Our Seven Year Anniversary & other random happenin’s!

Hey hey!! I am writing to you at 4 AM CST from the back seat of the car. We are going to a wedding this weekend (probably this past weekend by the time I publish this), and decided to leave at midnight since Quinn hates the car. We were hoping to take advantage of her usual sleeping hours- and y’all – it’s working!! We’ve been on the road for almost 5 hours and we have had one stop with very little fussing. Only a couple hours to go!

DJ and I have both stayed up the whole trip together talking, even though we should probably take turns sleeping. It’s been really nice though, it’s rare to have this type of uninterrupted time together.

I’ve also eaten an entire days worth of food over the last few hours- what is it about traveling that really revs up the appetite?

Anyway, I’m going to use the next hour or so to whip up a quick post!

Last weekend, Saturday August 6th, we had a lot to celebrate! It was Quinn’s three month birthday and our seven year wedding anniversary was the following Monday!

My MIL and Gordie soo graciously offered to watch Quinn so we could go out for our anniversary! She was not wanting to nap that day, so by the time I finally got her to fall asleep I had exactly 26 minutes to get ready. Pre-baby I usually allotted about an hour to get ready, but I was ready in less than that with a little extra time to spare. And I’m sure my makeup and hair reflected that 😆.

DJ and I chose Lanning’s restaurant for dinner. This is a place we have both passed countless times growing up but never have actually dined. They have a mouth-watering menu without a lot of frills, which is actually desirable given my dairy and soy restrictions. It’s hard to say no to a bunch of unique things on a menu, so this was exactly what I was looking for- and we suspected whatever we ordered would be divine.

When we arrived, the maître d’ gave us a card wishing us a happy anniversary from the owners & staff. Such a sweet, personalized touch!

In the card, we were gifted a certificate for a complimentary cheesecake or triple chocolate mousse!

To start, they came around with a bread basket with an assortment of carby morsels that had my name written all over them. Butttt since most bread rolls have soy or soybean oil, I had to say no. Do you know how hard it was to turn down a bread basket?! And they served whipped butter 🥲. DJ chose one of their pretzel bread sticks, and he told me, with a note of apology in his voice, that it was one of his favorite parts of the meal. I’ll have to go back once I can have that bread & butter again!

We also shared a glass of Austin Hope wine. It was wonderful and so smooth.

As a starter, we opted for some oysters. I couldn’t have oysters while pregnant, so I was one eager beaver to have them again. They were every bit as good as I remembered 😋. DJ and I cheers every oyster shell before slurping it down, anyone else? Or just us? 😆

DJ also tried the lobster bisque, which he said was really good.

The staff was extremely accommodating with my restrictions. PS. If you missed it, Quinn has a cow’s milk protein intolerance, so I have to avoid dairy and soy while breastfeeding. As a people pleaser and a chronic oversharer (heck of a combo), I apologized profusely for being high maintenance and told them I would be back once I was done breastfeeding and could have dairy and soy again. In the mean time, I had their stellar lamb chops (minus their house steak sauce) with mint jelly and a side of rice pilaf. It was all deeeelish. I wanted so badly to pick up that lamb and get into every crevice with my teeth, but unfortunately, it didn’t seem like the time nor place. Although, if I had, I’m sure others who had the lamb chops would understand.

I also tried a side of their carrots – I don’t know what it was about them, but they were amazing. I could have had a whole other plateful.

Lanning’s is also situated right on yellow creek river lending the window seats a beautiful view.

And we ended with a car selfie to remember the day. Best 7 years ever! ❤️ We drove around town for a few minutes and admired plots of land we dream of owning one day.

By the end of the date, I was so ready to get my girl back in my arms, but am really grateful for that time and celebration with DJ! Quinn had a great time with her Gigi and Grandpa Gordie too!

Oh! And DJ decided to take their cheesecake to go. He said it was delicious. I had some oatmilk coffee ice cream with a chocolate dairy free muffin at home, my go-to lately!

On Sunday, August 7th, we just got ready for the week. Quinn was extra tired that day, so I just let her nap lots in my carrier.

That afternoon, one of DJ’s good friends from childhood came by to meet Quinn.

Then he took over dad duties while I ran off to quickly get a lash lift and tint with Amaris . I decided to try this out as it can be hard to even find time to put mascara on most days, and I have never been able to curl my lashes. Plus I’m in a couple weddings coming up. This is actually so much more affordable than getting false lashes (it only uses your natural lash) – and just gives them a little curl and tint. I haven’t put mascara on yet since getting it done and am obsessed! It’ll last about 8 weeks. Also, Amaris just opened her own studio in Fairlawn 😍.

Just don’t look closely at the brow 😬🙈.

On our actual anniversary, August 8th, midday, someone rang the doorbell. I didn’t think much of it- probably just an Amazon delivery, I expected the courtesy ring and that be that… But this person was insistent. They alternated knocking and ringing for a while. I tried to look out the door from the upstairs window but couldn’t get a good view. It made me nervous being home alone with Quinn, so I called DJ to see if he knew who it was while huddled with Quinn. DJ just goes, “Oh, I’m having flowers delivered to you!” .. leave it to me to make a whole drama out of a romantic anniversary gesture 😅.

They were so beautiful!! And the guy delivering them was so darn nice too haha.

Pete came over that afternoon to visit. He is in town helping my Grandma Vi move. It was wonderful quality time all together and the highlight of my day. Quinn was mesmerized by her Grampy!

While Pete was here, we decided Quinn wasn’t a huge fan of Goodnight Moon. When reading it she got a bit fussy and started to pick up momentum in her bouncer. We joked she was trying to launch out of it to get out of hearing any more Goodnight nobody, Goodnight mush!

The next day, the usual trail was closed to construction so we went on the trail across the way called Happy Days. Moose seemed to love the change of scenery.

I also recently learned about Wonder Weeks and leaps. The basic premise is babies go through mental leaps in development and as a result develop new skills. However, during these leaps, they may become extra fussy or clingy. When I downloaded the app and tailored it specific to Quinn it was like a lightbulb turned on. She was in the middle of a leap and definitely was being more fussy and clingy to me than usual. The descriptions of the leaps/new skills are so accurate it’s wild!

That week we also received this adorable personalized monogrammed clothing set with Quinn’s initials on it from family friends!

Quinn also got her next Lovevery box! She has been putting everything in her mouth lately, and she particularly loves this little teether that came in the box.

Aaaand I’ll keep it nice and short today.

Question for you:

* How do you prefer to pass the time on long drives?



Weeks 12 & 13- Starting Daycare, Purple Carrot & A Purple Monkey in a Bubblegum Tree!

Going into Monday like…

Anyone else? 😆

Hope y’all had a great weekend!! We have so much to catch up on since my last recap post!

On Saturday July 23rd, we went to my MIL (aka Gigi) and Gordie’s for a phenomenal cookout. The burgers were so good I had two 😋. It was a great evening with the fam. My SIL, Renee, is getting married in October, and it was great to spend time with her fiancé’s side of the family at the cookout since they were in town.

We grabbed a couple pics once we got home, even Moose got in a few :).

The next morning, July 24th, Miss Quinn and I went back to my MIL’s for a relaxing girls’ morning since my SIL, Laura, and her daughter, Lily, were in town. While the girls of the fam had coffee and pastries, the guys went golfing.

It was a great morning! The rest of the day was spent prepping for the week.

July 25th was more of the wonderful same, hanging out with my girl.

I really tried to stretch groceries that week before doing a big trip. I found some beef bone broth in the pantry and added some zucchini, squash and carrots along with protein collagen powder (can’t taste it, but it adds a lot of protein!). This was actually good & filling.

That afternoon we FaceTimed with my mom, Quinn’s Grammy. She is visiting again next month, and we’re all counting down the days!

