Summer Snapshots! 📸

Hello hello!!! We returned last week from Chicago, and I’m super eager to share about our time there. But before that, I have a quick little catch up post between the last post and our weekend Windy City trip!

June 1st I made these cheesy broccoli fritters for Quinn. The girl loved these and gobbled them up. I enjoyed them too!

For breakfast, I pulled together hard boiled egg, watermelon, tempeh and a broccoli fritter for Quinn.

Around this time I got another stomach bug. This was my third since January. I have a friend at work who has a little one in the same daycare, and we get hit with the exact same ailments at the same time. She got this bug too, and we both agreed it was a weird one!! It was more mild than the others but lasted about a week. I’m so glad it eventually resolved though, and thankfully DJ never seemed to get it. Quinn seemed ok too. Just an odd bug!

I took this digestion shot and loaded the probiotics up that week. I enjoy these digestion shots and Kevitas.

June 3rd, I made some lentil patties with minced greens for a nutrient packed option to have on hand.

We had been planning on going to the lake that weekend, but with not feeling 100% we stayed close to home. We still felt a little cabin fever, so we ventured over to Gigi and Gordie’s to play with the water table they got for Quinn. (We mostly stayed outside, and I just kept my distance to be safe).

Little footprints 🥰.

Fun in the sun!! Thanks, Gigi, for this pic 💕.

June 4th I started turning the corner. After church and Quinn’s nap we explored a new park with Quinn and Moose.

These two 🥰.

We went to a nearby dog park after. It was an AWESOME dog park!! Moose had a great time, and it was fun to chat with the other owners. Quinn was gleefully distracted watching all the pups run around.

For dinner that evening, I put the lentil patties on pretzel buns with cheese, green beans and corn on the cob. We played the corn song in the background, of course.

We all sat around the open window for dinner with a view as the warm breeze filled the kitchen.

I gave her a little of the corn and green beans as we waited for the rest to cool. She got such a kick out of doing “cheers” with our cobs.

June 5th I started the morning by making a big batch of eggy french toast. When I make this, I mix banana and chia seeds into the batter, and it’s a sure way to get Quinn to eat a hearty breakfast!

The evening of June 6th Quinn had a later nap, so it was time to head to the park to get a little extra energy out!

June 7th I had a rare, successful walk with both Quinn and Moose. Quinn doesn’t usually tolerate the stroller for long, but this day she did for about an hour while I played her the “Ms. Rachel – songs for littles” playlist on Spotify. This playlist has been a game changer in the car too. She definitely tolerates our rides a bit longer when we play it over the speakers.

That evening I made an avocado orzo from the Feeding Littles cookbook for dinner. This is easily one of Quinn’s favorite meals I’ve made so far. I added some ground beef crumbles for a boost of protein and iron too. DJ and I loved the recipe as well. This cookbook has been a real hit with our family. The recipes are great for toddlers, generally easy and delicious.

June 8th I made a huge batch of a cheesy broccoli risotto I couldn’t get Quinn to touch. It’s always a mystery what she’ll like and what she won’t. DJ and I enjoyed it though, and we froze some too.

Post walk smiles.

That week, Quinn’s sleep was all over the place. At one point she fell asleep for a nap at 4 pm but then ended up sleeping through the night. She was teething pretty good & I think all the big developmental changes were wearing her out too.

June 9th I started the day with egg roll ups with a side of greek yogurt and beans. I’m pretty sure she only ate the beans. The girl loves beans more than anyone I know haha.

We spent the morning with Gigi and ordered First Watch for a little at home brunch! I had their power breakfast quinoa bowl- my goodness that was tasty.

That afternoon, I took Quinn to the library for the first time.

The kid area was adorable!!! This is definitely going to be a fun rainy day spot for us.

I didn’t get any pics of it, but they have a room for kids under 5. This room is pretty epic- it has a mini grocery store complete with a cart and plastic veggies/fruit/packaged goods and a cash register to play pretend. They have magnet boards, a dollhouse, tons of toys and an area of coloring. I grew up loving the library and spent countless hours there with my mom and Dad; I hope Quinn grows up with the same passion for reading too!!

