Mother’s Day, Chat GPT and Other Random Bits and Bites!

Good morning, all! How are you doing? I am determined to catch these posts up to real time here soon. Jumping right in! I’ve been trying to get creative with Quinn’s breakfasts since she’s not a big fan of oatmeal lately which used to be our go-to. I tried out some egg muffins- easy to make and easy to sneak some spinach in.

Her appetite was off that week- I don’t think she was feeling 100% and definitely teething :(. Given all this, it was hard to tell if she actually liked them.

We went on a walk that afternoon and touched the tree bark and leaves. She solely wanted to be held that day, so the outward facing carrier came to the rescue! She also got a big smile every time I did a little “zoooooom” burst with her.

^ Don’t mind the toothpaste on the strap 😆.

When we returned home we finished opening gifts. Here’s her sipping her own play mini Keurig set. How cute is this?

I’ve found lately she gets so much joy just exercising independence and mirroring the simple things I do around the house. She tries to use the broom and dust pan, mop, loads (and unloads) dishes and likes to stir the long wooden spoon with me when I cook. I try to involve her as much as possible in these seemingly mundane tasks, but she oozes pride as she she gets to try them.

A dairy update! We used the cornbread leftover from the party as the first step of the milk introduction as “baked” in dairy. I think we may be in the clear as I write this as she has been tolerating everything very well! Just a few more weeks of her trial, and then we’ll know if we’re really good to go after some testing.

I think I’m actually not tolerating the trial as well as Quinn. It’s funny, I have wanted to eat dairy again for so long and have taken full advantage the last few weeks, but my stomach is definitely off. I think I may continue to eat mostly dairy free in the day to day, but indulge in pizza, real ice cream and real cheese in smaller doses. Cause lemme tell ya, to state the obvious, real pizza is SO worth it!!!

May 9th we received the sweetest edible arrangement from Grammy and Grampy. They sent this to Quinn since she didn’t seem to love her cake, but the girl loves fruit! ❤️❤️❤️

^ Just a very special side note- the order number was majority of digits of my dad’s phone number in order. I know it could just be coincidence, but it felt like a little happy birthday nod from him to his granddaughter too ❤️. I know he would have been obsessed with his grandkids and an incredible Grandpa!

The rest of the week between work was just giving my girl lots of TLC since she wasn’t feeling great. I worked on Thank You notes as time allowed.

May 13th, we went to Bow Wow Beach to let Moose run around with the other pups. Quinn seemed absolutely gleeful watching the dogs play. There weren’t many pups there that day since it was a little more mild outside, but we can’t wait to go back on a weekend when the temps are high! Then this place will be poppin’.

Another weekend, another family walk 🙂.

May 14th was my second Mother’s Day. I couldn’t believe we were already rounding on second holidays. We started the day with a dance party in the kitchen (I’ll spare you my dance moves ;)) and then had breakfast. I treasure those moments.

We met up with Gigi, Gordie, Renee, Chris and our nephew, Ender, at Burntwood Tavern for their yummy Mother’s Day Lunch buffet!

^Anyone else’s buffet plates look like this? The plate is never big enough haha. I know some people can’t stand their food overlapping like this.

Quinnie really enjoyed the food too!

We are so blessed with the best moms- they are our role models, particularly for me as I navigate motherhood. Not sure what I’d do without them. Being able to celebrate Gigi in person this year was so fun. I LOVE that we live near them.

We also FaceTimed my mom that afternoon too ❤️.

I was craving an au lait that day, so we went through the Nervous Dog drive through after brunch.

Sweet gift from daycare 🥹.

And guesssssss what DJ surprised me with for Mother’s Day?!? A NESPRESSO! This was way above and beyond- but I’m certainly grateful! I’m tempted to make a comment about how this mom runs on caffeine, but that sounds way too much like something you’d find on a cheugy hand towel. I may be the poster child of basic and cheugy, but at least I know it?! 😄. That towel would be cute though….

Her walking really took off that week! It’s wild that as I write this only a month later, she’s pretty much running 😯.

We went on a walk in the afternoon then stopped by Sissy and Poppy’s in the afternoon ❤️.

With the weather getting nicer, I’ll pull Quinn up to an open window in our kitchen for some meals. She seems to enjoy the view! I ideally would like to eat all our meals together, but her eating time is often when I can start food prep for her next meal and cleanup the kitchen a bit. I’m trying to aim for at least one meal together a day for now!

May 15th I made these lentil cakes . I used regular mushrooms instead of crimini though.

I hung up her adorable dresses to dry from her birthday and had an emotional moment seeing how big they are compared to her little newborn clothes!

My little helper 🙂.

After unloading the dishes on May 16th, we went to downtown Cuyahoga Falls to enjoy the glorious morning.

