Fall Blooms!

Hey, everyone! I am picking up from where I left off to fill in some gaps in recaps. It may take a few posts to catch up- but I’m excited to share some very beautiful fall blooms that are poppin’ up here in Cupertino! I swear- California has like five springs.

Tuesday the 4th and Wednesday the 5th I just did school work all day long. In the evenings, we had leftover cheese and crackers and hummus from wine country to try to eat some of that up. I always love post-wine country trips because it gives us an excuse for cheese and cracker dinners. We love to graze around here 😋


Come around Thursday the 6th, I had a massive craving for one of those See’s candies lollipops. To take a study break, I drove to the mall in order to stock up!


The rest of the week was all the same- wake up, workout, study, take a walk to clear my brain, make dinner, watch Dexter with DJ (yes, we picked it back up!!), throw a tantrum about the neighbors at 12 am (lol, more to come with that), then repeat! These following blooms are from my walk on Friday, September 7th 🙂


One of my neighbors even has a lemon tree


And an apple tree- but more apples were on the ground then on the tree- haha


I even spotted this little squash!


After finishing up the cheese and crackers during the week, I then made up some vegan tacos with lettuce wraps to devour.


Saturday September 8th, I needed to “fill in” some groceries. We are trying to use up everything we have at home and just fill in need be- our grocery bill has plummeted this month so far, and I love that it forces us to get creative 🙂


In the evening, I whipped up DJ a farfalle pasta with sauce & cheese we already had, but added pasta I grabbed from TJ’s. I just had the lettuce cup tacos again. I blogged a bit while DJ worked on his graduate school ap!


I’m saving Sunday festivities for the next post, cause they need a post of their own 🙂

Questions for you!

  • Favorite type of pasta noodle? 🍝
  • Favorite season? 🍂

xo <3

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78 thoughts on “Fall Blooms!

  1. Ahhh the lemon tree and little squash you found is sooo cute! & the pasta you made DJ looks delish!

    My fave pasta noodles are Pappardelle and my fave season is spring! What about you?! 🙂

    1. They were such a nice little find on the run!! And girl pappardelle is my favorite too!! And fall for sure! 🍂 I used to hate spring when I lived in Ohio because it usually came when I was in the thick of my seasonal depression and just starting to come out of it. Here I’ve grown to really love it !!!!

      1. Mack, we are food soul sisters! I can’t believe we even have the same favorite pasta. <3 I am so glad to hear you've been able to grow a love for spring where you are now! <3

  2. Those blooms are beautiful Mackenzie – the deep purple were exquisite, but my favorite were the roses and purple flowers by the rustic-looking fence. Very nice shot! The pasta looks good – I am not picky about pasta as I rarely eat it, so like all of them equally. Hmmm – that sounds so PC about pasta doesn’t it? I can tell you Fall is my favorite season, even if it means cold weather is on the way – I like the colors, the tastes and it will be a tad cooler (hopefully).

    1. Aww I’m so glad you liked these shots 🤗 the house with the fence always has the most beautiful blooms. I wish I had a green thumb like that!

      Hahaha! that made me laugh out loud 😂 PC about pasta 😂

      Fall is my favorite too 🤗🍂

      1. I used to subscribe to “Birds and Blooms” for years when I had a garden and catered to the birds. First a new neighbor moved behind with a pit bull left out 24/7/365 – we got rats. I hated going out in the yard. Then, I lost most of my flowers, except the roses, during one of our Polar Vortexes (the first one in January 2014) and never replaced those flowers … I was already into walking, so decided to get silk flowers for all my pots around the house. I got nice ones that look very realistic and “planted” them into the same country-style pots, or wheelbarrow that I always used – no one is any the wiser. Birds and Blooms used to have beautiful ideas for photography in that magazine and a rustic fence with flowers spilling over was a good look At least my roses did not bite the dust.

        Glad I gave you a laugh with the PC about pasta.

        It is so warm here today – got to mid-80s and I am looking forward to the coolish weather for the weekend and embracing Fall!

