Fourth of July Recap!

Good morning, my friends! This morning is our official moving day (July 8th), but we’ve been chipping away at it for a couple weeks now. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed yesterday, but am feeling better this morning! We don’t have much left to do except the “big” stuff like beds and couches and then, of course, unpacking. Before I recap Chicago, I figured I’d share about our past weekend celebrating the 4th of July!

Sunday, July 2nd, after a day of packing we drove to Lakeside, OH to stay with family on the lake. Lakeside is truly one of our favorite places in earth. It feels like stepping back in time, and we feel total peace while at the charming community. We were the first to arrive and were hungry when we pulled it. It was pouring which limited our availability to walk to restaurants. Since parking is also limited, so we opted for carry out from Patio Restaurant.

I had been craving a chicken sandwich for a few days, and this one hit the spot 😍. Their fries are fantastic, and ya can’t go wrong with a side of coleslaw.

I ordered Quinn chicken breast and green beans, but she just kept wanting our fries. Can’t say I blame her.

After scarfing down our meals, we decided to walk along “Ohio’s most beautiful mile”.

Complete with a beautiful rainbow 😍.

We went back to Patio to grab some ice cream. While waiting in line, we snapped a pic of Quinn at their Ice Cream cone measuring sign. We plan to do this every summer 🥰 🍦.

Whose ice cream cone is it really? 😉

I had the salty caramel fudge cone- it was good, but I think I liked DJ’s cookie dough choice better. But I seem to always like whatever DJ gets more 😂.

We finished our cones as we walked the pier during golden hour breathing in the fresh lake air.

While on the pier, we checked the time and realized it was already 830 and past Quinn’s bedtime. We had totally lost all sense of time since arriving there and apparently threw our better parenting sense out the window 😂. Quinn wasn’t acting tired at all though and had enjoyed a late nap, so she was a happy camper with the late evening walk.

We eventually headed back, but the girl didn’t fall asleep until close to 10 pm 😵‍💫. I think she was wired after all the excitement- plus, she had a little bit of extra sugar on board.

This girl then woke up at 6 AM. Mom and Dad begged her to fall back asleep, but she was ready to get the day started!

My little watermelon girl 💕 🍉.

I couldn’t be too bummed at the early wake-up call because when we walked outside we were greeted by this glorious morning.

First things first- Coffee and Cream. I love coffee from here and look forward to it whenever we visit Lakeside. They always froth the oat milk perfectly, and the coffee is so smooth. Mmmm I can taste it writing this.

This girl has a look of “too early for this, Mom”. And to that I reply “this was your choice, girlfriend!”.

Coffee and Cream has all kinds of delicious pastries and treats. I thought these little 4th of July cookie sandwiches were adorable.

We didn’t get anything there though because we had our sights on the famous, best-in-the-world Patio donuts!!! And that is not hyperbole. I wish I could share them with you right now so you could agree with me!!

Someone’s excited to try them for the first time!


She may not like cake, but she loves a cake donut! We also gave her a Once Upon a Farm pouch with avocado to get some actual nutrition on board.

After breakfast, we played in the upstairs loft. When our nephew, Ender, woke up he joined Quinn while the rest of us chatted about the Taylor Swift concert much of the fam went to the night before! My friend, Melissa, sent me so many incredible videos and pictures it felt like I was there – it seemed like a concert of a lifetime!

Trying to figure out when Quinn was due for a nap was challenging- she was tired but fighting it. She eventually fell asleep around 1030 in the carrier outside. I walked around Lakeside, admiring the cottages and listened to a podcast while she snoozed.

Once she woke up, we went to Ooh La La! for some quick eats.

Something about being in the quaint eatery with white lace tablecloths topped with daisies made me opt for their egg salad sandwich. This isn’t something I’d usually order, but it was so tasty!

We brought along a Little Spoon meal and also got a yogurt for Quinn, which she gobbled up.

We relaxed and chatted with family at our Mimi’s cottage in the afternoon 🥰. Quinn assigned herself the task of moving all the bread and buns from a chair to the stool in the living room, lol.

Time for water park fun with the cousins! One of the highlights of this weekend was seeing how doting and sweet all of the cousins were with Quinn. I can’t wait to see them all playing together when Quinn is able to join in on their games a bit more!

