SF Staycation Part 1: Lands End, Sutro’s, & Harbor Court Hotel in SF!

Hey, everyone! I just finished up watching The Oscars- all I can say is, I have a lot of movies to watch! I mainly watch to see the fashion and “people watch”, and this year did not disappoint! I think my favorite was Marina De Tavira’s gorgeous gown. Anywho- On February 15th, DJ and I ventured into SF for a staycation, as I mentioned at the end of the last post. We had about $80 with Orbitz bucks to put toward our hotel and giftcards, so we decided to make it a weekend of knocking stuff off the ol’ bucket list. I planned our whole Friday night around going to Sutro’s at the Cliffhouse. This is supposed to be one of the most spectacular restaurants in SF. It is built upon an actual cliff overlooking the Bay. I planned our dinner right at sunset to watch it out the window, but it was supposed to rain all evening. I tried to talk myself off a cliff after seeing the promise of rain from the weather app, “It’s not like we’ve never seen a sunset before! The food is still supposed to be insanely good. It’s like the REAL experience of the bay if it’s cloudy! Actually, I’m glad there won’t be a sunset!”. DJ couldn’t help but laugh at my immediate externally processed effort to make myself feel better about the plans not going exactly as I envisioned, haha.

Even though it was cloudy it was still boldly beautiful. The serene views of the Bay never cease to amaze me.


As soon as we parked the sun started peaking through!


The clouds parted letting in bright blue skies and sun rays that covered all of Lands End. The views were simply breathtaking. Luckily, we had some time to walk around the entrance before going to the restaurant itself.


This is easily one of my all time favorite spots in SF. You may remember last year when I was in a pretty bad place I came down here on my own and just soaked up some nature and fresh air to get in a better head space. Below is the remaining ruins from the Sutro Baths. It all burned down in a fire in 1966. The history is pretty fascinating- if you are interested you can read about it more here. (yes, I’m citing wiki although I’m in a research course-hehe ).


Turns out we were gonna get some kinda sunset after all!


We popped into the Visitor Center and briefly peaked at the different kitschy souvenirs and flipped through 100 Places You Must Visit in SF books to kill the last few minutes until our reservation.


Below is a picture of the original Cliffhouse, where we would be having dinner that evening.


Here we go!!


Sutro’s is located downstairs. On the top floor is a Bistro restaurant with a bit more casual feel. On the way down the stairs there is a picture of the original Sutro Baths on display.


We checked in with our Open Table reservation and were seated within a few minutes.


This might be the most stunning restaurant I have ever been in. WOW. The pictures do not do justice.


If you peak closely in the picture below you can see us in the reflection of the mirror.


We started with some lovely wine & some fluffy, warm, sourdough bread to start. The butter was my favorite part- it was served with volcanic salt.


We then split some oysters. They were delicious— suhh fresh! I joked that they probably just went out to the bay to grab them per order… then realized that was a hard- core cringy dad joke…. why am I this way…


For my main dish I had their truffled ricotta ravioli with roasted shiitake, cauliflower, parsley shallot soffrito & parmesan-vegetable essence emulsion. This was just wonderful. It was almost too salty for my liking, but still very yummy.


DJ ordered the star of the show! Pictured below is the sautéed scallops & wild shrimp scampi with Israeli saffron couscous, pine nut, and parsley jus. WOWZA. THIS is the dish to get!! I’m thankful he generously shared a few bites with me 🙂


And while we didn’t have a traditional sunset, this was still one of my favorites <3 This was a dinner we will never forget!


We passed on dessert at the restaurant because we wanted to enjoy some dessert in the hotel after our food settled & while watching Ozark. We wanted to get Zanze’s Cheesecake, but we were a half an hour past their closing. We found a place in Little Italy that had great reviews- Stella Pastry.


It was tons of fun walking through Little Italy at night- we haven’t explored that area much, and it had such a fun buzz of energy in the air. I’d love to go back sometime & try some of the restaurants there in the evening!

Stella was very much a hole-in-the-wall… our kinda place! It was quite unassuming from the outside, but the meaningful decor and kindness of the employees immediately made it a true gem.


We ordered their patented-recipe-famous Sacripantina, Black and white cake, and Tiramisu to take back. (Pictures later in the post).

