Nomz, Mustard Seed & Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop!

Good morning! Man oh man how did I get so far behind again? I have oh so much to share and record from the last few months!

April 23rd after getting back from vacation we went to brunch at Nomz at Northside District in Akron. We’ve been to this vegan friendly joint once before and loved it!

They have an expansive menu for everyone with tons of dairy-free options and alternatives. I was craving an indulgent cheesy, breakfast sandwich, and they had my fix! This toasted bagel included f’acon (fake bacon), vegan Just egg, a homemade vegan green onion cream cheese (I need the recipe!) and a vegan cheddar cheese. Gosh this was so good.

I was particularly hungry that morning since we went later in the day after church, so I also got a Masala salad with romaine, spinach, cumin carrots, cucumber salata, mint, lentils and naan croutons with masala dressing.

While waiting on our food, we walked around the interior shops where local vendors display their creative goods.

April 24th we started the day playing in the nursery and just getting the house back in order after the previous week’s vacation.

After a couple work days and the same ol’, same ol’ I had another full day with my little chica on April 27th.

We’ve been all about playing with non-toy toys lately. The pots and pans rock-band was a real hit for a few days.

Grocery shopping time!

I spotted these Wilde Protein Chips on an end cap and decided to give them a try. I reached for the BBQ, but Quinn got her hands on the salt and vinegar and didn’t want to let go, so I figured we’d just try both. I actually liked the salt and vinegar flavor best, so I’m glad she “chose” them lol.

That afternoon we went on a little date to Subway to use up a giftcard!

I’d already fed Quinn lunch at home, but I did bring along a pouch and gave her some tomatoes for a snack so we could eat together.

Side note- you guys may see the teether cracker in the above photo? We stopped giving those to her entirely because we learned they have a history of being high in lead and arsenic. When I tell you – I spiraled when I learned this….. spiraled with a capital S! We’ve been giving them to her since 6 months. I talked to her nurse practitioner, and while they tested her for lead at her one year (and it was all good), they didn’t recommend testing for arsenic at this time. She did refer me to this helpful article I thought I’d share here too. The main conclusion is variety is the spice of life. Hence, I’m focusing on giving her a variety of foods each day, trying new nutritious recipes as much as time allows and not stressing every detail. (Easier said than done!).

Dinner was some easy chicken tacos with avocado and lots of hot sauce on Siete chickpea tortillas.

I just adore this pic ❤️

Time for the weekend! April 29th we went to Mustard Seed in highland square for lunch after our morning walk. I haven’t been here since 2018 I think?! I forgot how much I love this cafe! The modern, health conscious eatery is located upstairs in the Mustard Seed Grocery store.

I had their “award winning” beet burger . It was pretty good.. But I’ve had other options on their menu I’d probably order instead next time.

We also got chicken, fruit and brought along some other eats for Quinn to enjoy too.

I had to try their vegan brownie! The flavor was excellent, but I’d take a normal, dense fudgy brownie over it any day 😉

April 30th, I made Quinn some pancakes for breakfast with eggs, oats, baking powder and banana. I make them a little different every time, so some batches are better than others.

Hmmmm what’s wrong with this pic? This girl loves playing in Moose’s crate. She may spend more time in it than he does 😅.

These walks are so simple but a highlight of our week and weekend. It’s the most uninterrupted stretch of time DJ and I get to chat. We try to time them up with Quinn’s naps too- she has her best naps in the carrier outside. Plus Moose is one happy camper when he gets some off leash roaming.

For dinner, I made a half baked harvest Thai dish for dinner with added shrimp- very tasty as all those recipes are!

We’ve been all about the bubbles lately !

Gigi stopped by on May 4th to drop off our new house key and a bottle of champagne! We don’t move yet for a few weeks (the sellers are renting back the house from us right now until July so they can find somewhere to live). I don’t know that it’s really hit me we will be doing a big move so soon. I’m focused on one day at a time right now, so I figure we will deal with the details of the move when it’s here. We are very excited and ready though!