Pretty sure this little smile was during baby shark. Yep, she’s as obsessed with the song as the rest of them. (Quinn, not Grammy, in case of confusion). Guaranteed dancing and smiles!

July 26th, we got a free box of Purple Carrot from Chris & Renee who use the vegan food delivery service. It was so fun to make the meals, and they were pretty darn easy! It’s so convenient how everything is pre-portioned too. The meals were good! Given that I eat meat again, if we do a meal service we’ll probably do one that includes meat and fish- but this is a great option for people trying to eat plant based.

Our first meal was this yummy summer veggie ciabatta. I added the balsamic glaze because it was giving me caprese vibes. DJ a and I agreed it was good choice!

That day we successfully had a 40 minute crib nap! Her longest yet!! Wooohooo. Over the last week or so she’s been averaging 25-35 minutes which is an improvement, and the transfer into the crib has gone a lot more smoothly/more quickly! After her nap, we walked around and said hi to all the different stuffed animals in the nursery. I would tell her what it was and then put the animal in her hand. She also loves just staring at the nursery decor.

Wednesday July 27th was Quinn’s first trial half-day at daycare. I got her bags ready the night before and felt prepared logistically, less so emotionally. That morning, I walked around our neighborhood to get her fresh air to start the day and then let her nap in my carrier long as possible before taking her. When I dropped her off, they let me nurse her in a designated nursing room (I love that they have this!). I immediately felt better when chatting with her teachers-she in in excellent hands there. My biggest apprehension leaving was how she’d sleep since she isn’t always napping consistently for long periods in her crib. I also was nervous what would happen if she went into her crying mode where me (specifically) holding her is the only thing that will calm her down. But I had to remember countless babies have gone to daycare before- & the one teacher had over 24 years experience in the infant room! They know alllll the tips & tricks to calm a baby.

After dropping her off, the rest of the morning was pure chaos. Which was a great thing because it kept me preoccupied. I hardly had a second to think! Also, I was looking forward to having some quality time with Moose- we haven’t had any time just the two of us since Quinn was born.

We had Stanley Steemer coming by to do the stairs in our house and the main floor since Moose is well potty trained (minus the occasional upset stomach accident). The last time we did it was a little premature, and our carpets were in dire need of some help (this was different than the deep spot treatment we did around his crate when I was in labor– but details, schmetails). While our Dyson power scrub does the trick for most areas in the home, it’s hard to get the stairs with it- so we just went ahead and decided to hire SS. I feel like this is the most boring paragraph I’ve ever written. Carrying on…

They arrived 15 mins earlier than their window to arrive, so I was pulling back in the driveway when they were here. I tried to crate Moose while they worked, but Moose was not having it. He barked incessantly. To finally calm him down, I climbed into the crate with him while they finished working, At least I was getting that quality time! Hahah.

One of the guys came over to let me know it was time to do a walkthrough before they left, and despite his best effort to stifle a laugh, he couldn’t help but crack up at the grown woman casually sitting in the dog crate with her dog. 😆

After they left, I dropped a glass container and it shattered all over the floor- so I spent a good 15/20 minutes cleaning that up and looking for every little shard. Like I said, chaos.

Then I took Moose to the trail- just the two of us, like the olden days. I longed for Quinn, but I tried to just give all my love and attention to Moose.

I felt so much relief when the pictures started coming in on the app. I love the app this daycare uses- it shares pictures and reports feeds, diaper changes and nap times.

When Moose and I returned from our walk, I had these gorgeous flowers waiting for me. I looked at the card – they were from DJ, knowing how hard her first day of daycare would be for me. He wrote the absolute sweetest words, and I’ll save that card forever <3. It made the day much brighter!

I then made our next Purple Carrot meal, a lemon asparagus pasta, to have ready to reheat for dinner. Yum!

When I checked the app next time, I was shocked to see Quinn was sleeping soundly!!

She was already adjusting so well! I was amazed! Someone told me infant daycare teachers are “magicians”, and I’d say this is a fair description.

I did some laundry and squeezed in a 3 mile run on the treadmill. Then I picked up my girl. They said she did very well!! It’s SUCH a relief to know she’ll be ok at daycare. It was one of those things hanging over my head all maternity leave, but she is thriving there.

She was especially exhausted after the first half day, so I just let her sleep in my carrier as long as she wanted.

July 28th I soaked up tons and tons of cuddles with my girl, allowing her to rest and not pushing too many crib naps.

At the end of the day, I noticed an orange glow around the house. I peaked outside and saw a stunning sunset. I watched it as a held Quinn tight in my carrier. Just one of those simple, precious memories 💛.

The next day, July 29th was her second scheduled half day at daycare. We started the day the same- some play time followed by a nap in my carrier before taking her in. After dropping her off, I had a virtual mimosa and coffee with my friend Clair who had off work that day, and then got to work on my to-do list. I packed up all the clothes that Quinn no longer fit into, which was one heck of an emotional experience! She has grown so fast!

I deep cleaned the house that day since I ran out of time on Wednesday. It felt so good! I also went for my longest run since giving birth- I have a ways to go before I’m back to my baseline, but I don’t even care, it just felt so darn good to be back out there!

When I picked up Quinn, she seemed way less exhausted than the first day. I could tell she was already adapting to the new setting tremendously. Again, they gave a great report!

I have also learned new ideas from daycare about ways to play with Quinn at home! There are more benefits to it than I even anticipated. And the after daycare smiles when she sees me melt my heart!!

July 30th, we had a chill family day at home 🧡.

The books of the week were Wake Up Farm! And Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? So fun!

That afternoon, she slept soundly in my carrier while I made our final purple carrot meal, a chickpea curry!

Monday August 1st, technically my maternity leave was over, but there weren’t any shifts that week for me to pick up. I did not mind the extra time with my girl!

Quinn has been loving this playmat she first used at her Gigi’s!

It plays music – and guys, there is this one song about a purple monkey in a bubblegum tree that is actually good 🤣. DJ and I were like, why is that song actually catchy? We found ourselves singing it around the house and looked it up on YouTube- the comments were so funny- a lot of people looking it up due to the playmat. Someone commented “There is no reason for this song to slap so hard”. Accurate 😂.

Tuesday August 2nd, we FaceTimed my sister, Halston. Halston just took her Bar exam and returned from a celebratory trip to Aruba!

That day I prepped this pistachio harissa salmon recipe throughout the day for dinner. It was really good, but I wish I had chosen better cuts of salmon and either cooked them in the air fryer or cast iron with a little added oil to crisp them up.

I’ve been on such a kick with nutrient dense bowls for dinner too- I use a base of spring mix topped with either ground turkey or ground beef/bison and then whatever veggies/grains/toppings sound good. I also melt a little vegan cheese into the meat. Vegan cheese is wayyyy tastier melted!

I’ve found that a way to keep Quinn calm while I make dinner/do laundry/etc. is to sing to her whatever I’m doing. I just make up random songs about folding towels and chopping veggies. Some days it feels like we’re living in a musical 😆.

Quinn was gifted this sweet onesie from the nurses at work. Of course, I love it too 🥰.

She used to squirm so much when I read to her on my lap, but now she tolerates it so much better and seems to really enjoy it!! I think it helps her reflux is overall well controlled now. Books for this week were What Will I Do With My Love Today? and Goodnight Moon ☺️.

I ordered Quinn a boppy to use during playtime as an idea from daycare. She loves it!!

Something new this past week- Quinn has started turning her body 180 degrees during tummy time. She just scoots all the way around. She says “Mom, I’m bored of that direction, I’m a free baby- I will look whichever direction I want!”.

Friday August 5th, I made us bowls with bison mixed with melted vegan colby jack cheese, farro, sautéed veggies, fresh tomatoes, vegan tzatziki, hummus and kalamata olives over spring mix served with a fattoush dressing. What a mouthful – literally! I’m already craving it again!!