We then went to sign into the Harbor Court hotel located on the Embarcadero. We were able to get the night for less than $100. That is really a steal for downtown SF.


This boutiquey hotel was awesome- definitely surpassed my expectations! I loved the decor & special touches.


They even had a little coffee shop in the lobby, and served free coffee in the morning. Ya know I took full advantage of that.


Some other notable points if you are looking to stay here- they don’t have a gym, but there is a YMCA next door that you have access to & every night they have a wine hour from 5-6 pm in this gorgeous little homey community room! There also is a full snack bar in the lobby for purchase too.


The only downside was it took us over 45 minutes to find parking. It was $60(!!!) to valet, so we were determined to find something cheaper. DJ ended up dropping me off to check in while he continued to look, and finally he found something about 0.5 miles away using the Parking Panda app. I managed to grab the photos above in the meantime.

The room was so cute!! Online people complained about the sizes of the rooms, sure they were somewhat small, but I loved the cozy feel. Also, it was super quiet, I’ll take that over our upstairs neighbors clanking around any day (oh yeah, they never moved out- that’s a whole other story- haha). Needless to say, it was a much welcomed respite.


I also couldn’t help but laugh that Ozumo was the option for room service. You might remember this is one of my all time favorite restaurants in San Jose from here or here. I rave about this restaurant to anyone who will listen. Best sushi of my life- hands down. MMmm! We didn’t order anything, but I was comforted to know it was there, lol.


I also loved the bathroom!


They even had a little makeup towel- what an adorable idea, right?!


Time to pop open the pastries!


We nibbled on each of them while watching Ozark.


Our thoughts — they were fine. The sacripantina (their most popular item) was DJ’s favorite. It almost had a creamy vanilla flavor. I would have thought this would be my favorite, but it was too “cakey” and crumbly for my liking. I actually preferred the tiramisu! I enjoyed the strong coffee flavor and moussey-ness of it, but probably wouldn’t order it again.

We slept so well and woke up excited to have a full day ahead of us in The City. In the morning of February 16th we woke up around 7:00 am to get ready for the day. We were out of the hotel by 8 am and hit the town! To be continued…


Question for you:

  • Do you ever do Staycations?

xo <3


111 thoughts on “SF Staycation Part 1: Lands End, Sutro’s, & Harbor Court Hotel in SF!

    1. Aw you dooooo! You work so hard! hope you can plan one soon for some R & R <3 Thanks for stopping in, Shan :) Hope your week is off to a stellar start!

  1. OMG! We love Cliff House in SF!! Been there so many times 😀😀 that we had to take a break from it 😀. The views there are spectacular!! I’m so glad you got to experience it. BTW have you made it out to Greens in Fort Baker next to the Golden Gate bridge? You HAVE TO check it out! All vegetarian menu so make sure folks are okay with that. Have a great week Mackenzie! Thanks for sharing, brought back fond memories of Cliff House – time for us to go back!

    1. Hi, Kalpana!! Isn’t it a phenomenal place?!? I want to go back for their brunch sometime- I hear it’s wonderful! Have you been during brunch?

      I just looked up Greens and my mouth is watering- it was as though that menu was created with every single one of my favorite things!! I have to try that out- thank you for the suggestion!

      Have a great week & thank you for stopping in 🙂

      1. We hve been to the Clif Houe brunch many times! Love it. The wait staff is super friendly and they give complimentary English style warm buns with butter that are sooo good we get full off them before oru food arrives 😀.

      2. Oh so good to know!! Thank you for sharing with me- we’ll have to make a point to go there for brunch sometime too!

  2. I want to do a stay-cation! But Matt won’t go for staying in a hotel here in town. 😉 We have one called The Oliver that sounds so swanky and nice!

    I love your visit so far! The views are breathtaking. Not going to lie, though. Seeing the restaurant right on the cliff is a little terrifying. Haha

    Matt and I sometimes love to get dessert to go so we can enjoy it in the comfort of home or while on vacation!

    I seriously could ramble on and on about how amazing that hotel looks! So pretty, and I love the decor and attention to detail. Free coffee? Sign me up!

    Those succulents seriously made me smile. They are just so pretty, and I love them! Looking forward to reading part two!