      2. Oh no! Not rats!! I bet those flowers ended up looking beautiful that you planted! I have faux flowers around the house too year round- they are white roses. I just think they brighten the room! But how fun that your roses are still kickin 🙂

        I bet! I hope a nice breeze rolls in soon 🤗

      3. It’s horrible with the rats Mackenzie – it took all the pleasure out of working in the garden. But honestly, it took a lot of time and effort. At least two hours a day to keep it looking good. Now, I’m hardly out there – it does not look as nice, but I lost interest with it after the rats and two Polar Vortexes. Today you would not believe the weather … 20 degrees colder and I have the heat on now because it was cold in the house.

      4. Ahhhh that makes sense 🙁 I bet it was hard to step back from it but I also am sure you appreciate the extra time!!

        Wow! That’s crazy- what a dramatic swing in temps. Any big Sunday plans?

      5. Since I started walking, it seems everything has taken a backseat, and then with the blogging … I shut my eyes as I walk past shrubs that need trimming, or furniture that needs dusting … well, I am about to leave after I shut down here. Many layers this morning as it is 48 out … was 49 when I got up and down one degree. I think I need some gloves as I’m going down to the water again. I’m taking advantage of the nice weather to get long walks and some picture taking in. This afternoon I will work on the post about the alpaca farm I visited yesterday. They were so sweet and I hope the pics came out well. I’ve been uploading them onto Shutterfly but haven’t peeked at them yet. They just finished … I took way too many pictures yesterday! Many are duds tho. Have a great day!

      6. Ah you are so busy!! I understand that though! Walking is an important priority for sure. And I cannot wait to read the post about the alpaca farm- how cool!! Hope you had a great day too- and have a good start to the week ahead!

      7. Thanks Mackenzie – the alpaca post will take forever to read. I found so many unique faces in that alpaca bunch that I hated to leave any out!

  3. Such pretty pictures! 😊 That pasta looks delicious. Since I’ve become pregnant, it’s all I want 90 percent of the time haha! Fall is my favorite season by far (minus the fact I always get sick)!

    1. Hey, Carly!!! Ohhh what’s your favorite kind of pasta to have?! And yes fall is the best 🙂 I agree! Hopefully this year you won’t be sick at all! 🍂 🍁

  4. Whatever flowers are blooming near you are gorgeous!!

    I think my favorite pasta is rotini. The shape holds the perfect amount of sauce and it’s the right size so you can also get some meat, veggies, cheese in the same bite.

    A favorite season is way to hard to pick!! I dislike and like certain aspects of all seasons haha but maybe summer. Mostly because it’s my birthday season though. But the rest of the seasons are good to. Ugh now I’m not sure lol.

    Happy Friday!

  5. Gah, it’s like Christmas morning over and over this week as I login and see a new post from you!!! Those blooms, swoon!! I’m especially obsessed with the ah-dorable lemon tree and the squash peaking out of the bush. When I saw the apples on the ground it made me think of the scene in the Wizard of Oz where the Scarecrow gets the grouchy apple tree to throw apples to them. Am I the only one who thought this? Haha. One of my fav movies of all time!

    Favorite season is fall all the way! I feel like my style become a little more boho in some ways, and I think it’s the best season to be creative with fashion. Ya know? Also, the seasonal food is spectacular.

    Favorite pasta is a tough one! bow tie is a really fun and tasty shape as it grips a good amount of cheese and sauce!

    1. Ahhh this made me sooo happy! 🙂 since hurricane Florence happened we have an extra week for our assignments so I worked hard to get them done so I could catch up on blogging. I’ve been loving it but I have like 4 posts sitting in my que 😂 I’m glad it’s not annoying 😜

      Wait, you are SO right about wizard of oz- how did I not even think that?!? Such a great movie.

      love bow tie!!! I agree- it’s the worst when all the cheese plops off! Have such a good weekend, Chica! ❤️

      1. Fire ‘em away! I love your posts!

        It so is! I used to beg my mom to sit with me to watch because while I loved it, I was scared. Hahahaha. Yet now, my favorite character is the Wicked Witch. Funny how things turn out.

        It is the worst! Then you’re left struggling to get that cheese in your mouth. Shouldn’t be a struggle! 😜

      2. Awww! Okay I’ll release another one now then 🙂 you sooo encourage me !

        Hahah oh my gosh I totally know what you mean!! I was that way with a Mary kate and Ashley movie where they went to some creepy museum. Funny the things that get you as a kid!