What will I do when she outgrows the carrier? I love these nap walks so much!

I’ve been using the Feeding Littles cookbook lately trying to make meals that feed all of us and are toddler friendly! I also freeze a small portion of the meals so on busy days I can pull from a freezer stash. This day, I made these salmon cakes below paired with a vegan avocado aioli. They were decent and packed with healthy fats.

My mom and Pete arrived late on Friday night after we were asleep, so we saw them first thing in the morning on May 6th, Quinn’s bday. I grabbed Quinn’s final first year milestone photo- 12 months 🥹.

Grammy and Grampy soaked up their time with Quinnie, we opened her birthday gifts from them over breakfast and then ran errands together.

To downtown Cuyahoga Falls we go! First things first- coffee!

We stopped at Asterik Coffee Bar on Front Street. My mom raved about their house made chai (I had a sip, and it was delish!), and I had an oat milk au lait. We also all sampled their scone. I don’t really love scones as much as I think I’m going to like them when I see them displayed in the pastry case. I want to like them, but I think I’d rather have biscotti or a muffin!

We walked around downtown for a bit enjoying the beautiful day then stopped at Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop to get some rock candy for Quinn’s sweets bar.

Oddly this store is extremely explicit- I’m glad Quinn can’t read yet hah. We were confused who the target audience of this candy shop was? Certainly not kids! *Dramatically clutches pearls*.

We stopped into a couple boutiques before heading home to finish prepping for the party.

Aunt Hally arrived that evening straight from a trip to Europe!

May 7th was Quinn’s birthday party. I recapped the day in my last post 😊 🐝.

Fast forward to right after the party- my sister walked Quinn around the grounds while we loaded the cars back up.

When taking this picture, I told Hal she looked like she was Samara in the Ring, lol.

After we returned home, we gave one more go with the smash cake in her high chair (that was a flop), so then I plopped her in my lap and whet her appetite with a tomato (one of her favorite foods). We then tried to give her some cupcake, but she wanted nothing to do with it. Tomatoes and beans were all she wanted 🤷🏼‍♀️. DJ and I both have a big sweet tooth so not sure where she gets this aversion to sugar 😄.

We then changed Quinn into some comfy clothes and then all gathered in her nursery to start opening up some gifts.

She also really started walking independently this day 🥹.

My fam took over so I could get ready for bed.

When I walked back in my girl was crawling toward me like this 😂. She had a look of “Mom, can you believeeee them?”.

It was an unforgettable weekend. After my mom, Pete and Halston left the next day I was really down in the dumps for a couple days. I always feel like that after any big event really. Does that happen to you all too?

Thanks for reading! I’ll catch up more on the next post- hopefully posted sometime this year hah!

Questions for you:

– What’s your favorite coffee shop pastry?

– Do you feel down in the dumps for a couple days after big events?



20 thoughts on “Nomz, Mustard Seed & Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop!

  1. Best post ever! Loved reading and seeing all the “snapshots of your life! You have some totally adorable photos of Quinnie. I wish I had had a cell phone back when my guys were little.
    Agree with you about scones. And no, I never get down in the dumps. But maybe that’s because I get to read your fabulous posts and they make me so happy. Thank you!

  2. I can totally relate to scones being an inferior pastry. They always sound and look yummy, but I’m always disappointed when I actually get one. I’m guessing they were popularized because they were good when dipped in tea…? but that’s not ‘a thing’ around here.

    Muffins are typically a safe choice, but if you get a dry muffin, they’re worse than a scone! My go-to’s are croissants or danishes.

    1. Ohhhh croissants or danishes – 100%! A good croissant is hard to beat. There are a couple I tried in San Francisco I still dream about 🤩

  3. I love your recap, as always!! Amazing food, and how does Quinn get even more adorable?! She is just full of life and personality.

    You all get out so much! We are hoping to get lunch as a family on Saturday after my haircut. There aren’t many restaurants on our side of town that we want to eat at, so we tend to eat mostly at home. But I really want to amp up our meals. I feel in a rut.

