Pregnancy Products Round Up!

Hey hey! I wanted to document the products/clothes/etc. I’ve used through my pregnancy so I remember for the future- plus it’s just fun to share 🙂

When looking for cosmetic products in particular, I tried to avoid endocrine disrupting chemicals as much as possible. I actually started the process of mitigating EDC exposure prior to becoming pregnant by overhauling the kitchen with healthier pans and glass containers instead of plastic. I also replaced using plastic water bottles with a Brita water bottle.  I recognize we live in a world where we can’t 100% eliminate our exposure, and I definitely have not been perfect with this, but I see it as every little bit helps. Also- as with anything, it’s always important to run products by your OB if you’re not sure about their safety.

**These are not professional or medical recommendations–I just want to share friend-to-friend what I enjoy using! 🙂 I’ll even probably continue to use most of these products moving forward post-pregnancy. Last, there are no affiliate links included.

Let’s get to it!!

Puracy body lotion– I use as both my face and body lotion
Belli elasticity oil
Dr. Bronner’s toothpaste– (I also tried RiseWell toothpaste, but I preferred Dr. Bronner’s).
Earth mama body wash
Tarte Water Foundation
Mineral fusion bronzer & blush
Burt’s Bees Chapstick
Ilia mascara
Jaci toning shampoo & conditioner (Only once every week or two).
No nothing shampooconditioner (These work well, but the shampoo had a weird smell after a while, so I am going to try Puracy’s Shampoo & Conditioner next).
Two Peas Organics Sunscreen
Native Deodorant

House Products
#1: I use white distilled vinegar mixed with water for pretty much all my cleaning! I have been amazed how well it works to clean the kitchen counters/bathrooms/mirrors/etc.
Biokleen laundry
Baby ECOS Laundry Detergent to wash baby clothes
Biokleen dish soap
Puracy dishwasher pods
This is Hand Soap from Evolved by Nature
Trader Joe’s Fruit & Veggie Wash
Pet carpet/furniture cleaner: We liked both Trinova Green Standard and Naturally It’s Clean

Maternity Clothes
*My sister-in-laws graciously gave me so many of their maternity clothes, so I bought very little! I will share a couple things/brands that I LOVED.
POSHDIVAH maternity leggings (BEST maternity leggings ever!!!).
PinkBlush for baby moon, baby shower and maternity pictures dresses (wait for their deals, because they have great deals that go on frequently- otherwise it’s pretty pricy).
Isabel Maternity Jeans 
Maternity Hoodie 
Super comfy maternity shirt

Pregnancy Pillow (A little on the pricier end, but sooooo worth it in my opinion).
The Good Grocer snack box – this was a gift and a life saver through my pregnancy. I kept this in my car and would pull out a snack whenever hunger struck!
Nurtured 9 Candle (I was gifted this too, and it smelled amazing!).

And that’s about all I can think of right now!

Curious if you have any pregnancy products you love/loved?

Thanks for reading 🙂