We stopped by to say hi to Gigi and Gordie in their cottage for a bit after getting changed 🥰. After working up quite an appetite, we went to Bluebird to stave off the hanger.

We grabbed some very average paninis but enjoyed them with some not so very average views 🤩.

Quinn fell asleep in my carrier while we were ordering the paninis. After we finished them, we thought it was perfect timing to get another cone since then we wouldn’t have to share, hehehe.

We stopped into Whistle Stop and quietly ordered our sweet treats without waking her.

Unfortunately she woke up fairly soon after. We bee-lined it back to the house so she could eat a real dinner.

On July 4th we drove home first thing in the morning after chatting with our cousins over a quick breakfast. We did grab one last Coffee & Cream coffee to go!

We unpacked….well, as much as made sense given a move a couple days later. I did have a mini meltdown over the chaotic state of the house given our move. But then I pulled it together, knowing it would all be ok, and we got ourselves ready for a family BBQ in the afternoon on my Dad’s side of the fam!

Quinn’s current thing is blowing kisses, and I’m obsessed 🥰.

We had so much fun with our fam that afternoon. My cousins Al and Pam host a big BBQ every year, and this year it was even complete with a cotton candy station for the kids. They had a splash pad for the little ones and a big pool for this big kids.

Quinn chillin’ with her cousin, Kollyns, sharing some freeze dried apples 🥰.

My cousin, Al, is one of the best cooks I know, and every year he and my cousin Pam host a massive BBQ with epic ribs, hot dogs, pulled pork, etc. with all the sides you could want and imagine. He orders the meat from Red State BBQ; he has made a hobby of trying different cuts from all over the country, and decided Red State boasts the best! Can’t say I disagree!! He does have yet to try Franklin’s BBQ in Austin- that’s on his list, as it is still on ours.

Quinn was a BIG fan of the ribs.

Someone tell me while I thought it was a good idea to wear a white shirt to a BBQ with a toddler 😅. Rookie mistake.

This weekend was so good for the soul. It was special family time. Just watching the kids having a ball and enjoying great conversations over good food with the people we love- doesn’t get better than that 🙂.

Questions for you:

– What is your favorite holiday?

– What’s your go-to ice cream flavor?



20 thoughts on “Fourth of July Recap!

  1. You have an adorable family! We have a local ice cream shop that has a flavor called graham central station that has graham swirls and chocolate flakes in homemade graham ice cream. Its my favorite 🥰 your photos are beautiful of the walking trail.

    1. Aw thank you so much, Rebekah!! That Graham cracker flavor is making my mouth water- yummmmm!!! I looked up the flavor and it looks like we have a place nearby that serves it- I have got to get on that 🤩. thank you for stopping in!!

  2. Always love to see photos from Lakeside! Miss Quinn is adorable and love the photo of her and Kollyn just sitting together, so sweet. Love you all, Gigi

  3. My mouth instantly started watering when I saw that picture of the donuts. Wow! I’m typically not a cake donut lover, but those look scrumptious!

    4th of July is actually my favorite holiday. I feel like out of all the major holidays, it is the one with the least obligations–at least for me. I don’t have a scheduled plan for the day, certain family obligations, large amounts of money to fork out in the name of ‘tradition’. And there always tends to be an air of comradery where ever you go. Plus, BBQ. 😉

    Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream… such a tough question. My all time favorite was a homemade peach ice cream I got in a little local shop in Reedville, VA, but I will never get to experience that again. If I’m ordering in a shop, I typically lean Moose Tracks or something similar (vanilla base with chocolate goodies mixed in), if it’s store-bought, Private Selection (Kroger brand I think?) has a black raspberry dark chocolate chunk ice cream that is exquisite!

    1. Yes same!! But these cake donuts totally changed my mind 😋

      YESS!!! DJ and I were saying the same thing- all the good stuff with minimal stress! I love that “air of comradery” – so true!

      Oh YUM!!! These flavors! Now I want ice cream and it’s only 6 AM, hah! Hope you get to try the peach again someday, even if passing through!