This week I finished Ready Player One. Soo different than the usual genre I’m into, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As I wrap up- I know this blog has changed a lot since having Quinn. I’m aware I’m that mom totally publicly obsessing over her baby- but she really is my world, and I thank you for sharing in this very special time in our lives 🥰 .

We do go on a road-trip soon. I’m simultaneously excited and dreading it considering Quinn hates the car 🥴. Wish us luck!

Questions for you:

Whatchya reading lately?

– What does August have in store for you?



Friday Favorites! 8/5/22

It’s Friday, Friday!—- *Cue Rebecca Black*

Hope you all had a lovely week and have a fabulous weekend ahead. I have a few favorites I am eager to share today!

1. Honey Roasted Pistachios. Cannot get enough. These are deeeelish. I’ve been on a pistachio kick in general lately, but this flavor is a real winner.

2. Curious Baby Cards. These cards have been so helpful with suggesting fun developmentally friendly activities for Quinn. They have the activities grouped by age and go up until 12 months!

3. Yellowstone. Great show! Click this link for a synopsis. We usually try to watch a couple episodes every weekend. We are early in season 3 right now.

4. Puracy Coconut and Vanilla Body Wash. I just love Puracy’s products, and this body wash is no exception. It smells wonderful, is natural and has zero harsh chemicals.

5. Veggies Made Great Double Chocolate Muffins. Oh how I love these!! The flavor reminds me of molten lava chocolate cake. But somehow zucchini and carrots are the first two ingredients listed. Lately every night I have had one of these topped with dairy free cool whip and dairy free ice cream. Obsessed. I have also tried the banana chocolate chip flavor which is delicious too.

I’ll keep it short and sweet today! Quite literally- can you tell my sweet tooth has been acting up?!

Have a great weekend 🙂



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Hospital Bag for Labor, Delivery & Postpartum- What I Actually Used

Packing for the hospital, I was sure I overpacked. Turns out, I did 🤪. I thought it’d be helpful to share what I actually used, and for baby #2, God willing, I will have this list handy and ready to go! No overpacking next time ;).

For labor & delivery :

Cloud slides. Ok these made all the difference during labor. I walked countless laps with DJ around the nursing station before getting the epidural, and they made the walk so comfy. Whenever I got a contraction I’d look at my shoes and slowly count each step to have something to focus on. I also wore them in the shower on the postpartum unit. And I wear them alll the time now too.

Lollipops. Depending on hospital policy, you may or may not be allowed to have these, but they helped a lot with preventing a dry mouth, and it was nice to have a little flavor as a distraction. They really only helped in early labor; once things got intense I had no interest. But postpartum, they have helped me stay awake during nursing sessions in the middle of the night.

Jasmine Essential Oil. I loved putting a couple drops on a cotton ball and smelling them during contractions. The scent was calming and give me a distraction. Also, even just that little bit made the room smell amazing. Our diaper bag still smells of jasmine, and it makes me so happy because it takes me back to the labor and delivery.

Thank you gift & cards: I ordered the Good Grocer box for both the L & D and postpartum units. I filled out the cards on the last day, and then DJ delivered it to our L & D nurse for us – she was incredible & I wanted to put extra time into her note.

For postpartum unit:

Extra ice packs! The hospital does have ice packs, but I went through them so quickly I had wished I brought extra with me so I didn’t have to call the nurse in so frequently to restock. I specifically like this brand linked here better than the Frida packs.

Witch Hazel. For this, I specifically like the Frida product. I tried a couple different brands, and this one was the best and most effective for cooling and relief in my opinion.

Nursing Gown. I lived in this & my robe at the hospital. It felt much more comfortable wearing this than the hospital gown. It is great to wear to bed postpartum too since it’s so easy to nurse in.

Robe. This robe was perfect for the hospital- not too warm, not too light.

Toiletries & Hairbrush. The shower after giving birth was one of the best showers of my life. Besides everything Quinn, showering was the highlight of my day in the hospital. It made me feel so much better and energized. So, having all my normal toiletries was essential !

Cozy slippers. It felt so cozy to put these on with the robe after a shower. We couldn’t walk the postpartum unit due to COVID, but just moving about the room and tending to Quinn was way more enjoyable with these on. I wear these all the time at home now. Also they’re super easy to put through the washing machine which is a bonus.

Announcement outfit and announcement sign for Quinn.

Snacks!!! I ate up all the snacks I brought with me. I was so hungry being up pretty much 24-7 and breastfeeding.

Going home outfit for Quinn. Love this one from Posh Peanut! I can’t believe how itty bitty she was in this photo! 🥹

Going home outfit for me. I just packed yoga pants, a baseball cap, a nursing bra and a light maternity shirt. This was the only time I put on “real clothes” my entire hospital stay.

Misc.: Cell phone and charger, contact for pediatrician, insurance and ID, DJ’s bag (toiletries/clothes), car seat ready in car, contact list for sharing the news!

And that’s about it!



Week 10 & 11: Crib Naps, Birthdays & Time with Friends!

 Good morning everyone! Currently I’m in Quinn’s nursery, working on a crib nap again. Working on crib naps has occupied a good chunk of our time these past two weeks. We have had short successful naps of 20-30 mins, but not much longer than that. She’s at the 17 min mark right now though! (I jinxed myself because as soon as I typed that she started crying, and I had to put the post on hold hah). Whenever she loses her pacifier, she wakes up, so if anyone has suggestions on what to do about that please let me know 🙂 .

She is now back in her crib after a feed (she was due anyway), she’s just drowsily looking around, hopefully she’ll fall back asleep!

With the naps, we’ve been trying to stick to the eat, play, sleep routine. She was doing so well with this rhythm when she could sleep in my carrier, but the crib really seems to throw her off. It’s been an emotional and trying transition I think for us both. We alternate naps in the carrier and crib right now. I am always carefully towing a line between helping her practice crib naps and making sure she doesn’t get overtired. I do think we see a tinyyy bit of improvement every day, just going to continue to try to be consistent. I’m proud of her for even 20 mins!

We also have a couple trial daycare days this week for half days. I am very nervous, and I get a pit in my stomach every time I think about it. I know it’ll be ok, but my heart hurts thinking about sending her so soon from now.

Onto the fun happenings this past couple weeks!

July 9th, we went for a walk in the morning as usual and then went to a birthday party for my friend’s (Clair), son. It was Sonic themed and so adorable from the cake to the popcorn machine. I have missed her family so much, and it was really good to see them again!

 The day before this we discovered her love of dancing fruits and veggies, so this outfit felt appropriate 😄.

 That evening, Moose joined her with her tummy time. He often comes up and lays a big ol’ kiss on her out of nowhere. She looks surprised, but it never seems to bother her!

Oh my gosh she’s back asleep on her own without crying! Woohoo!! This is HUGE! Okay starting the timer now. 9:12 AM.

Moose has been on one with suddenly always wanting to get up on the living room coffee table. This dog, always up to somethin’. Haha.

 The afternoon of July 10th, I did a little craft time during Quinn’s playtime! My sister and Kevin gifted us this clay handprint and footprint picture frame. I printed Quinn’s foot no problem, but it was super hard to get her to open her hand flat for a print. So I decided to do Moose’s paw print instead and plan to put a picture of the two of them in the middle of the frame 🥰.

 July 11th, Marie sent some seriously adorable pics of Crush and Moose. Crush doesn’t leave Moose’s side.

Even when Moose was napping, Crush was just patiently sitting there waiting for him to wake up.

In terms of new fun developmental milestones these two weeks, Quinn has started holding things pretty well and she all of a sudden is chatting up a storm with her cooing! It’s so much fun. Every morning I sit with her with my coffee and oatmeal, we play some light “coffee shop hits” and chit chat back and forth. I’ll tell her what I’m eating, ask how her morning is going, but she’s especially engaged when I repeat the exact sounds she makes. She LOVES it. I sometimes smile so much during these times together that my cheeks hurt. She also studies faces for a long time now. Before this, her gaze was more shifty, but now she’s hyper-focused. She still is killin’ tummy time too.