    1. Totally get that!!! .. with SF the traffic is so awful and we live an hour outside of it so with the Orbitz bucks that helps us justify it so we don’t have to drive all the way back and forth. Otherwise I don’t think we would stay in a hotel so close either! I will have to keep the Oliver in mind if we ever visit *ahem* when we visit!

      Haha- it definitely does look a bit unnerving- especially from the old photo and especially with the earth quakes we get. Just like my cold, I chose to ignore that fact too-lol.

      YESS! You get me. I love just savoring dessert at the right time with a movie on and all cozy. It makes it taste even better, I swear!

      YESSS if you come to SF I would highly recommend staying in this hotel. It’s AWESOME- and you would love it!! I couldn’t get over what a steal we got it for too.

      aw I’m glad you liked that photo. I took it as we were walking along and just stopped all of a sudden and DJ didn’t notice and then he turned around with me all the way back just snapping photos of a plant. He’s so used to the #bloglife by now that he didn’t say a word and just walked back ! hahah.

      1. I love that when not if you visit! We’ll make it happen, and Matt and I will get our derrieres to the west coast!

        Bahaha ignoring that teensy fact would be key for me too! It’s too gorgeous to let that fear get in the way for sure!

        It does make it taste better because our taste is also driven by our environment and mood!

        Noted! It looks like a dreamy hotel.

        Hahahaha I love it!! Our men just know now not to question us.

      2. Absolutely!!!! 🙂

        Oh my gosh, I’m gonna screen shot this and send it to DJ. He doesn’t completely understand why I’m so particular about my environment and everything all the time– I’m so sensitive to lighting & the general mood when I’m eating or just in general! I’ve tried to explain that food literally tastes better when everything is “zen”/in balance & he thinks I’m a nut, lol.

        haha truth! Have such a great weekend, Kori!

      3. Not at all! We eat with our eyes first, so while eating without light *would* force us to focus on taste and texture more, there’s a reason bright colors and fun presentation matter. It truly impacts what we think of a dish! I’m with you 100%. We are just like long lost triplets with Kaci! I’m going to make you an honorary triplet, k? K :* Have the best Friday and weekend!

      4. Ahhhhh I would be SO honored 🙂 This just made my day!! Thanks, Kori !!! Have a great weekend tooo!

  3. What a fun trip!! Your picture of the sunset over the ocean is just stunning! Even if it wasn’t traditional, it looks like you had some breathtaking views anyway!
    Also, your upstairs neighbors never moved out?! How’d they get away with that with management? I’m so interested to know what happened, and poor you guys! That’s just AWFUL. No wonder you’re moving! (Even if that’s not the main reason…I wouldn’t want to stay there with them haha) O.O

    1. Thanks, girl!! The views are hard to even explain just how beautiful they were. We talked way less that dinner than normal because we were just mesmerized by the beauty.

      OK this neighbor situation is a trainwreck. Management essentially lied to us, gave their vacant apartment they were supposed to move into to someone else because they didn’t put the deposit down.. so now DJ and I are sleeping in our guest room and I used noise cancelling headphones 24-7 when I’m home to get rid of the noise. it’s a mess, and such a shame because we LOVE our apartment. Anywho, thankful to have a light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for stopping in, Courtney 🙂

      1. Oh my gosh, that is horrible! I would honestly be furious with management and probably leave a negative review when I moved out. I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but you could file a noise complaint, or even a complaint with the company that owns your complex. Not that it would change anything at the moment though. :/

        That reminds me of our old apartment. Our next door neighbor was constantly smoking in our non-smoking building–which he signed in his lease. The smoke immediately came in our apartment each time. We complained SO many times to the office and all they did was give him 10-day notices. He caught on though, and realized that’s all they would do. It was just notice after notice…for two years. So the notices didn’t really mean anything, and he knew it. So he kept smoking. He even invited people to smoke with him on the balcony, even marijuana. All I could think was what if we requested a non-smoking building because of a health condition? Management can be so frustrating. They don’t seem to care because they don’t have to live with it.

