Trying a New Diner, New Foods & New Recipes!

Hello! Hope you all are doing well & staying warm out there! Today I’m catching up from November, the month I call “the month of sick”. We had one thing after another- it was a pretty rough month, but thankfully we are ok at this moment in time (knock on wood). 

November 1st, we introduced Quinn to salmon. I had to share her adorable reaction. She actually ended up loving it and ate a lot of it after getting over the initial shock, lol. 

She and Moose are quickly becoming best friends- it’s so stinking cute. Quinn lights up and laughs when Moose walks into the room. Moose is so careful and gentle with her too. He’s a great big brother. He’ll often go over and sit right next to her as though he’s keeping an eye on her. 

I’ve been on a real kick lately with avocado toast and arugula together. Add a few drops of Frank’s Red Hot sauce- YUM. 

November 2nd, I took Moose out on a nice fall walk <3. 

I love how creative they are with Quinn at daycare!

November 3rd, I got this sweet girl ready to go out for her first breakfast out!

Gigi, Quinn and I went on a chilly walk on the hike and bike trail and then went to Molly Brown’s Country Cafe for some food.

Molly Brown’s has a cozy, local feel and smells like a traditional breakfast diner: toast, coffee and cooking oil. I also get a hint of cigarette smoke, but obviously that’s been banned for a while indoors, so I think it’s probably my brain playing tricks since I went to so many diners growing up when smoking was still allowed. 

We placed Quinn in the high chair and used diapers on either side to help give more support. She did great! No fussing the entire time. She just loved looking around and people watching. 

We ordered some smooth and yummy coffee and lots of food. I tried the veggie omelette- It was delicious! 

November 4th was camo day at daycare. Just had to share her cute little outfit we got off Amazon. 

And fall is officially over!

After our morning family walk, one of my good friends from childhood, Sarah, came by with her dog to meet Quinn! It was soo good to see her and catch up.

Sunday, November 6th, I met up with Rachel for brunch at the Burntwood Tavern in Cuyahoga Falls. 

We sat outside on their deck over looking the water. It was a beautiful morning!

I ordered a delicious omelette with some of the best darn sea salt breakfast potatoes. 

Rach came back after and hung out with us and Quinn for a little bit <3.

The 6th also happened to be Quinn’s six month birthday, her golden month birthday if you will! <3.

That evening I made a garlic shrimp toast recipe. It was pretty good, but not sure I’ll make again.

November 8th,  I took Quinn into the pediatrician’s for an eye infection. She got put on antibiotics, but I started feeling under the weather the same day. We went for a walk on our way back from the office to get some fresh air.

That evening we hit the polls, I just put her in my carrier which worked out well. If she’s in the carrier, she is happy. Do not know what I’d do without this thing!

That evening, I made cast iron salmon with rice, spinach and mushrooms. 

November 9th, I had to call off work since Quinn needed to be on antibiotics 24 hours before returning to daycare. Her eyes improved quickly after a couple doses thankfully! I hate calling off work, but Quinn is my #1 priority now. I didn’t mind the extra cuddles and time together the next day one bit <3. 

That evening was rough though! During the day, I realized my eye started looking quite red and started feeling a cold fully coming on. By the evening, I knew I had picked up Quinn’s eye infection, I felt awful overall and my ear started hurting. Around 11 pm the pain in my ear became excruciating and then my ear drum perforated. I did a teladoc appointment– thank goodness for that technology–and DJ ran out to get my meds from a 24 hr. pharmacy. Bless him. 

November 10th, I had to call off work again. I’ve never called off twice in a row- or hardly ever to begin with- but thankfully my manager has been so supportive and understanding. I’m just praying we make it through the winter without too many more call offs since I know the first year of daycare is tough on the sickness front as the little ones build that immunity. 

I was craving soup that evening, naturally, so I made a veggie bone broth that hit the spot. Ya got your veggies, ya got your protein- it’s great! I’ve made this several times since. If we have any leftover grains like farro or brown rice, I’ll throw those in too and sometimes top with vegan cheese. (And always a piece of buttered bread on the side).

We had some naan bread leftover after using most of it for Indian food, so I decided to try it out for grilled cheese & tomato soup! DJ loved this!! 

November 13th, Quinnie was introduced to a small amount of regular yogurt! She did well with it as far as we can tell. Her eye infection ended up coming back, and then she got put on oral antibiotics for an ear infection later that week, so we put the dairy introduction on hold and just gave her probiotic drops. She liked the yogurt though, that’s for sure! We’ve re-introduced it one other time since, and her reflux seemed to worsen; however, she was battling a cold and cough that week- so it was hard to tell the culprit. We’ll try again when she’s all better! And if she does well with it, that means she no longer has an intolerance (woot woot) & I can start having dairy again! I feel like we’re almost there :).

That evening I made an artichoke chicken that I’m obsessed with! (I substituted mushrooms for the tomatoes, and loved this combo). 

November 14th was picture day for Ms. Quinn at daycare, so we sent her off with a bow :). 

November 15th, I used naan we had on hand to make a pizza in the air fryer. I topped it off with basil & it actually turned out pretty good! I think it would have all around crisped up better in the oven, but it was fun to try in the air fryer (and faster).

November 16th, I took Quinn out on our first super cold (sub-40F) walk. I was eager to get out of the house, and Quinn seemed to love it. She had one of her longest naps to date all cozied up. 

That evening I made air fryer shrimp tacos. Still one of my favorite meals to make through the week. 

This is how pretty much every meal looks right now. So fun & oh so messy!!

This week, we also started getting full on giggles which make my heart burst 100x over!

November 19th, I made more caulipower pappardelle mixed with veggies and topped with vegan parm. I could eat this every night!

And that brings us to the week of Thanksgiving

Questions for you!

  • Favorite memory of this holiday season so far?
  • Have you tried any new recipes lately? Would love if you have a link to it too!

Have a very Merry Christmas, all <3!



4 thoughts on “Trying a New Diner, New Foods & New Recipes!

  1. I was so excited to see a new post! I am so incredibly sorry to hear about your illnesses. I sure hope you all are in the clear from here on out, though!

    All of your meals look phenomenal! I love your creativity. I love Banza! It’s our favorite pasta. It keeps and reheats well too. I hope Quinn can tolerate and enjoy dairy soon and that you will be able to eat it again!

    Moose and Quinn’s relationship is soooo precious! I smile so big when I see them together. I think Moose is living his best life cleaning up after mealtime.

    Those giggles! Ansley laughs big when I tickle her with my hair too. What a fun built-in toy, ha!

    My favorite memories have been seeing Santa with Ansley and Camden, our tacky Christmas sweater party, and listening to music with Ansley. <3

    1. Thanks so much, Kori!! Things have been much better on the sickness front lately thankfully 🙂

      Yessss Banza is the best!!!

      They are too cute together, makes me smile the way they interact 🥰

      So fun!!! The giggles GET ME 😍😍😍

      Aww love this all so much 🥰 you all definitely made the most of the holiday season!!

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