She also has been trying to bear weight when we stand her on our legs, it’s wild. I’m like, girl, slow down! I can’t have two toddlers running around just yet!

The evening of July 11th, I started the Bachelorette in bed. I know many people have jumped ship on this franchise, but I have watched for as long as I can remember- I don’t think I’ll ever stop no matter how repetitive and silly it is! I’ll probably be in a nursing home organizing watch parties.

One thing different this time around, it takes me a couple days to finish an episode. It comes on at 8, I usually don’t start it until 830/9 and then shortly after 9 pm I am out if Quinn’s out.

 Another great pic from Marie that week of my boy 💙.

 The smiles are more and more frequent and more and more cheesy 🥰. I just soak up every single one. She gets such a kick out of watching me lift weights; this was a smile from that. She was probably laughing at my form 😅.

 Week 10, I suddenly got the urge to cook again. I haven’t ordered takeout in over a week, who is she?!

When I cook, I basically have to do it with Quinn either in the carrier or bouncer, but I’m finding ways to chip away at prepping a dinner through the day. I was feeling real motivated one day after seeing a recipe for filet mignon in the air fryer. I made them with a medley of vegetables and couscous. Oh my word! SO GOOD and so easy.

 It’s 9:31 AM! 20 min mark. Go, Quinn, go!

The evening of July 13th, I made a vegan Dr. Praeger burger with rice and veggies. This has been a super easy go to dinner for me lately. I usually top it with Noble Made dressings and hummus.

And she’s awake at 9:34 AM. Going to put pacifier back in and see if she falls back asleep.

She didn’t fall back asleep, but that’s ok! 21 minutes, not too bad.

July 14th we started with our usual morning walk. We had a bit of a chaotic morning, I don’t even remember why I just remember feeling frazzled, and being out on the trail immediately calmed me down.

 That evening I captured this precious moment!

 Mr. Moose was tuckered after a day at Marie’s.

 Friday July 15th Gigi stopped by! She dropped off this absolutely adorable bib. How cute is this?!

  July 16th I made us some shrimp tacos for dinner. Besides the steak, this is my favorite thing I’ve made in the air fryer. These tacos are becoming a frequent rotation! I just get the large easy peel shrimp, defrost them, lather them in olive oil, and douse them up with whatever seasonings feel right in my soul- usually a combo of cumin, chili powder, cayenne, garlic powder & smoked paprika.

This week we read The Rabbit Listened. I adore this book & its message!! She loves it too ☺️.

 I love how comfortable Moose is with Quinn now. The first couple weeks he went to the opposite couch she was on, but now he snuggles right up.

 Saturday July 16th was a very special day! It was Moose man’s first birthday. How is our fur-born already one?! I ordered a puppy cake from Okra and Molly online – and it was wonderful service! Super fast and fairly inexpensive. I made one little mistake- I accidentally ordered Moose a female cake, but I don’t think he cared 🤣. We had to stop him from devouring the whole thing in one go!

Oh and did I try it? Of course. I know it’s technically for dogs, but it’s made with all food us humans eat & it looked so appetizing 😆. It was not bad! Like a really dry peanut butter cake with zero sweetness lol. I see why Moose loved it though.

Since it was his birthday, he got dessert first. But for dinner, the old man got ground beef and rice.

Another morning walk pic. I know these blogs are quite repetitive! I guess that’s somewhat a good sign that we have a kinda maybe sorta semblance of a routine?

On Sunday July 17th, we took these pics of Moosey and Quinnie in her “And then there were four” onesie 🥹. I mean..

 That onesie was a gift from one of DJ’s coworkers, and I’m just so obsessed.

Don’t know where I saw this, but had to share since I saw it screen-shotted when going through my camera roll, lol. I’ve got 8 years on this person, and still don’t know what to say 🫠.

Monday July 18th , Clair came by with Jacob and Layla for a little mom and kids morning. We ordered breakfast from Garrets Mill Diner (still a favorite) and tag-teamed feeding the two toddlers, Quinn and keeping everyone happy/entertained while catching up!

We had fun putting on the dancing fruits for a couple minutes, and Quinn was thoroughly entertained by our dancing 🤣.

That afternoon we had two successful crib naps! Even though they were only 20ish mins a piece this was the most success we had had yet!

That evening I made Indian for DJ and was craving a salad for myself. The salad is not all that pretty- presentation goes by the wayside when the objective is make and eat the food before baby girl cries! And then if she’s in my carrier while I’m eating (which is often the case), I try hard to avoid dropping food on her. When it’s a real messy meal, I now put a light blanket over her head. I have found avocado in her hair, watermelon juice on the side of her head and peanut butter somehow got on her face one time. Oh and we can’t forget the cashew in the diaper 🙈. Sorry baby girl! She’s a trooper putting up with me, I’ll tell ya what.

Tuesday July 19th we had a gorgeous walk to start the day on our trail. The only annoyance is how buggy it is that time of morning. I have a mosquito net for the stroller, but that doesn’t help much when she fusses and wants in the carrier. Usually I just cover her legs with a light blanket if they’re exposed, or if it’s cool enough, keep her in a full body onesie.

That afternoon I was feeling ambitious. I needed to get Quinn a rehearsal dinner dress for a wedding in August, so I looked up baby clothing stores in town. I thought it’d be a fun little outing for us to do together. I found one only 9 minutes away. Perfect, or so I thought. Lately, Quinn doesn’t tolerate even a minute in the car. She hates it. I even dread the drive to and from walks. As soon as we started driving, she started wailing. I feel so helpless when she cries in the car. When we got to the area where the store was located, I realized we had to park in a parking garage – a minor inconvenience. I found a spot on the first level, unloaded her (still crying, now echoing through the entire garage), and she didn’t stop even in the stroller. I put her in the carrier and she immediately calmed down, but then I had this whole stroller I had to lug back into the trunk (not possible when she’s in the carrier). Out of desperation and a prayer that it wouldn’t get stolen, I hid the stroller in from view in front of the car. I jetted quickly to the store only to find it was vacated and no longer existed. I put her back in the car and she wailed all the way home. She was crying, I was crying, and I vowed to never leave the house again. Dramatic, I know, but when you’re stuck on the highway with a wailing babe it’s the worst!

Thankfully as soon as we came home she was a happy camper again, and I bought a couple dresses online for her instead. What would we do without online shopping. I really do not know.

Week 11’s book was Wake Up Farm. It’s so fun with the pop out images!

This week we spent a lot of time dancing and listening to music. I introduced her to some of my dad’s favorites- mainly 60s classics/60s Motown. I think her favorite song right now is I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch). I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on the blog yet, but Quinn’s middle name, Rae, is in honor of my dad and Grandpa- my dad’s middle name was Raymond and my Grandpa’s name was Raymond, but he went by Ray 🥰.

I was very much in the reading mood this past week too, I finished three books and started a new one. My favorite of the three was Educated, (yes, I finally finished it)- phenomenal!! One of the best books I’ve ever read start to finish. The pure genius of her writing gave me chills!

I also started Ready Player One, which is not at all my usual cup of tea, but I’ve heard it referenced quite a bit lately with the creation of Metaverse. I know it came out a long time ago, but I’m actually so into this book. It makes me feel a little bit like I’m reading Harry Potter again. Have you read the book or seen the movie?

Friday July 22nd, we changed things up during tummy time. I got this idea to use wrapping paper for play time from the Curious Baby cards. These cards are filled with some really fun ideas for each age!

She loved this idea. The crinkly sound of the wrapping paper kept her engaged for a while and see loved playing with it with her hands.

That evening, DJ and I decided we would try to do a date night at home since it’ll probably be a while until we have one out of the house again!

