Fall Fun & Szalay’s Corn Maze!

Goood morning, friends!! It is a very chilly 40 degrees here right now (which I know will sound balmy in a couple months from now). But until now, it’s been a gorgeous fall!
Going back to September 27th, Quinn and I had such a fun day together! I put her in her new pumpkin onesie, and we ventured out to the Hike & Bike trail. I’ve discovered she falls asleep a lot faster in the carrier when I cover her head and eyes with a little blanket to block out the light.
After the walk, we went straight to Nervous Dog Cafe. She did great just chillin’ in her car seat while I sipped my au lait. I loved our little coffee date. I was even able to answer some blog comments while sitting there. 

After Nervous Dog we went to a place nearby our house (JLC landscaping) that advertises mums & pumpkins. I put Quinn in the carrier & started walking around the rows of beautiful mums. The owners came out and could not have been sweeter. They explained they recently renovated the inside of the house on the property to become a shop too. They have a year-round Christmas room & the lobby was set up with festive Halloween decor for sale. They also sell Szalay’s corn (famous around here- it is the besttt). I picked out a few pumpkins, mums and a ceramic pumpkin for inside. And some corn, of course. Quinn didn’t fuss at all- she loves being out and about!

They helped me load up the car, and then Quinn and I headed home to set up. Having the new decor inspired me to do a deep clean of the house. It felt good to have it all cleaned up even though I knew it wouldn’t stay like that for long!
I also lit the pumpkin candle which made the house smell so yummy. 
I even went into the basement and found our old pumpkin pillow that actually went so well with our current living room decor!
Feeling alll the fall vibes, I had salad and Amy’s soup for dinner. I like to add Kite Hill unsweetened yogurt as “sour cream” and some colby jack vegan cheese. I could really go for this right now actually… mmm. 
And it only felt right to put the cutest mini pumpkin into the mini pumpkin patch 🙂 
September 28th, I soaked up some cuddles with Moose. I still battle quite a bit of guilt not being able to give Moose quite the same level of attention I used to. DJ really has helped make sure he gets doted over constantly though <3. I know this phase is temporary, and I will be able to give him lotsa extra cuddles again soon (especially when she starts napping in her crib- but also not wishing away the contact naps either).
That day, a couple fun books arrived for Quinn from our Aunt Terry! We just LOVE the Bear Dunes in MI (probably in my top three favorite places I’ve ever been), so this book definitely is very special to us <3. Also Quinn adores this super cute puppet book- Itty Bitty Yeti!
Moose pretty much always plops right next to Quinn on the floor when she plays, it’s so sweet. He has become quite the guard dog since we brought her home. He growls and barks at people that come near the house like he never used to. The barking actually has become kinda aggressive- anyone ever deal with this? He will go ballistic if he even sees anyone out the window or hears the slightest sound outside. I so appreciate how protective he is of her- but man, oh man- not sure how I am going to get her to ever nap with the random howls! (And they are legit howls!).
October 1st, we put Quinn back into her sweet pumpkin onesie (she is getting lots of use of it this fall!) and welcomed October with a trip to Szalay’s with Gigi, Gordie & Ender (our nephew). Szalays is the icornic farm & market. (I stole that from our Aunt Jean who used that on their recent podcast– too good not to include!). 
It was a busy day at the market!! Families gathered under the outdoor table swings, mingled among the pumpkin patch, waited in line for corn and navigated the annual corn maze!

There were 8 pumpkins to find, and while I would like to say we found all of them in no time flat, we only found 3 over…well… way too much time. Ha! This maze ain’t for the faint of heart- these skeletons will tell ya. 
Ender loved seeing the different themes at each pumpkin!

Quinn looked a bit skeptical that we would ever find our way back out, and she had a right to be!

Before we turned into pumpkins ourselves, we escaped. We then meandered through the market (I could do some damage with all the delicious local honey, fresh fruits & treats they sell!), and then we enjoyed the various pumpkin displays.
Gordie so kindly offered to wait in the corn line to get us all corn. It was sooo yummy per usual!

She was so tiny the last time we were here!

We went our separate ways, and for Bachelor fans out there, Gigi and Gordie ran into Michael Allio!

That afternoon, I put in a grocery order. I meant to order three bananas but accidentally ordered three bunches of bananas. Hah, whoops!

30 thoughts on “Fall Fun & Szalay’s Corn Maze!

  1. What an epic “Icornic” post! Thanks so much for the shout-out for our OK Boomer podcast. Such a treat to read your posts. Loved the photos and descriptions of Szalay’s and Halloween decor but the best part is the stories and photos of Quinnie! Happy Fall!

