A sorta different…but still tasty…Thanksgiving!

Good morning everyone! Currently, Quinn is sleeping in her crib for her nap. Admittedly, I have become very lazy with doing crib naps after I realized she was just fine napping in the crib at daycare while doing carrier naps at home with me. But, with travel coming up here for the holidays, I’d really like to be able to put her to nap in a pack and play so I don’t miss out! I know, I know- a lofty goal to accomplish in a couple weeks.

Anyway, I’m skipping one recap that I have yet to write and jumping into our Thanksgiving recap, since it’s a bit more timely!  

November 20th, my sister, Halston, came to town! She was here for a few days before driving to Cincinnati to be with Kevin’s family for Thanksgiving. While she was calling me to give me an update on where she was en route, Quinn started pulling up to stand on our pouf in the living room. I couldn’t believe it!

My sister arrived later that evening right on the verge of us putting Quinn to sleep. When Quinn saw my sister, her eyes got very wide and she looked between me and my sister several times, clearly confused. I feel like she was thinking, “wait, which one is mom?!”. It was too funny and cute. We went to sleep shortly after, and then we all worked the next day (Hal worked from our home). After work, I was eager to drive home to pick up Quinn from daycare and see Hal! 

I’ve been trying lots of new recipes lately and have been trying to be more creative in the kitchen. I was getting into a bit of a rut making the same things over and over, but cooking always brings me such joy and makes me feel productive. The evening of November 21st, I made scallops with couscous and a veggie medley of zucchini, mushrooms and a broccoli slaw. 

Dancing to Christmas music with Aunt Hally <3.
Tuesday, November 22nd, was a chill day at home for me and Quinn. She slept through the night for the first time ever the night before! I got so much sleep too, I couldn’t believe it- I was actually more tired than usual the next day because I think my body isn’t used to that much sleep. Anyway, my sister still had to work, but she was able to sneak out for a walk with us. 

That evening I made one of the best recipes I’ve tried in a long time- these Buddha Bowls! Hal and I couldn’t believe how delicious they were. We made them with Japanese sweet potato rather than regular, and I think that made them even better (although we were then missing the orange “pop” of orange). 

We had two Thanksgivings planned this year- one with my dad-in-law’s side and one with my mom-in-law’s side. With Hal’s help, we prepped the following dishes: 

My cranberry pistachio acorn squash

Vegan Cornbread (Holy moly, this is going to be a new staple). 

And vegan cauliflower mashed potatoes (I sorta winged this one, but we couldn’t believe how delicious they were, I’ll have to post a recipe for it soon, so I remember how I made them for next year). 

After listening to holiday music and cooking away, we hit the trail for a 3 mile run together. 

Then we picked up Quinnie from daycare and went to a nearby neighborhood to go for a walk and nap. Hal requested to wear the carrier, so I helped her put it on, and it was so special they had that bonding time while Quinn caught some snoozes. 

Then sadly, Hal had to hit the road. It was a tough goodbye, but I’m grateful I’ll see her for Christmas!

The morning of Thanksgiving, things took a wee bit of a turn. DJ woke up with a horrible case of hand, foot, mouth which, unfortunately, Quinn had battled over the weekend. DJ got it worse though- thankfully, Quinn had a super mild case. Due to how contagious HFM is, we had to cancel all our Thanksgiving plans.

We were determined to still have a good day and make it memorable for our family. I just wish DJ had been feeling better. We started out with an off-trail walk in the woods with Moose and Quinn. 

Then when we returned home, DJ kindly watched her while I actually “got ready”, a rare thing around here. Even though, we weren’t going anywhere, I still wanted to dress like a civil human being on the holiday. And then I got Quinn dressed in her outfit too :).

I laughed when DJ randomly yelled out during the meal, “Thanks for the rolls, Quinnie!”. 

It ended up being a great meal! The star of the show was the steak (thank you, Gigi and Gordie- you saved Thanksgiving!)- I don’t think I’ve ever had that quality of steak in my life. It was like butter. The flavor was so well rounded, tender- absolutely incredible. And I’m just glad I didn’t butcher them in the air fryer! 

For Quinn, we loaded up this vegetable turkey dinner we got from the store. She ate the whole jar and loved every bit. Girl LOVES turkey. I was hesitant to feed her much else from our table for this meal since it was all loaded with sodium, but she did not mind one bit sticking to her personal turkey dinner.

The next day, I put her in outfit #2 even though we wouldn’t be able to show it off in person. I still sent pics around to the fam. My mom sweetly gifted this to Quinn <3. 

Here she goes trying to stand again!

She is so intrigued by our little Christmas tree, trying to brainwash this girl early to LOVE Christmas! <3.

For dinner Friday evening, I made a leftover salad with the quinoa/cranberry/pistachio mix, leftover steak, fresh cranberries and vegan cheese with a balsamic drizzle. 

Our family so sweetly stopped by over the weekend to drop off food for us too, and we had a drive by hello <3. It was also a very productive weekend, and we just spent a lot of quality time with Moose and Quinn. As I write this, thankfully DJ is totally recovered- but woah, hand foot mouth in an adult is no joke!

Hope all my USA friends had a wonderful Turkey day!