I started with a random throw together-whatever-is-in-the-pantry appetizer spread since I knew sitting down to eat may take some time. For the main meal, I made filet mignon in the air fryer , and had some homemade sweet potato soup from the food prep pre-baby, creamed spinach (dairy free for me) and rice.

Ms. Quinn was especially fussy, so right when we were about to eat our main meal, I put my attention on calming her down. She finally crashed in my carrier, so I stood and swayed at the kitchen island while DJ cut up my steak into bite size pieces that I could easily eat without disturbing her. We watched half an episode of Yellowstone and were ready to call it a night by 845 pm.

And that wraps up week 11!

Questions for you:

Do you have a favorite air fryer recipe?

– What is/was your favorite children’s book?



Week 9: Fourth of July, Szalays and Dancing Fruit!

 Good morning/afternoon/evening, whenever you may be reading this! I am currently in the nursery with Quinn, trying to get her to nap in her crib. Right now, she only does contact naps in my carrier, so I’m hoping we can get her used to some crib naps before starting daycare. She’s happily just looking around at the moment, mainly fascinated by the cascading vines and flowers on the wallpaper, but I hope she dozes soon because I know she’s tired. And I’ve learned it can be very difficult to get her happy again when she’s overtired.

Anyway! Week 9 was a jam-packed, but wonderful one.

 It started out Saturday July 2nd with an early morning walk with the whole gang.

 (Not pictured – a sleepy Quinn in the stroller).

That morning, I had my first ever outing away from Quinn. It was hard to leave her for even a couple hours, but lemme tell ya- my hair was begging me to give it life again.

I went to get some blonde put in while DJ stayed with her and gave her a bottle. I called him on the way home, and he said all was going really well, so I even stopped to grab some coffee.

It felt like such a huge thing we had accomplished!! The rest of the day was just getting the house in order, doing chores, etc. We fit in some Yellowstone in the evening too.

Sunday July 3rd, we went for a very early morning walk before driving to a place called Lakeside in Danbury Township, OH for the day.

 DJ’s side of the family has a big reunion every year on the weekend of the Fourth. It was hard for us to make it while living in CA and TX, so we were excited to be able to go this year. We decided since we’re still working on Quinn’s sleeping, we would just go for the day of the 3rd rather than stay overnight. Both Moose and Quinn did very well on the way there. We laughed at Moose who sat like a human most of the trip, eyes straight ahead on the road 🤣.

 We only needed to stop to do one diaper change/feed break.

 The face of a happily fed gal with a fresh diaper!

When we arrived, we met up with Gigi, Gordie, Laura and Ricky and their daughter (our niece, Lily) before they headed back to Chicago. So good to see them all!! They’ll be back in a couple weeks, and I cannot wait!

Gigi and Quinnie!

 First Fourth of July family pic!

I asked Deej to take a picture of just Quinn with her outfit. This is how the pics turned out 😅. Sweet pea was not having it!

She was happy to get a picture while on her play mat though!

I just kept her in my carrier the whole day, besides when others were holding her. She met her Aunt Amy for the first time too! I couldn’t wait to see Amy, I miss living close to her.

For lunch, we had some incredible barbecue. Can we talk about what a CRIME it was that I lived in Austin and didn’t eat the meat when going to BBQ spots?! I missed out on some good smoked brisket 😭.

After visiting with family, the delicious lunch, and feeding/changing Quinn, we had a little downtime. DJ and I took Moose for a walk and enjoyed beautiful Lakeside.

Lakeside is situated right on Lake Erie. It feels like a step back in time when we go there- it’s a little oasis of cottages, old fashioned donut and ice cream shoppes, mini golf, a gorgeous chapel and the most peaceful dock. This place is special to me and DJ as it’s the first place we said we loved each other. DJ spent many summers here growing up, and I’m so glad he shared this special place with me too!

It was a great day with family and being in a place we love!

The next day, the actual Fourth of July, we went to another place we both frequented growing up- Szalays Sweet Corn Farm & Market! Side note- The Fourth of July also marked day two (in a row!) of me putting on regular clothes and makeup. Something that never happens lately!

Anyway, we just love this place. Szalays is known for probably three things- their BIG wooden swing, amazing corn on the cob and a great corn maze at Halloween.

It was scorching out this day, so we decided to just get some corn and then hit the road. We had a fan on Quinn, but still didn’t want to overdo it.

 We got our corn!! Moose laid happily next to us even with people walking by- we were so proud of him.

 That afternoon I read Three Little Kittens to Quinn. I read one book a day to her. I used to change it up every day, but I started doing one book through the whole week, and it seems the familiarity holds her attention better? Or I could be just reading into that ;).


July 5th was back to the usual! I just love ‘the usual’ which includes spending all the time and cuddles with my girl.

 Her cuddles are the bestttt.

 Lately on our walks, Quinn has started getting fussy at the turn around point. I’ve cut them short due to this, especially with Moose. If it’s just her and I, then I’ll put her in my carrier to finish out the walk.


Oh also!! Apparently there have been a number of black bear sightings around here. Gigi’s neighbor even saw one in their yard. So I’m definitely on high alert out on our walks.

 The smiles get more and more frequent every day! I’m obsessed.

 July 6th marked Quinn’s two month birthday 💕💕💕.

 The next day, July 7th, Gigi stopped by to hangout with me and Quinn while someone worked on our treadmill which broke that week. Getting it fixed is VERY important as it is one of my main ways to soothe her- I put her in my carrier, put the treadmill on a low speed, and she’ll conk out in a matter of minutes.

Since Moose has been a bit of a booger lately with having kennel cough and not being able to get his energy out as much at daycare, my mom sent him a care package (which indirectly is very much a care package for me). Thankfully he was acting totally fine and the cough went away, but he still couldn’t be around other dogs for two solid weeks.

July 8th Gigi helped me out big time by watching Quinn while I went to get a dress altered for a wedding I’m in in August.

That afternoon I discovered Quinn’s new favorite hobby- watching dancing fruit! We only play this for about 10 minutes a day – but my goodness she could probably watch this all day if we let her. And I truly think she intentionally dances along with them to the rhythm too! She also gets a real kick out of DJ and I dancing along to it!

 That evening DJ stayed back with Quinn and Moose while I snuck in my first trail run this summer and since having her! I only went two miles, but it felt amazing.

 And that brings us to the end of week 9!

Update on the nap- did not happen in the crib. We tried! She just was not having it. Maybe better success next time. For now, I’m soaking up the naps in my carrier. I know I’ll miss them.

Question for you:

Do you have any summer traditions?



Weeks 7 & 8!

 Hey hey! I hope all my USA friends had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend with friends and family. I am writing this blog as we drive to see family about an hour and a half away (on July 3rd). Girlfriend is conked out in her car seat at the moment, just hoping she stays that way for a bit!

So weeks 7 & 8 were really good weeks overall! We had some breakthroughs with Quinn, which I’ll get into now.

First one- on June 18th Quinn took a bottle for the first time!! This was a big deal because I was a bit nervous she’d refuse a bottle up until I returned to work, but nope- she did great! We try to offer a bottle once a day to keep her used to it.

That day I did my first run on the treadmill since I delivered her. It felt AMAZING! I have a long way until I’m running marathons again, but I’m happy to do any running at this point.

 June 19th was Father’s Day. It was bittersweet- missing my Dad and knowing how absolutely incredible he would be as a grandpa, but then also it was awesome to celebrate DJ’s first Father’s Day ❤️. We went over my father-in-law’s around noon for a yummy lunch & to celebrate the amazing Dad he is too! We then returned home, DJ opened gifts, and we had a chill evening of watching Yellowstone.

 June 20th DJ and I took Moose to Beach Bow Wow. Our girl was a little fussy that day, so I stayed with her in the car until she calmed down. Then I put her in the stroller and walked her around the park until the guys were ready to go.

