Trying Oats, Burning Muffins, Eating Blue Habernero & Enjoying Fall! 🍁

Hey all! How are ya doing? I discovered a new way I can get some blogging in my life! I have my laptop propped up on a cake stand and am typing away while Quinn sleeps in my carrier. So far, so good! Also, I’m listening to Midnights as I write this- I really like it so far. 

Finishing out the first weekend in October- October 2nd, we introduced Quinn to some *quite soupy* oatmeal for the first time! This is the first time she’s had anything except breastmilk. She seemed uncertain but also seemed to like it as she kept grabbing the spoon from me. Although it was hard to tell if she just wanted to teeth the spoon, hah. I have to say- introducing solids terrifies me. Especially after the choking episode in the hospital, my blood runs cold any time she makes the slightest gagging sound. I do think we are going to try baby-led weaning, but I am nervous about this whole endeavor. At the same time, I’m very excited to introduce all these new foods to her. Our goal is to get her to try 100 foods in her first year!

We used a smaller spoon moving forward (I actually just bought some infant spoons on Amazon that she does great with) & have gradually thickened the oats with each feed. These are the ones we use!

That afternoon while watching the Brown’s game, Moose and Quinn bonded on the couch. Peep the corner of the couch Moose destroyed- SMH. 

I was craving a piece of pizza that day. I made some of the Daiya pizza- it’s fine, but wow, I cannot wait to have a REAL slice of pizza again!

October 3rd, I got my hair done at Shear Perfection Studio in Cuyahoga Falls! I tried to go a touch lighter, but still natural, so I don’t have to get it done often. I loved it. Will definitely be returning here!

October 4th, I took Quinn on a nice evening walk after work. As exhausted as I am after work, I really try to get outside if we can- she sleeps so much better after spending time outside & the fresh air is good for us both. 
She almost made the whole walk in the stroller, but not quite. 

October 5th, I busted out my ‘feeling wicked’ mug for my morning cuppa joe.

I walked Moose & Quinn on the hike & bike trail after breakfast.

That afternoon, I made some Banana Nut muffins for book club. I burned them. Since becoming a mom, I usually burn something daily- whether it’s toast, oatmeal or the coffee I’m reheating. So I wasn’t too surprised lol. Usually I’d order another box to make them again- or even a step further- I probably would have tried to attempt them from scratch with the droves of bananas I accidentally ordered. But I ended up just getting some pre-made ones from the store and took the time to cuddle with Quinn instead. My friend Nicole has a blog called The Mommy Strike, and it really inspired me to choose less than perfection in certain situations- it has made me more cognizant of where I’m putting my time and energy, and the mindset has allowed me to soak up more intentional time with my babies! (the human and furry one ;)).

That day, we received an awesome delivery of Snake River Farms Steaks from Gigi & Gordie for DJ’s birthday!! They offered to grill them up for us, and we are certainly taking them up on that! I don’t trust myself with such nice steaks, hah. One of these days, I really would like to get good at grilling. I haven’t the slightest clue how to do it & that feels like a plain crime being born & raised in the midwest…. and just being close to 30.

Time for book club! We read What Alice Forgot, which was one of my favorite books I think I’ve ever read. I was so excited to discuss it. It really made me contemplate my own life and made me very reflective. I could have talked hours about it- but the group didn’t quite feel the same! It was definitely mixed how people felt about it. Some didn’t even finish it. I heard recently “books are more personal than comedy”, and I have to say I’ve found this is true! 

October 6th, I put Quinn in the carrier and took her to Ledges for a hike. 

Parts of the trail were blocked off to prevent the spread of White Noise Syndrome from killing bats- I had never heard of this! So sad..It has nothing to do with noise but rather a fungal spore that causes the spread of the disease.  

Anyway-I just love this place especially in the fall! It’s gorgeous.

The overlook was beautiful- but I knew in a week or two the colors would be even more vibrant!

That afternoon Gigi stopped by and took this sweet picture of Quinn. She watched her for a few mins while I finished making DJ dirt pudding for his birthday!

That evening I made scallops in the air fryer, a veggie medley and brown rice for dinner. 

It was DJ’s birthday, but also this sweet girl’s five month birthday!!!

Also this just makes me laugh- this is our grass compared to our neighbors, can you tell who has the dog fertilizing the lawn all year? LOL. 

October 7th, we went to see one my younger sister-in-laws on homecoming court and the other cheer at the game! Quinn did incredible, as she usually does in public. Also it’s hilarious- this girl loves watching football. Whenever it’s on TV, she happily sits in DJ’s lap and watches (for a short time before I nip the screen time in the bud hah). For this game, she just sat on my lap and happily watched the two teams dual it out. 

October 8th, we braved the cold, wrapped Quinn up with lotsa layers and hit the trail! 

The leaves had changed even more by this walk!

That evening, Gigi and Gordie offered to watch Quinn while we went out for DJ’s birthday! 

DJ had wanted to try Blue Habernero for a while- so it was an easy decision when choosing where to go!

The decor was very much channeling Day of the Dead! 

And the food- ohhhhh my goodness. This was all SO good & fresh. We started with the trio sampler. The guac was particularly fantastic. (Although there was no salt on the table & I think a dash of salt would have made it 10/10). 