Moose was worn out after a long day of being a Moose.

June 10th was a fun morning! Gigi watched Quinn while DJ and I had a date brunch out. Breakfast and lunch dates are much easier right now than dinner dates with Quinn being so dependent on us for bedtime.

We went to Mustard Seed Cafe. It was a perfect morning to sit out on their balcony.

I told DJ it was giving me California vibes with the perfect weather and eating outside. The green juice may have had something to do with that connection subconsciously too 😜.

The juice tasted exactly like you’d expect a purely vegetable green juice to taste (which I actually liked), but it came out luke warm, which I didn’t know how to feel about. I ended up getting a glass of ice and drinking it cold, which made it taste better in my opinion!

We both enjoyed their chicken and waffles! The chicken was great, waffles were pretty average, but can you actually have a bad waffle?

June 10th we grabbed Jimmy John’s and had another picnic in the park. It was a beautiful night!

JJs: freaky fast and freaky fresh!!! So good.

The evening of June 11th, we went to Country Maid for ice cream. We actually were starting the bedtime routine then realized she still had way too much energy, so we loaded the car with Moose and jetted off to get some local cones.

This place has a true old school feel and is a local favorite.

It started raining, and we had Moosey, so we sat in the car devouring our cones. This was Quinn’s first ice cream cone, and she loved it. We finally found a sweet indulgence this girl likes besides fruit.

I know the AAP recommends no added sugars under two, but this girl gets virtually no added sugar during the week & I think it’s important for us to model a healthy balance/relationship with food now. I felt including her in this fun family time was more important than the little bit of added sugar she got from this cone. I had a horrible relationship with food for a good portion of my life, and I want to do everything I can to make sure Quinn doesn’t have a moral attachment to food- (“good” or “bad”).

June 12th I made some peanut butter oat bars. They were tasty! I omitted the honey, but they didn’t need it with the banana. Quinn loved them thankfully! I put aside some to take to Chicago and also froze a few to have on a rushed morning.

Back to the library we go on this rainy day!

June 13th the weather was still quite dreary, so we went to Cafe O’Play for a little bit.

I love this video of her reaction when DJ walks in 🥰.

June 14th these two were attached at the hip.

We usually don’t let Quinn in Moose’s crate while he’s in there, but I turned around and the two were just happily chilling side by side. Their little friendship blossoming warms my heart so much!

June 14th to get out of the house, we went to Ledges park in the afternoon and ran around the open field with a beach ball.

Then between work it was time to get ready to pack for Chicago!

Thanks for stopping in ☺️.

Questions for you:

– What’s your favorite fast sandwich shop?

– What does the ideal rainy day look like for you?



14 thoughts on “Summer Snapshots! 📸

  1. I love these shots of Quinn and Moose side by side – in the cage especially makes me smile. Her face lit up when she sees Daddy. 🙂 You know I was going to laugh about the corncob video. This little girl is so full of life and love – so precious.

    1. So glad to hear the pics made you smile 😁. Thank you for your sweet words, we are blessed with her!! 💕 hope you are having a great start to the week ☺️.

  2. Love this post, food looks delicious and I would definitely love a rainy day with Quinn at that library, what fun! Love you all, Gigi

  3. Which JJ sandwich is that? It looks wonderful! My husband and I just had the favorite fast sandwich restaurant discussion recently! His is Jimmy John’s (which they have a great seasonal chicken cesar wrap that is divine) and mine is Which Wich. I do a build your own chicken pesto with avocado, tomato, lettuce, and fried onion strings–yum!

    Ideal raniy day is at home on the couch watching Netflix. But I will say, I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon in a hotel room on the 6th floor in Baltimore (with a lovely view of Camden Park) watching a thunderstorm blow by which was mesmerizing. 🙂

    1. It’s the Bootlegger!!! So good! I feel like we are always on the same wavelength with things , Bex! I gotta try that wrap, yum! I actually don’t think I’ve tried Which Wich, I wonder where I could find one because what you described sounds BEYOND delicious- and with fried onion strings?! YES PLEASE.