That was another wonderfully chill day just caring for our children- one furrier than the other.

Side note (the pic below made me think of this)- anyone else watch TV/movies at home with subtitles?

Moose sits on this pouf like it’s a chair, and it cracks me up.

 June 21st was a pretty relaxing day too! Something I’ve been really grateful for this summer is the electric fence. Moose has been loving just going out and exploring/sunbathing in the yard.

 Whenever I am playing with Quinn, Moose wants in on the fun.

 Quinn is fascinated by her big brother!

 We’ve been so impressed with her head control. This day also marked the third time she rolled over since three weeks old. She rolled a fourth when Gigi was here later in the week! She is one strong girl!

 June 22nd we had CoreLife! Oh now I’m craving some juicy steak again 😋.

 June 23rd I started the day with Kite Hill Almond Yogurt, cashews, collagen powder, peanut butter, berries and honey.

 That morning we had an ultrasound for Quinn to rule out tethered cord, thankfully all was good!! Quinn handled it so well too. Gigi came with us which helped so much.

She played with Quinn while I zipped around emptying diaper pales, vacuumed, unloaded the dishwasher, etc. It’s amazing how much you can get done with a couple free hands in a short amount of time!

 We had Piada for lunch. Safe to say I’m obsessed with that place.

Gigi also took this candid- I love she captured this because much of our day usually looks like this!

Mr. Moose developed a little cough that week, and we feared it was kennel cough. Gigi graciously took him to the vet while I stayed with Quinn. What would we do without her?! Sure enough, he did have kennel cough, which meant 14 days no daycare for him- and a rambunctious Moose for me!

 June 24th we started the day with a walk. I had my usual for lunch with a sandwich. I’ve also been on a kick of watermelon after walks lately. So refreshing. It’s funny because I usually eat an early lunch around 10/1030 with how hungry I’ve been. Who am I kidding I have another lunch at noon too. I’m definitely hungrier breastfeeding than when I was pregnant!

 Lately Moose has become more protective of Quinn. It’s so sweet.

 That evening, I made air fryer salmon- wow, so easy & goood!!

June 25th my good friend, Melissa, and her boyfriend, Michael, stopped by to meet Quinn. It was so much fun chatting with them, having lunch from Piada and introducing them to her. It’s pretty special because Melissa and I have been friends since we were in diapers ourselves!

 Week 7 was extra special because we got our first social smiles from Quinn. She made us work for them though 😅. I’ll never forget the moment when she gave me that first smile back. Best. Thing. Ever. Ok I guess there are a lot of “bests” with her 🥰.

 One of her favorite toys lately is this butterfly Rachel got her. The opposite side is all black and white contrast. It rattles/crinkles/squeaks, and she just loves it! I use it a lot when she gets fussy on car rides, and it tends to be a pretty good distraction most of the time ;).

A HUGE breakthrough from week 8 is Quinn now loves a pacifier! It was a lot of persistence and trying daily to get her to take one, and finally she accepted it. We now can’t go anywhere without it!! It is a game changer! We tried multiple different kinds, and this is the one that stuck.

Random, but her absolute favorite position post feeds is up on the shoulder. It makes sense with her reflux. DJ sometimes will do this little helicopter tour with her around the house, and she loves that too, ha!

This pic above is now my phone background 🥰.

My coworkers got this sweet outfit for her that she sported on Thursday June 30th 🥕.


Since Quinn loves being in the carrier so much, DJ got one too this week! She just loves being all snuggled up in it.

To help expend a little extra energy, we hired a dog walker a couple times to get Moose an extra walk a few days through his kennel cough quarantine. The walker sent the sweetest photos and Moose seemed to love exploring the new trails!!

Friday July 1st, Quinn had her vaccines first thing in the morning. This picture below is her saying “I did it!”. She just slept most of the day and was only a touch fussy in between naps.

Since she wasn’t feeling 100% after, I just had her nap on me while laying on the couch much of the day. Moose had a ton of pent up energy in the afternoon, so I gave him a card board box to gnaw on. Well, inside said box was a bunch of styrofoam which he proceeded to destroy to pieces. Since Quinn was fussing a bit as Moose created what resembled a winter wonderland on our floor, I was just focused on trying to calm her and figured I’d deal with the mess later. I decided c’est la vie, laughed at the situation and of course, documented it.

That brings us to the end of week 8!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend ahead 😊.



Friday Favorites! Newborn Edition

This Friday Favorites is going to be a little different today! I figured I would whip up my 10 favorite items I’ve used in this newborn phase. It was hard to narrow down, but I tried to focus on the items I rely on almost daily!

1. Lovevery Play Gym & Play Kit. Quinn loves her play gym, whether on her back or for tummy time. She was gifted the subscription box as well, and it is amazing!! She is so fascinated by everything in it & it’s so fun. I love how it focuses on fostering her development too.

2. Hakka Electric Nail Care Set. I used a regular manual baby nail file for the first couple weeks, and it seemed to take forever and wasn’t very effective. This nail file is a game changer!! It’s safe, easy and fast. She doesn’t mind it either.

3. The Brest Friend Nursing Pillow. The Brest friend is my best friend!!! I LOVE this, and it makes the difference for comfortable breastfeeding. She feels so much more secured and well- positioned on it. I also like to make lunch and then can eat one handed while supporting her with the other on the Brest friend. A must for breastfeeding in my book!

4. Ergo Baby Carrier Wrap. I live in this!! As does Quinn. It’s another game changer- I can get so much done, and she is so comfy in it. It soothes her more than anything too. If she is fussy I put her in this, go for a walk, and it really tends to do the trick. The only downside is it’s a little challenging to initially figure out. But soooo worth putting in the time to learn! It also loosens so I do have to redo it through the day. I just love having her so close to me too.

5. This changing table. We use this in our bedroom right now for night changes and use the changing pad from the nursery downstairs since we don’t do changes in the actual nursery yet. I love this changing table! It has great pockets, is super easy to clean and is easy to assemble.

6. Bath Kneeler and Elbow Rest Pad. A bath time essential !

7. Bumco Bum Brush. This makes applying diaper creams/ointments so much easier and less messy! I love!

8. Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag. Obsessed with this bag! I take it everywhere with us.

9. Baby Bjorn Bouncer. Due to Quinn’s reflux, this bouncer has been particularly useful during her playtime immediately after feeds before switching to the play mat.

10. GoGo Plastic Milk Bags. I tried a couple different milk storage bags (I tried some silicone ones that were too expensive and a pain!), but I love these- they have no air when you seal them, and they’re BPA free.

What are some things you’re loving lately?



*All pictures are from the respectively linked site*

Weeks 5 & 6!

Top of the morning to ya!! After so many blog posts, I figured I’d try out a new greeting 😜. Oh did you hear? Emojis are no longer ‘cool’. I think there have been murmurs about this since early 2021, but I’m just now coming out of the stage of denial. So alas, we’re at a crossroads: Continue to use my beloved laughing face with tears…even when things aren’t all that funny …or put the emojis aside at an attempt to keep up with the times. I will have to think on it 🤔.

Anyway! I am very excited to dive into weeks 5 & 6. They were definitely better overall than the two weeks prior! While there was no set routine per say, it felt like the days had/have some sort of rhythm: wake up, put Quinn in her dock-a-tot while I quickly get into the first yoga pants and tshirt I can grab, have breakfast with her either in the carrier or swing (whichever she’ll tolerate), go for a walk, have lunch, do misc. chores in the afternoon while she naps in carrier (she didn’t nap well outside the carrier during those weeks), play time after feeds (tummy time/contrast books/Lovevery play gym/bouncer) and read my kindle or watch a few episodes of housewives of NJ with downtime. I usually start dinner earlier than I used to, around 5. We still even have a couple crockpot meals left! I think weeks 5 & 6 were also somewhat better because we started understanding her cues better- a hungry vs overtired cry for example, and we started to learn the best soothing techniques for specifics times of day/situations.