        All that to say, I hope you guys can find an amazing new place with great management!! <3

      2. Yeah, management really has drug their feet with everything… I actually didn’t think about filing a noise complaint, but we were told that the owners are well aware of everything going on. Oh well! I definitely will voice my opinion once we move (maybe after I’ve had a couple weeks to cool down, lol!). Thank you for your sweet concern about it all though… and my GOODNESS.. that sounds like the WORST situation ever. There is no escaping that smell plus and yes— it’s a HUGE health hazard! When I was doing some legal reading about what we could do I think I came across a situation similarly, where that could be a legitimate law suit if it’s a health hazard. But I’m sooo glad you are no longer there & yess we are looking at new apartments now! Woot woot! Thanks for sharing that all with me, hope you are having a good week 🙂

      3. Hahaha yes I would write a review afterwards too. At least the owners are aware, but I bet it feels like it doesn’t mean much when it doesn’t change the situation at all. Or at least that’s how I’d feel about it, haha.
        Exactly…it seems like such a health hazard, like grounds for an actual lawsuit, so why the complex never moved him to another apartment in a free smoking building is beyond me. It’s like we were bothering them when they should have been upset at him. I remember when we were moving out and confronted him about the smoking (once more) and he was like, “What do you care? You’re leaving.” I just couldn’t believe how much he disregarded other people’s health and homes. Anywayyy that’s apartments for you, I guess. They can be hit or miss! Hopefully your next one is absolutely wonderful!!

      4. Totally!!

        Oh my gosh- we feel the same way!! Our upstairs neighbors literally said, “we’re sick of this”… like you’re sick of this?!!?? You are the ones keeping us up all night and driving us nuts!

        That’s seriously crazy your neighbor said that to you though… sheeeesh. People have no respect or regard for others. Baffles me!

        Thank you tons, Courtney!! <3

      5. Wowww I can’t believe yours said that either! I wouldn’t even know what to say back lol, I’d be so shocked that they would be bold enough to make themselves the victims. People are crazy! Only a few months and then you won’t have to deal with them anymore. <3

      6. Right?!?! Oy veyyyy haha. I’m so excited! <3 Have a great week ahead, girl!

    1. Isn’t is ?! I do too… no matter how hard I try to get it all off with regular makeup wipes I tend to get streaks when I actually wash my face. So smart of them! Thanks for stopping in, Cadie!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever watched awards shows but I always like seeing pictures afterwards of what people wore and how their did their hair and stuff, haha!

    Yay for staycations! They’re the best 🙂 Lands End is beautiful and nothing beats fresh oysters!

  5. What a gorgeous and fun trip to SF that you two had Mackenzie. The view from the restaurant is fabulous – all those windows … it was picture perfect and your sunset was perfect as well. It doesn’t get any better than that. Your food – it all looked so good … DJ’s meal had me salivating and that bread – I could taste that flaky crust spread with butter with volcanic salt. As I toddle off to bed, I will dream about that bread. 🙂

    1. It was a stunning evening!! I was glad we were able to bear witness to it. DJ definitely ordered the better dish- he usually does- lol, but he is so sweet to share with me. And hope you had sweet dreams of the bread! I’ve dreamt of it every night since!

      1. me too- I was telling someone that the bread was probably my favorite part of the whole meal! haha. Volcanic salt is wonderful!!! I need to hunt some down to have in our home- so delish!

    1. Right?! 🙂 I thought the same thing! I need to take one around with me to hotels. Although, I did recently change my mascara, so it is coming off much more easily now thankfully!

      1. I jotted down the name of the mascara you featured in your Friday Faves … good to know it comes off easily. I wore contact lenses for years and always wore the long-lasting/waterproof mascara in case something got in my eye and it would start tearing. Then I’d end up looking pretty scary! I always wear the long-wearing makeup and have to use several of the Neutrogena wipes to get it off … they are smart to offer a dark towel.

      2. YES!! Same with me!! You just described my exact situation before switching to this one— even down to using multiple Neutrogena towels. I hope you like it!

      3. I am going to try it for sure next time I need some – when I wear makeup (not often), I go through a ton of those Neutrogena towels and the Almay eye makeup remover pads too!

      4. Ohhh I have never used the Almay eye makeup pads, but so good to know they work!

      5. Yes, they work well – have to use about 8 of them though, but I always wore long-lasting makeup, including eye makeup. I used the non-oily ones when I wore contacts to keep the oil away from my eyes. I wore gas permeable contacts.