        Yessss for real! 😂

  6. Gosh the blooms are gorgeous! I loveeee the curly vines that grow with the squash cause it reminds me of Cinderella’s pumpkin before it became her carriage. 🙂

    My fav pasta noodle is tortellini! They are soooo yummy and versatile since you can find ones with different fillings and change up the sauce. I personally love pesto on top.

    Fav season is fall!!!

    1. That’s EXACTLY what I thought too!!!

      AH! How did I not think of tortellini! I usually say pappardelle is my favorite- but I think tortellini has to be up there too. Also, fall is the best time for it because you can get pumpkin, butternut squash, all kindsa fall inspired tortellinis!

      Yesss 👊🏻🍂🍁 agreed!

    1. Kiran! I was just thinking about you!!! I was reading an old post and saw your comment and was wondering how you were doing. How are you, sweet sister?! Glad you enjoyed this post 🙂

      1. I am fine dear Sister Mackenzie …Vast curriculum of Enginering has tied me up along with the qualifying exams. So sorry I couldn’t keep up with you …but definately special people like you are akways there in my mind. Love you my sweet sister. ..huggs for you

      2. Aw I’m sure! No worries at all- You are working hard- I’m proud of you!! Sending so much love & so many hugs <3 You are an inspiration, Kiran!

  7. Inconsiderate neighbours are such a drag – I’ve had many tantrums over this very issue!

    Meant to tell you when you posted the See’s lollies that you Mom brought you that I have the exact same ones in my fridge (although they are meant to the kids, I guess sneaking one or two won’t be noticed!).

    1. It’s so so bad 😭 we are trying to figure it all out , but I’m just so glad I’m not doing nursing right now. I would have zero sleep getting up at 430 am!

      Ahhh first, such a good idea keeping them in the fridge. And second- between us we can say they are for you too 🙂 Momma’s need a sweet treat too!

      Thanks for your sweet comments, Ju Lyn! I hope your weekend is going splendidly !

      1. Thank you- they are a tiny bit better- but the whole situation is so convoluted and messy- I need to make a full post just to give a thorough update haha . Have a great weekend, Ju Lyn! xo

    1. Oh my gosh, gnocchi is some of my favorite too. Have you ever had pumpkin or butternut squash gnocchi? It’s so good!

  8. Oh my flower You know I love blooms girl and I KNEW I was going to love this post!
    Ughh girl I LOVE cheese and cracker dinners! SO yummy!
    I LOVE that! And they are a necessity because they help you study! (Totally enabling you lol :p)
    Ughh those flowers are so stunning! I hate that colder weather is coming, but I LOVE the foliage that comes from it! SO pretty!
    Those tacos look SO yummy! I LOVE lettuce wraps! Ooo TJ’s!!!! I legit could eat tacos for breakfast lunch and dinner! They are SO yummy! I hope you have an amazing week beauty! <3

    1. Tehehe I am so glad you like the blooms 🙂

      Agreed- they are seriously one of my favorites- sooo yummy.

      Yup! And I need as much help as I can get haha.

      You too, girl!!! XOX

  9. Love all those blooms and growing foods! We make a veggie pasta that we prefer to use Penne noodles in, but bowtie is a close second. Fall has to be my favorite season. I can’t wait until it gets cool enough to pull out the riding boots. xx

    1. Hey, Amy!! I just found a bunch of your comments in spam unfortunately 🙁 I found sooo many bloggers comments here, so I wonder if there is weird glitch going on with WP. Anyways, thank you for stopping by! I loveee both penne and bowtie too! It’s hard to choose a favorite pasta- anything is good really! Haha. Fall is my favorite too! It’s the majority around here I’d say. Something so wonderful about it 🙂 Hope you can pull out the riding boots soon !

      1. I find that comments into spam seem to come in waves. I do love most types of pasta! So good!! We have few cold fronts coming in. Yay!

  10. All of these photos are absolutely stunning, Mackenzie!! You have such an eye for photography. <3 Also, I love that you guys are so determined to save this month. That really is such a great idea to help balance finances again. My favorite season is 100% fall so I'm in my happy place right now hahaha. 😉

    1. Oh my goodness gracious- this comment just made my night <3 I love photography- but am a bit new to it, so this means so much!