The evenings of week 5 & 6 were tough though because she had a definite witching hour between the hours of 8-11 pm. Knock on wood, writing this at week 7, this has improved a lot!!

June 3rd we started the morning with lots of snuggles. She loves having her hands up by her face, I’m pretty sure that’s how she was most of the time in the womb.

Hehe, I love this pic.

We didn’t go on a walk that morning due to a scheduled doctors appt, so we played a lot on her play mat and then came home for lunch after the appt.

June 4th was such a great, lazy day. I love weekends especially because DJ is here all day. We went on a walk in the morning, and then I soaked up all the cuddles with Quinn in the afternoon. That evening we watched a couple episodes of Yellowstone – our latest obsession.

June 5th we started the day with a walk again. As I walked back from the bathroom on the trail, I captured DJ juggling these two like a pro!

That afternoon we went over to see Quinn’s Poppy, Sissy and Aunts!

 In the morning of June 6th, we met with the nurse practitioner I mentioned in my last post. That’s when things really started to turn the corner! I’m so thankful for her. We see her again for Quinn’s 2 month appointment.

 That afternoon after some play time we took this sweet pea’s one month photo 🥰. But also, it amazed me that a month had already passed! Howww. And now we’re already coming up on two!

A lot of times when DJ gets home, he’ll play with her while I run up to shower. She does so well on the play mat. She particularly loves just laying on her back and kicking away. Writing this at week 7, she’s already rolled over 4 times (!!).

 The morning of June 7th I went on a walk with Moose & Quinn, I know I sound like a broken record!

 I was on a kick that week of stuffed sweet potatoes for dinner. This one had avocado, green beans, a vegan burger, artichoke hearts and wilted kale. I love topping these with Noble Made dressings.

June 8th we received another adorable photo of Moose and Crush together 🥰.

She sent us home with some awesome pics of Moose she had taken!

That afternoon, Rach, her sister, Olivia, and Trotter came by to see Quinn 💕.

 Gigi came by on June 9th and knowing how challenging things had been lately, she brought over the sweetest gift and card. The words of encouragement in her card meant the world and came at such a perfect time. She also has been helping me out so much with getting naps in and caring for Quinn while I get things done. So thankful for her being close!

June 10th, DJ went out of town for a wedding for the weekend. I decided to try seeing how Quinn would do in her crib that evening. I set up a makeshift bed on the floor next to her crib to sleep on for the night.

Moose thought it was a bed for him though.

Overall, she did well! I was excited thinking oh, she just wants to be in a crib, but then the next two nights didn’t go well so back to the original co-rooming we went. (I way prefer this anyway).

Late that evening my sister, Andrea, flew in from Colorado to meet Quinn for the first time!

 The next day was a wild one. The morning of June 11th started out normal- we had breakfast then headed out for our walk. It was a busy day on the trail, so I was grateful my sister was with me. She took Moose and I walked Quinn in the stroller. For the second part of the walk, we switched since Moose can be quite the handful when there are so many people and dogs on the trail! Near the end of the trail, we spotted a goose off to the side. We were a little nervous having Moose pass by, but the goose was not bothered by the people and bikers going by. Andrea and Quinn went first with no issues. Then I started walking and had a gut feeling things were not going to go well. The goose started hissing. I created as much space as possible, but it didn’t matter. Moose lunged and the goose angrily threw up its wings and started chasing us. Moose was freaked out and darted the other way… taking me with him. I had the waist leash on, so I couldn’t just let go. I was drug through gravel and concrete. When we finally stopped, I was glued to the ground but in my periphery I could see a blur of gray wings an arms reach away that I knew belonged to the goose. I heard Moose yelp and was terrified he was getting attacked or bit. He took off again, and I was drug a second time. This time the goose didn’t follow, thank goodness. My sister saw the whole thing and reassured me Moose and the goose never made contact. I think he yelped because he felt cornered or in response to my own screams. I was so shaken up and quite injured with deep scrapes on my hands and knees, so she came over to get Moose. I took the stroller (thankfully Quinn and Andi were far away from the event). The goose dived into the brush on the other end of the trail and my sister and Moose made it across safely. Let’s just say, the term “goose chase” has taken on a whole new meaning for me!

When we got home, I got all cleaned and bandaged up, and then we had lunch. After, I was able to get in a nap while we watched some shows.

Once refreshed, I decided it would be good to tackle setting up a bean bag lounger for Quinn. I bought this as it was advertised to be good for reflux. It was such a pain in the butt to put together (something that should just be so simple?), and the beans got EVERYWHERE. I still am finding them today! Coupling the pain I was in from my morning bath of gravel with the frustration with this bean bag, I just started crying. The tears ended up turning to laughter when we realized just how truly ridiculous the whole bean bag situation was. We decided to document the whole crazy fiasco with this picture!

 The night really turned up when my sister cooked us up a delicious meal of coconut chicken.

Of course, this sweet girl lifted my spirits too! The look she’s giving me in this picture cracks me up!

Fortunately, June 12th was way less eventful. Since DJ got home around 1 AM, he was there in the morning to go on the walk with us. It was a much smoother walk, goose free!

Andi made us a yummy Korean pancake for lunch, one of her favorite recipes she graciously shared with me!

Moose loves playing with her play mat 😆.

That evening I made us shrimp tacos in the air fryer. I crave these!!!

For dessert, I had a pitaya bowl with berries, pb2 to mix in and part of a Go Macro bar.

Sadly, we said goodbye to Andi the next day- so thankful she was able to make it here though ❤️.

June 14th, Gigi came by to spend time with us and gave me some time to get in a wonderful nap. I just love this picture!!

And here’s a random picture of Moose being Moose.

When my mom was here, she got me a basil plant given how quickly I go through it. On June 15th, I whipped up a caprese for DJ and used some of it! It smells so amazing and fresh. I have zero green thumb, so I just hope I can keep this thing alive, lol.

Oh look, it’s more Moose being Moose.

 Marie is out of town for a few weeks, and he’s definitely been acting up. I think he misses his friends 🥺. Plus he’s just not expending as much energy, so he’s getting into everyyyyything.

This picture is from June 16th. My sweet girl lost much of her hair in weeks 5 & 6, leaving her with this adorable mini mullet! Midway through week 7 while I’m writing this, it has mostly grown back!

June 17th, Renee and Ender (my sister in law and my nephew) stopped by. It was so fun seeing them and seeing Ender interact with Quinn. He kept bringing over little “gifts” to her (usually one of Moose’s dog toys). It was so cute.

Moose has really warmed up to Quinn. He likes being close to her and actually has become very protective of her/more protective in general.

 And that wraps up weeks 5 & 6!!

Peace out all!!!

Question for you:

Do you have any encounter with wildlife type stories?

Are you on any food kicks right now?



Weeks 3 & 4!

Hey hey!! How are you doing today? I have The Housewives of New Jersey playing in the background (my latest guilty pleasure) while Quinn is sleeping in my arms. I think this is as good a time as ever to start chipping away at this post!

So weeks 3 & 4…. were rough. It’s funny because some people say 1 & 2 are the hardest, but that did not prove true for us. Everything was going so smoothly weeks 1 & 2 thennnn not so much.

I’ll try to sum all that up quickly and then focus on the beautiful, wonderful moments over those weeks because those sure were there too and outshine any of the bad💕.

