’s all part of the adventure, right?!

  16. Yippee Mack! I love this. Congratulations on your first day on the job. You are so full of joy and compassion, no wonder you like it. This is great, and many blessings. Debbie

    1. Aw thanks Rach 💕 I’d be a mess without Jesus… oh wait … let me say I’d be a bigger mess without Jesus 😂 and I’m glad I escaped those little boogars too- scary times ! The sushi was HEAVEN! Only a few more months until you can have it again (the real real stuff 😉 )

    1. I’m so SO glad you understand my sense of humor, Nikki ! So good to hear from you too! How are you?! I’ve been a bum on reading up on blogs- I really hope I get a chance to soon!

  17. Ohhh I am so so happy to hear you’re loving your job!! Today marks two years at my job and I feel the same way still. Love it!! It’s so important to be happy with what you’re doing in life 🙂 Also, your purse.. I NEED. The sushi.. I NEED. ANNNND the beautiful flowers and fun places.. you guessed it, I NEED. Sooo I’m just gonna go ahead and come visit, k thanks 😉 have a wonderful rest of the week, my dear. Your posts make me so happy!

    1. ANNNA! You are too sweet, dear!!!! Your comments always make me so happy 💕 I am SOO glad you love your job too- it’s important to love what you do each day!!! And GIRLLLLLLL get yourself to SF and we will get allll the best sushi and look at flowers and do all the fun touristy stuff!!!! 🙌🏻 (also the bag is from Target- so I guess technically you don’t have to come to California for that haha). Hope your week ahead is marvelous!!!!🤗

  18. Aww Mack – I’m so happy that you are enjoying your job. That’s my true wish – that when I grow up, I can find a job that I truly enjoy and am happy to do. As much as there’s that stress and pressure from society that the “best jobs” are those that pay well, my parents have been telling me that isn’t so. It’s so much better to always be excited to go to work even if it’s not the highest paying job than dreading each day going to work while being paid well. You are truly truly blessed. Truth be told, when I scroll through your weekend recaps, I can see God’s blessings and love. He has provided you with so much love, so much happiness and so much food, haha. How’s the MyFitnessPal thing going by the way? I’ve been thinking about you this week on how your MyFitnessPal but most importantly, your mindset/current status. Please keep me updated! Have a great week! xoxo, Steph

    1. Hey Steph! Thanks for stopping by! Aw you are so sweet- I am so thankful for God’s provision on this career path, and I know one day you will be in a place where you can say the same thing 🤗 it’s been going well!!!!! I will DM you personally on your blog- do you have an email contact link? Have such a great week yourself, dear! XOXO

      1. Yes! Please email me! I gave up Instagram up for Lent (it’s been going well so far, praying to God that I keep it up until Easter haha) so email might be better until Easter. My email is: avoliciousblog@gmail.com Cant wait to talk about deep and personal but also fun things as well!

      2. Yayyy! Yes yes – sounds great. Thank you, dear!!!! 🙂 !!! Chat with you soon! ❤️ PS. YOU CAN DO IT- only a few more weeks right?! 🙂

  19. First off: I am SOOOOOOO glad the new job is going well. Second: everybody is Irish on St. Paddy’s day. Third: while the food all looked scrumptious, the pic with the birch display is one of my favourites this week. I’ve got one that has to come down and I think I know what I’m doing with it. Can’t wait to hear the next update.

    1. Awww thank you Kristal! And YESSS! Hahahha !!!!! Did you do anything fun for St. Paddys?! Glad this post inspired a new project- woohoooo! You will have to keep me updated! How is everything on your end, friend?!

      1. Nothing fun at this end. Which is fine since being around a bunch of drunk people isn’t always fun 😬
        I got a new toy. I’ll share what it is once I figure it out. Ohhhh the suspense….

