Wrapping up Fall!

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  1. Thank you for this very fun blog. All the beautiful Fall photos makes me want to hold on to Autumn here in NE Ohio a little longer, but alas winter is coming. Just can not get enough of all the cute baby girl pics, love her so much. Love you all, Gigi

  2. I love all of your photos of the fall foliage! Now <#that it's mostly all gone, I feel so sad and already want it back. :'( But this was such a fun finale for October! I love all of Quinn's outfits and photos! Ansley has that Burt's Bees rose footie pajama, and I love it so much. Congratulations on buying land! That is incredibly exciting. <3

    1. I’m with ya!! Right now I’m staring at snow on the ground out the window 😮 ❄️ at least it’s great for getting In the holiday spirit! Burt’s Bees pjs are so awesome!!! I love the rose one 🥰 thank you, friend!!

    1. I hope so! We certainly are trying to brainwash her to love the great outdoors from a young age 😉 and I was so surprised she tolerates hats and bows so well too! I guess I brainwashed her to like those as well since birth LOL

  3. My dental hygienist just started the water pick on me and she said that some people can’t handle it. She said that they prefer it because it’s faster, but I’m sure you can opt out.

    We just got back from a trip to Tennessee where I surprised my husband for his birthday with a rented cabin in the woods. It was a great trip, but it went by so quick!

    1. So interesting!! I was reading a little about it too and it does seem a small percentage are sensitive to it. Will definitely ask for traditional cleaning next time!!

      Aw SO fun!!!! What a perfect birthday gift!!

  4. Had to smile at your mention of stress during mealtimes. I don’t remember how old my friend’s baby was but she had me holding my breath two different times when she was eating real food. First time was a piece of steak that I don’t know how she managed to eat without teeth but she had no problems with it. Second time I, personally, gave her some chocolate cake that I didn’t realize she was just going to cram continuously into her mouth until she looked like a chipmunk her cheeks were so crammed with cake. Her eyes were huge because it was SO amazingly delicious and somehow she swallowed all of that without choking. It all happened so fast there was no time to stop her! I had my finger poised to dial 911 I was so worried about that massive amount of chocolate cake! I was NOT the one who gave her the chunk of steak.

    So yah, the lesson I learned is do NOT give them a big bite of anything, thinking they’ll just bite off a piece because they are going to shove whatever size bite you give them into their mouth.

    That baby is 18 now and already has her AA degree and is a Customer Service Supervisor on her job so, she survived everything, including the time she stepped on an old-house floor heater with her bare foot (again, not on MY watch, thank God). 😀

    1. Oh my gosh just reading about all this makes my heart race 😅

      We trialed some salmon like that and she did shove the ENTIRE piece in her mouth- that’s when we decided to stick to purées a bit longer lol. Even though there was no choking or gagging or anything- I know they have protective mechanisms to spit stuff out but makes me too nervous.

      Aww so glad she’s doing well!!!! and OUCH! Not the floor heater 🫣

      Thanks for stopping in Jinjer! 😊 happy Saturday!

  5. Sorry, got caught up in my own stories and forgot to comment on your cutie patootie’s Fall Fashion!

    Love the outfit and her cuteness in the pictures playing with the water table and napping on her mama.

    Love the outfit where she’s getting kissed by her doggie.

    Love the sweet back of her head watching TV. Very cute shaped head!

    Love the Halloween Pumpkin outfit. So she has an outfit for every holiday, I wonder how…Maura and Kate, was it?…figured out what size she would be wearing for each holiday, or did they just take a good guess? Such a cute and great idea. Even if the parents want to choose their own holiday outfits they are all set in case they don’t have time or energy to shop for one and baby can never have enough holiday outfits, can she?

    1. Awww thank you!! So glad you love her fashion 💁🏼‍♀️ we have fun with it . I think they just calculated and guessed her age for the outfits! She’s a little peanut though, so she’s a bit tiny for her age length wise. We didn’t exactly give her the “tall” gene lol.

  6. I’ve been a little MIA online lately, because my tiny photography business really exploded (in an amazing, but busy way) in October. So I was eager to catch up with you and your family, and I just cannot believe how big Quinn is getting!!! What a precious, beautiful girl she is.
    My kiddos were in the background as I read your blog, and Brady exclaimed, “WAIT!” as I scrolled past your Halloween picture. Ha, ha! He is obsessed with Mario and thought your costumes were pretty much the coolest thing he had EVER seen.
    With November here and our foliage being over, I enjoyed all the beautiful foliage pics in your post from October. Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week? I just can’t!!!
    Also can I make a blog request?? So I’m trying to eat healthier and lighter, and you are the queen of throwing odds and ends together and making them look SO delicious. I need inspiration for throwing quick – but healthy – meals and snacks together. I’d love to see a blog post with some of your favorite “go to” foodie faves that might inspire me on my end!! 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh, huge congrats, Nicole!!!! That is SO awesome!! 😊 📸 and what a beautiful time of year to be a photographer!

      Thank you for your sweet words, I cannot believe how fast she’s growing either. It’s bittersweet! ❤️

      Awww hahah I love that he is so into Mario! When we decided on the costumes we wondered if kids still play Mario Bros so very fun to hear they do 🙂

      I can’t believe it either!! It really snuck up on me this year!

      Oh I am so honored you’d ask me, and I’d love to do a post like that!!! I’ll start brainstorming 😊 have a happy thanksgiving 🦃🍁🍽 😋

  7. wow!! love all the fall colors, it seems sort of similar to oregon! 😀

    that’s super cool you got to buy land!! i bet building a home to your liking will be super fun! sadly land is hard to come by around here now a days. congratulations though!!!

    i seriously loved the coordinated halloween costumes! nicely done! i’m telling you, halloween is so exciting with kids!! 😀

  8. Hi Mackenzie! I am so sorry to hear about your dental visit issues ! I did not even know this was a thing. ultrasonic cleaners! Aww Quinn is into the toys in the water . They just love water. Awww how cute is she sleeping with Mom ! I dont want to alarm you but that homeowner looks like he has been outside quite a while in his yard !!! Awww she is on the move now, watch out Mom and Dad . I love seeing the scenery on your walks. Quinn will be a big football fan at this rate . Congratulations on your land purchase , It looks amazing and so much to develop in the future. You all look so cute in your halloween costumes ! Quinn is as adorable as Mom !! Awww she looks so sweet in her pumpkin outfit also . It is good to blend the food for Quinn , and to give you both peace of mind also. The weekend was nice and relaxing , thank you for asking. Looking forward to seeing the people and the good during Christmas ! Have a great week ahead, send some hugs to Quinn, Terri xo.

    1. Hi Terri! Isn’t that wild?! I am curious what they’ll say next time I go back for a cleaning! Hahah!! He has been standing out there for a while hasn’t he 😄 We ended up getting a massive playpen for the living room since she kept trying to pull up on the wood furniture and getting into Moose’s toys lol! She loves it though, although she likes it best when we’re physically in the pen with her 😆.

      Aww thank you for the kind words- glad to hear you had a nice thanksgiving. Have a very merry Christmas too!!

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