A Wonderful Wedding Weekend & A Flying Object!

18 thoughts on “A Wonderful Wedding Weekend & A Flying Object!

  1. What a beautiful wrap up of those glorious pre-wedding and wedding days. Thank you for all these photos which I will cherish and the lovely summary. By the way, 2 weeks before the wedding Gordie and I saw something fly by quickly in the sky that was either a bolide meteor or yes, a UFO!!!! It seriously could have been a UFO flying horizontally across the sky, East to West, and looked like a tubular roller coaster with red/orange/white lights flickering on the body and a stream of fire propelling it from behind. Anyone else see this the night of 10/05/22 around 9:06pm?

  2. Oh wow, you look INCREDIBLE as does Quinn!! The wedding was spectacular, but nothing was as cute and lovely as Quinn as a flower girl. I cannot handle her cuteness!! I swear everyone had to utter a collective “awww” when you girls walked down the aisle. I cannot wait to see some of the photos!

    I have felt the same about moody clouds with fall foliage. The colors pop so beautifully! I adore this season so much.

    I am so sorry about her cold. You know we are in the same boat. Here is to our baby girls being well soon! I know the NP said Ans would basically keep a cold, but I’m staying hopeful.

    Thank you so much for sharing these photos. They brought such a smile to my face!

  3. The fall colors in your photos are beautiful! Especially the trees in the background with the lake in the foreground. You and Quinn look perfect, as always! She looks so miniature when she’s laying against a person’s chest like in those photos with your friends. Happy fall!

  4. I was looking at my blog recently and saw the ad problem with every picture, too! I don’t see it on your pictures! Did you turn off ads? I am so confused by these types of things, haha! Quinn looks so beautiful all dressed up (and always!) for the wedding!

  5. yes, the ads pop up on mine too 🙁 they truly are annoying

    ooooh cast iron salmon!!! i normally bake it because i’m always afraid of over-cooking it to the point it falls apart too easily lol

    oh my goodnessssss!!!!!!!!! the reception looks amazing, love the simple but chic decor and of course Quinn looks great in that dress!! and so do you!! absolutely stunning, my friend!

    here’s my UFO story:
    Alex used to work at a bar as a bouncer/security and sometimes i would pick him up when i had to work late. i would go out the door around 2am and had to walk to the garage to get the car out. it was a clear night, no clouds whatsoever. i looked up, saw a light over me but it didn’t look like a plane because it was going much faster and it wasn’t blinking the way they normally do… also, there was no sound (usually they’re pretty loud because they fly low). as soon as I spotted it, i immediately thought of it as odd.. i swear i looked down for about 2 seconds to avoid a puddle, and when i looked back up it was completely gone. i even stopped and looked around the sky and nothing was in sight. i’ll never forget it lol. alex thinks it was a plane but i would have still been able to see the blinking lights even as it flew past, idk, it was weird. anyway, i do believe in aliens, there’s no way we’re the only ones in this vast universe lol

    1. Thanks so much, Rossy!! Baked salmon is so good and easy too 😋 . Ok glad I’m not alone- what’s the deal WordPress??!

      Thanks friend 😊 it was a fun time!!

      Ahh this is so fascinating!!! I agree- I think it’s a little myopic to believe we’re the only life to exist in such a VAST universe

      1. i think they’re just trying to get us all to buy their other plans because they take the ads off lol. speaking of that, i really should to have an actual domain, i’ve been saying i’ll do it for years but im afraid it will ruin all my pinterest views T_T i get so much traffic from there

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