Our Final Day in Clearwater, FL: Lenny’s, Ice Cream & Palm Pavilion!

Goood morning and welcome to our last day in Clearwater, FL! We agreed this trip was the perfect length of time.

For our final day of fun, we woke up in time to watch the sunrise. It was beautiful & my Nespresso coffee made it all the more vibrant as the caffeine rushed through my veins.

DJ enjoyed the gorgeous morning with Quinn while I got ready for the day.

Then we headed out to the rumored best breakfast in Clearwater- Lenny’s !

Looking over their menu my mouth was watering, and I couldn’t wait to dig in.

The local favorite is located near the Phillies winter training area, and we saw some Phillies art on their building while walking in.

According to Lenny’s website, Lenny’s “has a great New York Jewish diner feel to it”, and we found this held true!

One of the best parts of a meal at Lenny’s is the free danish basket. I couldn’t actually partake in it due to the butter, but I sure do love that they serve them! (Also side note: as I write this I think we’re in the clear on dairy! Feeling hopeful!! I’ll give more of an update in a future post!).

For Quinn, I ordered toast, tomatoes, avocado and eggs. She wanted nothing to do with the eggs or avocado but gobbled up the toast and tomatoes.

DJ had their chicken waffle Benedict, which he liked but wasn’t blown away by.

I had their garden omelette which was good, but there are many other things I would have tried if I could have had dairy at the time.

I also got a side of their potato pancakes which were soooo yummy. They served them with a side of applesauce which was the perfect compliment to the crispy delicious potatoes.

After breakfast, we strolled outside while Quinn slept in the carrier.

Then we enjoyed the pool one last time before deciding it was time for some ice cream.

We’d passed a place on the way in that had dairy free ice cream advertised, so I had to try it! It was called Ice & Cream Creamery – no secret what they serve, huh? 😄

Very happy with my cone!

We walked along the strip while we savored them as long as the heat would allow and then headed back. By that point, Quinn was ready for another nap, but it was too hot out for her to do a carrier nap outside. I walked around the lobby and halls while she slept, and I caught up on the latest episode of Vanderpump rules with my headphones in.

Then it was time for a little snack while we all got ready for dinner! We decided it’d be fun to give Quinn a view with the snack. DJ fed her a Little Spoon meal while I got ready for the evening.

We then headed to our final stop of the trip- Palm Pavilion.

This was such a last minute, nonchalant choice – it was within walking distance and had a good looking menu. And it was awesome! It was super casual and one of my favorite meals. It has a great vibe and had blissful views of the ocean too.

We started with some creamy and fresh guac and chips.

I had a hot chicken wrap with lots of veggies and fries that hit the spot.

We then tried to get to bed early for an early wake up time for the airport.

During our layover, I found the nursing room at Charlotte’s airport, and it was awesome!!! It was quiet, relaxing and spacious, a nice respite during a busy travel day.

Tired girl ready to sleep on the second leg!

Thank goodness because she was a ball of energy and wore us out on the first haha.

Then we were home! Thanks for reading and following along Quinn’s first beach vacation with us!!



13 thoughts on “Our Final Day in Clearwater, FL: Lenny’s, Ice Cream & Palm Pavilion!

  1. Love potato pancakes so those looked amazing to me, but feeling somewhat sad this is the last Florida blog. You will have to just keeping traveling as so much fun to see photos and read. The good news though with you being back is I get to hear about local restaurants. Thanks for all of these great bogs! Love, Gigi

  2. I now have a real craving for potato pancakes,too! Guess we’ll have to make them at a future get-together! Thanks for all the fun photos and descriptions. So much sunshine and blue water- love that! Love all of you, too, and so happy you had a wonderful time.

    1. I just was saying to Gigi we should see if there is somewhere around here with them- but making them would be even better! And served with applesauce is such a great compliment . I’m actually eating applesauce in my oatmeal as I write this haha! thanks for following along on our vacation with us! Love you!!

  3. I so loved following this amazing vacation! What a fun way of wrapping up such a sweet time with Quinn. She is so darn cute!! Also, yay for possibly being able to eat dairy again!!

  4. It looks like Quinn enjoyed herself as much as her parents and grandparents. What better way to celebrate your next trip around the sun than having lots of fun in the sun?!

    1. She definitely did! She’s a social gal, so I think she gets bored at home sometimes even though DJ and I can be homebodies hah!

  5. Loved reading about the vacation and seeing the pictures. She seems like such a happy little baby.

    Love the little Lenny’s caricature. Lenny Bruce, I suppose? I want that danish basket!!!! All restaurants that serve breakfast should have complimentary danish baskets!

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