Our Christmas & New Year’s Eve 2021!

Hello hello!!! Phewww, anyone else exhausted? I don’t think I have quite the stamina I did pre-pregnancy, lol. I hope you all had the most wonderful time with loved ones over the holidays and are having a very Happy New Year!

This was a very special Christmas with us living in Ohio for the first time in a decade.

DJ got off work a little early on December 23rd, so we did a quick little date night out to Core Life Eatery. I was ravenous and added just about everything possible to my salad.

We had quite a bit to get done preparing for Christmas during the day on Christmas Eve, but we  snuck in a lovely family walk with Moose in the afternoon.

His recent thing on walks is he loves to run around and scale these boulders along the trail. It’s amazing how agile and graceful he has become seemingly overnight.  

That evening I felt like I sort of could see a bump through my clothes for the first time! I know it probably was a still questionable – “did she eats too many tacos tonight or is she pregnant?”, but I was still soaking it up!

We went to a lovely Christmas Eve service filled with worship and scripture reading. We did have to bow out a bit early because I got super nauseated out of nowhere. As soon as I got something in my stomach I felt much better. Usually how it goes.

That evening we had the most wonderful Christmas Eve meal at my mom-in-law and Gordie’s home. They even made the end portion of the prime rib well done for me so I could have a few pieces <3 Now, that’s love- intentionally overcooking that high quality of meat! And oh my, was it tasty. Yes, I’m still ALL about the meat!!

After seconds, and probably thirds, we sat around enjoying our desserts and chatting away! It was so nice.

On Christmas Day, I woke up a little early to get some walking in and then we gathered up our gifts, our Moose, and we hit the road!

First stop was my mom-in-law and Gordie’s for brunch. I was craving a quiche something fierce when I woke up (probably because she usually makes them on Christmas, and they are always delicious!). When I walked in and saw them on the counter, I was so happy I could cry. It sounds dramatic, but let me tell you- it is the truth. I had my fair share of those tasty quiches and some of the rest of the yummy spread.

After brunch, we opened up gifts with the fam (watching the kids open their gifts was so much fun! It’s exciting to think next year our girl will be joining in on the fun with her cousins <3).

Moose also had a ball tearing into all the wrapping paper.

He even got his own stocking this year! He is one spoiled pup by his grandparents.

LOL I love these bones. They also got him a Mr. Bill toy Moose is obsessed with. He carries it around the house with him, and we’ll hear a random, “Oh Nooooo!” from Mr. Bill every once in a while. 😂

And of course, we had to get a Christmas picture!

That evening we went to my Dad-in-law’s and had a yummy Christmas dinner, opened gifts (Yes, Moose too!), ate the most insanely good cake bites from Daisy Cakes for dessert and soaked up all the family time!

On Sunday, Halston and Kevin came over in the morning so we could prepare our side dishes for the family get together on my Dad’s side of the fam that afternoon. We made a corn elote, simple fajita veggies and a bean dip. We then dropped Moose off at Bow Wow and headed to my brother and sister-in-law’s for a Mexican fiesta!

When they suggested tacos as our meal, I was all about it. Tacos have been one of my main cravings in the second trimester. I had about three of what’s pictured below.

After our food settled, DJ and Kevin played various sports with Jack around the house while my sister and I read some books with Kate. Then we opened gifts with them and Will when he woke up from his nap. It brings me such joy to see how excited they get with every gift.

When we got home later that evening we opened some gifts with my mom and Pete over Facetime! Even Moose got a package of goodies and toys addressed to “Mr. Moose”, like I said- spoiled by all his grandparents! He’s been loving it all. Anyway, it was so good to “see” them, but I still missed them tons these holidays. They’ll be here in January though, so we’re counting down the days.

The whole weekend created some very treasured memories <3

Monday December 27th, Moose captured in this picture how we all felt. He also is a big fan of the pregnancy pillow.

December 29th I hit a wall. I stayed in bed from 1 pm to about 5 pm. I finally was able to get out of bed in time to get some dinner, but even after that I was ready to hit the hay again.

December 30th, DJ and I both took COVID tests given we both were just not feeling 100%, thankfully they were both negative. I think we were just a bit worn out! That day I did wake up feeling better after the prior day of rest.

I went to Nervous Dog cafe in the late morning and wrote our Christmas Thank-Yous while sipping on a decaf cafe au lait. It was so nice! In the afternoon, I took Moose for a walk and then tackled more on the ol’ to-do list in the afternoon.

December 31st, DJ and I set aside New Year’s Eve for a date night. We haven’t had a lot of time together lately, so this was much needed! We found a reservation availability at Rosewood Grill in Hudson, a restaurant we have never been to but looked amazing.

When we got out of the car, we walked up to this beautifully lit wonderland with a gorgeous firepit leading into the restaurant. Inside was spectacularly decorated for Christmas as well!

Our reservation was at 8:45 pm, so we were ravenous by the time we arrived! We started with the spinach dip appetizer. It was absolutely incredible spinach dip.

I also was craving some greens so I had their local greens salad, which was so refreshing and served with the most delicious honey dressing.

For our mains, I had the scallops and shrimp risotto, and DJ ordered a filet. Both were phenomenal.We tried a side of the lobster risotto- holy moly this was insanely good.

For dessert, DJ had their crème brûlée. I wish I was a crème brûlée fan, but I always like it better in theory than when I actually eat it. DJ loved it though!

I had their key lime cheesecake, which was truly some of the best cheesecake I’ve had in my life. 

We did not have a bad bite of food the whole time we were there, and we will definitely have to return for another special occasion! It was a winner.

We went home and watched about 20 minutes of Succession before falling asleep at 1030, we did not even sniff midnight 😂

I am feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude for these special memories 💕 I can’t wait for this year to come!

Questions for you: 

  • How were your holidays?
  • What are you looking forward to this year?