      6. Ohhhh that makes sense! Good thing they have that option with the non-oil too!

      7. Ahh I see! I bet not having oil is best all around. I need to check them out!

  6. The views are absolutely breathtaking!!! And all that food! I feel like I could literally taste those pastries! They looked so good! What a fun little staycation weekend!

    1. Hi, Amanda! Thanks for stopping in… it was such a memorable evening! I was thankful everything ended up working out and the rain held off. Have a great week, girl 🙂

  7. Wow oh wow are the views from the restaurant and sunset gorgeous!! I love that you were convincing yourself to be positive when you saw that it was going to rain. Who knew volcanic salt was a thing. Sounds very intriguing. Both the dishes sound and look tasty. How nice of DJ to let you try his meal. Gotta love a man who does that.

    The hotel is so pretty! I actually really like the more boutiquey style hotels. Also the fact that the YMCA lets hotel guests use it is so convenient. Also free coffee sounds right up your alley!

    We’ve never done a stacycation but I feel like we need to. Actually we kinda did a stacycation in Philly before the marathon. Does that count?

    1. Hi, Maureen! haha usually I would cancel reservations and change things around to a plan B that didn’t rely on a view, but we couldn’t cancel reservations within 24 hours, so I had to get in that positive mindset.. it allll worked out though 🙂 That salt was SO good- oh my gosh, it’s like pink Himalayan! If you get the chance you have to try volcanic black lava salt… it’s insanely good.

      Hehe he kinda knows that that it’s a given that we’ll try each other’s dishes at this point! I almost ordered what he got but then I was like “well heck, I can just try yours!” haha.

      The boutique hotels are so fun because they have such unique little special touches! There is usually a “warmth” about them.

      And heck yeah that totally counts!! SF is a little over an hour away from us, I would think Philly would be about the same for you? Thanks for your comment, Maureen! Have a great day !!

      1. Love it! The positive mindset totally switched the weather in your favor. I’ve actually never had pink Himalayan salt (that I know of) but volcanic black lava salt just sounds delicious.

        Alex is kind of the same way. Sometimes I think he orders seafood dishes just to make me try it or to keep all of the food for himself haha.

        When in Germany, we stayed at this boutique chain called Moxy. Every location has a different theme so even though it’s a Marriott chain (I believe they were just bought by Marriott) you get the feel of a boutique hotel.

        Philly is just about an hour from us too! I hope you’re having a great day, Mackenzie!

      2. Haha, love that way of thinking!! I’ll warn ya- once you go to pink Himalayan salt it’s hard to go back to regular! I don’t know what it is about it, but it adds such a phenomenal pizazz of flavor.

        hahah yess- I think DJ probably feels some relief when he orders a meat dish because he knows I won’t ask for a bite, lol!

        Oh my gosh, I want to literally replicate your Germany trip- that hotel sounds insanely awesome! And it’s kinda nice it has the Marriott name behind it because you can trust it, but then have the boutique experience!

        Hope you are having a great week 🙂

  8. Lands End is so pretty, I love all the views! I really need to make it back to San Francisco. When I went the first time we didn’t really get to do a whole lot, because we were there helping a friend out so there wasn’t a whole lot of sightseeing. Looks so fun!

    1. Thanks, Ashley!! I hope you can make it back soon- the nice thing about this city is it’s pretty tiny in terms of square mileage, so you can get a lot done in a short period of time! If you do make it out let me know if you need any suggestions at all 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!!

  9. Holy guacamole! Those views are amazing! What a sweet restaurant! The pictures of the food, especially that bread, are making my mouth water!

    I love that boutique hotel! We stayed in a boutique style hotel in NYC once and I loved everything about it! It just felt so quaint and sweet. That is awesome that the gym next door lets guests stay there since they don’t have their own gym. A good thing to remember!

    I’ve never intentionally done a staycation but we live close enough to Philly that we do a lot of day trips over there. I suppose those were staycations because we were just too cheap to travel somewhere further lol. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful food and scenery photos! Enjoy your week!

    1. Hi, Em!! The bread might have been my favorite part of the meal, per usual… just nothing tops it!

      Ooo if we go to NYC I might need the name of that hotel! sounds awesome 🙂 I just love the unique touches in boutique hotels.