      Girl, I am LOVING this Savings September. We use an app that tracks our spending and seeing just how much we have saved by making little changes is super rewarding. I think I'll write a post at the end of the month of the better habits we've instilled and things we have done to save. So many fun tips and tricks I've found in the last couple weeks that make allll the difference!

      Yessss Amen, sister! I am with youu!

      1. I have always found your photography very artistic and beautiful! It’s quite obvious the effort you put into each picture to get the right angle, lighting, and clarity! <3

        Ooh I'm definitely looking forward to that post! I handle our budgeting and I'm all about seeing where we can save. It's amazing how much of a difference those few dollars make when they add up! For instance, Joshua & I used to eat out every other week on Fridays, spending about $25. We added that up and realized it was like $600/year!! :O We could have used that money for something so much more important lol. 😉

      2. Thank you so much!! <3 <3 <3

        YESS! Exactly!!!! Eating out is so dern much, so we've also started thinking of ideas we can do for date nights at home too.. I just bought a souffle dish for cheap and we gonna try to make them at home! Thanks for stopping by, Courtney 🙂

    1. Yesss! I used to hate spring because it always started when I was in the thick of my seasonal depression back in OH, but I love it here in California !

  11. Hi Mackenzie, I love the photos of all the beautiful flowers! Gotta love those pinks . Its amazing how you get flowers to bloom in fall! How cool your neighbor has a lemon tree. I love that Candy store, so inviting! It is so good to use up leftovers Mackenzie. I heard on a radio commercial the other day that people waste $1500 of leftover food a year on average. I like the penne rigate or rigatoni best. Autumn is my favorite, followed by spring . I am still getting used to the US summers , I dont do well when it gets above 90! Have a lovely day, Terri xo.

    1. Oh no! I found this in Spam! Thank you though 🙂 I love the fall blooms maybe even more than spring ones. They are just stunning. I stop way too much on my runs to soak up the views!

      That is crazy that people waste all that food!!! We very rarely throw food away- it literally pains me to. Haha.

      Penne is sooo good! Autumn is my favorite too 🙂 Have a great week, Terri!

  12. You are literally tempting me to snack like that and I think I will. I will have to wait to go to the store to stock up on crackers and maybe a vegan cheese and some grapes, so if you recommend any cheeses that’d be great lol.
    And all those flowers look so beautiful!! Everything is dying over here lmao except for the evergreens of course.. but it still looks beautiful!
    I looooove that you found a lemon tree!! I’d love to have some trees like that at my house but no 🙁
    And omg pasta is one of my favorite foods, my favorite has got to be ravioli, or really any pasta that is filled with cheese haha.

    1. yaaasss!! so good. Hmm if you want just plain cheese I would suggest colby jack, pepper jack, and sharp cheddar .. for a bolder flavor I love smoked gouda & blue cheese! And they have vegan versions of most of those depending what grocery store ya go to!

      I think Ravioli is my favorite too! I also am a sucker for a good farfalle noodle! and it has to be filled with cheese or what is the point, really?! xo

      1. Made sure to this screenshot this comment I’ll be heading to the grocery store tomorrow to stockpile on thanksgiving ingredients as well as snacks. Healthy snacks that is, crackers, grapes, hummus, celery, etc. Lol.
        Awesome, I loooove cheese, especially Colby jack omg I’m literally so so excited to snack like this I’ve been thinking about it all week long no lie. I’ve been disappointed every day that passes by that I didn’t get to go the grocery store lol
        I don’t think I’m familiar with farfalle noodles. I’ll have to try them sometime.

      2. yay!!

        let me know what you think! I’ll make a suggestion- my favorite thing to do is take a cracker like a seeded cracker (mary’s gone is my favorite)… with a little bit of hummus, a little bit of sharp cheese (like a pepperjack or gouda) and a couple slices of sundried tomatoes! It’s a great little appetizer for parties and such too. Mmmmm . I may need to pick some up today. haha- now you’re motivating me to restock!! Have a great weekend, Rossy!! xo

      3. That sounds sooo goooood Mackenzie!!!!! I’ll be taking a screenshot of this comment too lol.
        Have an amazing weekend as well!!

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