I stopped by Asterik coffee again for an oat milk au lait 😋.

The art installation below features Kayaks. How unique is that?!

We changed into some cooler clothes as the weather warmed and then headed to Krieger to grab some groceries in the afternoon. Love this store!!

May 17th we started the day at Nervous Dog.

Then we came back and played in the nursery. All those new toys and she just wanted to play with these pens- hah!

She’s really into putting things in containers and taking them out right now. It’s fascinating to watch as she creates little “tasks” for herself.

While DJ was watching her while I got ready for bed, he took this video- one of my favorites!

He was just putting things on his head and shaking them off, and she thought it was the funniest thing in the world 😄.

For weeks, I had been craving sesame flavor for some reason. Such a random, specific craving! While at Krieger, I grabbed this Scallion and Ginger cooking sauce and have been using it in our dishes- it’s great, and definitely satisfied that craving! That evening I made a shrimp and rice dish and used this as the marinade.

May 19th Quinn woke up early with me before work. I always pray she’ll stay asleep while I get ready since she has such a long day at daycare, but if she does wake up I get her ready for the day. This day was yellow day at daycare, so I put her in one of her new yellow dresses 🥰 💛.

After work, I put together a small graduation basket for my sister-in-law. I can’t believe she’s going to college 🥺.

She and my other younger sister-in-law were so little when DJ and I started dating, so see them growing so fast puts things in perspective big time. Anyway, I wanted to share this just because it was fun and easy to put together- I was able to find everything at CVS too! I included some snacks, command strips, a hydration pack, lotion, face mask, pens, a journal, nail polish & poo-pourri (a last minute grab at the check out 😆).

For lunch on May 20th, I made Quinnie a lunch of sardines, beef crumbles, kiwi and green beans.

While she ate lunch, I made some zucchini fritters to have on hand. Making anything in fritter/patty form tends to be a hit lately.

That evening we went to The Farm (Gigi and Grandpa’s place) where Quinn ran around in the green grass I think for the first time? The weather was finally starting to turn! She beamed ear to ear as she frolicked around.

It’s so true that one of the greatest joys of parenting is experiencing the world through your kid’s eyes. Quinn definitely has made me appreciate the beauty in our every day.

That evening Amy was in town which is always a blast! While the whole fam was around the dinner table we experimented with ChatGPT. It was mind blowing… 🤯. (If you don’t know, ChatGPT is a type of AI that can write for you/create stories/etc.). I think it’s simultaneously amazing and TERRIFYING.

Anyway, we enjoyed some delicious eats followed by a homemade angel cake by our Aunt Jean! Yum!! 😋

On the way home, we played the song Bingo, and Quinn caught on to the clapping with the letters! So fun!

May 21st I started the day with an easy, go-to breakfast of Quinn’s. Beans are one of her favorite foods and usually a sure thing she’ll eat. That morning, I made her a plate of hard boiled egg with beans and raspberries.

And I started my day with a delicious Nespresso after finally getting it set up! 😋

I use the Odacio pod. Once the foamy deliciousness is brewed, I add a little bit of oat creamer with honey drizzled on top. Mmmm!

That afternoon, we had my sister-in-law’s graduation party. For the party, she had a Swenson’s food truck rented, which is a BIG deal around here! Us Ohioans LOVE our Swenson’s!!

It was such a fun time. Quinn had a blast running around the park. Here’s a sweet pic of her and her Uncle Chris!

When we got home I panicked because Quinn’s cheeks were so red, and I thought she had a bad sunburn. We weren’t outside super long, so I didn’t put sunscreen on her, but I was feeling terrible seeing her beet red face. I lathered her in aloe and breast milk (a cure all in my mind haha) hoping to mitigate the burn. Well, we gave her some time indoors and the redness totally went away. Turns out she was just a bit toasty, not burned, and I spiraled over nothing 😄😬.

Welll this is plenty long I’d say!! Slowly but surely we’re catching back up!

Questions for you:

– Thoughts on ChatGPT/artificial intelligence?

– How do you take your coffee?



16 thoughts on “Mother’s Day, Chat GPT and Other Random Bits and Bites!

  1. My only thought on AI is that it needs to be regulated and fast because it could get out of control very quickly. It’s a large part as to why there is a writers strike going on and good on them for standing up for themselves!

    I actually drink instant decaf coffee every morning with a splash of vanilla creamer and almond milk. I drink enough iced tea everyday that I almost put my English husband to shame (except with hot tea), so that’s where my caffeine comes from. I find that caffeinated coffee gives me the shakes if I drink it before midday. Otherwise, I’ll drink it on occasion in the pm.