      Heck yeah a day in Philly is a staycation! I feel like Philly has been on my radar lately with Maureen running the marathon & my sister going to school there soon! I can’t wait to visit. Have a great weekend 🙂

  10. Right after getting married my wife and I lived in a flat on Seal Rock Drive about a half block from Land’s End. Late at night we would hear the seals on Seal Island barking. It was an unforgettable time.

    1. No wayyy! Oh my gosh, that is too neat. What a memorable experience of hearing the seals.. wow. Thanks for commenting & stopping in, Paulie!

    1. Hi, Cleia! How are you? So nice to hear from you! I really cannot wait for you guys to road trip the PCH.. it’s beautiful beyond words. such a true treat! ENJOY!

  11. Oh wow! A makeup towel that’s so cute 😍😍
    Your pictures are stunning as always! I love how you tried to talk yourself out of the dissapointment of the weather being cloudy but HEY positive attitude for the win, you go girlie ✨✨✨ and besides, the sunset you saw still looked incredible 😍 woweee! So beautiful!

    1. Hehe- right?! So ingenious!

      LOL- thank you!! DJ was cracking up at my “I’m glad there won’t be a sunset anyways!”. It truly ended up being SO beautiful– I could not have imagined it any more perfect. Simply breath taking. Thank you for stopping in, love <3 <3

  12. This totally took me back to our stay in SF! I had no idea that was a restaurant next to the Baths. No lie, I would just go there for the bread and butter. It looked so amazing! We love to travel, but we also love a good staycation. I think you get to see and explore some spots that you may not otherwise! Glad you had so much fun!!

    1. Aw, I so love that, Jess!! And honestly, going for bread & butter means you got the best part of the whole meal.. the salt & butter was soo good! Glad you enjoy Staycations too- plus you have SO many great spots near you 🙂 Have a great weekend! Thank you for stopping in!

  13. Woooow, the view of that restaurant in Sutro really looks amazing! I would’ve picked the same dishes you did! A beautiful platter of oyster and a pasta dish with truffle! Mmmmm, delish! xoxo Sarah

    1. Yessss sooo goood. Wish we could eat it all together!! We have such similar tastes 🙂 Have a great week, Sarah!

  14. My favorite city, it’s why I still live here. Great photos, Mackenzie. I love Land’s End, the Cliff House, and have enjoyed many meals in Sutro restaurant. Fun post, thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping in, Jet. It means a lot, I love your blog & photography! Do you have any top favorite restaurants we should visit before we leave?

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  16. Wow!!! The interior of the restaurant has completely blown my mind. How incredibly beautiful. ♡ The dishes you guys got look amazing. I love your dad jokes/sense of humor, Mackenzie. Never change!! ♡

    1. Awwww thank you, love!!! <3 That means soo much, I soo appreciate your support of all my cheesiness :)

    1. It was just a wonderful, much needed weekend.

      And awww I’m really glad you think so about the logo- Thank you tons and tons 🙂

    1. Aw thank you, Chloe!! So sweet of you to say- I was thankful we had that time together. Life has been a bit crazy as of late- so it was nice to just escape for a minute 🙂 Hope you are having a great weekend !

  17. How nice to have a staycation Mackenzie! I am usually ok with them and one of the faves is the Great Wolf Lodge for our Family ! What a pretty view of the bay and the mountains in the background. Nice photo of you looking out to sea( I mean Ocean!) I love Wikipedia , so much info . Lovely sunset for you to view. I love the decor and architecture of Sutro’s . What a view from that window. Both wine’s look so good. (is it bad saying that early on Sunday morning?) The food looks so tasty. A cloudy sunset is really pretty also. $100 seems like a steal for SF ! The hotel is very nice and that cute coffee shop! $60 is so expensive, nice that DJ found a cheaper option. The room is small but clean. Perfect for a couple. I am glad it was quiet , and sad that those neighbors are still there 🙁 The desserts look tasty but its a pity they were not to your liking, if they get too cakey it is hard to enjoy . Yes to staycations as stated above. We also go to a holiday In water park 10 miles away. Thanks for sharing, I am trying to catch up, but its hard to compete with a Marathon runner! Terri xo.