DJ also tried their chorizo fireballs and said they were his favorite part of the meal! 

They had some of the best margaritas we have ever tried- DJ got their pineapple margarita, and I tried their spicy cilantro- delish!

He said they were great. I got chicken fajitas. Mmmmm mmmmm! I was lovin’ the generous portions because I was especially hungry that evening. 

It was soo nice. We laughed a lot, and it felt really refreshing to have that one-on-one time. I see why prioritizing these dates and time together is so important. We admired the cute little downtown Brecksville area and then drove around town for a while looking at plots of land for sale before heading back.

Here’s a sweet pic of Quinn & her Grandpa Gordie!

And it’s not a date night without a car selfie, hah. 

October 9th we went back to Ledges for a hike- Couldn’t stay away!

We took a little bit of a different trail this time & found ourselves at the offshoot- Octagon trail. There was no one around so we let Moose off the leash to run around the open field. He loved it!

That evening, DJ took over so I could squeeze in my weekend run. 

Then my good friend, Melissa and her fiance, Michael, stopped by and asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next year <3. Easy yes!!! 

How absolutely adorable is this bridesmaid box?! 

Thanks for reading! Quinn just woke up- what perfect timing. I got a whole post done! Have a wonderful weekend :). 

Questions for you: 

  • What was your favorite candy to get trick-or-treating? Mine was Three Musketeers. I was laughing at the debate in Stranger Things whether Three Musketeers is the best or the worst. 
  • Have any thoughts about Midnights if you listened? So far, Lavender Haze is my favorite song. Close second is Maroon. 



19 thoughts on “Trying Oats, Burning Muffins, Eating Blue Habernero & Enjoying Fall! 🍁

  1. How do you know how many layers to put on a baby when it’s cold out anyway?

    I always liked getting Sweet Tarts and Smarties in my Halloween candy.

    I’ve only listened to Midnights once so far and so cannot name a favorite.

    1. I generally follow the rule of one more layer than how we’re dressed, but I’ve discovered Quinn likes to be on the cooler side. I always check the back of her neck to assess her temperature- if she’s sweating, she’s too hot!

      Now I’m craving sweet tarts!!

  2. Quinn is soooooo adorable and 5 months already??? I am going to tell my boys about Blue Habanero. That food looked amazing!
    I always enjoyed getting Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Which reminds me… I need to buy candy for the Trick or Treaters!

    1. Thank you, Nancy!! I hope they can make it to Blue Habernero- it’s sooo good! And yesss Reese’s PB cups are some of my favorites too- hard to beat pb & chocolate together! Have a great week 🙂

  3. Loved your post- the more photos of Quin the better! Love reading about your life- you are creating a blessed home for your family! I was on a Liane Moriarty kick for awhile. The Alice book was fun, but not my favorite. Thanks for a fun post!

  4. Love that you have found a new blogging opportunity while Quinn naps … but don’t you need to nap while she’s napping?!!!!

    It is sooooo wonderful to see these beautiful captures of Quinn – she has grown so quickly! And to see Moose (also grown up so handsomely!), you & DJ. It makes for a good start to my day!

    I am glad you & DJ are able to nip out for a run together – precious couple time!

    And as always, droolicious food pics! What about them tacos & fajitas – really miss those.

    1. Aw thanks Ju-Lyn! I know I technically should, but I gave up on the sleeping when she sleeps a long time ago 😅

      Thank you so much, friend 🥰 so sweet of you to say!

      Ohhhh I hope you can find yourself a taco or fajita soon! I know it’s a food I absolutely crave! Have a happy rest of your week 🤗

      1. You both have taken to parenting so naturally – appreciate very much your smiles and keeping us in the know. You are a balm for our souls.

  5. Oats are my favorite Quinn … I have oatmeal every day kiddo. You will love it and it will make you big and strong. BTW – where have the months gone that you are already eating oats? Seems I just saw Mom’s maternity photos.

  6. I can’t believe Quinn is at the age of being able to do foods other than milk!! How does time go so fast?! You will do great with baby led weaning and introducing foods, etc.! You’re a foodie! You have GOT this 🙂 One thing that always “comforted” me with choking was that if they’re making noise/gagging, they can get air in their esophagus, which is good! Parenting is wild, isn’t it?! There are so many new things to take in and learn about. Based on the pictures I see of Quinn, I would say she is one happy and loved little girl. You and DJ are truly doing such a good job!

    1. It goes by sooo crazy fast, it blows my mind! thank you for the encouragement about BLW- it really is quite scary but definitely good to know the difference between gagging/choking!

      Thank you for these kind words, Allie 🥰 just made my morning!

  7. I seriously cannot believe how amazing all those trails look! We of course have lots of nature here too but I feel like we have to make quite a drive for ours LOL so jealous
    Also blue habanero looks booomb! I definitely want to go there if I ever go to ohio 😀

    1. I think it’s a little secret how beautiful northeast Ohio can be! Glad you enjoyed seeing these pics 🙂 . Oh yes def Blue Habanero if you find yourself here! Thanks for reading , friend!! 😊

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