  4. That watermelon sunflower dress is the sweetest outfit I’ve seen to date of all Quinn’s fashions! She is definitely an ice cream girl Mackenzie. 🙂 Moving or just breathing in was so hot recently but hopefully you had a perfect day for the move. I like chocolate or chocolate chip ice cream best. Hard to say what holiday I like best … I have no family/relatives to I don’t gather for big holidays … I guess Thanksgiving for the four days off and my favorite season is Fall.

    1. Hehe it’s definitely one of my favorites too!! 🙂 She is!!! I have to eat it in secret at home or now she’ll ask for some lol. Our move went overall smoothly! Hot but it waited to rain until we were mostly all finished up which was great!

      I’m with ya, fall is the best! Apparently the new place we just moved in is big on trick or treating and the neighborhood goes all out! I’m looking forward to it 🙂

      1. Lucky you that nothing got wet … whew! That will be fun for Halloween pics of Quinn. You can start planning her costume now … maybe something cute with Moose?!

      2. For real!!!! I was just thinking we have got to figure out Halloween costume soon- definitely will have to include Moose again 😄 He is such a trooper

  5. The pineapple bathing suit!!!!!

    The watermelon dress, especially when seen from behind in the loft photo with the little shopping cart. WHY are babies so cute from behind? Their shapes just kill me.

    “Just stand still one second! Daddy’s going to measure you!”

    The video of her moving the bags of bread and buns! At least she wasn’t tossing them in the garbage can. lol Wish I knew what was going on in her mind. She obviously had a purpose and a goal in mind.

    I love that Lakeside place and all its beauty, cuteness, and delicious food! That double-dip cone!!!

    I see she wasn’t feeling that cute 4th of July headband and switched to an equally cute hat. Her smile in the headband / mirror photo is adorable.

    And no, the word “cute” is never overused when talking about a baby.

    1. Hehe I was excited for you to see her fashions in this one 😄

      Haha I agree!!!

      I wish I knew too- she is so busy always assigning herself tasks. It’s too cute.

      I have to agree 😄 I probably have said that word more in the past year than my whole life combined lol!

      Thanks for stopping in, Jinjer!

  6. Forgot to answer the questions.

    Favorite holiday – Thanksgiving because stuffing and gravy.

    Go To ice cream would be something chocolate based for sure. The closest ice cream place is Baskin Robbins so I almost always get their chocolate fudge and then one other random flavor. And when I get a chocolate shake, it’s gotta be chocolate fudge. I just realized it’s been almost 7 years since I’ve had Baskin Robbins since there wasn’t one near my mom’s house in Arkansas. I think I’m overdue and I’m eyeing the blue ones…Beach Day and Cookie Monster.

    I was reading the ice cream menu behind you in that one picture and I would’ve wanted to try the BuckEye Bites for sure. Gotta love a regional flavor.

    1. Thanksgiving may be mine too!!!

      Ohhhh YUM! I think we have a Baskin Robbins not too far from here- I’m ALL about the chocolatier the better! And anything with fudge- sign me up!

      I totally missed seeing that flavor-
      May have to get it next time 😍😋.

  7. I love this post so much!! The views are beautiful, foods delish, and Quinn cute as can be! I love her in her watermelon outfit. I so hope Ansley will begin wearing her sunnies soon.

    Kase and I are wanting to take the babies to Cruze Farm for a pizza and ice cream date this summer, and I’m so excited for Ans to enjoy their amazing food. I love all that you expose Quinn to. You’re a rockstar!

    I love your outfit at the bbq, and I say live on the edge. Wear white around Quinn. Live dangerously. 😉

    Hmmm that is a tough one. I think my favorite holiday is maybe Christmas even though fall is my favorite season.

    Go-to ice cream flavor is anything with chocolate and pb or butter pecan.

    1. Thank you!! The watermelon outfit was def one of my faves- felt perfect for the 4th!

      That sounds like the perfect date!!! I hope you guys can do that soon 🤩 🍦 Aw thank you for saying that 💕 as are you!!!

      Hahah yesssss I love your thinking!!!

      I am weirdly more excited than ever for fall this year. I’m not sure why, I just love it sooo much!

      YUM! Such good choices!!

      Thanks for stopping in ☺️

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