Soon after Quinn was born, I recognized she may have a cow’s milk protein allergy due to *unusual* stools, so we took her to the pediatrician, and they suspected it as well. I had to cut out dairy and soy from my diet (soy has a high likelihood of cross intolerance), but no big deal – whatever was best for her I would do in a heartbeat. She had no other issues or symptoms we noticed though. Those first two weeks, Quinn started out sleeping ok in her bassinet (as good as you could expect for a newborn). Then in week 3 she stopped sleeping in the bassinet entirely. She developed such horrible reflux and congestion that kept her awake, and she sounded extremely uncomfortable whenever we laid her down flat. The only way she would sleep was on one of us. Thankfully my mom was there week 3 when DJ returned to work, and she took over holding her the second half of the night between feeds. My mom said she loved that time though- she soaked up tons of cuddles and was able to make it through a couple books by the end of the week.

Anyway, back to the reflux- we tried everything we could think of to get her to sleep comfortably and to address the reflux, but nothing worked. It was the most heartbreaking thing seeing her uncomfortable. When my mom left week 4, that’s when things got extra hard because I was getting only an hour or two of sleep in a 24 hr. period (DJ helped me get a nap when he got home). I went from being on cloud 9 the first couple weeks to feeling suddenly down, helpless and exhausted beyond words by the fourth week. I was desperate for her to feel better & for any sleep myself. I also started experiencing mom guilt about various things for the first time- I have never experienced guilt like mom guilt, even if it’s probably many times objectively unwarranted.

Monday June 6th we met with a nurse practitioner who made all the difference. She really heard us out, cared about my own well being as well as Quinn’s and came up with some unconventional, yet safe, solutions we hadn’t tried yet. She also prescribed reflux meds that certainly have helped! Things started turning the corner. Here at week 6, we still don’t have any night routine that has stuck, but we overall are all getting more sleep & Quinn seems more at ease. I’d guess I get 4 hours minimum in 24 hrs. which has made all the difference! Also, Gigi has really come to the rescue and has helped me get some good naps in. We also had a couple specialist appointments those weeks to rule out anything mores serious causing the reflux, and thankfully nothing was found.

Anyway, I’m just so grateful it’s nothing serious causing her symptoms, and this will all improve with time. I just want her to be comfortable and happy more than anything!

Ok, onto the good stuff !!!

Saturday May 21st, Quinn met her Great Aunt Jean in the afternoon 💕.

That evening, DJ held her while studying for a certification exam he’s taking next year. I think the way she’s snuggled up on his shoulder is so sweet.

 May 22nd we started the day with a family walk on the trail.

 That afternoon my mom (Quinn’s Grammy) arrived in town! Woohoo! This was her first time meeting Quinn in person. Needless to say, she was ecstatic to meet her first grandchild!

 For an appetizer prior to dinner, we made a little vegan cheese and cracker tray.

 We had Piada for dinner. My mom-in-law (Gigi) dropped off some vegan food and treats the day before since I can no longer have dairy, so we indulged in those that evening. SO sweet of her 💕. Also these desserts were amazing!!

 While my mom was here we worked a lot on getting Quinn to take a pacifier. My mom was successful a few times. Quinn was certainly less eager to take one from me at the beginning but has improved since.

 Our daily routine that week started with my mom taking Quinn while I got dressed/had breakfast then we’d switch. Then we’d head out to the trail for a lovely walk. It was unanimously one of our favorite parts of the day!

 We’d go back home around 11 and start to make lunch after changing and feeding Quinn. I’ve been on a real kick of a Turkey sandwich on Dave’s bread with vegan cheese, avocado, tomato, lettuce and mustard. Usually I have a salty side like Hippeas, Snappea crisps or pretzel thins along with a piece of Hu dark chocolate. Oh, side note- some deli Turkey has casein in it, which is a milk protein (who knew?!), so I’ve been careful to make sure to buy “casein free” turkey.

That evening we had Ichiban Sushi for dinner. I was able to get some rolls soy free and used a soy-free soy sauce. SO yummy!

Since it was DJ’s first week back at work, he was very eager to hold her the minute he walked through the door ❤️

May 24th we tried our the bungee waist leash for the first time with Moose! Even though my mom was there and willing to help, I wanted to see if I could manage both Moose & the stroller while I still had backup. Thankfully, it was a smooth first walk!

In the afternoons, we would usually relax/cuddle with Quinn, do Tummy time (she turned over for the first time at 3 weeks- WHAT), read her contrast books to her, take turns taking naps and watch The Circle (we watched a season together in Texas so it was fun to watch the latest season together again here!).


That afternoon we added a bath to the mix. She really loves her bath time!

 That evening my mom made a delicious meatloaf with corn, mashed potatoes and veggies. So good!! We decided people are sleepin’ on meatloaf. Why is it not a more common dish these days?

Snuggles with Grammy ❤️

May 25th, while Moose was at Marie’s, we received the sweetest update from her! Apparently this adorable little puppy followed Moose around the whole day and looked up to him like a big brother 🥺❤️.

That day we also had a peds appt and then received the referrals.

On May 26th we scheduled the specialist appts back to back. We went on a walk in the morning as usual then went to the appts. Quinnie handled it all like a champ!!

My mom watched Moose while she dropped us off at one appointment since we went straight there from the walk.

 She also picked us up Starbucks while at one of the appts. I loved this decaf iced americano with oat milk and one pump of sugar free vanilla. Might be my new go-to there!

Since we were obsessed with my mom’s Instapot ribs the last time she was here, she made them up again that evening! Sooo goood!

 May 27th we went on a walk with Rachel in the morning. We all chatted about our recent reads a lot of the walk, and inspired by my mom starting a book club in Texas, Rachel decided to start a book club here with some coworkers and friends. I’m excited for our first meeting in July!

In the afternoon we took Quinn to meet her Nana Vi (her great grandma on Pete’s side). It was so so sweet. She gifted Quinn a silver sippy cup with her name and birthday engraved along with a beautiful spoon that says “blessed” and included the most thoughtful card to boot. This gift was my impetus to get Quinn a personal keepsake box.

Also random side note- I think I’ve worn a hat every day of maternity leave 😅. I cannot wait to get my hair done again! Should I go for the mom chop next time I get it done?

That evening Moose cuddled up to my mom while we watched The Circle. Had to get a picture!

We also received another sweet text from Marie that day. So proud of Moose!

 The morning of May 28th I took my car in to have the windows tinted so the UV rays would be blocked from getting to Quinn’s skin. It was my first time being away from her. Even though it was only about 30 minutes total, it was not easy! But it helped knowing she was in good hands with my mom.

That afternoon, Pete (Quinn’s Grampy) arrived in town! I put Quinn in the onesie I used to announce I was pregnant to them (it says I can’t wait to meet you Grandma & Grandpa, May 2022).

 Pete was one proud Grampy holding his granddaughter for the first time !

 In the pic above it looks like she’s saying, “please Mom, enough with the photos!”).

That evening we had corned beef sandwiches, okra, green peas & potatoes with carrots – yum!!

Quinn was loving her Grammy & Grampy reading her contrast books to her.

The morning of May 29th we all went out on a walk. Our crew grew from just my mom and me with Quinn and Moose most of the week to us, DJ and Pete!

Time to upgrade to a minivan?

 In the afternoon, Pete helped with some projects around the house. He’s a miracle worker when it comes to any house projects. Even things I think can’t be remedied, he finds a way! I was able to sneak in a nap, and we all spent time with Quinn (including Moose!).

First time using baby bouncer since she passed up the 8 lbs. minimum.

We also FaceTimed my Aunt Terry that afternoon too!

 That evening we finished The Circle. It was a pretty good season!

May 30th we went on a shorter walk in the morning since it was so warm outside. That afternoon some family friends came by to meet Quinn, and then it was time to say goodbye to my mom and Pete :(.

It was a hard goodbye, but I was so grateful for my mom’s help that week. And Pete’s help with house projects. It was sooooo good to see them.

June 1st was just a much needed chill day with lots of cuddles.

June 2nd I took Moose and Quinn out on the trail myself for the first time! It went well. It helped we got out there super early.

Gigi stopped in the morning to see Quinn 💕.