    1. Awww!! Great Wolf Lodge was our absolute favorite growing up (Although at the time it was called Great Bear Lodge!). LOL- it’s wine o’clock somewhere 😉 I’ll give an update about the crazy neighbor situation soon- it’s been wild! I agree too- as much as I like, too cakey/crumbly is not ideal. Ohhh that water park sounds like a blast too! I just laughed out loud about your comment of keeping up with a marathon runner- heheh. I don’t ever expect you to keep up, but I so appreciate this comment and hope you are having a great start to the week 🙂

  18. The views from that restaurant are gorgeous!!! I tried raw oysters for the first time on our getaway to Charleston. I’ll be getting posts together soon about that trip. That hotel looks so cute too. Staycations can be lots of fun. xx

    1. Hi, Amy! I cannot wait to read about your Charleston trip! Did you like the Oysters? it probably took me about five times of trying them before I really *loved* them!

      & It was a memorable time for sure 🙂 Thanks for stopping in! Have a great week!

      1. That’s interesting about it taking five times! I was scared that the consistency would be a problem. But it wasn’t. I thought they were fine, but I didn’t “love” them. Good to know I should give them more chances. 🙂

      2. That’s exactly how I felt the first couple times I had them too !! Every place serves them with different fixin’s too which can make all the difference. I think after a while you know what to expect flavor wise and then just start to appreciate the unique flavor! Glad this encouraged ya to give them another go 🙂

  19. That restaurant looks so beautiful, and I loved spotting y’all!

    What a pretty hotel! That sounds like quite a steal too. We have never done a staycation, but I think with having furbabies, it is just harder to do because I don’t want to board Axl or miss a night with him. We also live somewhat close to downtown (10ish to 15 minutes drive away) so we are already close enough to not justify paying for a hotel.

    1. Hi, Kaci! Hehe- you’re the only one that said they spotted us- you get the “where is Waldo – ahem- mack/DJ- award!”

      The price was really great for SF, especially that location! Ohh that totally makes sense with the fur babes. I agree- 10-15 mins is hard to justify! I think if SF was any closer we wouldn’t do it, but with it already an hour away + traffic it just makes sense to spend a whole weekend there. Thanks for stopping in !!

  20. Land’s End looks absolutely amazing! I am adding this to my list of places to go to when I go to SF. I swear you know the best spots. Ans the view from the restaurant is sooo beautiful! I can totally see why you’d be upset if it had been cloudy and raining. You just can’t beat those views!!
    The sauteed scallops and wild shrimp scampi look sooo good!! I’d totally order that!
    The pastries look so good, I go for tiramisu too but I’m also very selective about what they should taste like lol. Some are just not as good.
    I would love to do staycations though that can be kind of hard with a child. We would need to prepare in advance and figure out where we will eat since CL is such a picky eater and he gets bored and tired of walking so quickly. *sigh* itll pass and soon hell be bigger and we will be able to do more. Which sucks to think about because I want him to be small forever but I do want to have some more freedom and actually work and travel lol.

    1. YES! Lands End is a must! It ended up being such a stunning evening- I was thankful for the way it all planned out!

      I’m picky with my tiramisu too 😝- this tiramisu was not one of the better ones. I’m reminiscing about the one we had in Disney- sooo goood!

      Aw that makes sense- it’s hard for sure when kids are younger ! I know you’ll have more freedom before you know it … soak up those precious moments with Ciel ❤️ I’m a bit jealous cause I’m having serious baby fever !!!!

      1. Just curious, are there lots of places like Lands End in SF, or rather, near the Golden Gate bridge? Since well be in that area, I’d like to roam as much as I can. Also, walking across Golden Gate, too long for a walk? Lol.

        Omg haha baby fever!. It seems a lot of people are having babies right now, is that why? Lol.

      2. Great question! So SF is only 7 miles by 7 miles, so many places you go you can view the golden gate bridge! We sometimes spot it unexpectedly when we’re in the city. You can absolutely see the Golden Gate from the Bay Bridge. I’d recommend going to Baker’s Beach for a tremendous view! the Golden Gate is about 2 miles one way for reference!

        Girl, Idk what it is but something is in the air haha. I want a baby so stinkin’ bad. One day, one day!!

      3. Ah neat!! I like that!! I’ll be able to see it from virtually anywhere lol.
        And two miles doesnt sound too bad, roughly four miles round trip. I could make that a morning thing or an evening thing lol. I’ll take note of bakers beach.

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