  20. Love your Irish jokes, haha. Especially when you said you’re basically a leprechaun! I am so with you on realizing that I have to go to God when I’m anxious. I always think “I just have to get a handle on this. I just need to figure it out.” when in reality, when I need to do is give it to God to take care of! Such a lovely reminder. Thank you!

    I am so, so, so, SO happy you love work! Yay for that huge blessing! I cannot wait to read more about how it goes! Also, love the Ann Taylor shirt. It’s beautiful on you!

    1. Hehehe- I’m so glad you appreciated those 😉 I wasn’t sure if that was appropriate or politically correct, but I figured everyone knew I would never mean any will ill! And YESSSS you said that so well about just giving it to God. Thanks for sharing in the excitement about the new job AND the Ann Taylor shirt 😉 Thank goodness for thrifting 🙌🏻 with this new job it’s been so busy and I’m super behind on readings everyone’s posts! But I’m dying to know- how are you and how is everything going?!

  21. Aaaay! Congratulations on your first day! I love how your excitement comes across in your writing. It sounds like an awesome place and I can’t wait to hear more about how it goes! Well done <3 X

    1. Thank you, loveyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! 💕💕I hope all is going so well! I miss reading all your posts. I really hope things slow down soon so I can’t get back to it. XOXOOX

  22. Yay first day on the job! I am so flipping excited for you!
    Oh no about the bees…But as they say anything for a picture and it is a pretty stunning picture (see what I did there? okay puns aside seriously beautiful!:)
    I love that you guys take walks. It definitely stinks when life gets so hectic you can’t see each other, but it does make you appreciate when you do get to spend together. Your pictures are gorgeous!
    Dying. You are totally Irish! 🙂 So happy you were able to celebrate! I love love LOVE Moscow Mules and I love how they serve them in the tin mugs! With might be why I love them…:o Lol.
    Huge hugs. It is always so nerve racking starting anything new. and it is even harder having faith and trusting. but it is true what you say despite everything HE does have you and is always there for you. Even when anxiety is rampant.
    Cheese wine and crackers are my life (oh and fruit) Literally the perfect meal! Lol. You can never eat it to many times during the week 🙂
    Oh my gosh that bag is amazing! AND your outfit! fashionista werk (spelling intended) chic! You are going to own this job!
    And yay! I am so happy for you! Seriously this made my day knowing you are loving your job! Isn’t it funny? The things that we stress out the most about have a knack of being the most amazing things ever. I am so excited for you sweets! You are doing amazing things and your patients are going to be so so SO lucky to have you! <3

    1. 😂😂😂 I LOVE your “stunning” comment. You know that one really got my goat! And YES- I actually have been wanting to go back there for another Moscow mule lately! It was so good! And the places was adorable! Thank you SO much for the encouragement, girlie. I can’t tell you how much it means to me! Cheese, wine, crackers, fruit= heaven sent deliciousness. It’s my fave to have when I host- so if you ever stop by I’ll definitely make sure to have all the goods 🙌🏻🤗 thank you for ALL your loooOooOooOve always 💕💕💕

      1. Bwahaha sorry I couldn’t resist. 😀 And I know you appreciate it! It looked it! Anytime sweets seriously! You got this!
        Yes! I am the same way! It is my staple hostesses food. So when you come to New York it will feel just like your place (minus the dishes….And there is the fact my bedroom is also my living room LOL) Always sweets! Sending you huge hugs! <3

  23. First days on new jobs are always terrifying cause you don’t know what to expect! I’m so happy yours went goood!! How’s work going? Switched to night shifts yet? I don’t know how you can do 12 hr shifts!! So crazy! But I’m proud of you girl! 💕

    1. Work is going a lot bettter! You are soooo kind to ask.There are good and bad days, but I love my patients so gosh darn much! And I haven’t switched quite yet, they are deciding if they want to switch us at 6 mo. or after orientation (which ends in a couple weeks), so we will see! And thank you for the immense encouragement! You are the besttttt. XO

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