  2. I’m halfway through Love is Blind S3 E1 and wouldn’t you know it 2 girls like the same guy! 😅 Excited to see who all will end up as couples with this new bunch.

    I have a super reactive dog. She can come across aggressive at times which is scary. And my other dog has high anxiety in the car. I’ve actually just ordered some calming gummies to try. I can let you know what I find out.

    1. What do you think??! I just love this show lol. I got through the first set of episodes- so ridiculous and amazing all at once 😆.

      It is scary! 🙁 I need to try those gummies if they work! Let me know if you think of it 🙂

      1. I too finished the first handful of episodes over the weekend… I can definitely see some of the engaged couples making it work out all the way through, but it’s when they move in together that you see the reality of their relationship. Should be interesting!!

        Still haven’t gotten the gummies just yet, but my scrappy one had a trip to the emergency vet last week for swelling in her face (still not sure what happened, but she’s better), and we gave her Benadryl and boy, did that calm her down! You could maybe try that for situational anxieties if you really need something in a pinch. I just don’t know what the long-term effects it would have if you used it daily/regularly. But I’ll keep you updated on the gummies for sure. 🙂

      2. Totally! I just finished the most recent episodes, and I am loving how messy all this is, lol! Makes for great reality TV.

        Oh that’s really good to know! yes please do if you think of it 🙂

  3. Such a fun time and adorable photos as always! I love fall decorations! I don’t put out a lot due to limited space and a nearly mobile baby now, but they bring me a lot of happiness. Thank you for sharing!

  4. My #1 lettuce is romaine, but I do love arugula on a burger! My Mom does not care for arugula. Her favorite is butter lettuce, which to me is limp and weird. LOL

    1. Oh yes arugula on a burger is so yummy! I actually mixed romaine and arugula for my salad for lunch today 🙂 I’m laughing at “limp and weird” 😆 can’t say I buy a lot of butter lettuce either!

  5. We’ve had such a glorious Fall here in Michigan too – the colorful leaves, the pumpkins and gourds all make for beautiful harvest decor and of course, little Quinn in her cute attire perfect for the season! Next year, she’ll be nibbling on corn cobs too.

    1. I’m glad to hear you have had a great fall too! Love the harvest decor so much. I accidentally called gourds squash the other day though- my mom brain was showing lol. Yes she will! Can’t wait to introduce corn to her!

      1. Can you believe she already has two bottom ones and one coming in up top?!! She got them early! Looking forward to the corn on the cob for her . I know she’ll love it. She’s a Midwest girl 🌽 😋

  6. omg the mums look so beautiful! i didn’t get to decorate at all this season (or next one for that matter) but I am excited that next year we’ll have a place to decorate all year round 😀

    I love that Moose is always right by Quinn, so sweet. I don’t know about the barking if I’m being honest, perhaps it really is about being protective, or perhaps just making you aware that there is someone near the house if you’re not paying attention but who knows? If he didn’t do it before Quinn, it might* be protection, hopefully he gets over it when she grows more 🙂

    Hahaha I’ve ordered soups before, and one time I meant to order only 4 and I got 4 cases -__- lmao
    So i can relate to that very much!

    I have not started watching LIB S3 but I will soon, I feel like this season is a bit different though since we and the cast already kind of know what to expect, Idk, maybe the trailer made it look different lol
    I am currently trying to catch up on grey’s anatomy because for some reason I decided to watch it all over again from the very* beginning XD

    have a great week!

    1. Yesss! Once this move is done you’ll have so much fun making a home & decorating for the seasons!! 😊

      We really do think he’s just very protective of her- he does it on the trail too, it is sweet but he is so on edge sometimes it seems! I guess overall it’s a good thing and just his nature!

      Hahah oh my goodness- 4 cases of soup! You’d be set for doomsday lol!

      If you do end up watching LIB season 3, we’ll have to discuss!!

      Oh girl, you have got your work cut out with starting greys from the start- but also that will be an amazing journey! It’s such a good show (although I’m probably 5 or so seasons behind 😬).

      Have a great weekend too, Rossy!!

      1. Yeah for sure! She’ll always have a guardian with her as well as a (furry) sibling lol.

        I started watching LIB S3 this week because I also finally caught up with greys anatomy. Lol. I just watched the newest episode yesterday and I have a feeling I know where it’s going lol.

      2. Oh buckle up, it is something else 😅 do you watch married at first sight? It’s sorta similar and I’m obsessed with that show!

      3. Oh but I meant to say, I’ll let you know when I’ve caught up with LIB and we can discuss lol so far I’ve had lots of thoughts, I hope I’m wrong lol

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