Friday Faves!

TGIF! I hope you all had a great week 🙂 I wanted to share a few favorites I’ve been loving lately to kick off the weekend.

1. Inglesina Fast Table Chair. This is the BEST chair for going out to a restaurant with Quinn or to other people’s homes for dinner. It’s super portable/easy to hook up to a table without causing damage and way comfier than high chairs. We take it everywhere with us!

2. Burt’s Bees Lip balm . This stuff saves my lips in the winter here. I couldn’t find the exact pack I have, but any of their lip balms are great.

3. Seraphine’s 3-in-1 Parka. I am obsessed with this jacket. It was a birthday gift and is made for pregnancy, baby wearing or just wearing as a regular jacket. Quinn loves it too and falls immediately asleep on walks in it.

4. The Love of my Life by Rosie Walsh. I’m only 25% of the way through this book club book, but so far it’s a great thriller. I’ll keep you posted if I change my mind when I finish it. But last night I found myself reading it at 130 AM and had to force myself to go back to sleep. I’m eager to get back to reading it during Quinn’s next nap!

5. MaraNatha Natural Peanut Butter Spread. I particularly love the no-stir kind. It’s so creamy and delicious.

Am I bit dramatic when it comes to PB? The answer is always yes!

6. Libman Freedom Spray Mop. This was another gift that I’m over the moon about! I don’t know how I functioned before we owned this?! This mop sprays and then mops the area just freshly sprayed. I only use vinegar and water to clean everything, so that’s what I fill this up with. It makes cleaning the floors a breeze, and I just wash the reusable cloths in the wash. So much healthier/more cost effective than the Swiffer mop and pads we used to use.

7. The Mole. If you haven’t watched this on Netflix, stop reading this post and go watch this right now! I don’t think I’ve binged a show so fast in ages. The link above gives a good synopsis of what it’s all about!

8. Nut Pods Creamers. These are dairy/soy free, and I love their recent toasted marshmallow and cinnamon swirl flavors.

9. Serenity Kids Organic Pouches. These have been helpful and convenient whenever we’re traveling or on the go. We try to give Quinn food baby led weaning style food at home, but at a restaurant or after a long work day when I don’t have food made, she loves these packs. I feel good about the fact that they’re organic with wholesome ingredients too.

10. This quote by Virginia Wolfe – “I can only note that the past is beautiful because one never realises an emotion at the time. It expands later, and thus we don’t have complete emotions about the present, only about the past.”

What are you loving this week?



14 thoughts on “Friday Faves!

  1. I love your assortment of favorites! I need to read more, but I get hooked on series and struggle to just read single books. Silly, I know, but I become invested in the characters. Like the Nancy Drew series. Ever since then, I’m a series lover.

    I cannot live without peanut butter! It is life.

    I want to try those Nut Pods. They sound so tasty!

    I feel awful that I wasted part of the chicken Serenity pouch, but I bought some to have on hand too! Last night I served the second half of the beef pouch with mashed tri-bean blend from Simple Truth organic canned (rinsed and drained), and I served mashed blueberries on the side. Nice to have when food is slim pickins. I love the idea of using them as sauce over grains and pasta or as like a really thick baby soup. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kori! I’m so the same with TV in particular- I don’t love watching movies, but I do love getting into a series! Nancy Drew is one of the best classics 😍

      No truer words. I get out of bed for Quinn and peanut butter lol!

      Ok I’m taking notes- these are genius uses of the pouches!! Thank you for these ideas!

  2. I love Friday Favorites, and I can’t wait to try these things! Especially the creamer–I’m always on the lookout for good alternative milk creamers with good flavor but that don’t just taste like sugar.

    I’m sure you have more than enough baby stuff, but the below chair is another one my friends with toddlers swear by–it collapses really small and it can be used on a table, on a bench, on a chair, with or without the tray, etc.

  3. Love reading the Friday favorites! Yep, big fan of Burt’s Bees! I’m also a new fan of Libman products! I like the twisty mop- you can do a big area, fast. Always interested in what you are reading. Netflix recommendation for you- “The Makania” a charming look at modern girls training to be geisha, because of the beauty of their art. Thanks!

  4. Well that book sounds good – maybe it will be a good fit for my Goodreads 25-book challenge, so I jotted it down. I love peanut butter too. I get the Jif’s natural as it is healthier than crunchy (but like crunchy better) and like you I like it in my oatmeal. I have no recent fab finds to share – I’ll try and do better next time. 🙂

  5. My head is spinning at how fast I jumped on Amazon to order the variety pack of those nut pod creamer thingies. Thanks for telling us about them!

    How cute is that baby in that hat????

    1. Aw yay! I hope you like them. They definitely are a good alternative for people with allergies (or those trying to avoid soy and dairy like myself). Thanks for stopping in, Jinjer! Hope you have a great week ahead ☺️

      1. I don’t have any of those issues, I just saw the words marshmallow and cinnamon and hit Submit Order. They arrived today!!!!!

  6. I kind of love that you’re a couple months ahead of me with babyhood because things have changed so much since I had Sadie and there’s all sorts of cool products out there. I am always looking to see what Quinn uses and what you guys like! It helps a lot 🙂

    Also, those creamers sound like so much fun! Marshmallow is one of my favorite flavors!

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