Showered with Love!

Hii, everyone!! I have been so excited to share about the most wonderful and beautiful baby shower my mom-in-law threw for us. She really went over and above in every way. It was such a special day, from seeing so many people we love (and some I haven’t seen in years!) to chatting all things baby to eating delicious food (and dessert) to opening the most thoughtful, meaningful and adorable (!) gifts. Both DJ and I felt overwhelmed with gratitude and love.

Shout out to my mom, sister, Halston, and sister-in-law, Laura, who took lotsa photos for me! Can’t wait to share these details 🙂

These adorable succulents were the party favors- So creative & cute!

There was even a “mom-mosa” bar for the guests- such a fun idea!!!

The real star of the show was my niece, Kate, who was winning over everyone’s hearts with her overall cuteness and adorable personality.

After mingling for a bit, it was time for food!! My mom said the sweetest prayer prior to us eating- it definitely made me tear up 🥺 .

Everything was really good- a perfect lunch!

For games, there was this fun baby word scramble, an emoji pictionary nursery rhymes puzzle (so cute!) and the classic baby bingo. The winners each got a prize with one of those bags pictured below- like I said, my mom-in-law went over and above with every detail!!

DJ joined the shower when it was time for gifts! I was so happy to have him there for this. We couldn’t believe how stinkin’ generous and thoughtful everyone was. We were blown away. Everyone also gifted a book, so we have a heckuvah library right now- I’m obsessed! I’ve been reading her one a day. Also, we were gifted the cutest clothes- I cannot wait to put her in every single outfit. I probably won’t need to buy her much for the next year!

While opening gifts, guests helped themselves to dessert… And not just your average dessert… we’ve got this delicious cheesecake and probably one of the most beautiful cakes I’ve seen from the West Side Bakery!!

Not only was that cake gorgeous, but it was beyond delicious with a rich lemony flavor. I LOVE lemon cake! 🍋

Some additional special notes- three of my dearest friends from college were able to make the shower. The four of us pictured below were roommates/suitemates and super close, but we hadn’t been reunited all together until the shower. It was soooo beyond special having them there and meant everything to me they would travel in for it. I could cry again just thinking about it!

And I wanted to include a few more pictures of my close family and friends you may recognize from being on the blog before!

My sister-in-law, Renee, was also so helpful with setting up for the shower, tearing down and helping take gifts out to the car- so I want to give her a big thank you here too :).

It was such a wonderful shower in every way. When we came home, I was eager to see my Moosey.

My sister also gifted me something once we got home in private from her and Kevin. I am so glad she did it this way because it took me a little bit to pull myself together after seeing what it was!

They got baby girl this onesie below <3. Even typing this I have tears in my eyes. I couldn’t have imagined a better gift & it meant the absolute world.

Needless to say, this was an unforgettable day. Our baby girl is so loved already, and I was reminded of the true village we have around us, filled with incredible role models for her. We are feeling so loved and so blessed.