    1. I so agree!!!! Yep, good for them. It’s kinda dystopian the way it’s already effecting our world with how new it is.

      That sounds delicious! Haha that’s funny about the tea. Curious how you guys met? I don’t think I knew he was English!

      1. We worked together at Virginia Tech. 🙂 We actually just came back a few weeks ago from visiting his family in England. We’ve been together for 8 years and this was only my second time seeing his mom and the first time meeting his dad and half sister. It was his first time meeting his half sister as well and she’s 22! In my mind, that kind of family dynamic is wild!! But everyone was so lovely and made us wish we live just a tad closer.

      2. Wow! That is so fascinating, Bex!! What a cool story & glad you got to visit them all too. Hope you guys can go back again soon!

  2. So nice to see you and Quinn out and about enjoying so many adventures and so much family time. And a Nespresso really is such a sweet Mother’s Day gift that seems so fitting for you! I usually drink my coffee black or a cappuccino, but reading all about your au laits makes me want to try them again. I was always a dairy drinker until a couple of years ago but once I went oat milk, I couldn’t go back. I especially love an iced matcha with oat milk and a bit of honey.

    I’m so behind on commenting on your posts but I’ve enjoyed every one and can’t wait to read the upcoming ones (as always!).

    1. Hey, Taylor!! Thanks for stopping in ☺️. How have you all been lately?

      Oat milk is 10000% better, especially in coffee drinks!! I agree!! I actually have heard of a couple people who usually drink regular that have tried oat and never turned back. It’s so creamy and delicious. Iced matcha with oat and honey is perfection!!

      Aw no worries, I never expect it, it’s just a treat when you do ! 💕.

      1. I’ve been good, thanks! Wishing we lived closer in person again so we could catch up on each others’ lives over an oat milk matcha!!

  3. It’s a great day when it’s a new blog day!! Thank you again. Love the pretty yellow dress on her. I can vouch for the Nespresso coffee being amazing as I recently had the privilege to have a cup at your place, yum! AI is absolutely terrifying but also fascinating and astounding, who knows! Love you all, Gigi

    1. Aww your excitement over the blogs warms my heart! We’ve always got a cup of Nespresso with your name on it 😁.

      Agreee- that’s the perfect summation of AI!

  4. LOVE! You and Quinn look so beautiful! Gah, I want to squish those cheeks. I love your updates!

    I feel I need to get Ansley out so much more than we do. We took her to Cava on Saturday, and I think the last time she ate out was New Year’s Day. Welp. She was overwhelmed at first and was more interested in looking around but then ate some of our meals.

    Love all of your creative meals! I am so glad to hear Quinn is handling dairy well, but I’m sorry your stomach isn’t feeling so good with reintroduction!

    AI bothers me. I don’t like so much technology taking the place of actual human beings. You know?

    I love my coffee black at home (half caf), and cafe au laits and decaf lattes at nice coffee shops.

    1. Aww thank you 🥹. Oh CAVA is SO good! I wish we had one here. It can be such a toss up at restaurants how they’ll do. Actually it feels like everything is a toss up- will it be a good day in the stroller? The car? The restaurant? Lol! Parenting is the ultimate “keep you on your toes!”.

      Thanks, friend! It’s not so bad- just a LOT of bloating. But still worth every bite!

      I so agree. It makes me fearful what it’s going to look like even 5/10 years from now at the pace we’re going.

      I need to get half caf! I’ve been a bit shaky lately after my full cup. You know I always support the au lait decision! 🙂. Thanks for stopping in 💕

  5. You and Quinn with your coffee machines. 🙂 What a lucky little girl with so many people doting on her. I love those first steps … teeth, steps, lots of highlights from Mother’s Day #2.

  6. I don’t know anything about Nespresso or that AI chat thingie, but I probably want both. LOL

    I like my coffee / espresso etc dark with 1/2 & 1/2 or cream or almond milk, oatmilk, anything that will make it creamy, and I like flavors like vanilla, cinnamon, mocha, chocolate, almond, coconut… So, not too picky, really. lol

    That video of Quinn walking to you is TOO adorable, as is the picture of her at the dishwasher. She’s such a cute little squishy SHAPE in that picture and in that cute outfit.

    It must be something to be standing on a big field of grass and be so close TO it. Must look amazing!

    Such a happy baby. You can tell how much she is loved, cherished, and ENJOYED.

    1. Hahah! That made me LOL 😄.

      Yummmm! I need to get another cup after reading this!!

      Heheh she is such a little squish right now, and I’m obsessed 😍.

      I agree! I actually particularly loved (and still do) wide open green spaces. My mom pulled over one time on a long country road just so I could run through some fields. Something about them!! I think Quinn has that in her too ☺️.

      Aw thank you, friend !! This means lots. Hope you are doing well. Is this year treating ya a bit better? Hard to believe we are halfway through!

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