Questions for you: 

  • Do you have any stories about turning a rough situation into an unexpectedly good memory? 
  • What’s your favorite part of the Thanksgiving feast? I will say I really missed Gigi’s pumpkin pie and my brother-in-law’s green bean casserole this year! And, of course, what I missed more than anything-seeing all our family.



24 thoughts on “A sorta different…but still tasty…Thanksgiving!

  1. You absolutely made the most out of a crummy situation, and you prepared a phenomenal spread!! I am so sorry that DJ was sick, but I’m so glad he is well now. You looked beautiful, and I’m so glad you had time with your sister! I just love Quinn’s outfits, smiles, and I am at a loss as to how are girls are pulling up now!

    I am not sure it’s a good memory, but it’s a funny one. Kaci and I tried flying back from TX on Christmas Day 2012, and the airport was a mess. It was a white Christmas in TX of all places, and they tried to pretend it was weather-related. I believe it was that they had no pilots that weren’t over their hours. We were shuffled to different terminals and finally got us to Atlanta at like 5:00 AM. We weren’t old enough to rent a hotel, so we got a car and drove the rest of the way. Kaci had to go into work at noon that day as well. It was a fun time. 😉

    I love my grandmother’s cornbread dressing that I make every year with homemade cranberry sauce!

    1. Thank you, Kori!! Oh my goodness the sounds soo stressful 🙆🏼‍♀️ at least these types of things make for good stories?! 🥴

      Oh my mouth is watering! Cornbread anything is easily one of my favorites- I love cranberry too! The combo sounds incredible- and the fact that it’s your grandmother’s recipe is so special ☺️ Merry Christmas, friend!! 🎄❤️

  2. Well i think you did an amazing job at turning a negative situation into an outstanding day with such sweet family memories. HFM in an adult is absolutely miserable and glad DJ is doing well!!!

  3. Thanks for this blog, we did so miss you for Thanksgiving dinner but bless your heart, you made those crazy good squashes for us and the vegan cornbread was amazing!! Love seeing Quinn, yes she brings the rolls!! HA! Sorry about DJ but you magically made a special meal anyway! You are all so wonderful, love you all. Gig

  4. I’m so sorry DJ got sick. I had HFM as an adult and it was terrible!
    But you all made the best of your Holiday. I loved the outfits!

    1. Oh I’m so sorry you experienced it as an adult too- it really seemed just terrible! Thanks for stopping in, Nancy ! Have a very merry Christmas 🎄 ❤️🥰

  5. I have to get this off my chest first, you had leftover steak! That is just wrong Makenzie. Lol Those outfits were adorable (not as much as Quinn though). What a shame Dj was sick, I hope he’s better now. What a great way to save Thanksgiving! Quinn is getting so strong pulling herself up like that! Christmas is going to be so exciting.

    1. Hahah I have to agree! Although they were 8 oz steaks which was more than I even realized when I cooked them up 😋 he’s doing so much better now thankfully! It’s amazing how much she changes week to week and fun to see all the new skills she develops 🥰 Thank you for stopping in, Diane! I hope you have a very merry Christmas! 🎄❤️

  6. Quinn’s outfits are so cute – those brown socks!! Maybe next year she’ll nibble on a turkey leg and not her turkey dinner in a bottle. She is growing up so quickly – trying to walk already. Hopefully DJ is 100% now – poor timing sometimes.

    1. I think you’re right, Linda!! We did give her a chicken drumstick to gnaw on and she loved that (although it made us nervous so we didn’t give it to her for too long). Thankfully DJ is all recovered now! Thank you tons for stopping in ☺️ have a merry Christmas, friend! 🎄❤️

      1. I am a little behind in Reader but peeked at your pics in today’s post and was amazed at Quinn’s teeth … what a mess learning to eat!! Glad DJ and Quinn are recovered – hope everyone, even Moose stays healthy in 2023. Merry Christmas to you as well friend! ❤️

      2. She has SIX right now! Isn’t that wild?! Thank you tons, Linda ! Hope you had a very merry Christmas & happy new year ☺️

      3. I had no idea baby teeth came in that quickly Mackenzie … soon Quinn will be asking for a slice of avocado toast or the delicious-looking pizza you show us in your posts. It was quiet but nice to be off and just relax a bit – hope you got some R&R in as well. Best to all four of you in 2023!

  7. I cannot believe how big Quinn is getting! She’s just too precious and beautiful. That smile of hers could light up any room, I can tell!
    I’m soooo sorry about the HFM! That can be so awful. 🙁 My pastor’s family got it super bad a couple of years ago, and the adults got it worse than the kids as well. I’m so glad that you were still able to make the most of the day and see silver linings.
    Per usual, your food pics are just making me drool over here!!!

    1. Hi Nicole!!! She has been growing so. Fast. Lately ! I feel like we can’t keep up with the clothes lol! Thank you for the sweet words, her smile does just melt my heart! I know you know the feeling 🥰.

      Yikes!!! That stinks the whole family got it! I don’t know how I avoided it!

      So glad you enjoyed the food pics ☺️ basically my entire camera roll is Quinn, food and Moose lol!

      Have a very merry Christmas, friend! ☺️🎄

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