      So agree!! Oh how fun! I love watching thunderstorms too. Not sure if you’re still in Baltimore, but they have the best crab cakes in the world at Faidley’s!

  4. I just love seeing Quinn and Moose’s relationship flourish! They are the cutest! I continue to get so much recipe inspiration from your posts. I love what you prepare for Quinn and you all – it’s so fun and full of variety and flavor! The photo of her footprints from the water is adorable!! I hope to have Ansley join Camden in their backyard with his water table. It looks so fun. Thus far, this summer has been wet, and Ansley has yet to enjoy water play at school, which scheduled every Friday through the summer.

    I’m so sorry you all have been sick! Ans finished her antibiotic for her ear infection then had a fever that was determined to be due to a virus. It’s so awful seeing our littles sick! I hope we’re all well for a long time.

    I really don’t know of my favorite fast food sandwich shop. I haven’t been to one in so long it seems. I need to venture out for one soon. An ideal rainy day is curled up reading an excellent book at home.

    1. It is so special- the way Quinn gets SO excited to see Moose makes me very happy we got him when we did! That means a lot you find inspo from here, sometimes I feel like I’m killing it, and then other time I feel like this girl doesn’t want anything I offer her 😩. I think maybe it’s the name of the game with a toddler?! I gotta trust she is intuitively listening to her body, and I don’t want to mess with that.

      It’s been rainy here too and the air quality has been bad with the fires :(. Quinn just had her first water play yesterday though, hope Ansley can enjoy it soon too!

      Oh man, I hope she (and you all) have a nice healthy stretch after this. No fun at all seeing them sick 😢.

      Ideal rainy day you described= perfection.

      Thanks for stopping in! 😚

  5. Love all of this summer fun! So sorry about the stomach bug. I feel like becoming a parent means getting sick 5x as often as you used to, right?!

    I always love seeing what you feed Quinn. I am so impressed and inspired! You do a wonderful job of introducing new foods and feeding her in such a nourishing way.

    Yay for a nice, long stroller walk with Moose and Quinn. It always feels like a win when the stars align like that, haha.

    Ideal rainy day for me: coffee shop and book store!!
    Favorite fast sandwich place: I know it’s basic… but Panera!

    I hope you guys have the best Fourth of July!!

    1. You are SO right- 5x more is very accurate 😅.

      Aw thank you so much, Allie!! That means a lot, especially from a seasoned mom like you- I sometimes feel like I have no clue what I’m doing, especially when she goes a couple days without accepting anything I offer her 😬.

      It really does! And I don’t think we’ve had a smooth walk with the two of them since 😅.

      Love it!! Does not get better than reading on a rainy day!

      Oh I love Panera too. We actually are getting one where I work and I am stoked!!!

      I hope you had a wonderful 4th too! 🇺🇸 ☺️

  6. “I wonder if I have a Jimmy Johns” I thought, quickly Googling it. I do! Right up the road!!! OMG!

    What JJ sandwich is that one you were eating? I’m guessing The Veggie? Looks like whatever it is you got the thin-sliced wheat bread. I LOVE that they have that option as I don’t always like all that bread that a regular sub roll has. Brilliant, JJ!

    The tiny footprints!!!

    The watermelon jammies! She looks like such a widdle baby in that photo eating her ice cream.

    The sweater dress (?) in the Cafe o’Play photo!!

    I want that entire eggy French toast meal! How delicious and pink does that look?

    So sweet the way she is so happy to see her Daddy.

    1. Yay yay!! I can’t wait for you to try- it’s really yummy! I had the Bootlegger I believe it’s called!! I love their wheat bread, it’s super yummy.

      Just wait till you see the recent watermelon outfit we put her in on the weekend of the fourth-I had the thought, “Jinjer is going to love this one!” Hehe.

      I just adore seeing her and DJ’s relationship- it’s so so sweet. No one makes her laugh the way he does!

      Thanks for stopping in 🥰.

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