    I have to say I love scones, but I really love savory scones. They are hard to come by, but while I love dessert, I truly crave a salty, savory pastry. Sadly, not many places carry them.

    I get so down too!!! It takes so much time to plan an event, and then inevitably it’s over in a flash. I understand how you felt.

    Thank you for taking the time to share these memories with us!

    1. Thanks so much, Kori!! 🥰🥰 your comments make my day!

      I highly recommend digging into the Feeding Littles cookbook if you haven’t yet- I am obsessed! DJ has been talking about how much he loves the recipes- he even likes them better than the HBH recipes.

      I don’t think I have ever had a savory scone, but it sounds delicious!!!! I’ll have them keep an eye out 🤩.

      Aw glad I’m not alone- you get me!! 🫶🏻

      Thank you for reading!! ❤️

  4. Laughing aloud about Halston looking like Samara, as well as chuckling about Quinn wearing that yellow checked “hat”. Agree with Jean that just looking at all these beautiful family photos, amazing foods, it’s hard not to smile and feel good so thank you for making our days here in blog land so much happier! Truly a good one and after a busy morning the perfect blog to read and watch fun videos of our Quinn! Love you all so much, Gigi but must add that Panera’s orange scones are do darn good!

  5. Love all the pics!!!

    That pacifier!!!! Please don’t take this the wrong way, but that pacifier is BUGGING me!!! Why? Because all her outfits are so cute but then she’s got this plain brown pacifier!! I’m sure you buy that particular pacifier for a particular reason, but my gosh don’t they make it in any fun colors or patterns???? If not, someone at the company needs to get on that! I want to see her with a red, white & blue polka dot pacifier by the 4th of July, please. Or something with stars on it. Or just bright blue or red!! That pacifier is cramping ya’ girl’s style! 😀 😀 😀

    It is too funny that she would rather have tomatoes and beans than a cupcake. Hopefully she’ll be a healthy eater all her life like her mama!

    Mmm scones! Ina Garten’s scone recipe is delicious! I forget if they’re brown sugar or butter scotch or oatmeal or what…do they have a maple glaze? I’m drawing a blank. I just remember they were to die for and I should probably make some soon. I wonder if one can bake them in an air fryer…hmmm…

    1. With all due respect, it’s a pacifier. They can be expensive, and some children only like a certain brand. She’s a baby. I think it looks precious and just fine in my opinion.

    2. LOL Jinjer! I feel a bit defensive of this pacifier considering it has come to our rescue very many times- we actually tried many brands, but this is the only one she would take to 🤷🏼‍♀️. Now if only they made this specific one in some more fun colors!!

      Ohhhhh I have got to look into her scone recipes – my mouth is watering. In an air fryer would be amazing I bet! Definitely going to have to find out! Thanks for stopping in 🙂

      1. Yah that’s all I’m saying. The manufacturer needs to make that pacifier more cute & stylish because Quinn is so cute & stylish. 😍

      2. Awww thank ya! 😊 I so agree that would be nice, I’m surprised they don’t have at least one or two more options!!

  6. I was wondering when the move was as you mentioned it a few posts ago … well, that gives you more time to pack, even though it’s just a short move this time. My favorite pics were the 12-month bandana print pic and the pic of Quinn who spends more time in Moose’ cage than he does. I was eating the 92% cacao dark chocolate squares from Ghirardelli (thankfully not the three squares a day they suggest) only to find out it is heavy on the mineral cadmium but what doesn’t make sense is the 86% is the recommended “safe” dark chocolate. (Six percent less is safer??) Good thing you found out about those teething biscuits.

    1. Definitely helps to have some time! I’m trying to knock out a box a day. We don’t have much after getting rid of so much in our last move which helps!

      Hehe I love those ones too 😄

      Oh nooo, that is scary !! I eat a specific dark chocolate daily & should look into it. Glad you said something !

      Thanks for stopping in!! 🙂

      1. Yes, do look into it Mackenzie. I was surprised that such a low percentage made a difference. Good luck packing up – you are pros by now!

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